A Guide To The Best Beach Chairs For Big And Tall People.

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beach chairs for big and tall people

For the tall and big people, summer times can be some of those moments to freak out. Because it’s all about beach breaks and you need the perfect beach chair to enjoy these moments. The big dilemma is getting the beach chairs for big and tall people.

You’ll likely see many, many regular beach chairs unfit for the big guys. They’re meant for the ordinary-sized person.

It doesn’t sound great after hitting the waters to come out and sit on a short, low-weight chair. It is hard work to sit and a struggle to support your heavy frame to stand.

Just to mention the problem with the normal beach chairs;

They are short, usually 8 inches from the ground. And their backrest is not long enough for the large back of the tall person.

Second, they come with small weight capacities, for a tall heavier person this is a nightmare; looming discomfort.

Yet, all is not lost.

The good news is that there are brands out there dedicated to producing tall beach chairs.  They’re going for extra-height and maximum weight capacity.

Let’s get started here;

Best Beach Chairs For Big And Tall People: Comparison Table

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What’s The Best Beach Chair for Big And Tall People?

You need to get a beach chair that would give you the real comforts of the sun, sand and water.

Look at the height measurements of the chair. They should rise about 16 inches from the ground and the backrest should be extra-long.

If you are not skinny, again check the maximum weight capacity. Most regular beach chairs are designed to reach only up to a limited weight usually below 250 lbs.

The beach chairs for taller and heavier people should carry 250 lbs. or more.

This Is Why You Should Consider Buying The Right Size of Beach Chair If You’re Tall.

Only guys who are big and tall can know the exact benefits of being in possession of the right beach chairs, especially after having the frightening experience with those small-sized regular chairs.

Let’s get down to those benefits here.

  • Comfort

This is not a secret when it comes to big guys sinking in those sturdy high beach chairs. They come with the needed heights and weight to really fit the tall users.

You can guess that comfort is the ultimate goal for buying the right beach chair. And you’ll be correct on that.

When resting and basking in the beach sand, you want relaxation to take the better of you. But with these comfortable chairs, you can go a long way enjoying your precious beach life.

  • They Come with Great Features

The other special things about these chairs are the several features attached to them. These include aesthetic armrests which give the chair a luxurious look.

The drink holders to hold cans of water or drinks. Then slots for keeping your smartphone.

Others are storage pouches that you can use to keep your valuable stuff you wouldn’t want to catch the beach moisture.

As if that isn’t enough, you will be treated to a back rest pillow and maximum seat depth to take care of your whole frame.

We are talking about fun stuff here.

  • They’re Portable

You may think that those extra-large beach chairs suited to the big and tall will mostly pose the challenge of transportation. No, that’s not the case particularly for the folding types.

On the contrary, they can be folded and easily carried on the back or shoulder. So you can easily transport them from one point to another.

This is a chair you would to want associate with. Right?

  • Durable Chairs

You will get high-quality chairs made from long-lasting materials and fabrics. The frames are usually steel or aluminium-made.

This means they can withstand the marine rusts of the beach environment.

Fabrics such as the ballistic nylon mesh provide the much needed strength on the seat. And, they would serve you for a very long time.

  • Versatile

This is one of those great advantages of these chairs come with.

You won’t only use them at the beach. They can be used elsewhere; if you like going for picnics, just carry them along.

You want a comfortable chair for sporting events or poolside amusement; this big and tall beach chair would be perfect. Because they’re portable, these chairs would be great for the camping folk and other outdoor activities.

So, when we talk about versatility, these chairs will probably come first.

  • Convenience

I believe no one person likes being in the panic mode especially when having beachside fun. The extra-large beach chairs are convenient for the tall person.

You can access them with ease when sitting. Your legs will not be stressed but rather given the proper posture they need.

The same thing applies while standing up; no struggling with weight at all.

Different Types Of Beach Chairs Suitable For Big And Tall people.

A lot of great work has been done to ensure that you get the best chair for your tall and heavy needs. We will go through the various beach chairs for heavy person.

We don’t wish you to make a similar mistake you might have committed previously. Your work will be as simple as just picking one out of many.

Here are the types.

1. Folding Beach Chairs.

The folding beach chairs come in different models. They can be web-folding, sling folding or sand folding.

These chairs can be identified by their robust, lightweight materials and fabric which make them easy to carry for backpacking.

Thus, there should be no worries about transportation to the place of use.

Top recommendation here is STRONGBACK Elite Navy 2.0. With this chair, you’ve got one of the best lightweight options on the market.

It’s durable and perfect for your heavy weight.

2. Canopy Beach Chairs.

With the canopy beach chairs, you would still enjoy the cool breeze from the seaside in the hot burning sun. They are “canopy” because the chairs come with canopies built on them.

This provides the much needed shade during the hot sun. Of course for the chaps who don’t need or cannot survive in the scorching sun.

Usually the canopy is adjustable and will prevent the penetration of the sun’s rays.

So you may try out the ALPHA CAMP Mesh Canopy Chair if you weigh about 300 lbs. You will get a water resistant chair that’ll provide you with the necessary shade you need in the hot sun.

3. Padded Beach Chairs.

These chairs are reminiscent of the regular beach chairs for big and tall people you see. But the little difference comes with the seat and backrest.

The two areas are well cushioned with foam. And what you expect from this kind of make is the relaxing nature of the rest you’ll experience here, soft and comfortable.

For those who’d like to spend long hours enjoying the beach, you’ve got your perfect fit. Your butts or back won’t sore with this solution.

If you get this KingCamp Camping Chair Heavy Duty Lumbar Back Support, you rest assured you spent your money well. It is also sturdy and durable.

4. Beach Chaise Lounge.

These are mainly found at the beach resorts and other expensive recreational places; great for sunbathing and overall resting while you enjoy the moments at the beach.

They come with reclining positions and you can agree this is the reason they’re found in the fancy places mostly.

Get the best in Ostrich Lounge Chaise. It’s very portable and lightweight and comes with breathable fabric. Or try the Ostrich 3-in-1 Chair with an armrest (right-side) pouch for your phone.

5. Reclining Beach Chairs.

There is a variety of oversized beach chairs in this category. But you will mostly find them at the beach restaurants.

The reason is clear, they are expensive to buy.

But cons aside, they provide ultimate comfort and relaxation for the users. So if you’re looking for something to fashionable with luxury loaded inside, you know this is the choice.

The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounge Oversize Recliner for Outdoor Beach is made for your comfort. It allows you to lay back fully when you want.

6. Zero Gravity Outdoor Chair.

Then you would also consider the zero gravity option. So you can get weightless and enjoy full-blown relaxation of this chair.

These chairs are made with lightweight materials to make them easily transported. On top of that, expect the chair’s building fabric/materials to be resistant and adaptable to the outdoor conditions of the beach.

This PHI VILLA Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair comes with any to operate lock system for your smooth operation. You will also be able to adjust the chair in different positions.

7. Heavy Duty Beach Chairs.

These kinds of chairs are able to accommodate the huge tall individuals. As you know this would not happen with the regular chairs, they are unfit and uncomfortable for such big builds.

The fabrics and support features are strengthened. This enables them to increase their weight capacity and hold at least guys with 250 lbs.

But the weight capacity can go all the way up to 500 lbs.

Get the LivingXL 500-lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Portable Chair and you’ll move your comfort ambitions a level up.

8. Lay-Flat Beach Chairs.

If you want a better sunbathing experience at the beach, the lay-flat chair can be a great option. Without a zero gravity outdoor recliner (seem to be expensive mostly), this should perfectly do you the job.

You can fold them out to make a flat, horizontal position. A relaxing nap can be real on these chairs.

Rio Beach Hi-Boy Beach Chair is you what you might just need. It has 7 lay-flat positions and sits 17.5 inches from the ground.

9. Wooden Beach Chairs.

If you think wood cannot possess the quality you want, you’ve cheated. Wood beach chairs for your information, come with a classic elegance.

They are beautiful to the sight and will last for as long as you expect them to.

Good thing to note is they don’t rust. And will do the job even better than the other types.

This Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Oak Wood Beach Chair/Chaise Lounge would be great for a 250 lbs. tall individual. It will recline to four positions.

10. Backpack Camping Beach Chair.

These include high beach chairs made for backpacking, beach events included.

One of the great reputations of these chairs is portability. You don’t need to panic how you’ll carry them about.

You can just strap the chair on your back and walk off.

Try out this Tommy Bahama 2020 Backpack Cooler Chair which comes with a highly adjustable backrest. It is also very durable.

Criteria for Buying the Best Beach Chairs for Big and Tall People

Before you buy your chair, you may need to consider a few things. Let’s have a look at these guidelines on how to buy the right chair for the tall and big guys.

  • Adjustable Design

Look at the features carefully and don’t miss out on the tall backpack beach chair with adjustable design. These chairs will allow you to adjust them into different positions.

Whether you want to sit upright for sight-seeing or you want to lay flat, you’ll get your desired position.

  • The Comfort Level

Beach chairs are all about being comfortable, right? Because the beach is a fun place, you need to consider how much comfort you will get from the chair you’re buying.

You want to sit in a chair where your back and legs are fully accommodated. And, there is no pain for you.

  • Height Off the Ground

The height of the chair is as important as your comfort. For tall and big people, this is an aspect to come first on your priority lists.

Short-sized chairs would not only wear you out so fast but also short-live your party.

Your best bet should be 16 inches high off the ground beach chairs. Anything less and you will be disappointed.

Think again on the height before you buy just any chair.

  • Weight Capacity

As a tall person, you need to know that your weight matters in the selection of your beach chair. Check the maximum weight of the chair you wish to take.

The product information tag has this information.

You will need to go for the plus-size beach chair not less than 250 -300 pounds, weight capacity. But, you can also get 500-pound chairs.

  • Materials Used to Make the Chair

The materials or fabric used to on the backrest and armrest of the chair matter. Cotton or polyester would on seats and backrest would make your stay comfortable.

Some chairs are made with mesh or web fabrics. While others with quick dry fabrics which are perfect for the beach environment.

Most frames of beach chairs are made of aluminum. But other strong materials like steel and hard solid wood can also be a great deal.

  • Features

Features are going to be key in your selection. Different models come with different features.

These include cup holders, padded chairs, canopy, folding options, footrest, and headrest and recline positions.

You get complete luxury when the high seat beach chairs come with all/most of these features. They are important for all kinds of comfort.

  • Budget

Just make sure you get the chair within your stipulated budget. Skip the temptation of spending too much outside your lifestyle.

You can still get high-quality chairs under the strictest budget.

There are probably more things you’ll want to consult before carrying a beach chair home. You can do further research if you find it okay.


You definitely see the many types of beach chairs available for you.

When you buy, consider top-quality beach chairs for big and tall people. You need true comfort and ultimate relaxation.

Luckily enough we have done the difficult job for you. Just make your best choice and the beach holidays are going to rock your big frame and soul.