The Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet in 2023

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When it comes to hiking, camping, or simply walking around, owning a pair of hiking boots can make all the difference. Most people don’t have any issues finding the perfect pair, but that’s not the case for people with wide feet.  

Just like it’s hard to find comfortable sleeping bags for tall people, it can be hard to find comfortable running shoes or hiking boots when your feet are wider than usual. Wide shoes or boots are essential for people with wide feet if they want to be comfortable on long walks or hiking.

The best hiking boots for wide feet are made with lighter materials and provide adequate support. This is important for both your comfort and great performance on the trail.

If you struggle with finding the right hiking boots for your wide feet, we review some of them in this guide so that your next hiking trip will be more comfortable.

In a hurry? Find the best hiking boots for wide feet in the hotlist below:

Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet

Features To Look Out for Before Buying Hiking Boots for Wide Feet

There are a few features you should look out for before splurging on a new pair of hiking boots for wide feet. They include: 


Leather is still one of the most durable materials for hiking boots. They are long-lasting and comfortable. You can use waterproof materials like rubber, PU, or plastic. They keep water and snow out of the footbed, keeping your feet dry and warm.


It’s critical to get the right size for your foot based on its anatomy. Blisters and friction are likely to occur if the shoes are too tight, ruining your enjoyment. Shoes that are too loose tend to fall off, resulting in injury.

Stiffness and Stability

A hiking boot is designed to be sturdy and often includes a shank, which is a piece of hard plastic put between the midsole and outsole. Depending on the brand, the length of the plastic might range from just under the arch to the entire length of the boot. 

A stiff boot has the advantage of not allowing the heel to drop during an ascent, which helps to prevent calf strain. 

This is why when a boot’s technical abilities improve, its stiffness increases, resulting in exceptionally unyielding mountaineering boots that can better handle protracted summit efforts. On the other hand, some lightweight boots lack this added structure and instead resemble a tall, flexible hiking shoe.


When buying hiking boots for wide feet, you should consider how long your hikes are. You must pay attention to the weight of the boots. It is best to use a lightweight boot on a long-distance trip. But keep in mind that an excessively light boot may compromise your stability as you move.

The average hiking boots weigh between 2-3 pounds, but many boot manufacturers make lighter weight boots for use over longer distances. Think about the distance and terrain you’ll be covering with your new boots and compromise on the best mix of comfort and stability.


Of course, another thing you should consider is how much you’re willing to spend on a new pair of hiking boots. Advanced technology features and high-quality materials will increase the price of a boot, so think about the terrains and settings you’ll be wearing them in before overpaying on unnecessary features.


No one wants stinky, sweaty feet, especially when wearing thick socks. Poor ventilation in a hiking boot can result in some unexpectedly unpleasant side effects and general discomfort while wearing it. This is why shoes made with breathable materials are important.

Waterproofing is usually a tradeoff for ventilation, but this problem is becoming less common thanks to new technologies like Gore-Tex and other mesh textiles. Always choose a pair of hiking shoes that can keep your feet dry.

Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet: Our Top Picks

Overall Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet 

1. Foxelli Men’s Hiking Boots

The Foxelli hiking boots for men are designed to make your outdoor experience even more pleasant with breathable upper mesh and suede leather. A KingTex waterproof membrane helps to keep any moisture out and ensures that your feet remain nice and dry regardless of how hot or harsh the weather is.

The gusseted tongue and breathable mesh collar also allow for better air circulation. The collar and tongue are well-padded and guarantee ample cushioning around the ankle area.

When we talk about all-day comfort, the Foxelli Men’s Hiking Boots certainly bring that to the table. The removable, soft foam innersoles offer quality protection and relief to your feet at all times. 

A shock-absorbent flexible midsole minimizes any impact on joints, while the flexible upper guarantees that you won’t feel restricted with every step. 

High-quality rubber soles that are fully slip-proof also offer advanced traction for better stability on rough terrain and wet rocks. You don’t have to worry about slipping on muddy or wet surfaces. This boot is an excellent choice to provide great support, balance, and posture.

This pair of hiking boots is available in three trendy designs and several size options. The non-slip shoelaces are also quite colorful and help adjust the boots for a better fit.

What We Like

  • Waterproof
  • Color variety
  • Ankle support
  • Non-slip shoelaces
  • Comfortable 
  • Breathable mesh 
  • Removable foam
  • Anti-slip rubber
  • Stylish 
  • Value for money
  • Solid Traction

What We Don’t Like

  • Size Discrepancy

Best Waterproof Hiking Boots for Wide Feet

2. KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

The KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is an all-terrain boot for men with wide feet. It comes with rubber outsoles that won’t leave a single mark on your floors. This outsole also provides a high traction grip for all kinds of rough terrain.

The size limit ranges from 7-17 on this boot model. It is specially designed for balance and ankle support with a torsion stability external support shank fitting. This boot has a contoured heel to guarantee stability on rocky terrains. 

These KEEN boots are made from high-quality leather materials that guarantee a long and rugged use. This material is also waterproof making it suitable for use in cold weather. 

The leather also features breathable membranes to keep moisture out and keep your feet dry. The leather is also PFC-free water repellent treated so you don’t have to worry about using harmful chemicals.

These boots are built for long-lasting and comfortable use and come fitted with a collar and padded tongue. The ideal foot design also gives room for superb arch support and conforms to the natural shape of the wide foot. 

These long-lasting boots will get you anywhere in any weather and are built to withstand rugged use. All you need is a simple care routine with a common leather conditioner and cleaner you’ll be ready to go at all times.

What We Like

  • Water-resistant
  • High-quality leather 
  • High traction rubber outsoles
  • Great value for money 
  • Wide size range
  • Super comfortable

What We Don’t Like

  • Size discrepancy

Best Budget Men Hiking Boots for Wide Feet

3. NORTIV 8 Men’s Ankle High Waterproof Hiking Boots

The NORTIV 8 Men’s Hiking Boots certainly ranks high as far as comfortability is concerned. The technology focuses on protecting your feet during long walks while guaranteeing comfort and durability. The addition of removable shock-absorbent midsoles means you have great support for your feet at all times. 

Because they’re made from lightweight materials, you don’t have to worry about these boots weighing you down or making your legs work harder. The flexible midsoles have been designed to drastically reduce foot fatigue, and guarantee appropriate cushioning and high energy return. It also comes with a padded tongue and collar.

The shoelaces are made from strong and durable materials that are braided to withstand as much tension as 650N. The soles are high-quality rubber soles equipped with advanced traction to guarantee strong stability on rocky terrains. The soles are completely slip-proof and will rest comfortably on slippery, muddy, or wet surfaces. 

The boot material is water-resistant and can last as long as four hours in any wet condition. It was designed for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, and backpacking on rough terrain. You can also wear them for indoor sports or gardening activities – they are that comfortable.

What We Like

  • Water-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Shock-absorbent removable midsoles 
  • High traction rubber outsole 
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight

What We Don’t Like

  • Size discrepancy 

Best Hiking Boots for Women With Wide Feet

4. Columbia Women’s Crestwood Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Columbia Women’s Crestwood Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is the ideal partner for a long day of outdoor activities. These boots were built with professional craftsmanship for female hikers. When it comes to designing and manufacturing women’s footwear, Columbia places a premium on high-quality materials. 

These boots flawlessly integrate toughness and comfort while being lightweight and fashionable. The unique technology used in making these boots ensure high-quality protection and prevention, and the laces mean you can adjust this trail shoe to your exact fit. 

This hiking boot is comfortable and super easy to use for both indoor and outdoor activities. The enhanced traction outsole works hard to maintain tread grip in every condition and rugged terrain to prevent slippage. It is also protected with a waterproof mesh and leather shell, making it easy to use even in extreme wet conditions.

The distinctive lightweight midsole provides long-lasting comfort and outstanding cushioning for high energy return and impact absorption. The Crestwood Mid Waterproof Boot is available in various colors and sizes that fit your style from Columbia.

What We Like

  • Adjustable 
  • Lightweight Midsole
  • Wide variety of colors and sizes
  • Waterproof 
  • Affordable 
  • Breathable

What We Don’t Like

  • Size discrepancy 

Best Support Hiking Boots for Wide Feet

5. Timberland Men’s Flume Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Timberland Flume Mid Waterproof men’s hiking boots not only have a traditional, sporty design, but they also include a waterproof membrane that keeps you dry and comfortable in wet weather. This mid-height, waterproof, lightweight shoe will keep your foot comfortable and protected in rocky terrain – from hiking to gardening.

Thanks to its strong rubber outsole, the Timberland Flume Mid Waterproof pair of boots can provide plenty of surface traction for stability in any situation. The low-profile lugs’ design offers multi-directional traction on loose soil, while the heel zone provides more control and stopping power. The front end extends all the way to the forefoot’s tip, providing some protection against toe-related injuries.

The Timberland Flume Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is a comfortable, true-to-size, mid-cut day hiking boot for men. It comes in two widths: D, which is standard, and 2E, which is wide. There are a variety of full and half sizes to choose from. Users can adjust their boots with the lace-up closure for a secure fit.

What We Like

  • Precise fit
  • Affordable 
  • Lightweight
  • Warmth 
  • Great build
  • Comfortable 
  • Solid traction

What We Don’t Like

  • Some of the boots have waterproof issues
  • Excess saltwater causes a slight tarnish on the metal

Choosing the Right Hiking Boots for Wide Feet

When searching for hiking boots suitable for wide feet, the focus should be on a proper fit that ensures comfort and support without compromising on important features such as traction and durability.

1. Understanding Wide Feet and Hiking Boot Fit

Having wide feet can make finding the right hiking boots challenging. The key is to look for boots specifically designed with a wide-width option.

A proper fit should allow your toes to move freely without being cramped, reducing the risk of blisters and discomfort on the trail. An adequate toe box and comfort fit are crucial to prevent your feet from feeling too tight, particularly on long hikes where feet tend to swell.

Hiking Boot Fit for Wide Feet:

  • Toe Box: Spacious but secure to allow toe movement
  • Width: Wide-width models to accommodate wider feet
  • Volume: Higher volume boots to offer a better fit for high arches or tall insteps

2. Key Features of Hiking Boots for Wide Feet

The features to consider when selecting hiking boots for wide feet include:

  • Support and Stability: Reinforced ankle support is essential to prevent rolling or twisting on uneven terrain.
  • Cushioning and Shock Absorption: Quality sole design such as EVA foam can provide better shock absorption.
  • Traction: Robust outsole with aggressive lugs ensures stability on various terrains.
  • Waterproofness and Breathability: Materials like Gore-Tex or nubuck leather keep feet dry while allowing them to breathe.
  • Material: The durability of materials like full-grain leather, nubuck, or suede paired with a rubber sole is important.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Heavy boots can be burdensome; aim for lightweight but sturdy construction..

Purchasing and Maintenance Tips

In my experience, the right pair of hiking boots can make or break a trail adventure. For those with wide feet, ensuring comfort and durability without overspending requires a careful balance.

1. Budget and Value Considerations for Buyers

I can’t stress enough the importance of investing within your means. Don’t equate the most expensive boots with the best choice for you. Brands like Merrell and KEEN offer great value, blending durability, comfort, and cost-effectiveness.

Look for waterproof and moisture-wicking features that can help prevent blisters, which are worth the extra money. Men’s hiking boots and options designed for other genders should also provide enough room to avoid cramping on longer treks.

2. Care and Maintenance of Hiking Boots

To extend the life of your hiking boots, regular maintenance is key. After each hike, clean your boots with a brush to remove dirt. For deep cleaning, mild soap and water work best, avoiding harsh chemicals that can damage the material.

Ensure you dry them naturally, away from direct heat, to prevent warping. Properly maintained boots can last through many hikes, maintaining their durability and comfortable walking experience.

  1. Brush off dirt after each use
  2. Use mild soap and water for cleaning
  3. Air dry away from direct heat sources

3. The Importance of Trail-Specific Features

I look for features that match the specific trails I plan to tackle. For rocky and uneven terrains, a Vibram sole offers superior traction. When I know I’ll encounter wet conditions, waterproofing is non-negotiable.

For long backpacking trips, lightweight boots are a savior for my feet. And if I’m planning to do some trail running, I opt for trail running shoes or trail runners that are light yet sturdy.

  • Rocky terrains: Look for Vibram soles
  • Wet conditions: Must-have waterproofing
  • Long trips: Lightweight boots are preferable
  • Trail running: Sturdy trail runners are essential

How To Clean Your Hiking Boots

There are a few steps to effectively clean your hiking boots from dust and dirt without compromising the quality of the boots.: 

  • Remove the boot laces before you start cleaning.
  •  With a soft brush, brush away all traces of dust and dirt.
  • Add running water if your boots are waterproof and a boot cleaner of your choice for better cleaning.
  • For leather boots, you can use a soft cleaning cloth and some leather conditioner.
  • Air the boots out to dry thoroughly.
  • Always double-check before using any cleaner on your boot. Always read and follow the instructions to the core to avoid damages.
  • Do not use detergents or bar soaps on your hiking boots. A lot of them contain compounds that tend to degrade waterproof membranes and leather materials.
  • Always use a mixture of eight parts water and two parts vinegar to get rid of mold.
  • Avoid washing your boots in a washing machine.
  • Try to clean and air out your boots after each use.

Find the Best Boot for Your Wide Feet

When it comes to choosing the best hiking boots for wide feet, there are several factors and features to consider before even picking out a model and brand. 

Any of the above-rated hiking boots will do your feet a lot of good regardless of the distance you cover. We also have a list of other helpful guides and reviews that you should check out if you’re in the market for more that just hiking boots.