How To Get The Best Bathtub For Tall Person.

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Have you been figuring a replacement for your old bathtub? For tall person particularly, I can tell that you will need something special due to your height: Bathtub For Tall Person.

Bathtub For Tall Person

I would probably recommend that you get a bathtub of 72 and above inches in length, and maybe width can depend on a number of factors including your preference. This is mostly for 6 feet and above guys who would not wish to be squished when they lay to bathe.

Whether you’re having a hard time on this or you just need to be guided, read through for the insights.

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What’s A Bath Tab For Tall Person?

For your tall size, it will be great to go for an extra tall bathtub. There are a variety of these out in the market and is upon you to choose which.

So, what’s a bath tab for tall person? More specifically, a tub that comes in the measurements 72″ Length, 32″ Width and 22″ Height would be very ideal for many tall persons. You will get enough space to fit your whole body from neck to tarsals.

Well, this doesn’t indicate the mentioned measurements are the largest. Other larger tubs are also still available in the market, and you can still go for them.

However, you need to take a few considerations. A bathtub for tall person comes in many different types and I advise you appreciate the significance of the bathtub type.

Remember the actual size of a bathtub is the inner space. So going for the exact 70 inches will mean you lose a couple inches on all the sides.

You don’t want to be disappointed in the end. Thus I will land you on the 72 inches or above bathtub. As this would fully take care of your needs

Now, you need to know that extra tall bathtubs should also be of good height, don’t ignore this. Perhaps during bathing you can imagine water spilling over your floor as you lay inside the shallow tub.

Different Types Of Bathtubs For Tall People

1. Freestanding Bathtubs

The freestanding tubs as the name suggests, do not have any connection to the walls or surfaces. So they have supportive bases which hold the heavy weight of the tub.

They have the touch of the modern design and need large space for installation. To handle your needs properly, you can take the extra-large freestanding bath.

This FerdY Sentosa 67″ Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub is the perfect recommendation for any tall person.

2. Soaking Bathtub

This one will ensure you are completely soaked in the water. They come in many different sizes including those for taller people.

They are nicely designed to give you the ultimate luxury in your bathroom. You can as well install them somewhere in your private backyard.

They are not very expensive. At Amazon, you will get some like PROFLO 72″ x 42″ Drop-In Soaking Bathtub  at affordable prices. Click here to see it.

3. Walk-In Bathtub

The outstanding feature with this bathtub is its side access door. It allows you, especially if you have issues with mobility, to move in with ease.

It has handrails and grips that are tailor-made to help you maintain your head above the water while you lay for a bath. The anti-slip feature is a great addition also.

There are a variety of these tubs in the market-place. However, more information regarding the actual dimensions for the tall people is not well documented.

4. Whirlpool Tubs

Whirlpool tubs have strategically placed jets at sections of the tub. These jets splash water at specific muscle points on the body when someone is bathing to create a relaxing feeling.

Hydrotherapy is one of the most popular features of these tubs. But the soothing air bubble system is just a beauty.

So, how tall is a bathtub? Especially a whirlpool for tall people? Well, this should be 72 and above inches such as American Standard 6-Feet by 42- Inch Whirlpool with Hydro Massage System-I, White found on Amazon.

5. Extra Large Bathtubs For Couples

As a couple, you need something extra-special for your bath. So these are oversized bathtubs which would give the two of you that unforgettable experience together.

They measure 86 inches long and 50 inches wide and can hold 110 gallons of water. They require quite some space in the bathroom.

Empava 71″ Acrylic Whirlpool Bathtub on is the perfect example I will highlight. But there are also other sizes like 74″, 77″ and 79″ (by various widths).

6. Alcove Bathtub

Usually, the alcove bathtub is installed within three walls. It is widely known and used by many people.

If you are looking at your budget, alcove is the right bathtub for tall person.

They come in different sizes but tall people can get large-sized ones (72 inches length, 42 inches width and 20 inches depth).

But if you get PROFLO 72″x 36″ Alcove Bath Tub with skirt and right hand drain, you will be very okay to go.

7. Drop-in bathtub

This bathtub has a surrounding tile or stone border and can be “dropped” into a matching structure. This can be achieved in the wherever desired location of your choice in the bathroom.

You won’t be disappointed with the variety of sizes available in the market. But have a look at the Fine Fixtures 72″ X 36″ Drop-in Bathtub, with brass trip lever drain included.

You can always try other options available on Amazon.

8. The Standard bathtub

From the look of its name, this kind of bathtub is just fine, you know, something standard. You will not be at the center of all the comforts you desire, if you want those, go for better bathtubs mentioned above.

Of course you get to bathe, but that’s just that. It comes with no special features like the other tubs.

In terms of budget, you’re sorted with the standard bathtub. So get yourself a KOHLER Standard 6-Foot Bath.

8. Claw-Footed Tub

This comes with a sense of traditional connection. Mostly made from cast iron material with its inside and outside surfaces applied with porcelain enamel.

Remember they are very classic and therefore their prices are considerably higher. But the costs aren’t a problem if your wallet is well represented.

If you go to amazon, you can choose the likes of Streamline Clawfoot 61″ N481CH Acrylic Bathtub and tray with external drain.

Here Are Critical Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Bathtub For Tall Person

Well. I guess that before you decide to go shopping for a bathtub, you’ll need to reflect on a few critical factors that you don’t want to miss on.

  1. Size Of The Tub

I certainly want to put this as my number one (and I know you have similar thoughts). As a tall person, you cannot afford to lose this challenge.

So you are going to need a bathtub for 6 foot tall person or longer. For example, going for 72 inch and above tubs won’t actually hurt.

Don’t go for anything below this size. Leave those ones for standard heights for you, get the tall one.

  1. Cost Of The Tub

Then comes the cost aspect. Wow!

No one is ignorant of his or her budget, isn’t? In fact, this usually becomes either the limiting factor or the motivating side.

Anyway, these bathtubs come in different styles, shapes, materials and so on. So don’t worry. For standard, very basic (yet just good) tubs, you will spend less money like 200 dollars to 500 or 600 dollars.

But maybe you want class, uniqueness and fashion beyond the ordinary fiberglass or acrylic material. Then you will need to spend in the region of 800 dollars and more.

This doesn’t only apply for the ordinary bathtub. It also does for the bathtub for tall person.

  1. Weight Of The Tub

The weight of a bathtub is very important just as other aspects. You need to ensure that you get the perfect weight for your bathtub.

This weight is determined by the type of material used to manufacture it. Usually, stone and metal tubs need to be installed on the stable floor since they weigh much heavier than the other materials.

Whether you choose a light or heavy tub, just remember your weight is a key consideration. Or can we say your body mass?

  1. Materials Used To Make It

You know that most bathtubs, including bathtubs for big and tall people, are made of acrylic, if not fiberglass. And the main reason why these materials are commonly used is their affordability.

The two types of materials are inexpensive and also readily available. They are moderately durable and will actually serve the purpose perfectly.

But you aren’t limited only on the tubs from the two materials. You could get more aesthetic, eye-catching bathtubs made from more valuable materials.

For instance, there are cast iron, steel marble, copper and cast polymer which make very beautiful, first-class bathtubs. So, if you have extra cash and you are not really hard-pressed by the budget, why don’t you go for these?

  1. Style or Fashion

You are possibly aware that the style and fashion in the market can really affect your preference and therefore your final decision.

Nowadays the market has a great variety in terms of what is the most appealing. But you have options to pick from, whether you’re looking for a simple fairly classic type or that colorful fashion that blends perfectly with your bathroom.

Either way, keep in mind the prices of bathtubs for tall people.

  1. Bathing Comforts

Honestly many people like the experience that comes with being in the “comfort zones”. Especially when you are having a peaceful weekend bathe when there is no rush, possibly.

The type and style of a bathtub will definitely determine whether you will have the mouthwatering bathing experience you’re looking for or not.

For a tall person, you need to get this flawless experience. I know you want to free your frame and stretch your feet all the way in the tub. So go for the tall bathtub.

  1. Depth Of The Bathtub

The depth of the bathtub is as important as its size. You will be amazed how sometimes a tall person may comfortably (not saying this is ideal) use fairly shorter tubs.

You can shop for deeper bathtubs which will ensure that you are well fitted inside without the worries of water overflows and spilling on the floor.

  1. The Option of a Shower

The best bathtubs for taller people should have the alternative of a shower. For a family with kids growing super-fast, having relatively shorter tubs can be challenging.

In this case you need a bath that will come with a shower. As the kids grow faster and become even taller than the parents, they use the shower and you know this can be great for the budget.


Most of the time when you’re looking for a bathtub for tall person, you need to understand the available variations. This certainly helps you to choose the right one for your size.

The least dimensions for a standard tub for the tall person should not go less than 72 inches long. So think about 72 inches and above, the width depends on yourself or other aspects.

Get really, really acquainted with some of the most critical factors that one should consider before they buy the bathtub. Look at the size, weight, style, depth, materials used to make the tubs or bathing experience of the tubs to assess which specific product you’ll pick.

Within the guide, you can see the recommendations I have provided from amazon. If you follow those suggestions, you are rest assured that you’ll carry home a worthwhile item.

However, you may want to know beyond what’s in here and that’s still good. Do your personal research and explore more options available on the internet.

What else? You can now go shopping with the confidence of getting the bathtub of your dream.