What’s The Best Jeans for Tall Skinny Guys.

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Levi's 510 Skinny Fit Men's Jeans, native Cali - Stretch, 32W x 32L

Getting the jeans for average-sized guys is easy. Getting jeans for tall men and big guys would take some efforts.

For the tall, skinny guys, it is draining and hard work to get perfect jeans for tall skinny guys.

Most manufacturers and brands pay way too little attention to the tall and skinny group of people. So, most efforts are directed to the larger majority.

Then how do you manage this wandering stress? Given you know the importance jeans hold on to your looks.

This could be sucking, but wait! I want to give you some great tips here. Afterwards, you should be able to absolutely find it an easy task.

Now, what should you look for?

Consider the waist size and the inseam length. These two measurements should match your size perfectly before you pick the jeans.

What‘s The Best Jeans For Tall Skinny Guys?

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When you go shopping for jeans for tall skinny guys, you should have two things in mind. First, the inseam length and second, the waist size.

Generally, you are going to check if the inseam is any closer to 36 inches to 38 plus inches. This squarely depends on your exact slim build over 6‘5″ and so on.

Then the width or waist consideration should fall somewhere in the range of 28 to 36 inches. Again, this largely rests on how thick your waist has become.

As a tall thin guy, I suppose you should go for a straight leg. So that your long legs create that scenic impression you really want.

But, just avoid going for skinny types; you‘re already skinny enough. You can get slim fits within the references provided below.

  • Tall men‘s jeans 42 inches Inseam; longest for tall men
  • Tall men‘s jeans 40 inches Inseam; 6‘8″ and above slim man.
  • Tall men‘s jeans 38 inches Inseam; 6‘8″
  • Tall men‘s jeans 36 inches Inseam; 6‘5″ and more

Make sure you know which one(s) fit you perfectly before you make your order.

Here Are Challenges Faced by Tall Skinny Guys When Buying the Best Jeans.

It is not always an easy job finding the rightjeans for tall slim guys. Let‘s have a closer look at what challenges they go through in their search.

  • Getting the Right Size

Given the guys are taller and skinny, things even become messier! While there may be a few online brands selling long jeans for tall people, the aspect of slimness is an additional challenge.

There are a few tall slim jeans out there in the market. You will have to really search online to get them (thanks to the online stores).

  • Limited Styles

Yes. This is another frustration tall slim guys go through.

Most likely, your body builds only rocks in those tapered fits or what we call slim fits. In this case, the option of wearing skinny fits is not a great idea.

Else, you would not look like yourself (awkward to say) and that‘s not the news you want to hear.

So, in the end, you aren‘t at liberty to wear the variations you‘d wish. You stick to one style and that‘s that.

  • A Few Brands Selling Tall Skinny Jeans Men‘s Wear

There is no doubt that only a few brands around the world stock this kind of jeans. And the reason why others don‘t has to do with the economics of producing these wears against the target market.

Looking at this situation you can be sure of the root problem. But the effect is entirely felt by the tall slim buyer who will desperately need these overlooked sizes.

But there‘s hope; dedicated brands for these designs are coming up to solve your problem.

  • The Prices

These special jeans wear come with higher prices compared with their normal equivalents.

You know the reason behind this? Sure. This is all to do with the special aspect: the nature of the jeans which calls for extra work or resources to design.

For the tall guy, there is going to be a difficult pinch on his wallet.

Different Types Of Common Jean Fits For Tall Skinny Guys.

It‘s natural that everyone needs variety when it comes to clothing, even when it comes to tall skinny guys.

Out there, we have a huge variety of jeans made in different styles. This leaves you with options to choose from and stock your wardrobe with invaluable jeans.

We will review the major styles of jean fits.

1. Slim Jeans

These are worn just a little bit down the hips. Perfect pants for tall skinny guys as your legs would be well defined to enhance your walking effect.

You will feel some room along the feet which gives you maximum comfort and confidence throughout as you walk.

If you want to rock in a style that would not let you down at any event or at work, slim fits are the all-round choices.

There is this excellent choice of FREDD MARSHALL Men‘s Skinny Slim Fit Stretch Straight Leg Fashion Jeans Pants. This pair of jeans offers you a comfortable fit made from cotton and elastane.

2. Relaxed Fit Jeans

Just from the name alone, you can imagine the exact picture of what you‘re going to get. This is a traditionally-inspired style.

A kind of vintage fit that should be worn a little higher at the back. It gives you plenty of room such that you‘re left comfortable any time of the day, whether you‘re seated or walking.

You need the right t-shirt or shirt to make this wear a complete, smart one. May not be the best jeans for the tall skinny guys.

Try out the Levi‘s Men‘s 550 Relaxed-fit Jean. You‘ll reap comfort from the soft touch of the 100% cotton-made jeans. It is also durable.

3. Slim-Straight Jeans

These types of jeans are slim and straight but not skinny and not loose if that‘s your fear. They are worn such that the waistband is around the hips and not exactly around your waist.

Your slim build will come out effectively in this wear. So if you don‘t like creating a scene (Just a quiet boy for Heaven‘s sake), but comfort is your like, this fashion belongs to you.

Levi‘s Men‘s 513 Slim Straight Jean is a great cotton/elastane jeans which will give you a warm touch.

4. Tapered Jeans

These jeans are a blend of the slim straight and skinny fit styles.

You will feel they are a bit loose along the thighs which create some comfort. But as you move towards the ankle or calve, they taper.

Again for the slim guys, this is a style you don‘t want to miss out on.

You can try Levi‘s Men‘s 512 Slim Taper Fit Jean which can be machine washed without any issues.

5. Skinny Fits Jeans

For guys who are fashion movers and want their silhouettes to come out clear, go for this. They are created such that they are tight right from the thighs to the ankle.

You can be sure you won‘t be comfortable though as there‘s no free leg movement. Only for guys who‘re slimmer.

However, there is a divide here. Those tall slim guys who prefer these types and those who don‘t consider them the best fitting jeans for tall skinny guys.

The admirers think these jeans fit well on the thin frames. On the other side, guys don‘t like the tight capture of their slender legs.

This Levi‘s Men‘s 510 Skinny Fit Jean comes with durability and ultimate comfort and it is 100% cotton-made.

6. Low-Rise Jeans

With these kinds of jeans, you are able to wear them just below the waist. They‘re suitable and cool for tall skinny guys.

They create in you a calm feeling.

Check the Wrangler Men‘s Retro Slim Boot Cut Jean and you‘ll be sorted perfectly. 99% cotton made to enhance comfort.

7. Original Fit Jeans

They are worn just below the waist and are either not too tight or loose. You can get those with a 16-inch leg opening and the shrink-to-fit 17-inch leg opening.

If your body is athletic, you‘re likely to stir your audience with this style.

You can go for the Cinch Men‘s Green Label Original Fit Jean. Not too tight or too loose for your shape therefore very comfortable.

8. Regular Fit Jeans

These will run straight from your hips through the thighs and are supposed to be worn below the waist. The leg becomes a bit slimmer but not tight.

They can be great men‘s jeans for tall and skinny guys who think that they have limited options.

They come as one of the classics in their own rights. If you want to a jean to go for an occasion anytime, be happy to choose this one.

LEE Men‘s Regular Fit Straight Leg Jean would be an ideal option for your 6 feet 5 inches height. This is a high-quality classic fit that should serve you adequately.

How to Choose The Best Jeans For Tall Skinny Guys

It will be important to consider the following key factors when shopping for jeans. Remember you only want the best, if not best of the best.

  • The Size

Can you overlook this? Definitely no!

Having known exactly what your general body build is, you‘ll need to match that to the fitting jean sizes.

Check the following measurements: the waistband, inseam, knee, thighs, leg opening.

But more importantly, know your inseam and width measurements. Tall and thin jeans would be great for your size.

  • Quality of The Fabric

You need to go for high-quality denim jeans. To know this, feel the weight of the fabric – it is supposed to be heavier and stronger.

Look for the details of the jeans in the product description to find out the quality of the fabric. Lighter jeans will not last long.

So you can go with the medium-weight quality jeans or above if you‘re looking for value for money.

  • Know Your Fit(s)

Jeans do come in different fits.

For example, the relaxed, the slim-straights, slim fits among other types. If you‘re a tall skinny folk, you‘re going to need a slim fit.

The best for you would be the tapered fit which doesn‘t hold you tight to create discomfort.

Avoid going for skinny jeans because your slender frame could be overemphasized. Similarly, if you pick the baggy fits you‘ll look clumsy.

  • Know the Brands Specific to Your Needs

You know the hassle of finding the best jeans for tall skinny guys. It‘s a real toil.

Knowing your brands is the beginning of your peace. It is a lasting solution for your jeans needs since you know exactly where to get your jean types, styles or fits.

These brands tend to focus on the specific needs of tall people. So you can get all your favorite clothes there.

  • Look for The Jeans with Neutral Colors

With your thin looking build, you need the help of proper color themes. And, neutral colors: black, grey and dark blue etc.

These colors can make some of the best jeans for tall men and enhance your overall look. This way you don‘t need to worry about your frame being exposed in some sort of clumsiness.

Therefore, while in the shop, ensure you take these into considerations and avoid screaming colors.

  • Your Style: Shorter or Longer?

There are different styles or models for jeans. You will get the long “American type†pair of jeans.

Or you may want the shorter jeans (on purpose) which are usually Scandinavian fitted. Hence, this decision of style squarely lies in you.

Just make sure you choose the one which brings out the best look in you.

  • Wash

When you look at washes, consider the two types; the darker and lighter washes. The darker washes tend to be more sophisticated and their versatility allows you to wear them both for formal and casual outings.

With the lighter washes, you are looking at the jeans which would be very ideal in the summers. The warm weather definitely calls for them.

They are also more casual than the dark washes.

  • The Cost

Let me finally talk about this. Can‘t be really left out.

Know this: nothing of great value goes at cheap. This doesn‘t necessarily mean that all budget-friendly denims are low quality.

In fact, there are greater jeans on the market, which would really surprise you if you saw their prices. If you spot quality, you can slightly adjust your budget to get your gem.

The Final Shot

As you can see, getting the jeans for tall skinny guys is something achievable. You just need to put in mind these two important measurements; the inseam length and the length of the waistband.

You will also need to consider which type or jean fit goes well with your body. In most cases, tall guys would want to go with slim fits or tapered types.

Once you identify the dedicated brand which is specialized in producing your best jeans, you‘ll be good to go with great jeans.

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