The Best Massage Chairs for Tall People: A Buyers Guide

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Spinal deformities and curvatures are common in taller individuals. These painful back, muscle, and neck conditions occur because tall people tend to grow faster and hunch over more often as they attempt to connect with their peers in conversation.

Bad posture and spinal conditions can result in a lot of back and shoulder pain. One of the best ways to keep those tense muscles loose or to reduce body pains is by enjoying regular massages. That’s why finding the best massage chairs for tall people is important.

In a hurry? Find the best massage chairs for tall people in the hotlist below:

5 Best Massage Chairs for Tall People

It can be tough to find a big enough massage chair in a world where most products are designed for people of average height. Luckily, we already took the time to seek out fine-quality massage chairs that will suit your tall body type perfectly, saving you the headache of doing it yourself. Here is a quick look at our top picks for a taller person

The Best Massage Chairs for Tall People Review

The Overall Best Massage Chair for Tall People

1. Real Relax Reclining Massage Chair

The Real Relax Massage Chair is one of the best tall massage chairs to get for your home or a spa. One of the most outstanding features of this deep massage chair is its advanced technology, ensuring it pleases any tech guru who needs a deep body massage. The chair consists of voice command technology so you can adjust the massage sessions without lifting a finger. 

It also comes with an advanced remote controller with a large LCD screen and plenty of auto programs and customizable settings and you can even stream your favorite music through the chair since it is fitted with built-in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity.

The stylish chair is practical for people up to 6 feet tall and it is ideal for those who prefer an intense deep tissue massage since the airbags do provide plenty of pressure. The back heating function is also ideal for reducing lower back pain and for healing injuries in the lumbar region.

This faux leather chair looks great and is very easy to keep nice and clean since you can wipe the entire surface using a moist cloth without any risk of damaging the upholstery. 


Dimensions: 43.3 x 27.6 x 52/63 inches

Weight: 182 lbs

Color: Black or blue/beige

Material: Faux leather interior

Height limit: 6.1 feet

Usage: Indoor

Controller: LED screen with easy touch buttons and voice control

Massage technique: Full body 

Recline: Zero gravity position

Intensity levels: 3 levels

Modes: Six auto preset modes and a 30-minute timer

Additional: Back heating, Bluetooth audio play, back wheels, and adjustable footrest

  • The voice control function is convenient for giving yourself a massage
  • The chair has a very large LCD remote controller 
  • The overall design of this tall massage chair is appealing
  • The leg area can extend to accommodate people of different heights
  • Has a heating element that reduces lower back pain
  • The chair is large and very spacious
  • Massage rollers and airbags will give you an intense massage
  • Nice and quiet for a massage chair
  • You can listen to music while via Bluetooth
  • Neck and lower head rollers are too soft
  • Some find certain airbag massages too intense
  • Massage modes are all very similar

The Runner-up Massage Chair for Tall Individuals

2. Smagreho Massage Chair

The Smagreho Massage Chair is our runner-up because it also offers a very intense workout, is practical for tall people up to 6 feet tall, and has a weight limit of 380 pounds.

The chair is great for giving you a full body massage since it has eight fixed massage rollers in the waist, back, and neck area and plenty of airbags that can provide pressure to your other extremities. The foot massage features are terrific for those who struggle with swelling and painful feet and a warming function can soothe some lumbar pain.

This large chair can recline your body into a zero-gravity position and will massage you in 15-minute intervals. You can also enjoy your favorite music or stream podcasts through the built-in Bluetooth speakers for an, even more, relaxing spa-like experience.


Dimensions: 46 x 30 x 57 inches

Weight: 175 lbs

Color: Black, brown, or khaki

Material: High-grade synthetic leather

Height limit: 6.1 feet

Weight capacity: 380 lbs

Usage: Office

Massage technique: Full body airbag and rollers

Recline: Zero gravity position

Modes: Six preset auto modes with a 15-minute timer

Additional: Lower back heating, adjustable footrest, and Bluetooth music

  • The chair provides a very good overall deep-tissue massage
  • The chair has a very stylish overall look
  • Zero gravity position is extremely relaxing
  • Can stream relaxing music through the Bluetooth speakers
  • Ideal design for a taller person
  • The chair is very easy to assemble
  • Offers good pain relief
  • Faux leather upholstery is easy to wipe clean
  • Offers a relaxing massage experience
  • Individuals over 6 feet will have a tight fit
  • The heating pad can take a while to warm up
  • The chair doesn’t fit through doors once assembled

The Best Tall Person Massage Chair for Office Use

3. BestMassage Massage Chair

If you need a good massage chair to use in the office then BestMassage should be the first one you consider. With this chair next to your tall office desk, you can take a break from work whenever you feel stressed, tired, or tense.

This chair looks brilliant with its hardwood features and it isn’t overly bulky. It is also very easy to keep squeaky clean since the suede leather upholstery is easy to wipe down for a quick clean. 

The BestMassage massage chair is great for giving you an arm massage and buttock massage but it is especially good for keeping the blood circulating through your feet since it has plenty of airbag coverage in the leg area. An SL track frame structure will also soothe sore muscles along your spine when you position this chair at a zero-gravity recline angle.

The chair is practical for individuals up to 6.2 feet tall and will give you a very intense deep-tissue massage. It offers a vast massage range since it has lots of massage modes and preset modes and you can also listen to some tranquil music while you get your massage since the chair is fitted with Bluetooth speakers. 


Dimensions: 55 x 42 x 35 inches

Weight: 300 lbs

Color: Black and redwood

Material: Suede leather

Height limit: 5 – 6.2 feet

Weight capacity: 265 lbs

Usage: Indoor

Controller: LCD screen with easy-press buttons

Massage technique: Full body shiatsu 

Recline: Zero gravity

Intensity levels: Three speed levels, four levels of air massage 

Modes: Seven massage modes, nine preset auto massage

Additional: Body scanning, Bluetooth speaker, and heat therapy

  • The chair is quiet when it is running
  • The massage function around the spine area is very soothing
  • The gravity feature offers good comfort
  • Affordable price range
  • Easy to put together
  • Massage airbags, back rollers, and foot rollers are strong
  • The heat function is convenient
  • Body scanning technology ensures a good fit for foot extensions 
  • The overall look of the chair is very stylish
  • Pressure can be intense at times
  • Airbags can sometimes pinch your arms

The Best Budget Massage Chair for Tall People

4. Foelro Massage Chair

The Foelro massage chair is one of the most affordable chairs on our list and it offers plenty of functionality considering its price. This one is sure to provide a pleasurable experience for any tall person who is on a budget. 

This massage chair has all the features for giving you a luxurious and soothing massage. Features include built-in Bluetooth speakers for music streaming, a lumbar heat pad, plenty of airbags for arm, neck, and leg massage, rollers in the buttock, back, and neck area, and it reclines into a zero-gravity position so you can truly unwind. 

The chair is practical for people up to 6 feet tall and has a leg extension that extends up to five inches so everyone can get a comfortable fit. 

The chair is a bit bulky but it features a sleek and stylish look and the faux leather upholstery is very easy to keep clean. 


Dimensions: 71 x 24 x 30 inches

Color: Black, blue or brown

Material: Faux leather

Height limit: Over 5 feet

Usage: Indoor

Controller: Hand controller with LCD screen and push buttons

Massage technique: Shiatsu airbag massage and roller

Recline: Zero gravity level

Intensity levels: Adjustable 

Modes: Six automatic modes with customizable speed and strength

Additional: Built-in Bluetooth speakers and lumbar heat

  • Extremely comfortable to sit in
  • Auto programs are ideal for getting your entire body treated with ease
  • The foot rolls promote blood circulation and feel very good
  • Gives a therapeutic massage every time
  • Speakers in the chair’s back offer quite a bit of acoustic appeal
  • Good value for money
  • Lots of automatic modes to choose from
  • Automatic massage programs can also be customized to suit your massage needs
  • Shoulder bags and neck rollers can be a bit too soft
  • No remote controller backlit
  • Assembly can be tough

The Best Soft Compression Massage Chair for Tall People

5. Real Relax 3D Massage Chair

A lot of people find the air compression of massage chairs too firm even in their lowest setting, which can leave them feeling uncomfortable instead of relaxed. If you prefer a more gentle massage session then the Real Relax is probably going to be the best option.

Unlike other massage chairs, the airbags do not apply as much deep tissue pressure on your extremities. The airbags are much gentler on your arms and legs yet still offer stimulation to enhance blood flow. 

This massage chair is also fitted with 3D rollers that gently soothe pain and tension out of your back and buttocks and the foot rollers are terrific for soothing painful feet.

The 3D massage chair also offers additional features like Bluetooth speakers, heat function, and can recline into the zero gravity position. 

The Real Relax is also perfect for tall people of up to 6 feet and it has a good max weight capacity of up to 380 pounds – so big and tall people can also soothe painful muscles or enjoy a relaxing massage at home while still in their pajamas


Dimensions: 56.3 x 30 x 45 inches

Weight: 175 lbs

Color: Brown

Material: Faux leather

Height limit: 4.2 – 6.23 feet

Weight capacity: 380 lbs

Usage: Indoor

Controller: LCD with push buttons

Massage technique: Airbags and robot hand rollers

Recline: Zero gravity position

Intensity levels: Three speeds

Modes: Custom and automatic modes

Additional: Bluetooth speakers and heat function

  • Consists of both manual and automatic massage modes
  • The airbag compression function is superb
  • Zero gravity position is very comfortable
  • Functional for people up to 6.23 feet tall
  • Massage sessions are very relaxing
  • Doesn’t apply too much pressure or hurt your body
  • Stylish overall look
  • The faux leather interior is easy to wipe clean
  • The chair doesn’t offer too much neck support
  • Some would prefer a more intense deep-tissue massage
  • The remote control isn’t the best

Final Thoughts

Any of these massage chairs are sure to make a huge difference in the way your body feels and are also sure to improve your mood. No matter which you choose, you will receive a therapeutic massage that leaves you feeling good all day. 

We do hope that this guide helped you find the best massage chairs for tall people. If you are also looking for other quality gear that is specially designed for taller people then you should have a look at some of the other guides we have on Tall People Guide. With our handy guide, you can find functional products no matter how tall you might be.