What’s The Best Camping Tents For Tall People?

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Best Camping Tents For Tall People

If you haven’t heard, there are lots of crazy, or can we say, funny stories out there. All to do with camping and camping tents for tall people.

For tall people, the mission of finding a proper fitting tent is not easy. It is toil, hard work and for some, even frustrating.

Most tents out there tend to cater to the normal-sized guys. So for 6 footers or more, much work is required to get the right fit.

Imagine trying to fit in a short tent on a cold wild night.

Two things would happen, probably: you try to curl your legs inside the tent or stick them outside in the cold. Either way, this should be a big double old shame.

But, this is poised to end. With more global brands like Coleman and REI doing better work, the tall people have a reason to smile.

We will provide you with the relevant information to help you make a great choice today.

Whether you are looking for a solo tent or a large tall family tent, there is a whole list of great camping tents on the market for you.

Let’s dive into the thick and thin of this.

What Is The Best Camping Tent For Tall People?

There are measurements you need to consider when you are taking the best tent for you or your family. The main component is the length and others are height and width.

The best tall camping tents come with the heights in the range of 210 – 215 cm.

You need to get the tall tent that will absolutely meet your needs without compromise.

Tents for summer camping or backpacking can have a mesh interior. This allows for air circulation. For winters, the weather is wet so you need a properly insulated canvas tent.

In general, tall cabin tents are great for tall people, especially during the summer seasons. Whereas tall tunnel tents should be used during the wet season, they have great waterproofing material.

Let’s look at the different categories of tall camping tents based on the number of persons accommodated.

1. Tall 10 Person Tent

These are tall tents that are capable of accommodating at most 10 people. Here you may consider the Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent 14 x 10.

It comes with 218 cm height and a floor space of 13 meters squared.

Quite a huge structure there.

2. Tall 9 Person Tent

The tall tent with space for 9 people on the maximum. A great choice here is Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent.

With a peak height of 229 cm and floor space of 13 m2, this camping tent for tall people is a great tent for 9 persons. Can be used in all the seasons and climatic conditions.

3. Tall 8 Person Tent

This would accommodate 8 people comfortably. The Outdoor Products 8 Person Instant Hexagon Tent falls here.

It comes with a height of 224 cm and floor space is 13 square meters.

4.Tall 6 Person Tent

The Pacific Pass Camping 6 Person Tent which comes with 218 cm height is ideal for 6 people. Designed to be used in the winter, its floor space of 14.1 m2 is huge enough for the said number of people.

Comes at a huge price.

5. Tall 5 Person Tent

Gonex Camping 5 Person Dome Tent.

This cabin style tent can hold up to 5 tall people. It has a height of 220 cm and the floor space is 12.6 square meters.

6. Tall 4 Person Tent

The Alps Mountaineering Camp Creek Tent qualifies to be in this category. It comes with a 213 cm height and a floor space of 65.4 square feet.

Whether you’re just above 6’5″ or 7″, this tent is perfect for you.

7. Tall 3 Person Tent

There are also tents that would accommodate up to 3 people. This CAMPROS CP Tent 3 Person Camping Tent is 218 cm tall and with maximum space of 9.3 meters squared.

It is one of the tallest camping tents for tall people.

8. Tall 2 Person Tent

This is a 2-person capacity tent for tall people. And MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Person Tent is the perfect fit for the tall guys.

It measures 84 inches in length and 39 inches in height.

9. Tall 1 Person Tent

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent sits at a whopping 7.6 feet long and 3 feet in height. It has a floor space of 7.6 x 2.8 feet.

It is also a freestanding design.

So whether you are an individual, a group or a family, the categories above should definitely accommodate you.

This Is Why You Should Consider Choosing The Right Camping Tent For Tall People.

When you go camping, you need to know one thing; have the right camping tent. This is because of the following reasons.

  • Enough Space For Campers

This is one of those features you want to maximize when picking a tent. Tents tall enough to stand in and sleep comfortably are the real deal for any passionate camper.

The tent length needs to be long enough, the floor area spacious and the width okay for your frame. What you’ll have ultimately is the peace of mind.

You don’t want to keep stretching your legs outside the tent or squeezing yourself in coils. It sucks that way.

  • Improve Your Personal Safety

The thing is that you’re somewhere in a forest, a mountain in the wild. These are obviously open places, so the elements of weather are in full play here.

With a sturdier, strong and enduring tent, you can be sure the effect of heavy rain/snowfall or strong winds won’t be really pronounced.

You need to be sure that even on the stormiest nights you are safe. But this is only possible with a great tent.

  • A Camping Tent Is A Huge Investment

Well… you know this, don’t you? For the guys who have bought these before, you have seen how much you’ll need to dig in your pockets to secure one.

It is a huge investment that would consume a lot of your resources. You can’t gamble on this.

You also want a tent that’s easy to repair anytime when damaged.

  • You have Less Stress and More Comfort

You don’t need to be on your toes about what will happen the coming moment. Whether it is rain or strong wind, your stress is gone and you remain relaxed in such situations.

Different Types Of Camping Tents For Tall People.

Here are the different types of tents you can choose from. Depending on your taste, you will certainly get a tall tent of your choice.

1. Cabin Tents For Tall People

The cabin-style tents normally assume a single space but can also come with internal partitions. They are mostly summer tents.

While they are tall, they depict a lot of stability. Which makes them a favorite by many campers.

Consider this Core Instant Cabin Tent 14′ x 9′. Set up is very easy and quick. It has room dividers.

2. Tunnel Tents For Tall People

These come in with spacious headroom and floor area. They are constructed from sequential flexible poles that loop over the sides to form a long tunnel shape. Then a rainfly is placed on the top.

They are great for family and group camping.

UNP Camping Tent 10 Person Family Tent is a roomy tent for your outdoor getaways.

3. Family Tent For Tall People

The best family tent for tall person comes with a lot of space under them. These are large tunnel or dome-shaped tents with extra partitions inside.

They are heavy and not ideal for backpacking. But obviously great for family camping.

Browning Camping Big Horn Two-Room Tent is an awesome tent for the family. With two doorways and free-standing design, your family is catered for.

4. Dome Tents For Tall People

Dome tents have become very common among campers. The dome shape is created when two flexible poles are bent to cross one another on the top.

The poles then touch the ground at four different sides to form a regular base, square or rectangular. A rainfly is placed on the top.

If you’re a group of up to four people, consider this type.

Coleman Sundome Dome Tent is a cool option. It allows for faster assembly.

5. Ridge Tents For Tall People

These are the very first tents to be made; I mean the original tents of the gone days (although they’ve been modernized). They have a simple structure involving two poles on either side connected by a cross pole.

You’ll look for a suitable fly sheet and cover the skeleton. You are good to go!

They can’t withstand very stormy conditions of weather when poorly built.

6. Teepee or Bell Tents For Tall People

If you want something that comes with class, bell tents will do. They are made by raising a central pole, then bracing with support poles before the roof is draped by a heavy canvas.

These are definitely the tents with tall center heights. They come in different styles and patterns but not very common among campers.

Here is Guide Gear Deluxe Teepee Tent, 14″ x 14″ for maximum comfort and relaxation during the summer months. It supports wood burning.

7. Backpacking Tent For Tall People

These a great for you backpackers. You need something lightweight and compact and this is exactly what you get from these kinds of tents.

You won’t struggle to pitch or install them.

You may try out Hubba Hubba NX 2. It is a lightweight option for camping and freestanding for the tall guy of 6’5″.

8. Geodesic Tents

If you still remember the dome-shaped tents, these geodesic types have a similar structure. The only difference is the extra supporting poles that cross one another to create more space and keep the structure more stable.

They are good in harsh weather conditions like strong wind and rain.

You can readily use these tents in mountaineering and extreme camping expeditions.

9. Pop-Up Tent

There are no other tents dead simple to set up as these pop-up tents. They just open up easily when you release them, so they “pop up”.

Most inexperienced campers can use these although they aren’t suitable for real, intense camping. But they are not even one of the best camping tents for tall people.

Gazelle Tents 22272 T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Tent is a great option. No assembly required and is great for festival camping.

10. Hammock Tent

With the hammock tents, the thick, wet forested environments are taken care of. These tents are suspended off the ground by securing them on tree trunks.

On top, they are well covered to ensure you are not exposed to the rain or cold.

Hammocks are easy to set up and are lightweight.

Enjoy Hammock Bliss Triple for the spacious, strong and soft brand in the market.

11. Beach Tents

Beach tents are good and specific for the beach only. So you will not be carrying them down in the forest because they’ll not serve you there.

They are intended to protect you from the sun and hot beach sand.

Here is Neso Tents Grande, a portable lightweight, easy to install a tent.

12. Inflatable Tents

These are new for most campers. Setting them up is much more an easy process like the pop-ups.

But here you’ll need an air pump, set the tent in the desired place, turn the air pump switch and wait for a few minutes. The tent will be up in a trice as the pressure fills inside.

This is a new camping tent technology. So you’ll to spend more to secure these ones.

Check this SUMMUS Inflatable 8 Person Camping Tent for a quality family size modern tent. The price is huge, beware!

How to Choose the Best Camping Tent for Tall People.

You have gone through a wide range of tents here. But we don’t want you to be somehow confused.

Here are some of the key things you should consider before you take that tall cabin tent or anything else.

  • The Tent Size

Ensure that the tent you’re picking a spacious tent that can accommodate you well, comfortably and you will get some space for your baggage too.

In most cases if you aren’t sure of the exact appropriate size, go a level up and pick the next.

  • The Season For Use

There are different seasons all-round the year.

And so are the camping tents for each specific season. You should buy a lightweight, well-ventilated tent if it is to be used in the warm summers.

A three season tent would be great for harsh conditions of rain, cold and strong wind. Winter tents specific for winters should be really great refuges during the snowfall.

  • Material/Fabric of the Tents

The best camping tents for tall people are also determined by the type of material fabric they are made of. There are several materials like cotton/canvas, polyester or nylon etc.

With cotton, you have tents that will last longer and do their waterproofing job well. Nylon or polyester will as well do the job but tend to deteriorate quicker especially when exposed so much in the sun.

You’ll therefore need to check these very carefully before you make a move.

  • The Main Features

The features of a tent could influence your choice.

Here, we’re looking at the ideal number of doors and windows in a tent, other accessories (footprint, gear loft), storage pockets etc.

Other key features you must consider are;

  • Floor length – you need at least a 90 inches floor length.
  • Tent poles – consider aluminium, long lasting and strong.
  • Rainfly – these offer protection from rain or hot sun.
  • Ventilation – for summer tents, these are elaborate.
  • Peak height – you’ll need tall cabin-style tents mostly if you want to stand. They have tall walls.
  • The Sleeping Capacity of the Tent

If you’re going to camp as family or group, you’re going to need a high capacity tent. Whether you’re two, four, five or ten, make the right decision.

Always choose the tent with a higher capacity rating than your number. Remember you may need to keep your luggage there.

  • Warranty

Consider buying tents from well known, experienced manufacturers. These probably manufacture the best products out there and can confidently provide warranties for these products.

They know the value of the item you’re getting.

Always carefully read the contents of the warranties. You’ll understand what they cover and what they don’t in case of an issue.


You have seen that there are many different styles of camping tents for tall people. Whether you’re an individual or a family or just a group of peers wanting to go for a camping outing, you’ll get your best tent here.

There are camping tents for individuals to those that cater for up to ten people or even more. As a tall person (it doesn’t matter whether you need a 7-foot-tall tent or less than that), consider the right type by looking at things like size, material make, ventilation, season and price among others.

They give a general view of what to expect from the tent. And once you’ve got your suitable tent, you’ll for sure enjoy your camping adventure.