Best Backpacking Tents For Tall Person.

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: best backpacking tent for tall person

When it comes to the backpacking tents, picnic enthusiasts do not want to mess up anything as far as choices of tents are concerned. You want to nail it right on the head in this department of the backpacking tents.

The best backpacking tent for tall person may not be too simple to get though. You would not want to travel with a tent which you will keep trying hard to fit inside.

Every tall person desires the best backpacking tents. These tents come with much versatility: they are made to be lightweight and therefore highly portable.

Many travelers carry them most of the times when going for the backpacking trips, picnics, camping etc.

But the big challenge with these tents is that they come in small sizes. These do not often fit the taller guys who will not find it easy entering and exiting the tent, I haven’t even mentioned standing inside the tent.

The embarrassments of shorter and smaller tents can be funny, but not laughable. You can imagine coiling in such a tent the whole night: won’t you wake up in the morning disfigured? Certainly yes.

Option #2 you decide to stick your long legs out through the door. Which will only increase your vulnerability to the wild environment.

In both instances, the tall person will suffer. There’s no comfort nor security at all.

When looking for the backpacking tents, you will need to consider those which have a high score in the following areas: durability, warmth, set up and weather resistance.

And ultimately, look for the long and tall tents that will fit your tall frame properly.

If you have gone through serious frustrations, calm down. I have done some spectacular research here in order to help you to secure the best tents for tall people.

Best Backpacking Tent For Tall Person

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What’s The Best Backpacking Tent For Tall Person?

When buying a backpacking tent, ensure you consider the length above every other dimensions. The length should be able to accommodate your body as you lay straight inside.

In other words, the tent should be longer than your height. This ensures that you’re accommodated completely.

The backpacking tent will not allow the tall person to stand. But it should be tall enough to let you sit upright at least.

However, you need your tent to be lightweight; bulky or heavier tents are not suitable for the tall backpacker. This is why these tents dot come in the design of the high-ceiling cabin style.

The low-lying design is crucial to keeping the stability of the tent right so that it’s not blown away by strong winds.

Speaking about the best backpacking tall tents. This extra-long backpacking tent in the name of Hubba Hubba Tent has been exceptional for many, many years.

It is lighter and comes with lots of space to host two tall people. The ceiling height stands at 39 inches which allows for comfortable sitting.

The length is 84 inches and its width runs up to 50 inches long. So if you’re just under 7 feet tall, you will find this tent useful.

2 Person Backpacking Tent

These are lightweight backpacking tents that have the capacity to accommodate two people. If you’re a tall couple, this tent is going to be the real shelter you need in the wild.

3 Person Backpacking Tent

It is pure fun going on the picnic outings with friends or family. That’s why the 3-person tent will prove a great fit for you.

It has plenty of room and can house as many as 3 people inside. If you have your baggage and even dogs, you don’t need to wonder where you’ll keep them, their space is enough.

4 Person Backpacking Tent

Like the three-person tent, this one provides you extra room for the fourth person. So, purpose to come along with family and friends by purchasing this tent.

And your camping experience will not get ordinary but rather fun, fun and more fun.

Here Is Why You Should Purchase The Best Backpacking Tents For Tall Person.

Own a small, short backpacking tent and you are going to have it rough. But, there is every good reason why you should consider the right tent for yourself or the people who you love.

Let me give them a quick review.


There is that comfort you get when laying in the right tent. Because you maintain the proper posture of your frame.

You are not irritated by the elements of weather by sticking your legs out in the cold. And when you’re seated up, you are not hindered by the roof of the tent.

Backpacking tents tall enough to stand in are even a better choice when you want home-like comfort right in the woods.

  • Safety & Security

Great tents come with an assurance of safety and ultimate security. As you lay within the backpacking tent, your whole body is well engrossed into it.

You are protected from the harsh weather conditions such as too much cold. The mauling night bugs won’t even have a slice of a chance to feast on your legs (in the case when the tent is short for your height).

This a guarantee when it comes to spacious tents that fit your tall body.

  • Less Weight

The ultralight backpacking tent are designed to weigh less. This is the first characteristic of the right backpacking tents but it’s an advantage for the hikers.

Since you will be strapping them on the back, you don’t want to overburden yourself with heavy makes. The less weight enables backpackers to walk long distances without feeling tired or wearing them out.

Different Types Of Backpacking Tents For Tall Person.

There are different types of backpacking tents you need to know. This will provide you with an upper hand when searching for the tent that will work for you.

Read through the following styles.

1. Best Ridge Backpacking Tent

The ridge tent can be a great lightweight camping tent. Their frame construction results into an “A” shape.

The materials used for the construction are mainly the lightweight nylon. This makes them to be light in their weight hence suitable for the backpacking trips.

Look out for OneTigris Backwoods Bungalow Ultralight Bushcraft Shelter 2.0 that is lightweight, compact and waterproof, perfect backpacking qualities.

Just like the hoop tents, these ones also occupy less space when they are folded. Oftentimes, you will get the ridge tents that house from one to three tall persons.

2. Best Hoop Backpacking Tent

This type of tents come with lightweight and they are usually small in size. Which makes them popular for backpacking expeditions.

The materials used in the construction of these tents are light.

There are constructed to look like the tunnel or ridge tents. They take up less space and are less rigid compared to other tents.

3. Best Single-Wall Backpacking Tent

The tents in this category are normally light and compact to enable the hikers to effortlessly carry them around on their hiking trips.

The single walls make them feel extremely light. Because of these, they are also great for ventilation.

Check the Mountainsmith Morriso 2 Person 3 Season Tent which is made of waterproof polyester and comes with great ventilation.

4. Double Walled Backpacking Tent

The double wall tents come with an extra wall. This wall can be important when it comes to moisture accumulation onto them.

This condensed moisture is prevented from reaching the inner wall (and dripping over) so that the sleeper is not wet by the cold face of the tent.

The comfort level in this shelter types is high given you remain warm and dry throughout the night.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX is the best option here. The tent is designed to have two doors and can accommodate 1-3 people.

5. Best Freestanding Backpacking Tents

The freestanding tall camping tents are models that are designed with tall person in mind. The tents usually stand upright.

They are built to have double walls which increases the safety of the backpacker. The important part is they are constructed using light materials, this makes them very lightweight and therefore easy to carry around.

The double walls include the inner tent and rainfly.

This one person backpacking tent ALPS Mountaineering Lynx is easy to install. It is water resistant due to the polyester material it’s made of.

6. Best Backpacking Hammock Tent

Sometimes you want to have a short trip to the woods. But the site has extremely less space to build other types of tents.

The hammock tent comes in handy at this point; when the space is not enough and second, when the ground is too wet.

To install the hammock, you just need to tether it to the trees. Then next, enjoy the comfort on this lightweight, easy to pack tent.

Consider the Night Cat Camping Hammock Tent. This hammock comes with plenty of room to carry up to 2 people. It’s strong and very comfortable for the hikers.

How to Choose the Best Backpacking Tents for Tall Person.

Ensure you stick to the following critical considerations when buying your tent for the next vacation. You certainly get the best backpacking tent for tall person.

  • Weight

Weight of the backpacking tent should be kept at a minimum. Lightweight tents are preferred for ease of carrying to the camping trips. Remember you have the other elements of the backpack.

With a lightweight backpack, you are poised to enjoy your hiking and camping trips. Because you have less of a burden to carry on your shoulders.

Carefully choose what weight would be suitable for you.

  • Protection

The tent you are choosing should be able to protect you from the elements of weather. And they should do this effectively without exposing any part of your body outside.

For example, the tent shouldn’t allow water and moisture to get inside it. This will only make you uncomfortable.

They should be stable and strong to resist the fast currents of the wind.

  • Ventilation

Good ventilation is needed especially during the summer trips. During this time, the temperatures are high and what you need is to stay cool.

But also, proper ventilation is key to ensure that usual condensation is controlled to some extent. You need to make sure that your lightweight camping tent has mesh netting that can facilitate inflow of air currents inside.

The ventilation at the same time allows for the release of hot air inside the tent.

  • Capacity

If you are thinking to travel and sleep individually, consider a one-person backpacking tent. This will be easy to carry and install for use.

Or as a couple, the best way to go is get yourself a two-person tent. This will be able to accommodate the two of you comfortably for the rest of the night.

In short, different tents have different weight capacities. Just check what you will be needing to have as you visit the camping site.

  • Single or Double Wall Construction

Question is: do you like the single wall tents which come obviously with less weight? Or the double-walled that have a mesh tent body and a rainfly but with extra protection?

Well, the single-wall tents are lighter but in cold weather, you will be irritated with the dripping moisture inside the shelter.

You don’t want the interior of your tent to become wet suddenly.

The double-walled tents for tall people have two separate parts; the mesh body and the rainfly. This double construction ensures that no moisture reaches inside the tent.

If you will be camping in the dry areas, you can go for the single-walled tents. The double-walled tents are great in cold weather.

  • Durability

Check for the tents which have been constructed with durable material. The problem is that the durable material is usually heavier.

Yet the identity of most backpacking tents is the lightweight nature.

Take good care of your tents so that they last longer and serve you for an extended period of time. Be careful with sharp sticks so that they don’t pierce through the thin rainfly and wall.

  • Set Up

Consider the tents which are easier and take less time to install. Freestanding tents are particularly preferred for this reason by most people.

A tent with a quick and uncomplicated set-up process will not give you headaches. Remember you’ve gone out for fun, not stress!

  • Price

Whether it’s a solo tent or the best family tent for tall person, you should be able to buy a tent that’s within your reach. Backpacking tents come with different price tags.

While better models mostly sell at high prices, it doesn’t always mean that the best tents must be pricey.

In Conclusion

The backpacking tents for tall people are a must if you are a tall person looking forward for a great camping expedition. But what is the most critical aspect you need to look in the best tent?

Well, it’s the length of the tent: it should be extra-long to accommodate your height sufficiently. With the right tent, you are assured of safety and comfort among other benefits.

Make sure that you read the buying guidelines before you head to the shop to get the best backpacking tents for tall person. Then make a prudent choice on which type of backpacking tent you will be eventually taking home.