What Is the Best Car for Tall People Like You?

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Selecting the right car can prove to be quite the challenge for tall people. Just like us, cars come in a range of shapes and sizes. But, for a tall person, they need to consider comfort and if the car has sufficient legroom for them.

A new car is an expensive purchase, especially when you add the numerous abundant features that salesmen often try to get you to buy. But, for any tall driver, they must make sure they choose a car that has a driver’s cabin with plenty of legroom.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to show you how to select the right car with a comfy cabin that meets your requirements. 

best car for tall people

Questions You Need to Ask When Looking for a Car for a Tall Person

  • Is there sufficient legroom?
  • Is it possible to take up a normal position on the car’s comfy seats when driving without your head touching the headliner in the car?
  • Is there enough adjustment in the steering wheel that will prevent you from having to drive your car with your elbows locked?
  • Are you able to see traffic lights without the need to duck down in your vehicle’s cabin so you can see under the windshield header? 
  • Do the wing mirrors on your vehicle adjust enough to allow you to put them in a position to see the rear wings of your car easily?

These are all important questions that you need to ask yourself as a taller driver when looking to purchase a new vehicle.

Before we provide some tips about buying a car suitable for taller people, let’s look closer at answering some of the questions above. 

How to Measure a Car for a Taller Driver

There are several measurements you need to consider in order to decide whether a standard all-wheel drive or rear wheel drive 5-seater vehicle is suitable for you as a tall person.


Legroom is crucial because when you bend your knees while driving, they shouldn’t come into contact with the steering wheel, even in vehicles with automatic transmissions. 

The best way to measure legroom is to sit in vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class or  Hyundai Sante Fe with the seat pushed fully back. Next, place your feet on the pedals and then take them off. When you do this, check whether your knees make contact with the steering wheel or not. 

best car for tall people


Sit in the driver’s seat of your chosen 5-seater vehicle and place your hands on your head to see if you have sufficient headroom. If you can’t put your hands on top of your head, unfortunately, that sweet ride isn’t for you. 

Also, make sure to look out through the windshield. Can you see the top of it where it meets the roof of the car? If you can, this isn’t the right 5-seater vehicle for you. 

Vision Line Height 

This is a measurement that looks at the distance between the driver’s footwell to where the windshield meets the vehicle’s roof. This is an excellent measurement to know as it tells you how much cabin space there is in a wide variety of 5-seater and 8-seater vehicles. 

When working out this measurement, remember to remove the floor mat first as it can be anywhere up to 1/2 inch in thickness. Generally, more luxury vehicles are fitted with thicker floor mats. 

How Far Back and Down the Seat Goes

man with seatbelt

Most times, tall people will only look at adjusting the seat in a car by pushing it back, so they have enough room to stretch their legs out. But, ideally, they should look at just how much you can lower the seat as well. 

Most vehicles now are fitted with seats that can be adjusted in several ways as part of their standard features. The problem with just pushing the seat back for anyone considered above average height is that it puts extra stress on their hips and back

Also, as their legs are longer than their arms when they push the seat right back, they need to stretch forward to reach the steering wheel. What happens next is that they end up sitting in a position with their back hunched up. 

Even if the vehicle comes with adjustable steering columns and telescopic pedals, the amount they adjust might not be enough for a tall driver. So, of course, enjoying a comfortable ride isn’t going to be possible. 

Tips to Help You Buy a Car Suitable for a Tall Person 

Avoid Cars With a Sunroof

You probably think that a midsize sedan or midsize crossover that comes with a sunroof is going to be perfect for you. Well, think again. 

Just because there’s a hole in the roof doesn’t mean that these types of vehicles come with more headroom. It’s often the opposite as the components that make up this feature usually take up space resulting in the headroom in such vehicles being 1 or 2 inches shorter.

Rather than sitting comfortably in your car with its sharp styling, you’ll find your head is constantly touching the headliner resulting in more choppy ride quality.

Check How the Doors Open

You shouldn’t just be thinking about what it’s like to be sitting in the car, but how you get into it. So, you need to look closely at how the front doors on your potential vehicle open. 

A 5-seater vehicle may provide a decent amount of space in the driver’s seat. However, the amount of space available when the driver’s door is open on these types of compact vehicles is usually quite limited. So, you are going to find getting in and out of them rather difficult. 

How Much Can You Adjust the Steering Wheel 

adjusting the steering wheel

It’s important to choose an all-wheel drive vehicle that allows you to make several adjustments to the steering wheel in order to help you have a more enjoyable driving experience.

Watch Out for Vehicles With Upright Windshields

Compared to the average height person, your eyes are a lot higher up as a taller driver. That being said, you’ll find that your eyes are much closer to the roofline of the car you will be driving. 

These days, most rear wheel drive hybrid models tend to have a sloping windshield. However, some standard all-wheel drive vehicles with fewer standard safety features come with a steep upright windshield. 

As a result, the roof will be much further forward over the windscreen. This means that you’ll need to lean forward in your seat to see anything above your eye line.

Buy Used Rather Than New 

Instead of buying a new car, you may want to consider going for a used one.

Vehicles, such as the Ford Expedition, have undergone very few changes in recent years. They all come with interior dimensions that you, as a tall person, will find comfortable and spacious while driving.

It is always a good idea to look through the Kelley Blue Book to see what they have to say about the electric vehicle, hybrid models, or other engine options that you are considering buying.

It is also worth going online to read through a few consumer reports relating to the different engine options and how suitable they are for anyone over 6 feet tall. Look to see what kind of driving experience other tall people have had when driving. Remember that not all large cars with powerful engines will provide extra cabin space.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right kind of car that offers you a comfy ride and high-tech features can prove somewhat problematic as a tall person. However, we hope that the information provided above will help you find the best, most affordable vehicle for your requirements. 

To find the best car for tall people, it is a good idea to spend your time trying out a wide variety of different makes and models. When you go to try out a 4-seater or 5-seater vehicle, keep in mind the information we’ve shared with you!