A Guide To The Best Camping Chairs For Tall People.

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Best Camping Chairs For Tall People

Camping out in the woods or wherever is meant to be fun. But as a tall person, you need to have the right camping chair: go for the best camping chairs for tall people.

and only the camping chairs for tall people would provide you the real comforts you‘re looking for. Yet, it can prove to be a difficult task getting one.

There are many camping chairs around. But most of the designs are made to serve the needs of the majority community, the normal-sized man or woman.

Mostly, these chairs rise only between 8 -10 inches from the ground. This isn‘t good at all. For tall campers, this presents one of the biggest challenges to beat.

But as long as you will be going out for a camping expedition, you‘ve got to find one. Unless you want to have a rough time borrowing from your fellow campers (they will want them too).

Or just sort yourself on a grumpy rock or surface (you won‘t last long here!)

Either way, you are absolutely denied your much-needed comfort; and not the best way to go for sure.


What‘s The Best Camping Chair for Tall People?

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You will definitely need a tall camping chair and nothing else would meet your needs. To start with, understanding the measurements that fit you is very vital.

Check the seat height. With your long legs, you certainly need a chair 18 inches rising off the ground. This will make sure that you have an easy time sitting and standing up.

The second measurement is the backrest height. You need something that would sufficiently brace your long back, broad shoulders and the neck.

Then you need to ensure that the chair has an overall height of 38 inches or more. There are different sizes of tall people so this will vary but it must not go below the minimum 38.

The other thing you should be keen not to forget is the weight capacity of the chair against your weight. Consider taking a chair that matches your weight.

Are there any reasons why you should be looking for the camping chair with the mentioned measurements?

This Is Why You Should Consider Getting the Best Camping Chairs For Tall People.

Remember in the camping adventure you need to have a positive, relaxing experience. The large camping chair should make your life enjoyable out there; especially when you gather around that bonfire at night. Or just sit down with the rest of family or friends to have a good time talk or a meal.

Here are the benefits you will get.

  • Maximum Comfort and Relaxation

As a tall person, you need get a camping chair will allow you to be comfortable and relax. The right-sized chair will not make you feel tired or bored because your butts are hurting due to sores.

Your legs will assume the right posture which makes your stay inside the chair far more enjoyable. You can go for long without feeling joint or muscle strains.

If your weight is well supported, you don‘t get worried about collapsing.

A proper backrest can even offer you a nap in the chair.

  • Have Enough Room

Big and tall camping chairs are roomy. They are very spacious to accommodate your huge, tall frame.

This is the kind of a chair you need to fling yourself inside after a day‘s eventful activities because you need every part of your body taken care of.

With enough room, it is even easier to get into and out of the chair without struggling.

  • They are Sturdy and Stable

There is everything spooky about choosing a chair that is small and unstable. You just know that at some point, you will come crumbling flat to the ground!

No one wishes this happened. But it will if you didn‘t buy the right chair.

The good thing with large camping chairs, they are crafted to be strong. To accommodate the heavier guys and provide the safety these tall guys cannot be guaranteed in the regular camping chairs.

This way you stay comfortable and confident, turning in all positions you desire.

  • They are Lightweight and Portable

Oftentimes tall and big people think that their camping chairs are weighty. If you‘re discouraged to buy a large camping chair for this reason, it‘s time you thought again.

The thing is these chairs are manufactured using light material and fabric. This is deliberate to make them lightweight and therefore easy to carry on your shoulder from one point to another.

Usually, aluminium frames are common with these chairs. The folding camping chairs are all over the market and are some of the best to have in your possession.

There‘s absolutely no cause for alarm concerning their weight.

Different Types of Tall Camping Chairs for Tall People.

When it comes to camping, you‘ll be treated to a variety of camping chairs. From the traditional types to the most recent ones, you won‘t miss your taste.

Here they are:

1. Folding Camping Chairs

Big man camping chairs of the folding type are constructed with light material and fabric. And, they come with folding features for easy carrying and transportation from one place to another.

These chairs are lightweight but sturdy to hold the weight of the big guys.

They‘re really great chairs for backpacking and camping in the mountainsides and woods.

Get this Quik Chair Heavy Duty Folding Camp Chair and enjoy a comfortable stay on its durable steel frame. It‘s lightweight and portable too.

2. Zero Gravity Camp Chairs

These camp chairs are an absolute class. While seated in them, you recline in a position that will leave your body in great comfort and relaxation.

You can imagine how much and what kind of rest you need after climbing and descending a steep mountain. Actually, a zero gravity chair will help you release that extreme stress in the body.

You‘ll feel like floating in the atmosphere while you are relieved of all pains.

The PHI VILLA Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is every tall man‘s dream to have. It‘s durable and allows you to recline in different positions.

3. Backpacking Camp Chairs

These are the most popular among the different types of camping chairs. Normally they are created to be lightweight and therefore easy to carry them around.

They come with great stability and superior support and are very convenient for the camper.

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair will be your super choice here. It has great stability and is easy to carry around.

4. Director‘s Camp Chairs

The director‘s camp chairs are some of the most comfortable camping chairs alongside the zero gravity types. They come with unique, attractive design and fancy features.

Their frames are crafted from aluminium to make them durable and lightweight.

Get to Amazon and get this KingCamp Heavy Duty Steel Folding Director‘s Chair. Very easy to install, use and store.

5. Lounge Camping Chairs

Lounge camping chairs, another type with ultimate luxury. They are designed to be adjusted to different reclining positions, any time you feel to do so.

Nothing stops comfort-crazy campers from landing these chairs. Even their relatively higher weight doesn‘t stop them.

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Patio Lounge is an ideal option. It‘s a great recliner with different reclining positions.

6. Camping Moon Chairs

Here come the new players in the camping niche. The moon chairs!

You have not experienced these chairs but they are come with the comfort and relaxation needed by any camper out there.

The moon chairs are also lightweight, easy to install and fold away for storage. They have a casing in inflatable which you can carry them anywhere.

KingCamp Sofa Camping Chair  will be a great consideration given its huge size, comfortability and lightweight nature.

7. Inflatable Camping Chairs

Inflatable tents and now inflatable chairs! What a technology!

It‘s happening and if you have never tried this type of camping chairs for tall people, you can get the one that fits your size.

Just like other chairs, they are lightweight and easily portable. Remember the inflatable tent requires an air pump, so are these chairs to install them before use.

You will get these chairs at reasonable prices in most online stores.

CleverMade Airchair is huge and comes in the form of a recliner.

8. Reclining Camping Chairs

The recliner camp chairs are designed with high-quality materials to make them strong and stable. They assume the design of a zero gravity chair.

They usually have locking mechanisms for the safety of the users. You don‘t want to topple over when in the middle of acquiring vitamin D at daybreak.

One thing these chairs are known for is the quality of the frames they have.

This Timber Ridge Camping Chair can extend to different seat heights (15 – 21â€) and is very stable.

9. Camping Stools

Camping stools! Yes.

These are equally great for big and tall camping gear you will need. With a constrained budget, stools will work just fine for your day camping trip.

They are extremely lightweight and you can walk with them without feeling the weight. There are folding, collapsible and portable stools.

Can you try out the TravelChair Slacker Chair Folding Tripod Camp Stool? Its seat height is at an impressive 17 and supports 275 lb. weight.

10. Beach Camping Chairs

If you‘re camping closer to the beach or beach is the primary campsite, you need an awesome beach chair. They are designed with durable materials to resist the outdoor marine beach conditions.

Very comfortable and most of them come with unique features. As usual, they are lightweight and portable.

KingCamp Ultralight Compact Portable Low Back Beach Chairs is your ultimate comfy chair you don‘t want to miss out.

11. Hybrid Camping Chairs

These chairs come blended with the features of a quad chair with those of the director‘s design.

More precisely the seat and back look like the quad‘s camp chair. But the arms and recline position of the director‘s camp chair.

There are xl camping chairs in this category that would rock your camping adventure.

Here Are The Critical Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Camping Chairs For Tall People.

When buying a camping chair, pay close attention to the following things.

  • Height off the Ground

You need a chair with enough height off the ground; probably a minimum 16 or 18 inches off the ground.

You must remain comfortable and it all starts with your legs. Else, your knees and the whole body will be in a disaster in no time.

Don‘t consider the regular camping chairs for your size. You will only heap pressure on yourself and also it‘s wastage of resources.

  • Weight Capacity

Heavy duty camping chairs are the appropriate selection you can make. They are constructed to contain maximum pressure from the huge weight of the user.

250 – 300 lb. should be the minimum weight to target; although this also depends on your exact weight measurements.

If you‘re big and tall, you can opt to go for the chair with the maximum weight capacity. Tall and skinny guys can look for the 250 lbs. chairs.

  • The Size and Weight Of the Chair

For frequent and regular campers, lightweight camping chairs should be a great choice. On the other hand, you can look for the bigger, heavier types if you want to have extra comfort and relaxation.

Just make sure the height of your chair doesn‘t hit below 38 inches overall. This will guarantee you the much-needed comfort when using the chair.

  • Versatility

Most extra-large camping chairs are also expensive to buy; particularly those with additional high-end features.

You must consider if the chairs could be used for other purposes other than camping. This makes the chair more beneficial as there‘s maximum utility.

You don‘t need to be buying different chairs for camping, backpacking trips, mountaineering expeditions or day‘s trips. If one good chair can do all this, the better it is.

  • Stability and Comfort

When buying a camping chair consider its stability because you won‘t dare to dream on an unstable chair. You do not have the idea if you‘ll topple over the next minute.

So look for that chair with sturdy legs made from strong, durable material.

You may look at the locking mechanisms of the reclining types. This gives you real confidence when you‘re sitting and getting in those different reclining positions.

  • Your Budget

The other crucial aspect you need to put on the list is the budget. You are going to buy, for example, a 500 lb. capacity folding chair at a much higher price.

Regular chairs and some big and tall chairs may sell at relatively lower prices.

The cutting point is considering what you have in the pocket. And, only take that chair within your budget, no need to go above your ceiling.

There are other factors I have not mentioned in here, including the kind of features you want in a camping chair and durability among others.


You are probably breathing out at last. And it‘s good that way.

After the hassle of searching for camping chairs for tall people, the list is fortunately here for you. Remember to consider the various factors for buying the right chair.

The provided list will help you to filter through the available options. You should be able to identify your favorite chair.

Therefore go buy the best chair and enjoy your camping outdoors!