Best Balance Ball Chair for Tall Person.

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balance ball chair for tall person

Many people are crazy with ergonomics when searching for chairs whether for office, home, outdoor, or any other uses. No doubt ergonomics have become a familiar benchmark in that respect.

But as it turns out, the comforts and peace sought from the ergonomic chairs can potentially switch your life into the sedentary mode. In a sedentary lifestyle, you live with little activity, most of the time you are sitting or lying even when you are working!

This can be extremely dangerous. But if you are looking to end this poor culture, a ball chair for office or home could be a lifesaver.

As a tall person, using a ball chair is the start of maintaining a good posture. And according to a 2012 study, researchers conclude that, also, people using balance balls exude more energy and show better overall balance.

With that being said, I review the best balance ball chair for tall person to help you with making a proper selection. You will find this guide the desired ready-to-go place for making the right choice.

Tall Person Balance Ball Chair Compared

Why Do You Need the Balance Ball Chair for Tall Person.

Tall people need this type of chair more than anyone else. Especially if you’ve been having problems with your posture and body balance.

Sitting on these stability balls is documented to have a myriad of benefits. Let’s look into the right next.

  • Helps Improve Posture
Tall Ball Chair

The balance ball chair causes one to readjust on it until a good balance of your posture is attained. The entire process leads to core muscles being flexed and actively engaged.

The result is that you start assuming a straight position while sitting. This is because the chair offers better support to your lower spine.

  • Reduces Your Lower Back Pain

A balance ball chair can be effective in relieving your lumbar back pain. As you turn in various positions, the pain is slowly taken away.

The ball chair strengthens the core muscles and helps develop them. Although it may be difficult to notice this progress.

  • Improve Your Balance

This ball chair won‘t just strengthen your core muscles. In fact, the overall significance of it all is the improved overall balance you gain from the strengthened core.

Those little moves and turns can add a lot to your overall balance.

  • Offers Great Passive Workout

With the movements and adjustments on this ball chair, your muscles are teased into an active state. This activity delivers a passive workout of the lower body.

This may never be near to the more intense workout body sessions of real workout equipment. But there is no doubt your abdominal strength and muscle tone will add up.

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Different Types of the Balance Ball Chair for Tall Person.

Balance balls are constructed in different styles and designs suite for specific purposes. Here are some common types you may come across.

1. Classic Ball Chair for Tall Person

Balance ball office chairs have a back but there are no arms. While they do provide enough support for the back, your comfort is at stake with no arms in place.

However, for normal exercise, it feels to be just the right platform where you can sit and enjoy a stretch on your spine and legs. Better put, this is a workout ball chair.

2. Ball Stool for Tall Person

This version of the ball chair neither has a back nor arms. Thus, it is a good fit for use as an exercise tool.

For tall people, these chairs are made with a taller footprint. Normally, the stool is equipped with easy-moving castors.

3. Stationary Ball for Tall Person

Stationary ball chair doesn’t have any wheels to roll it away but it has caps on the bottom of the legs. So, it just keeps in the same position you are seated.

A large cover is used to encase the ball. This also ensures that the ball remains in a static position.

4. Stability Ball for Tall Person

Stability balls are commonly used in gyms, studios, and other commercial exercise activities. These balls are quite unstable; so you need to keep adjusting and readjusting to be able to maintain an upright position while sitting.

5. Office Ball Chairs for Tall Person

In this design of the ball chair, you have a standard exercise ball that incorporates into an office chair. The office chair has a back and armrests.

And the ball sits into the chair as a cushion. This type of chair may have wheels but this depends on the manufacturer.

5 Best Balance Ball Chair for Tall Person Reviewed.

1. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair 300lbs.

The Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair is a ball chair built for tall guys who are ailing in the lower back. That’s why they are touted as better options for lumbar support when compared to other models.

The Gaiam balance ball chair comes with an adjustable metal support bar that makes it a versatile option for both regular-size guys and tall fellows alike. Besides, it can support up to 300 lbs. of weight quite comfortably courtesy of the secure metal frame under.

The chair can be a great fit for office work thanks to its ergonomic construction that allows one to sit in it for as long as they are in the office. The balance ball is equipped with an ergonomic backrest for comfortable resting.

The four integrated easy-rolling castors will make your life as comfortable as possible. And they are well-made to stand the pressure of your weight and make your movements smoother and easier.

With the included air pump, you can inflate and re-inflate the ball as soon as it doesn’t fit well in the frame. You have leg extenders to ensure that your height is fully accommodated – the extension goes 2 inches long.

To top it all, there’s a great stable base that assures your safety. And there is no hard work required in the assembly of this chair.


  • Ergonomic functionality
  • No assembly needed
  • Height adjustable


  • Pump not well functioning

Overall, this is a versatile yoga chair that should serve you well at home and office.

2. Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair

If you are after a balance ball chair for tall person that fits any office or desk, this Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair makes the cut. The ball chair is quite the choice for many tall users thanks to the adjustable height feature of its legs.

The adjustable legs allow users of different sizes and heights to use this chair just fine. Plus, it features a heavy-duty frame construction that’s capable of holding a 300-lbs. individual.

Designed to contain the pain in the back adequately, the chair comes out as just the perfect model for professionals like graphic designers who can take very extended periods working on their projects.

Furthermore, you will observe five lockable and easy-moving wheels that help you access stuff within the office with convenience.

Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair may have a short back, which is a disadvantage for tall guys, but the fact that you can also adjust it is something to look up to.

With that being said, the chair fits the bill if you want to take your core strengthening workout to the next level. It stretches your back and core muscles and leaves your spine health in better health.


  • The ball inflates tightly
  • Customizable chair
  • Easy to put up


  • Short, unstable backrest

Overall, this chair is an excellent pick as it is easy to put up, fits many users, and helps strengthen your core effectively.

3. Isokinetics Inc. Balance Exercise Ball Chair

Isokinetics Inc. Balance Exercise Ball Chair comes with all the benefits a tall person admires in a ball chair. The common feature highlighted in this chair is height adjustability.

The leg height can be adjusted to fit various sizes and shapes of tall people. There are four settings for adjusting this height.

Safety first and that’s the deal with this yoga ball chair. It is built such that if it punctures, it doesn’t send you crumbling to the floor instead, the special non-latex material used to make the ball slowly deflates it.

The other crucial feature is the back support. This offers the seater with important support for the back.

Moreover, it is also fully adjustable. What this means is that you can set it to the position you want for a comfortable seating experience for a workout session.

The backrest lets you launch in a lean-back position. And this is completely relaxing.

There are 60 mm thick wheels for a solid easy-rolling time in your room. Plus, the ball comes with eight different color schemes.


  • Supportive back
  • Adjustable leg height
  • Thick easy-glide castors


  • A one-year warranty is short.

Overall, this is a decent ball chair that improves your active lifestyle a great deal thanks to its adjustable height and backrest.

4. MANTRA SPORTS Exercise Ball Chair for Yoga Fitness 750 lbs.

You can never go wrong with a tough ball like this MANTRA SPORTS Exercise Ball Chair for Yoga Fitness. The tall ball chair is made of the tough multi-layer PVC.

You can set it in the stabilizer holder although it is also possible to just use it even without the stabilizer. The ball inflates in no time and once it’s in the perfect condition, it will hold up to 750 lbs.

Measuring 65-75 cm, this ball chair is the largest of all balls discussed in here. It comes in a wide array of color mixes, providing you with a huge collection to choose your favorite color.

The frame that holds the ball is sturdy and safely secured. This is already an assurance of your safety.

Furthermore, the chair is used as an ergonomic office chair and a birthing ball during pregnancy. Additionally, use it to increase flexibility in your muscles after a knee or hip replacement surgery.


  • Versatile
  • Provides many different workouts
  • Comes with an easy instructional guide


  • Maybe a little expensive

Overall, this is a good chair packed with a plentitude of handy features.

5. PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair with Back Support for Home and Office 300 lbs.

A balance ball chair with back support is a choice for anyone needing a bit of extra support in the lower back. The structure is steady and ergonomically built to suit all types of seating you want.

This description fits the PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair with Back Support for Home and Office. The ball chair comes with a hefty base that’s supplied with four solid caster wheels, the front two are lockable.

With these easy-glide wheels, you can move effortlessly with guaranteed stability. Thus, a good choice for both starters and buffs alike.

For convenient storage, the 52-cm ball chair offers a removable backrest. A backless ball chair also does well when used as an ambitious workout tool.

Into the mix, you have the tough vinyl material used to make the ball. This shell is industry standard and is very resilient to accommodate up to 300 lbs.


  • Solid base with easy-moving wheels
  • Enhanced stability
  • Ergonomic design


  • Wheels rattle on the hardwood floor.

Overall, this is a good model that allows both beginners and enthusiasts to extract the most out of it.

Buying Guide for the Best Balance Ball Chair for Tall Person.

When buying the exercise ball chair on amazon or whichever store, there are certain key things you want to look out for.

  • Weight Limit

Check how much load this tool is capable of carrying. It is a good norm to aim to have a ball chair with maximum load capacity.

For instance, if you are 190 lbs., you can go for a 250 lbs. capacity chair and so forth. This is for your safety, confidence, and comfort.

  • Adjustable Functions

For your comfort, buying a chair with adjustable legs, backrest, or any other part is a plus. In fact, some models for tall people are the same for the standard-sized guys.

And if it was not for the adjustable functions, it wouldn’t be possible for tall people to use them. That’s why you don’t want to overlook this factor.

  • Material Construction

The frame and ball are made of two different materials. But, each of the material types must meet the description of a top-quality chair.

Steel is ideal for frames, while the hard plastic is ideal for the ball. Overall, these materials have to put in long-lasting performance.

In Conclusion

With the options listed in this guide, you can be guaranteed an excellent choice of a balance ball chair for tall person. All models are versatile, comfortable, and well-built for the tall person.