A Guide To The Best Dress Shirts for Tall Guys.

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best dress shirts for tall guys

You may have tried to look out in the physical stores for the best dress shirts for tall guys. Perhaps all was in vain.

And if you tried online, through the google searches, it could still be quite difficult to secure the perfect long dress shirts. Of course don’t give up before you get what you want.

As it is with other clothing or even different products for the tall person, you will not just joy-ride all the way to the impeccable dress shirt for your stature. A bit of research will be required of you.

The online stores are increasingly doing a great job. Especially those which have specialized in the tall people clothing industry.

Thus, no need for anxiety with this well-pulled together informative guide, I believe you will definitely get what looks the best on you.

Enjoy as much as possible until you get the best.

What is a Dress Shirt?

A dress shirt comes with many other different names: button shirt, button-up shirt etc. Okay, names aside, a dress shirt’s simple definition is a men’s shirt that has a collar, buttons and long sleeves.

It is a formal wear mostly, but you could go casual or you could as well use it for other events. The dress shirts for tall guys are highly versatile.

They come with different collar styles and cuffs; all ranging from the informal to formal fashion fits. You will get the dress shirts in many, many colors and patterns.

When wearing a dress shirt, you will want to match it with the right classical suit. This would give you the extra-ordinary look and a great, striking impression.

This is Why You Need to Buy the Right Dress Shirt for Tall Guys.

As a tall buddy, having the right shirts in the wardrobe is a must. Being in possession of the best variety of dress shirts is going to save you a lot of unnecessary blushes.

So, what are the benefits of buying the dress shirts that fit well on your tall build.

Well, read on!

  • Better Fit

If you want to flatter in the looks, a good way to fast track it is through grooming. A good, well-fitting dress shirt, whether it’s worn on its own or in a suit, should do you much more than expected.

With a better fit shirt, your confidence is properly boosted and it sort of enliven and makes someone feel strong the day.

  • They are Versatile Shirts

Tall dress shirts are not just a thing of one purpose; you can wear them for different events and at different places. For example, you can match them with a clean suit for official work.

Or, you could also, depending on the available shirt designs, wear them for a date night or for special events like weddings etc. All that said, these shirts are simply the thing that all men will need for a variety of uses.

  • Preferred for Professional/Official Work

Getting smart, clean and professional begins with putting on a great dress shirt. If you work in the corporate industry with a strict dress code, there are no two ways about how your grooming, you will be needed on all occasions to maintain the formal attitude.

Therefore, having the right shirts in your wardrobe is a great idea. This means that you won’t get yourself colliding with your boss for that matter.

  • Comfort

When it comes to comfort, having the true fit of a dress shirt is all you want. Extra-long men’s dress shirts will give you a “comfortable satisfaction“ and this is what everyone aims at.

But, is it possible to be comfortable in a shirt of the wrong cut, in whatever event or occasion? Impossible! Comfort only comes when the shirt is well-measured and fitting to your body.

The shirt will not give you a hard time to choose and wear. What about when you are out there in the public; the shirt will make it easy for you to interact with others due to the great attitude and confidence it builds in you.

Different Types of Best Dress Shirts for Tall Guys.

The dress shirts come in different styles, designs and types. Right next are the various designs I want you to have a look at them.

Whatever types you want will be determined by what taste and preference you have for the shirts.

1. Best Big and Tall Dress Shirts

If you have the big build and you are tall, then get big and tall dress shirts. Amazon is the one stop shop that would provide you the greatest market for all the best products.

So whether you want the latest fashions or something classical, and of your exact cut, this style will offer you the next collection for the wardrobe. And for the obese, these dress shirts should be the first on your list.

Van Heusen Men’s Big and Tall Traveler Stretch Long Sleeve Non Iron Shirt comes with a non-iron finish which makes things look impressive while worn.

It provides awesome comfort due to the stretching fabric that is able to adjust.

2. Best Dress Shirts for Tall Skinny Guys

Now, for the tall skinny fellows, it can be somewhat overwhelming to hit the right spot. But today, many manufacturers are coming up with clothes for all sizes of people.

This means that the slim fits are also increasingly becoming available. Therefore, the best tall dress shirts for the slim and skinny guys are there for that group of individuals.

DIIG Men Slim Fit Long Sleeve Dress Shirt should be among those shirts you don’t want to miss. It is currently the best seller on amazon.

With this shirt, you are guaranteed quality of fabric material, it’s blended cotton and polyester. The many vibrant colors the shirt is presented in offers you variety.

3. Patterned Dress Shirts for Tall Guys

The dress shirts keep coming in new releases. The patterned tall dress shirts will give you something more to look up to as tall individual obsessed with fashion.

These are the kind of dresses that will grace your evening events and other casual dates. So they are clad to give you that cutting edge among the crowd you’ll be joining.

Just in case your work wear choice is not much of an issue at the workplace, this shirt could be one of the best dress shirts for tall guys you want to put on for the day.

The TUNEVUSE Mens Paisley Patterned Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt is a highly versatile shirt. But it is best for casual dates.

A spread collar type meaning for the tall guys, this is the kind of fit you really want to have.

4. Short-sleeved Dress Shirts for Tall Guys

The short sleeved dress shirts are ideal for you during the summer. This is on top of the fact that they are also the simple route to casual wear.

Don’t let your summer be the cause of a frustration at work. When the months get hotter and sweatier, just make sure that you have stocked in your wardrobe some of these shirts.

Check out this Amazon Essentials Men’s Regular-Fit Short-Sleeve Check Casual Poplin Shirt. A machine washable shirt cut to the client’s needs.

Its fabric is 100 percent cotton. That is a show of top-quality clothing you’ll add to the closet.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Dress Shirts For The Tall Guys.

Well. You don’t just get the shirt like that, it’s better to start somewhere.

A few things should even make your search for the right shirt somehow, walk in the park. Let’s look at each important aspect that you may need to pay close attention to.

  • Collar

It sounds a minor thing, right? But truth of the matter is that it’s a crucial factor you don’t want to go wrong about.

Different types of collars for shirts exist. For instance, the pointed, spread, button-down and removable collars.

Since these will have huge effect onto your overall look, you must not give it a blind eye. For you, right away go for a spread collar.

This, potentially, is the only design of the collar to ensure that you keep a proper body balance.

  • Size

Of course, even a kid may remind you that size consideration should be top of the list. Be careful enough to look for fitted shirts.

For the tall guys with large builds, check for the men’s xl tall shirts with good enough room (just again) which will enable you move freely within the shirt.

Avoid sizing down too much; unless you want to go subtle. The shirts that fit tightly especially around the arm can be uncomfortable for you.

  • Style

Style up! Every human wants different designs of the same product. It is natural to want many, many types of clothes, and in this situation, great dress shirts.

I have already taken you through some of the types: so making a decision on which ones you wish to have could be a bit easier.

Make sure that you carry the comfortable designs for yourself.

  • Fabric

The fabric quality is going to be crucial for any great dress shirt purchase. Cotton materials are commonly known to be of admirable quality, although others like polyester or nylon exist.

Look for the fabrics which are soft to the touch, silky and strong. The shirt should be able to last for a good time and that is a factor of the fabric.

  • Buttons

Buttons are not paltry. You could easily be tempted to think so.

Without even one button, you can be assured that your men’s dress shirts big and tall wear won’t be something you can enjoy to put on. Thus, check the shirt to confirm whether it’s lined up with buttons in all necessary places.

Final Words

Buying the dress shirts for the tall person was a hurdle in the past. Today, with the advent of online tall people clothes specialty stores, you are guaranteed to get any size and type you want.

There are many types on the market and it’s upon you to make the sound decision and choice.

The most important thing for you the tall person is to ensure that you properly go through this guide step after another. It’ll give you great tips on how to get the best dress shirts for tall guys.

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