Best Hoodies For Tall Skinny Guys 2023 (Plus Buyer’s Guide!)

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Hoodies are known for their versatility and stylishness, thus a must-have for all, including tall skinny guys. The only issue is that there aren’t many hoodies for tall skinny guys.

best hoodies for tall guys

But does that mean you cannot get fitting hoodies when you are slender and above average height? Of course not! You only need to know what to look for in this all-season wear and go for it.

As a tall and slender guy, I understand that a good fit is critical. But still, a quality fabric, great design, and color are equally vital. So, this buying guide will focus on those buying considerations and many others.  

I’ll also discuss the various types of hoodies that tall skinny guys like you can buy. But before that, let me explain why a hoodie is a must-have, like I mentioned earlier.

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6 Best Hoodies For Tall Skinny Guys

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Why Hoodies Are Good For You

Generally, here are the reasons why hoodies are worth getting:   

  • Good Cover-Up: Nothing hides your skinniness more than a hoodie. Additionally, it allows you to hide the layer of clothes you are wearing underneath. Even better, you can conceal baldness with a hoodie.
  • Warmth: Hoodies generally come in thicker fabrics like wool and fleece, which offers lots of insulation to keep you warm. Thus, they are a fantastic winter choice.
  • Versatility: Hoodies suit both men and women and can be worn to any occasion. Whether it’s a casual or formal event, you can comfortably wear the most suitable hoodie without feeling out of place.
  • Comfort: Hoodies are generally easy to wear and take off, and they enjoy a more relaxed fit. Furthermore, they come in softer, warmer, and lighter fabric, thus comfortable.

Buying Guide for the Best Hoodies For Tall Guys

I have discovered that the key to selecting the best hoodies involves a blend of proper length, slim-fitting design, and layering capability.

Hoodies designed specifically for the taller gentleman should have sufficient sleeve length and torso coverage, allowing for comfort without sacrificing style. Fabric choice also plays a crucial role in ensuring the hoodie drapes correctly and maintains its shape throughout the day.

In my exploration of hoodies tailored for tall, skinny individuals, I’ve come to realize that a few brands have recognized our needs and offer stylish hoodie options.

These hoodies not only serve their purpose in providing warmth and comfort but also contribute to a well-proportioned and fashionable appearance. I aim to guide you through finding the ideal hoodie that offers the perfect length and fit for a tall, skinny frame.

It takes the following factors to buy the best hoodie for tall skinny people:

a) Size

Getting the correct hoodie size is more important than anything. Remember, buying an oversize hoodie will make you look awkward, and a smaller size won’t fit you.  

That’s why it’s essential to look at its chest and waist measurements to ensure they match your body size.

Below is a table showing different hoodie sizes and their relationship with chest and waist sizes:

Hoodie SizeMedium (M)Large (L)Extra-Large (XL)XX-Large (2XL)XXX-Large (3XL)

b) Fabric Type

A large part of a hoodie’s comfort is dependent on the fabric type. Some fabrics are warmer and more comfortable than others.

In general, here are the most familiar material types for the best hoodies for tall skinny guys:

  • Cotton: Cotton is known for its superb moisture-wicking properties and breathability. As a result, it’s great for working out and jogging.
  • Wool: Wool is known to be well-insulated, making it best for the winter weather. It’s also elastic, thus less deformable. It, however, can be uncomfortable if you don’t wear anything below it.
  • Fleece: Fleece is just as warm as wool. It’s, however, not animal-derived, thus less likely to be uncomfortable to guys with sensitive skins. It’s a product of hydrocarbon resins.
  • Polyester: Polyester is relatively elastic, thus less likely to deform, and durable. It, however, stains easily and is generally poor at moisture-wicking.
  • Nylon: Unlike polyester, Nylon is resistant to fire, staining, moisture, and mold. It’s, however, not as warm as wool or fleece.

c) Color

Men’s tall hoodies generally come in an array of colors, some more feminine and others masculine. Overall, skinny guys cannot go wrong with black, grey, and navy blue because of their simplicity.

Nothing, however, stops you from going bold. What’s important is that the hoodie color complements your other outfit.

d) Add-Ons

You also have to consider the unique features that come with the hoodies. For example, most hoodies come with drawstrings that promise a better fit, essential in cold months.

You may also have to choose between a zipper and buttons, depending on what suits you the most.

Don’t forget about images and prints, as they dictate your overall style. Generally, graphics and patterns have a more casual appeal when plain hoodies are more formal.

Meanwhile, consider the pockets as they allow you to slip your hands in when it’s too cold.

Types of Hoodies For Tall Skinny Guys

Hoodies come in different types. However, the following types suit tall skinny people:

1. Baja Hoodies for Tall Guys

Hailing from  Mexico, where they are popularly known as Baja Ponchos, Baja Hoodies have been in existence for more than five decades.

They usually come in soft fabric and multi-colors with light stripes.

Overall, these hoodies are best for walking on the beach, and you can pair them with jeans or shorts.  

One fine example is the Orizaba Original Baja Hoodie (View on Amazon).

This Baja hoodie is available in more than 50 unique and bright color choices. The fabric is generally softer and features 100% recyclable material, thus suitable for eco-conscious skinny guys.

2. Polo Hoodies For Skinny Guys

Polo hoodies combine the sassiness of polo shirts with the comfort of regular hoodies. So, they are generally best for guys who like turning up elegantly,

You can wear these hoodies to a golf course, tennis court or any other sports event. So, they are the type to generally pair with funkier sneakers and any casual outfit and rock it.

One fantastic polo hoodie for skinny people is the Ralph Lauren Polo Classic Hooded Sweatshirt (View on Amazon).

Let’s face it; Ralph Lauren is at the pinnacle in the fashion world. So, you can expect this hoodie to come in the trendiest design.

This hoodie generally enjoys a casual style to allow you to rock it to any casual event. It comes in a fleece construction to keep you warm during the cold season.

3. Zip-Up Hoodies for Tall Skinny Person

Zip-up hoodies are what their name suggests. They come with a zipper that is adjustable according to the weather.

Usually, you can pull the zipper up when it’s cold and pull it down when it’s cold. As a result, these hoodies are best for all weather.

Overall, zip-up hoodies are easy to wear and take off, and a perfect pick for skinny guys is the Hanes Full-Zip EcoSmart Hoodie (View on Amazon).

This hoodie’s construction is 80% 50% polyester and 50% cotton and is generally machine-washable.

It features elastic cuffs and a waistband to help you find your fit and enjoys spacious front pockets for stashing small stuff and slipping in your hands when it’s cold.

Besides, it also enjoys a fleece interior to keep you warm during the winter.

4. Button- Up Hoodies For Tall Guys

Button -Up hoodies are more like Zip-up hoodies, only that they feature large buttons instead of a zipper. Plus, some may feature a couple of pockets that are both trendy and functional.

Overall, you can wear these hoodies to a date, formal-casual event, sports function, and just about anything else.

That is the case with the YuKaiChen Fleece Button-Up Hoodie (View on Amazon).

This hoodie is the perfect blend between a sweatshirt and a light jacket. It comes with stylish wood buttons and enjoys a  fleece interior to keep you warm.

Like most hoodies in this list, it comes in a wide range of color choices to match different outfits.

5. Pullover Hoodies for Tall Guys

Pullover hoodies look like regular pullovers, only that they have a hood. They mostly don’t feature zippers and enjoy a snug fit.

But still, they are comfortable to sleep in but are generally thicker to keep you warm during the cold season. They are also simple in design, thus best for those who like keeping things low-key.

That is what the Hanes Pullover EcoSmart Fleece Hoodie (View on Amazon) promise.

This hoodie features up to 50% polyester and 50% cotton. Plus, it enjoys a fleece interior that keeps you warm and double-stitching armholes and necks.

Moreover, the hoodie comes with a drawstring to help you find your fit and an element of style to it.   

6. Sleeveless Hoodies For Tall Skinny Guys

As the name hints, sleeveless hoodies don’t have sleeves, so they offer your arms maximum range of motion. As a result, they are best for jogging, workouts, and wearing on the beach during the warmer months.

The hoodies are also lighter in feel and quite breathable.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with the Amazon Essentials Tech Stretch Sleeveless Hoodie (View on Amazon).

Not only does this hoodie for tall guys come in a lighter fabric, but the material feels ultra-soft and has moisture-wicking properties. As a result, it’s pretty comfortable to work out with or wear on a hot afternoon on the beach.  

Styling and Accessorizing for Tall Skinny Guys

Finding the right attire and accessories can accentuate the height and build of tall skinny guys positively. I’ll share some specific approaches to coordinating outfits and selecting the right accessories that I have found to be particularly effective.

1. Coordinating with Pants and Jeans

When picking pants, focus on darker washes and slim fits to maintain a streamlined appearance. Also, khaki pants manage to strike a perfect balance between casual and smart-casual needs. Here’s how I usually coordinate:

  • Jeans: Opt for straight-leg or slightly tapered jeans to avoid exaggerating slender legs.
  • Pants: Flat-front khaki pants work best as they don’t add unnecessary bulk.

2. Layering Techniques and Complementary Garments

Layering is a skill that, once mastered, allows for both functionality and style. I approach layering by using:

  • T-Shirts: A base layer that fits well; not too tight or too loose.
  • Sweaters and Jackets: Add visual interest with a well-fitted sweater or a sleek jacket.
  • Blazers: When I wear a blazer, I ensure it’s structured to give my shoulders definition.

Here’s what’s essential for successful layering:

  1. Start with a thin layer, like a long sleeve shirt.
  2. Add varying textures, like a sweater or hooded jacket, to add depth to the outfit.
  3. Ensure each layer is visible for a cohesive look.

3. Accessorizing with Ties, Pockets, and More

Accessories for tall skinny guys like me should be in proportion to our physique. Here are a few accessories I’ve found work well:

  • Extra Long Tie: It’s important for a tie to reach the belt buckle, so an extra-long tie is often a necessity.
  • Pockets: Jackets with pockets draw the eye horizontally, breaking up height.
  • Horizontal Stripes: These can be friendlier than vertical stripes as they help add width.

My accessory checklist includes:

  • Simple, slim watches.
  • Belts that match my shoes to tie the outfit together.
  • Scarves that can add bulk and color to my frame in cooler weather.

For each accessory, make sure they don’t overpower my stature but complement it.

People Also Ask

1. How Should A Hoodie Fit?

A hoodie should fit comfortably. It should neither be extra tight nor extra loose, and its waistline should preferably rest on the hips and its sleeves on your wrists. Also, check the neckline to ensure it has a comfortable fit.

2. How Can I Make My Hoodie Fit Better?

The first and most vital take for ensuring your hoodie fit is getting the size correct. You can also make use of its drawstring and pull up the zipper or button up correctly.

3. Are there Zip-Up Hoodies?

Yes, zip-u hoodies do exist, and they are among the most popular hoodies on the market. Overall, they are versatile for all-weather wearing, given that you can pull the zip up when it’s cold and pull it down when it’s warm.

4. Are Zipped Hoodies Better?

Zipped hoodies are better if you want an easy-to-wear and take off the hoodie. They are also better if you want an all-weather choice as you can easily adjust the zipper height according to the weather.


Closing Thought

Generally, it takes the tips shared to find the finest hoodies for tall skinny guys. So, consider them the next time you go out shopping for a hoodie.

What’s important is that you find a hoodie that fits you well, one that comes in quality fabric and doesn’t disappoint in style!