Most Comfortable and Best Motorcycle For Tall Guys.

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What’s the Best Motorcycle For Tall Guys.

Are there best motorcycle for tall guys?..When it comes to the motorcycles for tall riders you don’t want to ignore any useful information available for you. You need to find out what is best for your riding needs.

I am personally an experienced rider – the adventure hidden within riding is just worth every try. But, you have to know which is the best motorcycle suited to you.

Can you ride any motorcycle somehow? Definitely yes. But for how long and would you enjoy the comfort provided by just any style motorcycle?

There are many styles of motorcycles with features that are specific only for the tall guys. For example, BMW R1200 GS Adventure, Ducati Multistrada 1200, KTM Super Duke 1290 R among others can be good for tall guys.

What’s The Best Motorcycle For Tall Guys?

Maybe you are having headaches trying to figure out which is the best motorcycle for tall guys. And I can tell you that indeed for taller riders at 6 feet and over, this is a tedious process.

However, you’d be probably amazed with the many options available in the market. Thus, you can stay calm and find out which is it.

You will be guided by features such as the saddle which needs to sit higher than just the ordinary position for most standard riders. (mostly at 33.5” to 34.3”). Also, the room for stretching your legs comfortably and the handlebars which are well positioned to enhance your riding posture are important.

Here, we’ll look at the two top options from which you can make a choice.

BMW R 1200GS – this is arguably the best for big guys.  Any tall person in search of adventure should go for this bike.

KTM 1290 Adventure R – best for riding on dirt roads. It has an adjustable chassis with big wheels (rear wheel 18” and front one 21”)

These two motorcycles possess the features mentioned and tall guys will really get the best out of them.

It looks a very easy task to identify the best motorcycle, but that’s not usually the case. The reason? Let’s look at the next point to find out.

Some Of The Challenges Faced By Tall Riders When Choosing The Perfect Motorcycle

It is not strange that your tall height gets you in some kind of frustration one day. And choosing the perfect motorcycle is one such moment where you’ll think, “why am I tall?”.

For the average-sized guys, it is life as normal – everything manufacturers make is basically targeted to them. Most motorcycles are made for them as well.

So this leaves some sort of predicament for the tall bikers in choosing the perfect motorcycle. Especially if they are just new to this and are looking to acquire the best beginner motorcycle for tall riders.

The following challenges are very common.

  1. Getting the Right Fit

As I earlier mentioned, most manufacturers are always rolling out motorcycles based on the popular average-sized individuals, on a large scale. There are not as many tall motorcycles as the standard ones out there.

This leads to the question of whether the best motorcycle for big guys is easy to get. Let’s connect this concern to your height.

Have you asked yourself what happens if you picked a fairly smaller bike? The reality is very clear.

It’s likelier that you will exert a lot of weight (remember height and weight very much correlate) on the motorbike and over-work its suspension. You can imagine the bumpy experience you will have as you ride across a rocky terrain.

You’re not only destroying the bike but also exposing your life to the risk of accidents.

Yes, it’s difficult to get your dream bike but try harder. Rather than just going to local shops, visit the large dealers where you can always test with many available options until you get the right fit.

  1. The Pricing/ Cost

Then, the cost aspect of the motorcycle for these guys can yet be another thing to pose a challenge. You may have perfectly done your job to identify a stunning bike suited to you.

And yet your budget doesn’t hold onto it. You probably underpriced the bike. This can be really disappointing especially after you did well to locate your catch.

The end of the story either leaves you without your preferred motorcycle or lands you on another quality lower than what you went for. No one likes this but it happens and can really prevent you from getting started on riding.

  1. Lack of Experience with Motorcycles For Tall People

Well, it may be true that you began riding smaller bikes and now you are used to them. But that was then, you were probably a kid and you have grown, you’re tall, very tall and you need to change to the better option that will arguably make you feel the true riders pride.

For the beginners (with these tall bikes), it will always be a daunting task to make a decision whether to buy in the first place or not. With less experience, you think to rush for a bike you aren’t used to is a bit ill-advised.

Experience comes with confidence which inspires an individual. If you don’t have the confidence to start riding these bikes, you will definitely put a halt to your pursuit.

You also need to know the best places to shop the motorcycles. Some places will only limit you to a few options. If you visit major dealers however, you will get a vast array to choose your dream bike.

Different Types Of Motorcycles Suitable For Tall Guys

1.   Sport Motorcycles For Tall Riders

Sport bikes are a bit distinct from the other motorcycles. Look for the speed, balance in terrific motions and fuel economy. It is good to check if the Cylinder capacity is fit for you.

When it comes to the options available for the best sport bike for tall riders, you have a reason to get excited. Because KTM 1290 Super Adventure R particularly fits any tall rider. You won’t be disappointed.

2.   Motorcycles For Tall Beginners

Isn’t amazing how long one can wait to get started on a new project? For motorcycle beginners, this is the case too.

For a tall beginner, you want a bike that is big enough to stretch out your frame, reliable, inexpensive and classic, yet easy to learn. Honda XL 125V Varadero/XR125L, Yamaha YZF-R125 (the best for taller learners), Vistrom 650 and Harley Davidson Sportsters are among some of those that would be good for you.

Generally, get a bike that has enough gravity on the ground and is easy to handle.

3.   Cruiser Motorcycles For Tall Riders

Cruiser motorcycles are inspired by the traditional American style machines and are some of the coolest to have as a tall rider. They are easy to ride, shift and commonly have a V2 engine.

What is important to look for here is performance, the strong braking and also better suspension. There are many variations of cruisers.

You can go for a Suzuki Boulevard C50 with 805cc which are fairly cheap. Or the most known in Harley-Davidson series. Honda Fury or Indian Chief Classic.

4.   Touring Motorcycles For Tall Riders

It doesn’t get better when you go for tours over crazy long distances in the countryside in a stylish touring titan. All you need as a tall rider is to get a bike which won’t wear you out but afford you the longstanding ride.

Its design should allow off-road riding and provide you with a wide range of positioning.

You can check out the Honda NC700X which is affordable, goes several miles, and has the option of carrying a luggage. Or you can decide to go with Ducati Multistrada which will offer you the comfort and space to bring with you a cargo.

5.   Best Dual Sport Motorcycles

With the dual sport, you are able to do almost everyday stuff around like riding around for adventure, commuting from one place to another or going to a shop for some items.

You may not really need to get an absolute road racer like the sporty bikes. This bikes can do well on road and off-road.

So if you got a Kawasaki KLR650 dual bike, then you’re good to go out on highways and off-road alike. It is versatile, affordable and great for saving fuel.

Another of these bikes is the KTM 1290 which very expertly navigates the upcountry terrain with no problems.

6.   Best 4-Stroke Motorcycles for Taller People

There is nothing fulfilling in riding than having a powerful machine. On the rugged terrain of the rocky countryside and dirt road, you need a bike with a 4-stroke engine to crisscross.

These bikes will use fuel economically, have less maintenance cost, yet they have a longer lifespan.

So you can look for Honda versions like Honda XR125L.  This will actually do you a great job. Also, Hysung GT125R is a good option for a four stroke.

7.   Best Budget Motorcycle

There’s no secret that some people would want a motorcycle which is affordable; fairly cheap to acquire and not expensive to maintain.

You can go for the used motorcycles if you want to cut off the cost. Often, the adventure or thrill you receive from this second-hand machines is not far away from the new ones.

So just do your proper inspection of those being sold to get your value. You will be surprised how much dollars you’ll save by opting for these.

With just less than $5,000, you walk away with bikes like Triumph Tiger 955i (955cc) or Honda Transalp XL600V.

A Detailed Guide To Buying The Best Motorcycles For Tall Riders

Just like the other motorcycles, there a number of factors you need to consider when buying the best motorcycle for tall guys.

  1. The Type Of The Motorcycle.

Undoubtedly, this should be first on your list. Make sure that you do a thorough assessment of the available different types and choose the best.

Look for key features like on-road, off-road and dual purpose. But your choice depends on what you want to do with the machine.

  1. Seat Height

As a tall rider, very clearly, you don’t want to carry home a bike with a relatively low altitude saddle.  Generally, a saddle at 32 inches or more should be average or perfect for most 6 feet plus tall guys.

  1. Price

You possibly expect price to come as number one.  Know the amount at your disposal for this specific project before you proceed to buy.

If you want a certain bike, check in advance the pricing list to find out if the amount lies within your reach. Whether you’re preferring a new or a used one, it is important to know this.

  1. Fuel Consumption

It is not just about securing a stylish, modern bike that matters. Not even its purchase price. But can you sufficiently meet its regular fuel consumption demands without feeling so much pinched?

Just ensure you aren’t getting a fuel guzzler.

  1. The Purpose For Which You Are Buying The Motorcycle

Well. You must have a reason behind your intention or action to buy a motorcycle. Is it for short distance commuting or you want to have fun with long thrilling adventure tours?

No need to spend several thousands of dollars to buy a big gun to be used for fetching grocery supplies from a local market. That’d be silly.

  1. Style of the Motorcycle

Get to understand which style option leaves you most comfortable. Motorcycle for tall riders can be sporty, cruiser or a dual sport bike.

Depending on where your body fits comfortably, you can choose that bike. It is good when you try out the different styles practically.

  1. Follow Your Passion

When we talk about passion, it’s meant to be the real thing you get very excited about. It’s great to be guided to a certain motorcycle because you absolutely think that would work for you.

If you are not passionate about a bike, please don’t pick it. Even if it’s the trend.


Can you give me your ideas and suggestions of the best all-round motorcycle?

There are many options available and your taste matters. But the BMW R1200 GS takes the better reputation. It comes with great comfort and capability (off-road) and handling it is easier on highways at high speed.

Which best motorcycle for tall guys has enough space for a backseat passenger?

You can go for BMW R1200 GS. This bike has well placed front suspension that would allow for a ride with an extra person at the backseat.

It has that undoubted performance and efficiency. So your passenger can also experience the best part of the riding adventure.

You may also choose the Ural Patrol T or Honda NC700X. They both offer excellence and reliability.

What do I need to know about motorcycle insurance?

Well. It is very important to keep in mind the value of insurance when purchasing a motorcycle. You need to strictly follow your country’s state laws regarding insurance for yourself and the motorcycle.

If you don’t complete the insurance requirement for your bike, it’s the beginning of your riding downfall and trouble. So, quickly make this a priority.