Best Inversion Table For Big And Tall People.

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Is an inversion table for big and tall people such a big deal? Well, that’s what we’ll be discussing in this post…

If you are taller than average, you may have passed through mild or serious back pain. Unfortunately, this is one of the disadvantages of being extremely tall.

But what should you do during such times of pain? Well. The equipment called inversion table is the way to go.

These tables are fast coming into the therapeutic space around the world. And, you will definitely need one inversion table for big and tall people.

But getting this size of the inversion table is not as easy as you might think. It will require some hard work to secure the right fit.

This shouldn‘t tempt you though so that you turn to the normal-sized machines. No! such desperation cannot help you but rather you risk causing further harm to your body.

Consulting with your doctor can be very important in securing the best inversion table. You also know the health risks associated with using this piece of equipment, hence the need of the doctor’s recommendation.

To enjoy the best results of the inversion table, you need to equally get the top-rated inversion table.

Before we go further deep, let’s know this equipment first.

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What’s An Inversion Table?

An inversion table is a special equipment or table where a person can hang securely in an upside-down position. The back of the person rests on the tables bed.

This tables use multiple inversion angles which the user can set and experience the type of comfort they want. Remember that the process of inversion should be slow to avoid causing injuries.

The upside-down position lets your feet and the lower body be above the head.

This table is used in the inversion therapy. Which aims to help decompress the spine by physically manipulating or gentle-massaging the back.

So if you have chronic back pains, you need to get an inversion table for tall person. One thing you must take with you when using the table is that the whole process should be guided by a qualified doctor.

As you lie in the inversion table for this therapy, you stimulate the spinal traction. And this could be beneficial in helping the muscles around the spine to stretch.

The result is relief from the back pain plus other benefits.

Do inversion tables come with some risks? Find out next.

These Are The Risks Associated To Using The Inversion Table.

The use of inversion tables may have a number of risks you need to know. For example:

  • Could raise your blood pressure
  • Your heart rate may slow down
  • Some people even bleed in the eye’s retina
  • Blurred vision and headaches are also common with inversion therapy

Nonetheless, the most comfortable inversion tables should help a tall person. So what are the benefits of using this equipment given that they are becoming popular day by day?

Here Is Why You Need To Have The Best Inversion Table For Tall Person.

  • To Improve You Blood Circulation

You know the reason why you want blood circulation in your body to be efficient. This process of blood circulation can be enhanced by the inversion table.

It follows that your heart will not have to do a lot of pumping. Rather, the blood flows efficiently to different parts of the body including the brain and heart.

Since the position of your body is inverted, there is a reverse effect of gravity. This means that any pooled blood in the vessels and other organs is washed away and replaced with cleaner blood.

Your chances of suffering from the conditions such as varicose veins are therefore reduced.

  • Joint Pain Relief

No one wants any form of pain. But a big person will always have to deal with joint pains. Which is the main reason you will need the inversion table for heavy person.

Your normal standing position exerts a lot of pressure on your joints: so does gravity. This combination of weight and gravity pressure can drain fluids from the joints.

That’ why you experience chronic joint pains. But this effect is reversed when you lie on the inverted table.

This results in the relief of the joints leaving the person refreshed and ready to bounce.

  • For Relaxation

You may ask how this weird exercise help one to relax? Maybe you are imagining the better relaxing equipment such as massage chairs and beds.

But I can tell you that this offers different kind of relaxation.

When you are experiencing headaches, neck and shoulder pains, poor posture etc., you need to get the inverted therapy. In a short while, you will start feeling relaxed as the muscles are stretched putting the body in the correct posture.

  • Helps Support Your Core

The best inversion table can prove to be an important part of your exercise life. Your long torso should be very strong.

You will achieve the goal of a strong, well-supported core by trying out sit-ups on the inversion tables. This helps you to maintain a great posture and proper blood circulation.

You can even become more flexible with regular exercise.

The Different Types Of Inversion Tables Suitable For Big And Tall People.

1. Best Inversion Table For Back Pain

This table helps you to eliminate the effects of back pain. These tables come with a very sturdy build.

Common materials used in the construction of their frames include aluminum and steel. The table is usually preset at safe angles of inversion, for example at 20, 40, 60 degrees etc.

But you can as well adjust the angles to locate where your comfort is.

This IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table provides you great value for money. It is also easy to assemble.

2. Best Massage Inversion Table

The big and tall inversion table with the massage function is another great option here. It is one of the perfect way to relieve your long-standing back pain.

With this table, you are able to lock your feet or legs to the bottom and hang. This offers your spinal cord a great decompression.

Some tables will come with adjustable lumbar pads and head cushions.

If you want the best massage and heat treatment, don’t go further than Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table With Vibro Massage & Heat. Good for the first time tall users.

3. Heavy Duty Inversion Table

These are built for heavy person as the name suggests. They are designed with high weight capacities to contain the big guys without cause for alarm.

The frame is constructed with the heavy steel or iron to make it strong, sturdy and durable. The handlebars and back support are made to be very strong too.

The heavy-duty steel frame that comes with this Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table is first-class and assures the user the much-needed comfort and safety.

4. Best Folding Inversion Table

This type of the inversion table is designed with a foldable frame. The tubular steel frame offers the much-needed security and stability of the user.

Now that the table is able to fold, you can conveniently store it. It requires less space compared to other types.

You will benefit from the padded backrest, headrest and handlebars.

The Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table is the kind you want to have if you are short on space in your home. This teeter inversion table is easy to fold and store.

5. Best Inversion Tables For Fitness

These inversion tables for big and tall people have been constructed to help your body keep fit. You will use them for high-impact workouts.

They are designed with durable materials such as heavy steel. Thus, they can last for a lifetime. As it is with other tables, these also come with padded headrest and backrest.

Some of this equipment are designed with sleekness and sophistication. You will get them at higher prices compared to the other models.

Again check this Iron Gravity 4000 Inversion Table which comes with sturdiness and strong frame.

How To Pick the Best Inversion Table For Big and Tall People

It is not easy to choose an inversion table, especially when you are a tall person. There are a number of questions that you will ask yourself even as you go to shop for this equipment.

Let me jump right inside the important things. You will have to consider them before you make up your mind to buy one.

  • Durability and Safety

The inversion table for tall person should be durable and be able provide safety to the users. You don’t expect less than that.

Getting the durable inversion table means that you are taking seriously the precautionary measures of using these tables.

You need to get a machine that will last for long time without having any cause for alarm. And it doesn’t help you when you buy an inexpensive table that doesn’t have the long lifespan in it.

What you are simply doing is putting your life at risk. You know how complicated inversion therapies can become.

  • Comfort

The comfort of your equipment should be key in your search. The inversion process itself requires motivation.

Without the right inversion table, you will feel insecure, tense and at the same time uncomfortable. This is not the shape you want to have when receiving the inverted therapy.

You can look at the ankle padding and also the locking system which holds your ankles in place. A triple lock will give you more confidence.

  • Ease Of Use

Whether it is the inversion table for heavy person or light guys, it has to be easy to handle. This will boost your confidence when using the table.

Right from its assembly to set-up until you start to use it, this table shouldn’t give you a rough time. You should actually begin using it immediately after the installation.

If you choose a bad design, using it won’t be easy. You may need to get inspiration from the instructional DVD’s which can really consume much of your time.

  • Controlled Inversion

The control of inversion degree in any inversion table should be checked and checked again. Although most of these tables come with this feature.

You can guess why it is important: during the inversion process, you will need to begin gradually. And then adjust the inversion angles as you find fit until you hit the 90 degrees.

If this control is lacking or is inefficient, you risk falling into unwanted side effects. These can include dizziness and nausea.

  • The Frame Construction

You should overlook this feature. It is going to suspend your entire body while you are inverted.

Therefore, you can’t take a risk with models that have weak frames. What happens when your gigantic build rests on such a table? We’re talking about injuries here.

Anyway, best inversion tables for the money are those with a sturdy, heavy steel frame. This is the quality that you can trust.

Besides, the frame should be larger to guarantee more stability to the user.

  • Space

The relevant question to ask yourself here may be obvious to many. But most people don’t really take this aspect seriously.

Yes, you want to have the large, sturdy inversion table when you have plenty of room in your house. Otherwise, you are aware that its storage may pose you another challenge.

If you have small space, you can look up to the folding designs. They can fold up easily after use for storage.

The problem you want to solve on this foldable design is the frame strength and durability.

  • The Price

The price of the inversion table is not one for all. There are different types and qualities of these tables.

Don’t run for the cheap inversion tables. They could be cheap now, but in the long-run, you will be crying louder because of frustration. Remember cheap is expensive.

Similarly, if the equipment is extremely expensive, don’t think that you’ll get the best out of it. You can resolve to buy a mid-range table where you will not spend too much or peanuts.


The inversion tables are becoming popular among taller guys. This is because they’re useful for back pain relief.

Back pain is a common condition with tall people. Which makes these guys resort to using various equipment to relieve this pain.

However, the tall person must secure the right size inversion table for big and tall people. Or they risk exposing their body to further health hazards.

The various types mentioned in this guide should help you choose the right table.  But you’ll need to consider a number of essential things when buying this equipment.

For example, consider its comfort and durability, safety, price, the frame construction and so on. Sooner than later, you should be having your machine at home running really well.


Q1. What Are The Best Inversion Tables For Big and Tall People?

This IRONMAN Fitness Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table is the real deal for you. It is designed with the most secured inversion therapy component.

This features an excellent ankle holder and ankle holding system. With this, your confidence and comfort is really boosted.

If you’re 6’6″ and 350 lbs., this table is your type.

Q2. How To Properly Use An Inversion Table

Proper usage of the inversion table begins with the consultation with the doctor. You will then need to assemble and install your table in a spacious room where you won‘t hurt yourself.

The next thing, adjust the table height to fit your size, this is very important for effective use. Once you have laid on the table (carefully and securely), start changing the degrees of inclination/inversion from a slight decline (for a beginner), then gradually to higher angles until you are good.

It is important to have someone around to observe you as you climb and hang on the table. This point should be taken seriously.

Q3. How Much Weight Can An Inversion Table Hold?

The inversion tables come with different weight capacities. These tables can hold anyone from 200 lbs. to 600 lbs. This the common bracket for heavy chaps.

Therefore, you can get inversion table 400 lbs. capacity but the weight capacity can go as highest as 600 lbs. (Health Mark Pro Max).

Q4. Can Inversion Table Make You Taller?

Not really. But they can improve the posture of your frame so that you can stand taller than you do. With full inversion on these tables, your muscles are stretched maximally.

This leads to the increase of vertebrae spaces and as your muscles around the spine are stretched, your height increases a bit. If you had a poor standing posture, you will now look as if you’ve added a few more inches.

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