Are Tall People More Successful? Is There A Link Between Height And Success?

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Statistics show that 14.5 percent of all men in the USA are 6’2 or taller. CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are at 58 percent.

Does this mean that your success story lies in your height? Based on our research, we would say, “YES.”

You might have been the subject of a few jokes and awkward nicknames like “Tall” or “Sasquatch” in your teens because of your height. But jokes apart, height matters a lot in one’s success. Your height is an easily spotted trait, as someone even notices you from a glance.

Researchers have discovered that your height has an impact on everything from your income to your health. Generally speaking, your chances of getting a job and succeeding at a workplace increase if you are taller than your co-workers.

So, if you are tall and want to know more about the questions “Are tall people more successful in their lives, more prosperous, and more potent than short people?” then you are on the right page.

So let’s dig into some interesting facts that will help you realize that being tall is a plus point.

Does Height Affect Success In Life?

are tall people more successful

Are you curious about how much height matters if you want to succeed in your life? It matters to a great extent. Being taller truly makes a difference, whether one is a winner or a loser in life. 

Your height can make you more attractive and add a plus point to your personality. Plus, it will open doors to more opportunities to succeed. 

If you are just an inch taller than your friend, you will have more advantages than them. 

Studies suggest that if you are tall, you have a higher IQ level, and you can perform better in your life than the ones who are short or fat. You can also have a more successful career.

Having a tall height means that you can enjoy:

  • More social advantages
  • More career advantages
  • More economic advantages
  • More Relationship benefits 
  • Certain Health benefits

Researchers strongly believe that taller individuals will have more success in their personal and professional life. You will generally stand out from the crowd and look more trustworthy. People with lanky size are considered the best fit for leadership positions.

Does Being Taller Make A Difference?

tall CEO of the company

Being tall will surely give you an edge over others. Taller women and men are considered more influential, predominant, healthy, and intelligent, and there are more chances for them to be chosen for a competitive job.

You will also achieve the following benefits if you are tall or have at least 6 feet height:

You Can Make More Money

Several worldwide surveys claim that tall men make more money. There is a correlative link between your height and the money you make in your career. 

A study in applied psychology claims that people earn an extra $789 per year for each inch above the average height.

You Can Be Happier

While this might sound strange, taller people enjoy good health, seem more optimistic than the shorter ones, and are more satisfied with their lives. They possess more positive emotions like happiness and enjoyment.

Are Tall People More Successful Than Short People?

business on a trip

If you guys want a straightforward answer, then it’s ‘YES.’ Tall people are more successful in their lives and careers than shorter people. They may have more privileges in job opportunities, a greater chance of success, and social recognition.

But the reasons why tall people are more successful vary in different contexts. 

Firstly, we always associate strength and authority with height. So, people with a tall stature are more likely to get a better job and increase their trustworthiness.

Secondly, we are biased when it comes to height. We want to see heightened people as our leaders. Employers treat tall people differently and see them as more competent and suitable for the job. Research shows that, on average, CEOs are taller than their staff.

Thirdly, taller employees relish higher salaries, which helps them be more financially successful. The Atlantic reported that if you have an extra four or five inches of height, you will get an add-on between 9-15 percent in your salary. 

Tall people are also more likely to cross off their to-do lists and be more productive in their jobs, achieving more prominent positions.

Imagine a short person going for a job interview that requires authority and a tall and hefty person who will gain the interviewee’s attention as he enters the room. Which one will be able to secure the job? The taller guy.

Why Do Tall People Have Better Social Skills?

are tall people more successful

We use social skills in everyday communication and connect with other people verbally and nonverbally. Tall people win a point in this regard as well. 

Further research shows that tall people are more confident in themselves and have better social skills because they participate in sports, athletics, school clubs, etc. These activities boost their perception of themselves and lead them to a successful life.

A tall person has more self and social esteem, and people notice them more. They also show more authority, and people consider them leaders. 


Tall people have so many benefits and they enjoy a successful and luxurious life. 

If you are short, stop bothering these stats and start developing more skills and enhancing your abilities. Your skills and abilities will make you stand out and help you in the long run. 

You can take inspiration from Jack Ma and Ma Huetang, who are successful in their lives despite having a short height.

Have you ever gotten any benefit and achieved something in your life because of your height?