Best Baby Walker for Tall Babies.

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baby walker for tall babies

Thinking about how to kindle your toddler’s transition into the world of walking? And how do you intend to achieve that?

As a parent, these questions are inevitable. You want to see your child happy and transiting through the next stage.

That is why the best baby walker is what your younger one needs. This accessory lifts the magic out of your child and lets them start seeing the light of moving on their own.

However, not any baby walker does this, especially if the younger one is tall. The same way you wouldn’t fancy trying out in gear and tools cut below your standard as a tall person is what applies to even smaller children.

In this guide, I made a massive list of top five baby walker for tall babies. I believe your tall kid will not only learn walking in no time, but these models also spark their playfulness.

In a hurry? Here are the best baby walker for tall babies.

5 Best Baby Walker for Tall Babies.

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Why Do You Need the Best Baby Walker for Tall Babies

The first goal of purchasing a baby walker is to help your child learn how to walk. Building the motor skills of your younger one is essential, especially the moment they begin to show increased mobility and muscle activity.

The use of baby walkers can activate the skills mentioned above. And in no time, your little one would be trying to do things on their own.

Here are some advantages of finding the tall baby walker:

  • The Baby Is Growing Fasttall baby walker

A tall baby walker can be the best bet because the child’s height keeps increasing very fast. A taller walker simply gives your child the room to grow taller and bigger while using the same equipment.

Therefore, you may not have to buy another walker very soon. And that’s probably until your child completes this stage.

  • They Are Safe On Stairs And Slopes

Most of these toys are equipped with brakes. These brakes are handy in case you have stairs, and they even intervene to stop a moving unit when the slope of the ground is not that user-friendly. This safety feature is paramount to the well-being of your child.

Other than brakes, baby walkers also have wheel locks that confine your baby at one place you can see them.

  • They Integrate Toy And Playful Gadgets

The modern walkers come with featured toys and gadgets to catch and maintain your child’s attention. As your baby moves one step at a time, they also engage in mental development by finding their favorite toys attached.

Types of the Baby Walkers for Tall Babies.

Baby walkers come in various styles and designs. However, for your sake, you need to identify which features that might interest your child.

There are two main designs of the baby walkers for tall kids: the traditional stand-in walkers and the seated walker design.

With the traditional types, your child gets to learn fast compared to the latter. This is because the younger one learns while standing most of the time as it doesn’t come with a seat.

Standing walkers are a bit cheaper. They fold easily and are portable.

With the seated walker design, you have equipment that comes fully accessorized for the comfort of your child. This type allows your kid to sit and enjoy playing and eat snacks.

The built-in padded seat is handy when your child becomes tired. They simply switch from the standing position to sit.

The seated types do not come with many incidents of babies collapsing as it is the case with the standing types.

Other than the two, you also have the adjustable height walker. This style of the walker comes with a height adjustment function.

It is a good choice of walkers that move with the toddler as they grow along.

Are Baby Walker for Tall Babies Any Different from the Ordinary Ones?

Even though there is a structural difference, especially in terms of the height aspect, the walkers for tall babies are just the same with the standard types.

Another difference is the overall weight. The tall baby walkers are usually heavier in footprint construction. This is because taller babies are also heavier, which is why the equipment must be sturdy to pack that extra weight on board.

5 Best Baby Walker for Tall Babies Reviewed.

1. Delta Children First Exploration 2-in-1 Activity Walker for Tall Baby

Suitable for babies between ages 6-18 months, the Delta Children First Exploration 2-in-1 Activity Walker is a robust, well-made, heavy-duty unit that stands on a steel frame construction.

The unit comes with three sturdy legs and comes with a maximum carrying capacity of up to 20 kg. This indicates that your tall, heavy boy or guy will definitely be accommodated adequately without worry about collapsing.

The walker also incorporates an adjustable function. You can move five height positions during standing and four levels in a seated position.

Besides, the unit is extremely easy to assemble. The easy and free gliding wheels that swivel might inspire a fun-packed learning process as they drive the unit in different directions.

However, since its wheels don’t have locks to keep it in a stationary position, it is a bit of risk for your little one going on it without close monitoring.


  • Solid legs construction
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Swivel wheels move in different directions


  • Wheels come with no locks
  • Smelly plastic material

Overall, this baby walker for tall babies comes as a great companion for growth and playfulness of your little one as they transition into another stage of life.

2.  Joovy Spoon Walker for Toddlers

For those mothers looking to fetch a Joovy Spoon Walker for Toddlers, you need to know that it’s one of the industry shakers and movers. The walker is manufactured by the popular American company Joovy, and it’s designed as a bold fusion of a walker and a high chair.

Once your baby is in this ultra-stylish tool, they can play, eat, and learn to walk right on this platform. That’s how versatile it is.

The unit comes as large, sturdy equipment with a reinforced steel frame and a broad base for stability. It is capable of supporting up to 30 lbs. of weight, and children with a height up to 33.5 inches tall.

In terms of its size, it measures 18 inches H x 25 ½ inches W x 27 ¾ inches D assembled dimensions. And it folds into a compact footprint coming down to a reasonably small size weighing in at 12.3 lbs.

The Joovy Spoon Walker is quite appealing to the eye. This version boasts a high gloss white finish, and the supportive seat is well-padded for your child’s comfortable seating experience.

Another notable feature on this system is the oversized tray that turns handy for mealtime. It holds your baby’s bowl and bottle, and once they are done eating, the tray becomes an excellent platform for toys.


  • Oversized footprint
  • Adjustable height
  • Steel frame and wide base offer safety
  • Folds flat


  • Stiff wheels

Overall, most buyers are enthused by the purchase of Joovy Spoon Walker. It is quite impressive.

3. Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Ford F150 Walker for Tall Babies

Bright Starts Ford F150 Walker is an impressive design that combines three modes in one equipment. So, your baby can use it as a standard type walker, a push-behind, and as a full set play toy.

What is more interesting about this tall baby walker is the fact that two babies can use it at a go.

The more experienced baby can walk behind and use the push-behind mode while the one still at the learning stage of standing and walking can use the standard walker to improve their motor skills.

Bright Starts Ford F150 sparks the imaginative play of the younger one thanks to the included truck sounds, lights, gear shift, and steering wheel accessories.

Coming with oversized dimensions 28 x 25 x 20 inches, 3-position adjustable height, and a high seat, your child’s comfort is all but guaranteed. Besides, the unit folds compactly for convenient storage and transportation.


  • 3-in-1 design
  • Two babies can use it at a go
  • Adjustable height


  • Stiff to turn around

Overall, this unique baby walker is an authentic baby walker with great versatility.

4. Chicco Walky Talky Tall Baby Walker

Chicco Walky Talky Tall Baby Walker offers some of the best functions for a progressive walker. The walker comes with rounded design with a maximum height of 33 inches tall.

This height is adaptive, though, being able to adjust between three different positions. Thus, you need not worry about the comfort and safety of your baby even as they grow up.

Moreover, Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker comes with a versatile 3D toy tray that’s removable. If you decide to remove it, it can be used as a standalone platform for play.

Its rigid and durable construction means that your child is safe as they play. And with the included brake system, your baby is further assured of safety as these brake pads help in stopping a walker that moves over unexpectedly.


  • Washable seat pad
  • Multiple functions
  • Adaptive and safe
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Not good sound trucks

Overall, although it is not the best baby walker, the unit is excellent with great functional capacity.

5. BABY JOY Baby Walker for Tall Child

BABY JOY Baby Walker rolls up a standard walker and an entertainment center into one equipment. The unit commands a huge following on Amazon thanks to the hundreds of positive ratings and reviews.

The unit is built for the comfort of your little one first due to the 3-position height adjustment function that allows you to keep adjusting the heights of the unit as the child grows taller.

Additionally, the BABY JOY Baby Walker is equipped with a jumper lock and anti-skid pads, which ensure that your small boy or girl doesn’t get in nasty experience when the pace goes out of control or when they do something odd like making jumps.

However, the wheels featured in this footprint are easy moving. And they won’t plunge your baby into a mess pace, but instead, they freely move with the steps of the baby.

The integrated electronic hood has a set of lights, sounds, mirrors, and toys. Of course, this is what defines the BABY JOYBaby Walker as an entertainer.


  • Entertainer cum walker
  • Lockable wheels
  • The hood can be removed to reveal a tray


  • Only better used on hard surfaces

Overall, a great acquisition if you want your child properly entertained, thanks to the electronic hood that forms the activity center.

Buying Guide for the Best Baby Walker for Tall Babies.

Before purchasing a big baby walker, it is essential to look for the following key features.

  • Safety

Safety has to come to the forefront. For instance, if your baby hasn’t started moving, a stationary unit would be a better option.

Always consider styles of walkers with broad bases. This prevents tripping and provides a smooth time as it moves around.

Brake pads are a critical aspect to look at. Brakes may help to stop the walker in case it runs unexpectedly.

  • Height

It is better for a baby walker, especially for tall babies, to have adjustable height positions. This adaptive height is important for a child’s growth.

Unless the maximum height is huge, don’t go for fixed height walkers. Luckily, all models listed in this guide come with adjustable height functions.

  • Build Quality

You want to ensure that the walker comes with robust and reliable construction. It must be made from high-quality materials that are comfy and durable.

This is for the comfort and safety of the child and long-lasting performance.

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In Conclusion

There you go: the best baby walker for tall babies list. It is complete, and now you can definitely find which walker will turn out to be the best bet for your loving tot.

Just make sure that the unit you pick on is comfortable, safe, secure, and comes with the outstanding build quality.