About Me- Tall People GuideHello Dear Reader! Welcome To Tall People Guide.

Thank you for visiting my site. I am here to help you live a smooth life as tall person or big and tall person.

My name is Richard and I am one tall person enjoying living tall. At 6 feet 2 inches, I can’t brag to be among the top tallest people but that is worth a mention, right?

Yet, you’d still think it’s hard to get the best things this precious life can offer.

I understand the many challenges that we tall people have to face every day. While the tall height is admired, and we can easily be the talk of the town, there are lots of things we will struggle with. No doubt about that.

Many things that average-sized people use will look undersized on us: clothing, exercise equipment, camping tents and chairs, mattresses among other stuff.

For me it was always vexing when it came to meeting the right clothing. Talk about hopping from one store to another; time wasted to do this and yet, without much to show for all the efforts.

For example, the t-shirts were mostly smaller while the jeans were wanting as far as their inseam lengths were concerned. Then finding both the right camping chairs and tents was extremely difficult for me given their scarcity, or can I say it seemed no one was really paying attention to the needs of us tall people?

Well, that was life back then: full of unrest, discomfort, insecurities, dissatisfaction, name them all. The same problems you could be facing right at this time…

You’ve heard this common saying that information and knowledge are power. But the same information was missing regarding us tall people – and the products we would need.

This information gap was noticeable. Most online sites were not providing that pinpoint, straightforward guide that addressed the actual needs of the tall men and women.

I have gone through these difficult and sometimes embarrassing times – but as I said that was then. And I wouldn’t wish you to go through those uncalled for huddles and hassles.

This inspired me to put together this useful information to benefit us the tall community. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate information on the exercise equipment or tall people clothing, (hurrah!!) the solutions are right on this site.

To be bang on and honest, I have done extremely thorough research to provide you with this information. So you can be confident with what you’re going to get on my website.

The good news is that I have packaged this valuable information in a completely unique way. First, you get to know the general information about the specific items you’re looking for.

Then, I explain why you need these products, and even go ahead to suggest the different types of product items available in the market.

Before you make the next move to purchase any item, I again make every effort to give you the much-needed guidelines so that you end up having the right product.

Finally, as a man (I am not perfect) and probably you have better ideas to inject in my site. Feel free to comment in the appropriate contact form I have provided here.

I will no doubt use your feedback to improve my services to you. All the best as you search for the best products for tall people.