Best Basketball Shoes For Big Guys Comfort (Buyer’s Guide!)

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best basketball shoes for big guys

Gone are the days when the NBA used to attract big and slow guys. Now, the pendulum is shifting in the direction of quick and average size. So, it’s never easier finding the best basketball shoes for big guys.

With signature shoes been reserved for MVPs, you have to dig through the mud to find your ideal footwear when you are big and tall.

There is some good news, however. Having been there, I know what it takes to find the most comfortable, durable, supportive, and safe basketball shoes.

So, I’ll share with you a buying guide you can use to find your match.

Let’s get into it.

In a rush? Below are five of the best basketball shoes for centers and all big men.

5 Best Basketball Shoes for Big Guys

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Best Basketball Shoe Types for Big Guys?

Basketball shoes come in different types, suiting different players. Generally, you can choose your basketball shoes according to your playing position and where you plan to play.

Best Basketball Shoes for Big Man According to Your Playing Position

Where do you play basketball? Are you a forward, a guard, or a multi-position player?

Answering those two questions will help you find your ideal shoes.

Here are the basics:

  • Go for high-top footwear if you are a forward
  • Get low-top shoes if you are a guard
  • Opt for mid-top shoes if you are an all-around player

Let me discuss the options:

1. High-Top Basketball Shoes for Big Guy

High-top shoes are the heaviest of all. They are, however, known to offer the most ankle protection and that suits aggressive players.

As you probably know, no players are as aggressive as the forwards.

The extra ankle support also makes them ideal for big guys as it promotes shock absorption. Moreover, the ankle support makes it easy to jump.

The problem is that they are heavier, therefore, not the best for speed. Simply put, they are not ideal for fast-breaking.

Overall, the Peak High Top Basketball Shoes are a fantastic choice for big guys.

These high-top basketball shoes enjoy a stability module that rolls around the outside of your forefoot to support it against lateral movements. That allows you to jump without hurting your foot.

The best part is that the shoes come in a wear-resistant rubber construction, thus durable.

2. Low-Top Basketball Shoes for Big Guys

Low-top shoes are generally the lightest and therefore offer the least ankle protection and shock absorption. However, on a positive note, their lighter weight gives you speed, and you need that as a guard.

But since they don’t offer enough ankle support, they are not the best for jumping. With these best shoes for big men, you give up ankle support for speed.

As a guard, quickness and fluidity are pivotal on the court, and you can have that with the Adidas Marquee Boost Basketball Shoe.

This shoe is 100% textile and features a rubber sole that makes it lightweight and durable. The Adidas shoe has a classic look with a few modern details. So, it’s perfect when you want to keep a low profile.

It has a molded ankle collar that offers your heel just enough support, and its midsole cushions your foot and absorbs shock. On the other hand, the outsole has sufficient grip to allow you to stop and run safely.

3. Mid-Top Basketball Shoes

Mid-top basketball shoes sit on your ankle, which means they offer you more ankle support than the low-top options. With their ankle support capability, these shoes allow you to jump more comfortably.

They are also lighter than high-top, and that means they also allow you to bust into speed. So, mid-top basketball shoes are perfect for all-around players, those with no defined position.

With them, you can run, jump, and play any position. That includes the forward, guard, or center position.

Note, however, that they cannot match a high-top ankle support or a low-top speed. What they offer you is a middle ground.

No shoes suit bigger guys like the Adidas Performance Hoops Basketball Shoes.

These shoes come with a 3-inch platform that offers you enough ankle support and feels relatively lightweight.

You can count on their leather upper and synthetic soles for durability, EVA sock liner for optimal cushioning, and a rubber cup sole for excellent grip.

Best Basketball Shoes for Big Men According to Where You’ll Play

You can also choose basketball shoes according to where you plan to use them.

You generally have two options:

  • Performance shoes (for indoor basketball courts)
  • Outdoor shoes (for outdoor basketball courts and the streets)

1. Performance Basketball Shoes for Big Guys

Low-top, mid-top, and high-top basketball shoes can also come as performance shoes. The best word to describe them is comfort.

From the name, these shoes are designed to improve your performance on the court. They are highly comfortable and offer adequate foot support to reduce the risk of injuries.

They also enjoy lots of traction, which makes it easy to stop quickly in all conditions.

Overall, they are better suited to indoor courts.

Among the best performance shoes are the Peak Men’s Basketball Shoes.

These high-performance shoes offer you the right balance between comfort, ankle support, and flexibility. You need the combination to play basketball at a top-level.

The shoes are breathable to get rid of sweat and come with adequate cushioning to protect you against shock.

Moreover, they come in a stylish design, which is a bonus.

2. Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Big Guys

While performance shoes are best for professionals and indoor use, outdoor basketball shoes are for non-professionals. They are for those who intend to play on the streets.

Given that the outdoor terrain is rougher than indoor courts, outdoor shoes come with extra grip and cushioning to protect your feet from injuries.

They are also durable to withstand aggressive usage. Not only can you play basketball in these shoes, but you can also run and walk in them.

The best recommendations for big guys are the Mevlzz Running Basketball Shoes.

These shoes have a low-top design, making them ideal for heavy guys. Their low-cut design also makes them easier to take off and wear.

Their mesh upper promotes foot breathability, while the lace-up design is a fashion statement. These basketball shoes are generally cheaper than most.

Buying Guide for the Best Basketball Shoes for Big Guys

After deciding on the shoe type that suits your basketball needs, here are other essential considerations:

a) Shoe Size

We big guys have different foot sizes. So, you have to know your foot size to pick the most fitting basketball shoes.

But if you are not sure about it, go ahead and measure your heel-to-toe distance (cm) and then use the table below as a reference.

Shoe Size (U.S)899.510111213141516
Heel-to-toe (cm)25.52626.52727.52828.52929.530

b) Shoe Anatomy

It’s essential to look at the basketball footwear’s construction. In that case, look at the following three parts:

basketball shoes for big man

i. Upper Build

Most basketball shoes come with a mesh upper, which promotes breathability. So, go for it if you want the most breathable basketball shoes to discourage sweat buildup.

The other important element of the shoes’ upper build is the closure system. While lacer closures are pretty standard, you can also consider sippers and strap closures.

Overall, lacers allow you to secure the foot and are a fashion statement. You are, however, likely to enjoy more foot coverage from zippers and strap closures.

By offering you more ankle coverage, zippers and straps improve your ankle support. The only concern is the additional coverage translates to more footwear weight.

ii. Mid-Sole (Cushioning Layer)

The mid-sole is an essential consideration as it’s where the cushioning is. So, whenever you think about the shoe cushioning, look at the midsole.

The best basketball shoes for centers mostly come with an EVA-foam midsole which is lighter but, more importantly, softer and comfortable.

Of course, cushioning technologies differ between brands, but the most important thing is that the midsole absorbs shock and feels comfortable under the foot.

iii. Outsole (Traction)

While the midsole is the cushioning haven, the outsole is the traction insurance. You need basketball shoes with lots of grips not to slip and hurt yourself.

Consider outsoles with hexagonal or any other kind of traction pattern to help secure your feet on the ground and avoid slipping off.

c) Other Buying Considerations

  • Ankle Support

The shoes should support your ankle and protect it from injuries. So, look for an ankle cage or ankle column. If they are present and well-cushioned, the shoes will support your ankle.

It’s, however, equally important for the shoes to allow your feet to move freely.

  • Shoe Comfort

Several fundamentals come into play when we talk about shoe comfort. I’ve mentioned the midsole, which is the cushioning layer. So, ensure the midsole offers you ample cushioning to absorb shock and support the heel.

You also have to consider the shoe’s breathability. A breathable upper promotes sweat to escape, and that improves your feet’ comfort.

Don’t forget about the shoe weight either. Lighter basketball shoes are more comfortable to play with.

  • Shoe Durability

The last thing you want are shoes that start to wear after a few days of using them.

Basketball shoes are not cheap. So, you have to make your money count by getting the most durable options.

Look at the upper build, the midsole, and the inner lining to ensure you are getting durable options.

Remember, you are big. So, the shoes are likely to wear faster if you don’t buy good quality.

  • Shoe Aesthetic

Lastly, consider the best shoes for big men with a unique style. They should make you stand out on the court.

Remember, you are not just looking for functional footwear but also a statement piece.

So, look at the details like closure design, the sole layout, the fabric type, and even the color combination as they determine the style.


1. Should I Buy Basketball Shoes A Half Size Bigger?

If you have wider feet, getting a true-to-size fit is okay. But if your feet are narrower, go for a half size bigger to give your toes some clearance, which improves your comfort.

2. Is It Okay to Wear Basketball Shoes Daily?

Some basketball shoes come with extra cushioning to allow you to run and walk in them. Note, however, that wearing them daily only reduces their lifespan. So, it’s better to only use them for playing basketball.

3. Should You Get Basketball Shoes Bigger?

Basketball shoes shouldn’t allow a lot of foot movement. They should, however, offer your toes some clearance to stretch.

The toes shouldn’t bend as that may turn painful. Overall, go for a half-inch bigger shoe to be more comfortable.

4. Do Basketball Shoes Hurt at First?

Newer basketball shoes are likely to hurt, more so when they are fit-to-size or just too tight. You should, however, break into the shoes after a few days. If that doesn’t happen, then it’s likely that the shoes are not your size.

5. Is It Bad to Wear Basketball Shoes On Concrete?

Not all basketball shoes are best for concrete. It is usually okay to wear outdoor basketball shoes on rougher surfaces like concrete, but you shouldn’t do that with performance shoes.


Concluding Thoughts:

Now you know what the best basketball shoes for big guys are. You can therefore shop around for the shoes that suit your playing needs. You can use my guide to ensure that you get the choice right.