Best Backpacks for Big and Tall Guys With Long Torso Length.

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As a big and tall adventurer, you deserve a backpack that fits you and one that’s spacious, comfortable, and durable. Sadly, though, such backpacks for big and tall are rare.

Most backpacks either have a shorter torso length or are small in size, thus unfit for tall guys. Others come in the right torso length and size but are of poor quality, which means they can’t withstand the hostile outdoors.

As a tall guy myself, I understand the frustration, and that’s why I have taken the time to assemble a helpful buying guide. Hopefully, the buying guide will help you find a suitable backpack for your outdoor exploits.

I’ll also review six of the best backpacks for different adventurers.

Let’s get into the buying guide right away.

In a hurry? Then find my most recommended long torso backpacks in the hot list below.

6 Best Backpacks for Big and Tall People

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Buying Guide for the Best Backpacks for Big and Tall

Consider these factors when shopping for a backpack for a big guy.

a) Torso Length

A backpack can only fit you if it has the right torso length. If you go for a shorter torso length, the bag will weigh you down, hence uncomfortable.

backpacks for big men

So, how do you determine your torso length?

Well, calculate the distance between the point that the shoulders meet the neck and the mid lumbar region.

Since it might be hard measuring your torso length, have someone help you. Once you have the torso measurement, use it to find a fitting backpack.

b) Waist Size

Though a backpack will rarely fail to fit your hip belt area, it’s a good idea to consider your waist size.

You want a comfortable and easy-fitting backpack for your outdoor adventure, which means getting the correct waist size.

If you match your waist size with the right backpack, it’ll be easy to transfer the load you carry on your hip.

c) Backpack Capacity

Since you are big, the chances are that you’ll be carrying heavy loads more often. So, you need a backpack that can comfortably carry your stuff.

Big and tall backpacks come with either volume or weight limits. So, you only have to find your match. Ordinarily, a 40-pound or 35-liter capacity is a good starting point for a one-day trip.

But if you want to carry more stuff, go for a bigger capacity.

d) Laptop Compartment and Extra Pockets

If you plan to carry your laptop in the backpack, consider an option with a laptop sleeve. The compartment will protect your laptop from physical damage.

Also, consider extra internal and external pockets as they offer you more storage for your belongings.

And More

big and tall mens backpack

e) Padded Straps

You want the most comfortable backpack, given that you’ll be carrying lots of loads. So, one crucial consideration is padded shoulder strapping.

The shoulder straps should come thickly to reduce the load intensity. Don’t forget about the hip belt, as it also should be padded.

f) Other Considerations

Also, consider these aspects of the backpack for big guys:

  • Water-resistant material to keep your belongings dry
  • Suspension system to reduce slipping and to keep the bag balanced
  • Internal frame to support the backpack
  • The hip belt should rest on your hip for the load to feel less weighty
  • The shoulder straps should be 2-3 inches off your armpits to feel comfortable

Types of Backpacks for Big and Tall (Plus Recommendations)

You’ll find the biggest and tallest backpacks in the following types:

1. Daypacks for Big and Tall Guys

Daypacks come in relatively smaller and lighter designs, best for traveling and hikes. They’ve several pockets for keeping personal items and often come in tear-resistant and waterproof material.

Unlike most backpacks, daypacks don’t have a lot of features due to their small size. You can, however, expect most of them to come with a capacity of 20-40l.

There are, however, a few exceptions that can hold as much as 70 liters. One such backpack is the WintMing 70L Large Camping Tactical Military Molle Daypack.

About the WintMing 70L Large Camping Tactical Military Molle Daypack

The WintMing 70L Large Camping Tactical Military Molle Daypack comes in a tactical military design, which is just stunning.

With a 70 liter capacity, you can carry just about anything in this backpack. Not only is it best for traveling, but also hiking and camping.

WintMing Military Molle Daypack enjoys a buckle closure. It even has a laptop compartment and multiple zipper pockets on the front and sides.

With its Molle expansion system, you can stretch the backpack’s carry capacity. Furthermore, its shoulder straps are spongy, mesh, and adjustable to give the bag extra comfort.

Key Features

  • 70L capacity
  • Molle expansion system
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Laptop compartment
  • Tactical military design
  • Adjustable, mesh shoulder straps

2. Rucksacks for Big and Tall Guys

While regular backpacks for big men feature a zipper closure on their main compartment, rucksacks either have a flap cover or buckle closure.

But still, depending on design, the main compartment may have a magnetic snap closure or a drawstring, or it could just be completely open.

These backpacks often feature a laptop sleeve and multiple external pockets. Their capacity, however, is smaller, given that it is about 15-30L.

One such backpack is the WITZMAN Travel Backpack Canvas Rucksack.

About the WITZMAN Travel Backpack Canvas Rucksack

The WITZMAN Travel Backpack Canvas Rucksack comes in a size 21-inch, which is perfect for traveling.

This vintage duffel-style rucksack is classic and timeless. It even features carry handles that allow you to convert it into a tote bag or shoulder bag.

Its construction is a mixture of PU leather and canvas, thus durable.

The rucksack has multiple zipper pockets and a laptop pouch enough for a 12-16 inch laptop.

Moreover, its adjustable shoulder straps are well-padded and feature mesh fabric for breathability and comfort.

Key Features

  • 21-inch size
  • Vintage duffel style
  • Carry handles
  • Padded, mesh shoulder straps
  • PU leather and canvas construction
  • Laptop pouch
  • Multiple zipper pockets

3. Trekking or Hiking Backpacks for Big and Tall

Hiking or trekking backpacks are just what their name is suggesting. They are best for hiking, but you can also use them in all your camping adventures.

Overall, they are amongst the largest backpacks on the market. You can fit your clothes and camping gear in these backpacks.

Their back panel is well ventilated, and you’ll find them in framed and frameless designs.

Framed options can stand on their own, thus a great choice, and a perfect example is the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack.

About the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack

Whether you are a hiker, backpacker, or camper, the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack is a handy choice.

This hiking backpack for tall man comes with an internal frame to stand upright. With its 65L capacity, the bag is best for a 3-5 day outdoor adventure.

Its multi-position torso adjustment system ensures it fits people with different body sizes while its molded channels promote ventilation and balance.

What’s more, it comes with compression straps and multiple external pockets.

Key Features

  • 65L capacity
  • Internal frame
  • Compression straps
  • Adjustable torso system
  • Molded channels
  • Multiple external pockets

4. Travel Backpacks for Tall Guys

If you are a frequent traveler, you could use a travel backpack. They come in the following subtypes:

  1. Backpacking travel backpacks: These are large-capacity backpacks designed for long trips. Depending on size, they can hold 70-150 liters. One perfect example is the Osprey Rook 65 Backpacking Backpack.
  2. Wheeled travel backpacks: These backpacks have a suitcase design and can be wheeled.
  3. Carry-On backpacks: These are the smallest travel backpacks that have a 20-40 liter capacity.
  4. TSA-friendly travel backpacks: These are carry-on travel backpacks with TSA-friendly tablet/laptop compartments.

About the Osprey Rook 65 Backpacking Backpack

The Osprey Rook 65 Backpacking Backpack comes with a 40-pound capacity. This big and tall mens backpack features adjustable shoulder straps for convenient carrying.

It has Airspeed back panels that make it breathable and an integrated detachable rain cover to protect your belongings from rain.

Remarkably, there is a sleeve for a hydration reservoir inside that can hold a 3L hydration pack.

Plus, it comes with dual mesh side pockets and hip belt pockets.

Key Features

  • 40-pound capacity
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Airspeed back panels
  • Detachable rain cover
  • Hydration reservoir sleeve
  • Dual mesh side pouches
  • Hip belt pockets

5. Laptop Backpacks for Big Guys

Laptop backpacks are just what their name is suggesting. They come with heavily-padded sleeves for storing your laptop.

But still, they allow you some extra storage space for your other items. You can use these backpacks as your travel backpack, given that they have a 20-50 liter capacity.

Just ensure you find a size that fits you and one with thicker straps for shock absorption.

One such backpack is the LTINVECK Extra Large Travel Laptop Backpack.

About the LTINVECK Extra Large Travel Laptop Backpack

The LTINVECK Extra Large Travel Laptop Backpack comes in a vast capacity to hold a 17.3-inch laptop or anything smaller.

This backpack for tall man features a USB port for charging your phone on the go and a headphone hole.

Its material construction is a polyester fabric, which is durable, and it enjoys a zip closure system.

The backpack has multiple storage pockets on the inside and outside. Additionally, there are even elastic mesh side pockets for your umbrella and water bottle.

The best part is that the backpack is TSA-friendly.

Key Features

  • Headphone hole
  • USB port
  • Zip closure
  • Polyester fabric
  • Mesh side pockets
  • Multiple external and internal pockets

6. Hydration Backpacks for Tall Guys

Whether you are a hiker, cyclist, climber, or runner, you could use a hydration backpack. These backpacks come with an insulated hydration reservoir with a 2-10 liter capacity for carrying your cold water.

But still, they offer you enough dry storage space for your outdoor gear, snacks, and personal items.

Hydration backpacks are very ergonomic for all-day carrying and secure to keep your belongings safe.

One such backpack is the Mothybot Insulated Hydration Backpack.

About the Mothybot Insulated Hydration Backpack

The Mothybot Insulated Hydration Backpack comes with a 2-liter BPA-free insulated bladder that keeps your water cool for 4-5 hours. You can detach the hydration backpack and use it as your portable cooler, which is just amazing.

Mothybot Insulated Hydration Backpack enjoys multiple storage pockets and a waist pouch for your belongings and comes with thickly-padded straps.

There are even front mesh pockets for extra storage and reflectors on the shoulder straps for your safety.

And more, its fabric is water-repellent to keep your belongings dry.

Overall, its design makes it perfect for all ages, and you can use it for camping, hiking, cycling, or running.

Key Features

  • 2L BPF-free insulated bladder
  • Water-repellent fabric
  • Multiple pockets
  • Thickly-padded shoulder straps
  • Safety reflectors


1. What’s The Best Large Backpack?

By considering the torso length, capacity, and comfort aspects of the backpack, below are the best long torso backpacks:

  1. WintMing 70L Large Camping Daypack: Best Daypack for Big and Tall
  2. WITZMAN Travel Backpack Rucksack: Best Rucksack for Big and Tall
  3. Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Backpack: Best Hiking Backpack for Big Guys
  4. Osprey Rook 65 Backpacking Backpack: Best Travel Backpack for Tall Guys
  5. LTINVECK Travel Laptop Backpack: Best Laptop Backpack for Big Guys
  6. Mothybot Hydration Backpack: Best Hydration Backpack for Tall Guys

2. Can I Take Two Backpacks On A Plane?

Generally, you can bring two backpacks on a plane if one is carry-on luggage (suitcase) and the other is a carry-on backpack for personal items.

However, your backpack must meet all the airline’s stipulations before you can take it on a plane.

3. What’s A Good Size for a Backpack?

backpack for big guys

Overall, it depends on the backpack-type and what you are planning to carry. For example, most daypacks have a 20-35L capacity. That’s enough for a 1-2 days adventure.

But if you want more storage space, rucksacks, hiking backpacks, and travel backpacks are a huge consideration. You’ll get a 35-65L capacity from them.

4. What’s The Best Size Backpack for a Day Hike?

With a 20-35L backpack, you can carry enough supplies for a day hike. Such a tall backpack will hold your food, drinks, notebooks, clothes, and camera.

But if you want to carry more stuff, then a 35-50L capacity is okay.

5. Is A 25L Backpack Big?

Backpacks with a 25L capacity are generally small-size and are mostly daypacks. They may not be suitable for hiking or camping because of their limited space.

But if you want just a simple backpack for a day trip, a 25L backpack will suffice.

6. Is A 70L Backpack Too Big?

For a lot of people, the standard backpack size is 35-50 liters. So, a 70L backpack will be too big. But if you are carrying items for more than one person, then a 70l backpack makes sense.

7. What’s The Largest Size Backpack?

We’ve backpacks with a 70-liter capacity, which are considered big enough for most people. Such bags are suitable for hiking, camping, or backpacking.


Closing Thought:

Overall, the right backpacks for big and tall are not just spacious but also practical in performance. They come weather-ready, highly adjustable, and richly comfortable.

You want that as a tall adventurer, and that’s what you get from the backpacks I’ve reviewed.