What’s The Best Exercise Bike For Tall People?

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Best Exercise Bike For Tall People

Tall people may appear to rock with their heights. But when it comes to getting the best exercise bike for tall people, it’s never going to be a walk in the park.

So why is this a pretty much big issue for them?

Well, most bike models out there are tailored for the average-sized guys. Which means that only a few bikes for the tall people are being produced by manufacturers.

Ask any tall folk what the main challenges are as far as the bikes are concerned. The expected complaints will be based on three aspects.

First, the size requirements.

Here we look at the top tube length of the bike’s frame. This is what determines whether you will consider buying the bike because the tube length must properly match with your torso length.

Now, this is where most tall people are let down. In most cases, the top tube’s length would be shorter than the guys and this isn’t good news given you can’t do anything to adjust this tube.

The second is the distance to the handlebars. For the bikes for big and tall guys, this distance ought to be long enough to accommodate the stretch of your hands.

But again handlebars are often too low for them.

The third frustration comes with the seat to pedal height.

Oftentimes, this height is not long enough to fit the tall rider. The end is usually a bad one forcing yourself to use the wrong exercise bike.

If all these important features are playing catch-up to your needs, you’ve got every reason to be really, really concerned.

However, you can have your exercise needs covered by considering some of the suggestions we recommend here.

What’s The Best Exercise Bike For Tall People?

If you are a 6’6″ tall guy, there’s the recumbent exercise bike (Schwinn 270). It is a comfortable bike with a properly padded seat that can be adjusted to accommodate your full height.

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This Is Why You Should Consider The Right Size of Bike If You’re Tall.

It is clear and easy to say why you would need the best exercise bike for tall people. There are plenty of reasons attached to this.

Let us look at some of them right here.

  1. You Need to be Comfortable

When you get the right size of the bike, you get the reward of maximum comfort. The perfect fit-exercise bike with a large seat gives you the best positioning while you are seated for exercise.

Your feet are well stretched and you don’t feel like straining. You know when you strain, it gets very easy to hurt yourself.

Thus, the correct size, usually based on the frame height, handlebars and pedal heights can be of great benefit for you. They would provide you with that extra notch of comfort many people are seeking

  1. You Want to Keep Fitness Levels Right

Why are exercises important for you?

Well. Primarily, to keep your fitness levels high. But you will keep fit only with the right bike around.

Whether you are working to drop off some extra weight or a just a healthy stretch of the tired muscles, the bike should not let you down.

It sounds horrible to use a bike that would worsen your current health plight. You’ve heard of people who left their spin bikes with sprains or twists or more body aches.

This leads to my top comment; only ensure that mounting on the exercise bike will leave you better than before.

  1. Avoiding Wastage of Your Resources

Though it’s not easy to get the best quality exercise bikes, patience on your side matters a lot. Don’t rush to take anything.

This is a project that would use considerable resources. Therefore, you need to get the right size to justify that the money you spent went for value.

With the quality product, it means you have covered everything pretty well. And, no regrets of losses.

You should not be returning to the shop in the nearest future to resize your bike. Such back and forth would continue sucking your wallet even further.

  1. Satisfy All Your Family Members

This is very important!

You will not be purchasing the exercise bike for your needs alone. There are perhaps other people in the house who will need to use the same bike, especially for parents.

So, make sure you go for the best home exercise bike with the potential to accommodate all or most family members.

The reason for this being to save the extra costs. These could be the costs of purchasing new exercise bikes for other disadvantaged users.

Actually getting the right size would bring love at home. No one feels marginalized!

  1. You Get The Desired Output


This is exactly why you don’t want to choose something else, but the perfect, right size.

You want a bike that would handle your exercise with great efficiency. Remember you are working to boost your body productivity and fitness.

Poorly-sized machines can work against your goals, this shouldn’t be happening, for sure.

The right-sized bikes for your height and weight would definitely keep your exercise on top. In other words, the great performance of your bike leads to greater results.

Different Types Of Exercise Bikes For Tall People.

1. Upright Exercise Bike For Tall Person

These are bikes that would give you the low-impact form of cardio exercise. Many people use them for different purposes due to their versatility.

The bikes have their seats almost directly positioned above the pedals. When you sit on them, you’ll only lean forward just slightly to reach the handlebars.

At Amazon, you will be able to get the right bike for your tall size. For example, the sturdy Exerpeutic Gold is good if you are 6’5″ tall guys with up to 400 lbs. in weight.

2. Recumbent Exercise Bike For Tall People

This is one of the most affordable exercise bikes in the market. They are heavy models that can accommodate heavier 6’8″ tall guys comfortably.

They are designed so that when you sit on, you lounge back. This is because of the back support feature they provide.

Get this bike and you will find them easy to use, convenient and providing you with a great workout. The Schwinn 270 Recumbent exercise bike is preferred by many tall people. You can get it on Amazon.

3. Indoor Cycling Bike For Tall Person

This bike is one of the best bikes for exercising a tall person can have. It will create the sought after intensity and physical workout of an individual.

You will think its design was particularly inspired by the traditional outdoor road bikes – looking at the seat position relative to the pedals. The seat and handlebars lie parallel to each other.

When on this bike, you will be required to lean forward very slightly just like the upright exercise bike.

We are talking of a bike that would provide versatility and dynamism, and great workout to the tall user. Great recommendations for tall people include the Sunny Health and Fitness B901 which is ideal for guys at 6.8 feet tall.

4. Dual Action Exercise Bikes

The dual action exercise bikes are good workout bikes for the upper trunk of the body. They have movable handlebars.

These bikes allow the users to pedal, while at the same time doing arm exercise. What happens is that you burn calories and muscles much more efficiently.

They use a resistance fan wheel to cool the rider instead of the magnetic resistance others are known for. You can use these bikes for recuperation from injury, weight loss or overall body workout.

5. Folding Exercise Bike For Tall Person

Folding bikes can be any type of the mentioned bikes. The folding aspect is just an extra feature installed in those exercise bikes.

You can say they have a foldable frame. They exist in several types and you will be able to afford one with any budget at hand.

So, whether this is going to be an upright folding or a recumbent folding, these bikes present great versatility.

Go to Amazon and find this Exerpeutic ExerWorK especially for 6’3″ tall users. Or this Exerpeutic  Gold 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike.

6. Spin Bike For Tall Person

This type of exercise bike makes the user feel like they are riding an outdoor bike. Preferred by the cyclists for indoor training especially when the outdoor weather conditions are harsh.

The seat and handlebars are adjustable to keep you comfortable when handling this bike.

Get the best spin bike for tall riders in the Sunny Health and Fitness B901 and let your fitness exercises on the spin.

7. Under Desk Exercise Bike And Pedal Exerciser

If you are wondering which kind of exercise bike this is, I need you to read further. Well, simply put, this is a very small, low-lying stationary bike.

It is designed with only the pedaling mechanism, there’s no seat, no handlebars.

One of the advantages of this stationary bike is its portability and space economics. It is easy to work with.

You can sit on your office chair comfortably, while you pedal out your leg muscles. Sounds something you can try out?

Okay then. Get this Vaunn Medical Pedal Exerciser from Amazon for a great deal.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Exercise Bike For Tall People

When going for the best exercise bike for tall people, there are certain guidelines that you need to look out for. You know it can get hectic if you don’t have a well-thought-out plan.

Let us read through for the things you must consider.

  1. The Type of Exercise Bike

Clearly, as a committed buyer, you must know which type or style you want. It would shorten your time of searching and make you get prepared for informed selections.

There are two major types; the upright and recumbent exercise bikes. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the individual bikes is helpful.

If you want a great workout with comfort, recumbent bikes are your type. But if space is your biggest challenge, you may consider the upright designs, they’re often smaller in size.

  1. Size

I bet this should be coming first on your list. Getting the right size of the bike is very important for your comfort and convenience.

As a tall person, you’ll want a bike that is well-fitting to your height. You must put in the aspect of weight too. You need sturdier bikes for if you are a big guy.

Thus, both height and weight will certainly be vital for your bike need.

But you also need to buy the size of a bike that would be sufficiently accommodated by the available space in your apartment. Don’t take home a large recumbent exercise bike when the space isn’t there.

  1. Your Budget

Budget is always a key factor in every sector of life.

You would be presented by a variety of types and designs of exercise bikes. And all these have different price tags, while others are expensive, cheap options also exist.

How the budget influences your next exercise bike depends on your willingness to spend a certain amount of money. You’d go for cheaper options when there isn’t much money.

When your wallet is thick, you can as well go for the best stationary bikes. For home needs, you can cater for everyone there and let them experience the beauty of luxury bikes.

The equipment will be needing maintenance and this attracts other costs.

  1. Resistance Levels

Different exercise bikes provide varied resistance levels to the pedals. One common type of resistance is referred to as magnetic resistance which is dependent on electromagnetic induction.

The other type of resistance is fan-based and uses a large fan to cool the rider. The resistance is increased as you pedal faster.

Bikes with the magnetic resistance usually have a durable life compared to the others. And are generally more efficient but are expensive.

  1. Noise

Some bikes are noisier or quieter than others. The aspect of sound is vital for the rider.

While not all users would be bothered by the sound issues, others just cannot hold it. And where does this noise come from?

Well, the type of bike resistance. The magnetic resistance bikes do not produce sound at all. The fan-based exercise bikes may throw some sound out due to the fan motion.

  1. Your Fitness Goals

If you are looking for an exercise bike to prepare you for a cycling challenge, going for indoor cycles or spin bikes wouldn’t upset.

But if you just want to burn some calories and shed off excess fat, you’d prefer better-suited bikes. These bikes could be recumbent or upright bikes.

Therefore, know your fitness plan very well before you say, This is the best exercise bike for tall people.

  1. Motivation

Sometimes exercises can be boring and gloomy. And the next thing you can think of is stopping it there and then.

At this stage, when your concentration has been compromised and you look exhausted in no time, you need a motivator.

You can prevent this situation by getting those bikes with front LCD screens. These LCDs are loaded with some interesting games to keep your spirit up.

This extra component can give you more inspiration to keep going on.

  1. Warranty Period

Not all bikes have the same warranty time periods. Depending on the brand or company, you can get short-time or long-term warranties.

It will be upon you to choose which one is suitable for your needs. But it’s popular that most people would want a bike to last a lifetime.


The best exercise bike for tall riders may not be easy to find. But with the kind of information provided in this guide, you have a front-foot.

The important point is getting good with the various features of the different exercise bikes. Once you become aware of these, you’d be good to go.

Ensure that you choose a bike that would suit your needs appropriately. It could be your lifetime exercise bike.