A Guide To The Best Desks For Tall People.

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Best Desks For Tall People.

Desks are very important pieces of furniture that you’ll need for your office. Whether these are standing desks or computer desks, they come with lots of benefits to help you do your work smoothly.

You will find so many of them out there but it’s not easy to get the right desks for tall people. Most of the desks are not tall to meet the long leg requirements of the tall person.

When you acquire a wrong computer desk, for example, it’s always going to be hard to settle and do your stuff. Because your long legs won’t have enough room to sit high up, which will create discomfort throughout.

You know sitting down for long in itself is not a healthy lifestyle. What about sitting under a short desk when you’re a tall person? It sucks and it drains.

The same goes for the standing desk. When it is low or of the poor height, you will keep on slouching and this won’t feel good on your neck.

It is even more serious when you don’t have an idea of what to look for in the ideal desk. But you can begin from somewhere.

Knowing the height measurement off the ground to the desk’s surface is important. It will save you from much hassle.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, I will remind you that getting a standing desk or a computer desk with extra-height dimensions is the safe direction to embrace.

What Is the Best Desk for Tall People.

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Good tall desks for standing and sitting are the only way the tall person will find comfort. You must find the desk with the right height and enough leg room underneath.

This is very fundamental.

Make sure you also look for the chair that would flawlessly fit with the desk. So that when you sit, it’s all comfortable and healthy. Don’t get yourself a chair to cause further height inconveniences.

You should check the following recommendations. If you are 6 feet tall and thereabouts, you should find this very resourceful.

The measurements here include those of the desk and their corresponding right seat heights for the computer desks.

Height of the PersonDesk Height (off the ground when seated in inches)Corresponding Seat Height


(Minimum in inches)

Desk Height (off the ground-standing desk in inches)



6 ft271846.4
6 ft 1 in.27. 51846.8
6 ft 2 in.281947.2
6 ft 3 in.28.51947.6
6 ft 5 in.3120.748.4
6 ft 6 in.31.52148.9
6 ft 7 in.31.921.348.3
6 ft 8 in.32.321.549.7
6 ft 9 in.32.721.850.1
6 ft 10 in.33.12250.5
6 ft 11 in.33.522.350.9

A long list up there but it will help you get your desk.

From the table above, you can compare your height against that of the desk you are going to need. You can be sure to get the best standing desks that work for you.

However, take note that these heights may be oversize or inadequate depending on the person’s body shape.

Now, let us look at the benefits of using the best desk for your standing and sitting needs.

This Is Why You Should Consider Getting The Best Desk For Tall People.

  • Comfort

The first thing you want to get bang on is comfort in a desk, you’re using a standing desk or a computer desk, this is a must. But is this not possible when you have the right size of the desk?

It doesn’t go unnoticed that the correct desk provides your knees with the much-needed room to move freely under the desk. This not only gives you great comfort but also enhances your productivity at the workplace.

For example, being a journalist sitting on your desk for eight hours a day, you really (really) need a tall computer desk. Or you won’t like it even an hour in that newsroom.

While using a standing desk, you need to reap the benefits of standing. Which are numerous.

  • You Maintain The Right Posture

You already know the health benefits of standing. And having the right standing desk is the beginning of getting your body to assume a good posture.

This equally applies to when you’re seated. Your legs, your knees are afforded the freedom to move freely under the desk.

They are also able to change positions. This is very important that it helps you avoid unnecessary injuries on them.

  • Versatility

I talk about versatility because it’s huge. With a versatile standing desk for tall person, you are able to use it both for sitting and standing. They normally have adjustable features to turn in these different heights.

This can be very important when you are trying to control your budget. As the same desk for standing will be used for sitting hence no need for purchasing both.

Different Types of Desks For Tall People.

As it is with tall people furniture, the desks come in many different styles.

1. Standing Desk For Tall Person

This is the kind of desk that will break the sitting monotony of the computer desks. You know sitting especially for long hours every day can pose threats to your health.

That’s why this desk comes in handy for the tall person.

When buying a standing desk, figure out if it has the adjustable feature. This is the desk you should have.

FlexiSpot Motorized Standing Desk Converter 36″ is the best standing desk converter you need to consider. You can easily convert your sitting height desk to that suitable standing height.

2. Office Desk For Tall Person

Whether you are working from home or company offices, these should be carefully chosen. You need them in your office but what is the ideal design for you?

All those folders or files and other official materials are kept in the office desks. Most of these desks are designed to have drawers for the storage of these items.

There are different styles of office desks for tall people:

3. Reception Desk For Tall Person

You see these types of desks mostly the moment you enter the company administration block. At the reception area.

You can as well get them in different colors, styles and so on. Just choose wisely keeping in mind the acceptable tall person’s dimensions.

ALEVA 327236MY: Best Valencia Series Reception Desk w/Counter is solid, clean and durable office desk.

4. U-Shaped Desks For Tall Person

They are designed like a semi-circle/U-shape. The good thing about these desks is they will provide plenty of space to work from.

You are afforded the room to move about and change positions easily without struggling. In short, they present a lot of comfort to the user.

5. L-Shaped Desks For Tall Person

Like the U-shaped desks, the tall person is presented with lots of space here. L-shaped big and tall desks are very versatile.

They are also great at maximizing office space so that you don’t leave much area at the corners of the office.

The GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Computer Office Desk has a sturdy frame and strong legs to carry the computer PC on it. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, it will justify the money you spend on it

6. Computer Desk For Tall Person

The computer desk for the tall person should be well-timed, in terms of height measurements. They usually come with extra-room dimensions.

This is due to space the chair is going to take. Plus, the few inches the drawer for placing the computer keyboard occupies and you are there needing real space, extra room in this desk.

This Vitesse 55 inch Gaming Desk Racing Style Computer Desk is the perfect fit here.

7. Gaming Desks For Tall Person

If you are a tall hardcore gamer, you are aware that comfort is key for extended periods of concentration. Otherwise, you’re well beaten.

Most of the modern desks for gaming provide more ergonomic design and great flexibility. So that you’ll keep shifting the heights according to the ideal position you want to take.

You can check out with Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk. It is a good design for easy transportation. Also available in different attractive colors.

8. Stand-Up Desk For Tall Person

This type just like the standing desk is very important for your health. It is better to keep standing at work rather than sitting the whole day.

Usually, this is a tall narrow desk that will make you feel comfortable when working on your office projects. A lot of information is being researched to find out the health benefits of using this type of desks.

Check out this Stand-up desk that requires no assembly and has a lifetime guarantee.

9. Executive Desk For Tall Person

The executive desks made for tall users come with great sturdiness and stability. They’re designed to be adjusted to different heights.

As they are executive, so is the comfort of these desks. They are just designed for class and ultimate luxury for office lovers.

Setting up this desk isn’t going to take much of your time.

If you want large ergonomic space with sturdiness and stability, don’t look further than the Sauder Edge Water Executive Computer Desk. It will help you reduce your back and neck pain.

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Here Are The Criteria For Buying The Best Desk For Tall People.

Before you decide which office desk or any other type of desk you will be selecting, there are a number of things you need to put into consideration.

These are going to be important for your choice.

  • Size of the Desk

For the tall person, height of the desk off the ground to the top surface means a lot. Sufficient height (which is what you will always need) is indicative that you have the right of the desk.

You need to be sure that the desk has been designed to accommodate a chair. Therefore, there’s maximum room to even take care of the drawers, if any.

Such a desk guarantees you of easy movement of your lower body and enhances comfort.

  • Adjustable Feature

As time goes, more and more desks are being released in the market. They are coming with the height adjustability features which are important for helping you switch heights and get comfortable.

In fact, almost every tall writing desk is having this feature. Gone are the days of using the desks with rigid height measurements.

Given finding a tall desk may be a mountain to climb, adjustable desks are the only way for the tall person.

  • The Desk Configuration

In as much as you want to get your favorite desk, you must not forget your office outlook. Most people are used to the standard rectangular desks.

Yet, there exists many other shapes, in fact, with massive potential to solve your office space problems. For example, going for the L-shaped/corner desk or the U-shaped desk could go a long way to providing the maximum space you need for your tallness.

  • Materials Used to make The Desk

Do you ask if the materials used to create the desk are important?

Well, in general, get to know them. There is a variety of materials you need to know; metal, composite wood and wood, glass and marble among others.

Some materials look extremely classic especially the mahogany hardwood. This can create high, value desk which usually attracts a lot of money.

  • The Type Of Work You Do

If you spend much of your time organizing and working on papers, you might need to get large tall desk with shelves. They come with a lot of top table space for keeping papers, files and even books.

You must also ensure that you have the correct standing desk when most of your work will be done while standing. These are mostly jobs completed on the computer which would not require a lot of space for keeping paperwork

  • Storage

The storage of the desk determines how much leg room you’re left with. The more room the better.

Because these storage features will eat up some space you would have used to make your knees/legs comfortable and freer to move about. For example, the drawers or shelves need their space under the table top.

  • Budget

You will have to read your budget well before you embark on a spending spree for your desk or other furniture. You want to keep your budget managed and maintained well.

The decision you’ll make on the style or type of the desk depends on the budget. Don‘t overspend but rather ensure you get the proper ergonomic design with your preferred flexibility just within the budgetary confines.


When you search for desks for tall people, put in mind the height measurements from the ground to the table top. Also, ensure that the leg room under the desk has enough space for the free movement of your legs and you have a comfortable office chair or any other chair for a great experience.

This will keep you comfortable so that you are able to sit for long.

But it’s even better to acquire the height adjustable desk. This will save you the scare when you want to turn from sitting to standing, you’ve heard of the benefits of standing.

Good standing desks should not make you uncomfortable when using them: you don‘t slouch too much to cause pain to your neck muscles.

As a rule of thumb, ensure you go through the buying guide. This will prepare your mind to make the right decisions when shopping for the right desk.