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best bikes for tall guys

It is not a new trend that most manufacturers today are producing many bikes for the medium-sized or fairly tall people. But, this is not the case for the best bikes for tall guys, the numbers are way below the demands.

I look at this imbalance and think that all is left for the tall riders is to accept the situation and work hard to get their fits. Yet, a few would be excited to start the search process.

But even in this gloominess, you need to stand tall and face the circumstance. As a person of ambition, this wouldn’t really stop your biking dream.

Your creativity during the search will save a lot. Because now you need to carefully look at the features of an individual bicycle for tall man.

Remember what you need is nothing less than the comfortable, reliable, well-fitting, durable and probably affordable. How you play around with the individual features determines if ultimately, you would secure the real thing.

For any tall person, the problem starts with the sizing requirements. Then the toil of handlebars or short stem lengths. The frame material and size would even make everything worse for the extra tall chaps.

So then what should be the best bikes for tall guys? Or just how do you get out from this mess with your favorite bike in the arms?

Well, you can read through for some insights.

In a rush? Check out my most recommended heavy-duty bicycles for tall guys below:

5 Best Bikes for Tall Guys

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What’s the Right Bike Size For Tall Guys?

This is not a one-size fit all business here. Although there are many tall riders, it’s true that their heights vary from individual to individual.

Quick Bike Sizing Guide for Tall Guys

Note that different bike manufacturers employ different sizing models for their bikes. However, you can find your match if you consider first your inseam and second your height.

The inseam, which is your inside leg measurement, allows you to get a bike that fits you, one you can pedal with ease. And together with your height, you can find a frame size that matches your body size.

Below is a quick table you can refer to.

Rider’s Height Inseam (inch)Frame Size
Road Bike (cm)Mountain Bike (inches)Hybrid/City/Cruiser Bike (inches) 
4’10”-5’1″25-28″47-48cm (XXS)13-14″(XS)13-14″(XS) 
5’1″-5’5″25-30″49-50cm(XS)15-16″ (S)15-16″ (S) 
5’5″-5’9″26-31″51-53cm (S)16-17″ (M)16-17″ (M 
5’9″-6’0″27-32″54-55cm (M)17-18″ (L)17-18″ (L) 
6’0″-6’3″28-33″56-57cm (L)18-19″(XL)18-19″(XL) 
6’1″-6’6″29-34″58-60cm (XL)19″+ (XXL)19″+ (XXL) 

Important Tip!

Consider this smart tip if you find it difficult picking your perfect bike frame size:

  • Road bike frame = inseam (cm) X 0.70
  • Mountain bike frame = inseam (cm) X 0.66
  • Hybrid/cruiser/city bike frame size = inseam (cm) X 0.685

More Sizing Information

Well, for some people at 6′-6.4 feet in height, there are bikes for large persons such as SAVADECK Carbon Road Bike (Amazon), very versatile bike for tall guys. Will do almost everything you want to be done. Check out

The Tommaso Imola Road Bike isn’t a bad option for you if you’re planning to spend less. At 6’2″ -6’5″, you would get a road bike that has great performance, comfortable and long-lasting. Get this from amazon.

If you fall in the giant scale (over 6’5″), you need something even bigger. You can go for the frame customization instead to get your exact fit, though it is very expensive.

To cater for your extra tall heights, you may consider looking for this bike called DirtySixer 36er. Here we are talking of the best bikes for over 300 lbs man with the heights that reach the ceiling.

As a part of being informed, the Dirtysixer bikes are currently the largest bikes specifically designed for the tallest and heaviest riders in the world.

Again as I earlier mentioned, if you are an oversized folk (for example 7 feet plus), then the best thing you can do is go for custom sizing to sort this. Otherwise, it would be nearly impossible to survive on any available bikes.

Anyway, why all this emphasis to get the best bicycles for tall riders? Find out.

Here’s Why You Should Choose The Best Bike For Tall People.

  1. Comfort and Convenience

Isn’t true that you would like to be comfortable all the way on your bike? Comfort is determined by the size, style and quality of the bicycle.

The right size and style will ensure that the bike is well-fitting for you. So, there’s not the inconvenience of either poor saddle height, narrow handlebars or short stem length that normally result in poor positioning or posture on the bike.

When all these are right, you’re always going to be comfortable and confident.

  1. Better Performance and Efficiency

Whatever purpose you are buying the bicycle for, you want the most efficient model which exhibits high levels of performance. And, this is always the mark of the best bikes for tall guys

For example, if it is a mountain bike, you need a bike that would easily climb difficult trails. So it has that climbing power. You also want to move fast, and the bike has that power to accelerate.

The right bike would mean that chances of falling or crashing are limited because they possess high rolling resistance against coasting aspects. This enhances the personal safety of the rider, which is our next point.

  1. Improve Personal Safety

For routine riders, you probably know much better about safety and cycling. It doesn’t take rocket science to know that the wrong bike has the potential to put your life at risk.

Some people have already made these mistakes though. Tall and big men that tried to ride on lesser or unfitting bikes before ended up crumbling down because of excess weight pressure.

You don’t want such embarrassing incidents that’d leave you badly injured.

However, knowing that you are tall and big should convincingly help you to pick the ideal big man bicycle. This is the rational bike that would accommodate your huge size more effectively. And your safety is well guaranteed.

  1. It’s All Fun and Relaxing To Get The Right Fit

Ask a couple of individuals why they are riding bikes. The responses would be somewhat similar among the different riders “I like the fun, I love biking”.

This is true.

Riding, or rather biking should always be a thing of the heart. That magical feeling of your bike’s great potential should inspire your next move.

But this ambition can only be accomplished with only the best bicycle for tall man in place. And even more, the peace of mind you have about your bike is enough to make you confident and all smiles.

You can beat any complex traffic and terrain. Yet, it’ll be like fun throughout!

Different Types Of Bicycles For Tall Riders

It’s ever daunting to seek the best bike for big guys. But there are a few options you can select from.

Look at these features to see if they meet the cut. Check the frame material/size, handlebars (should be wide enough), the stem length and even the seat level and rim/tire size, all these should be big.

1. Road Bikes For Big And Tall Guys

The design of these bikes is focused on road pavement and are for on-road racing. So their tires are thinner and narrower.

Not accommodative of much weight and therefore cannot be used to carry luggage.

I would recommend Tommaso Imola Endurance again. It’s affordable, maximum performance and long-lasting. Also this SAVADECK Carbon Road Bike is one of the best road bikes for tall riders with a super strong steel frame can be worth a try.

All can be found on amazon.

You may consider going for the Tommaso Imola Road Bike available on amazon. Or if you’re too big and too tall, you can secure the DirtySixer 36er which can adequately cater for your big nature.

2. Mountain Bikes For Tall Riders

There are quite a number of these in different designs. But again shrewd selection matters.

Mountain bikes are made to navigate the challenging rough off-roads especially in the countryside. The handlebars are almost placed upright.

Their gear system is built such that they can climb uphill with ease. They come with suspension either at the front (hard trail) or both the front and the rear (full-suspension).

Not the fastest bikes but very efficient at their job.

At amazon you will get cool mountain bikes for tall guys like Hiland 29 inch Mens Mountain Bike with great comfort and frame geometry.

Full Suspension Mountain Bike For Tall Riders

Full suspension mountain bikes have both the front and rear suspension or shock absorbers. These provide extra protection to the rider on those hard, rocky, curvy trails of the countryside.

As usual, these bikes are popular for steep and hard trail climbing.

If you visit amazon be sure to get great fits. For 6′ – 6’4″ tall guys, there is the Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike that would provide you with the pure class, longevity and performance.

3. Best Hybrid Bikes For Tall Guys

When we mention hybrid, we mean the bikes that combine the features of both the road and mountain bikes. Just like road bikes, they can be used on the road pavements although they are not as lightweight.

They also do great on the unpaved trails. But they may not be as effective as the real hardtails mountain bikes.

The hybrid bikes for big men should as well possess the features of the tall persons bikes; they should have wide enough handlebars, a big-sized frame, reasonable seat height, etc. With the front fork suspension, the rider is cushioned form small bump shocks.

A 6 feet tall person would comfortably ride this Hiland Hybrid Bike (amazon).

4. Best Cruiser Bikes For Tall Riders

For better commuting plus other casual kinds of riding, cruiser bikes can be a great choice. They are popular for their large, very comfortable saddles and nearly upright handlebars.

They have thick tires which give them great stability. Mostly, they are single speed. Here is a good Firmstrong Chief Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 26-Inch (amazon) for you. See more about 26-Inch Bikes and the right size person.

5. Sport Bikes For Tall Riders

There are the best bikes for tall guys, when it comes to sport bikes. They give the rider an upright posture that results to a comfortable ride.

The frame outlook is solid and they have suspensions on the forks to neutralize bumps on the off-roads. The bicycle can be used both as a commuter and in hard terrain.

Get a 22- inch Hiland Full Suspension Mens Mountain Bike on Amazon today.

6. Best Electric Bikes For Tall Riders

In the bike’s world today, many inventions are cropping. Let’s remind ourselves one of the most recent innovations: the electric bikes or e-bikes.

These bikes are made for speed, to make things easy for the tall rider. You can comfortably carry along a luggage without getting tired (you’re not using your energy).

The common challenge with these bikes is their unavailability. Manufacturers are not building frames for tall guys in this category.

But there’s a great remedy. You can acquire a tall bike of your size, accompanied by its e-bike kit.

Get an E-bike kit with undoubted efficiency and performance at amazon. Though you’ll spend a lot, this e-bike kit would be ideal for you.

Critical Factors To Consider When Buying Best Bikes For Tall Guys.

  1. Your Budget

The budget ceiling you placed will highly determine which bike you carry home at the end of the day. But the market price has the last say.

You’ll pay more for a great bike and less for just a good bike.

  1. Maintenance

Have you thought about the expenses one incurs in the bike’s lifetime? With a bike whose spare parts are either hard to get or are expensive, maintaining it is a hassle.

And a bike for tall men isn’t an exception.

  1. The Size Requirements

Before taking a bike, know the size you want. You should’ve already checked for the right measurements that fit you.

Ensure it’s your perfect fit; check the handlebar height, the seat height, stem length and so on. If there is not your type, go for custom sizing.

  1. Type and Style

Then, of course, determining which type suits you the best is vital. It helps you on budgeting, and also shows your passion.

You do not want to be in possession of something you dislike!

More Considerations

  1. The Frame Material

Now, what material is your bike’s frame made from? Or which material between steel, aluminium, iron, carbon etc. do you prefer?

Some materials last longer than others. And, others are steadier than others. Bikes for over 400 lbs. guys are definitely going to need heavier, sturdy frames made from stronger materials like steel.

  1. The Brake System

This is a very key component of a bike you don’t need to miss out on. Your riding safety depends on brakes. Simple.

Ensure that the bicycle has a very efficient braking system. Non-responsive or slow-functioning brakes is a sign of an unsuitable bike.

  1. The Purpose For Buying It

When you go for a bike, you definitely know whether you just need to ride in the neighborhood. Perhaps you wish to ride in the harsh landscape.

Whether you’ll be buying a mountain bike or cruiser bicycle for tall riders highly depends on the purpose.

  1. Your Level of Experience with the bikes

Are you just starting out on biking? Have you spent most time biking before?

When it comes to the experience aspect, you need to ensure you get everything right. New riders may choose to begin their riding career with second-hand bikes.

For an expert rider, the ambitions would be totally different. Maybe he tried out all other types and styles and is out there to get a better machine.


1. What is the best cyclo-cross bike for the tall beginner?

You can try out the Boardman CX Comp. This will kick-start your riding journey on smoothly; it is easy to handle and can turn out almost everywhere.

2. There are many different types of bicycles. So which one should be great for me to exercise?

I would say the commuter bike with the hybrid bicycle in mind. Hybrid bike combines the good characteristics of the road bike and those of a mountain bike.

This ensures that you’ll be able to do your exercise both on the smooth paved and the hard unpaved roads.

3. Which types of mountain bikes are there for tall women?

Just like there are the best bikes for tall guys, tall women are not left behind too. Santa Cruz Nomad C is not a far-fetched idea for you. The bike is full of pedaling potential and puts in efficient performance as well.

The Final Note:

While getting the right fit for the tall riders is not an easy venture, it’s still possible for them to get the best. One remedy extra tall people can take is custom sizing.

The Dirtysixer All Round bike is currently the largest bike for those extra tall guys. Good news for them.

Important factors when choosing a bicycle for tall man are; size, type, purpose, braking system and son. These must be taken into account for a successful search.