What’s The Best Office Chair For Tall Person.

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What's The Best Office Chair For Tall Person.

For tall persons, most manufactured products, including office chairs, tend to be too small for them. But, this can create significant discomfort for you the tall person.

Injuries are definitely imminent when the office chair is not suitable for your size. Yet, you don’t want to have to keep struggling – your office routine needs to be uninterrupted.

Just what should be the ideal dimensions for the best office chair for tall person?

You need to look for a tall office chair with a higher seat, longer seat pan, a taller back. The lumbar curve should also be larger and higher.

However, finding a chair with the mentioned specifications is not going to be easy for you. Which is why this guide has been prepared to help you in your search.

Keep reading to find out which chairs are available for your tall stature.

Best Office Chair for Tall Person

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What is the Best Office Chair for Tall Person.

This must be La-Z-Boy Delano Executive Chair for Big and Tall Users. You will stay comfortable all day long by sitting on this chair in your office.

It is a large chair with great comfort and support. The La-Z-Boy has been optimized for spinal alignment and can also provide you with the ergonomics efficiency.

Being arguably the best big and tall office chair, you are assured of comfort due to its memory foam layer design plus the plush pillowing to eliminate any elements of discomfort.

The chair comes with its exterior made from premium materials also. For example, the real leather lining is a quality upholstery and it’s easy to clean.

The chair has generous measurements which make it spacious. And the height from the ground to the seat is actually adjustable; therefore, one can change the position to suit his height.

The seat back height is 35.25 inches; just great for your outstretched back.

Here are the Advantages of Having the Best Office Chair for Tall Person.

As a tall person, you want to sit on a suitable chair. The reasons for this are pretty clear and obvious – they are right next:


The very first solid reason you need to buy the best chair for your office use is comfort. Problem with most office chairs is that they are usually small and, thus, unsuitable for the tall person.

The big and tall chairs have been designed with generous seating area, a tall seat height back for the full stretch of your spine and you can adjust the seat height to fit the full length of your legs.

All these measurements bring great comfort to the tall users.

Adjustable Feature

Most of these office chairs for tall man have adjustable seat heights. The legs of the chair are can adjust from length to length.

This makes the chairs the perfect choice for the tall person. Even the average-sized individual will be comfortable using these chairs.

Some of these chairs can also be tilted for improved body alignment. Therefore, you can enjoy your customized positioning anytime you want.

Back Pain Relief

The right chair for the tall person comes with the benefit of back pain relief. Slouching over the office desk eight hours a day is no joke and may pose serious consequences if this is coupled with a bad choice of office chair for the tall person.

To eliminate such concerns, the best tall and big chair does help you meet your needs. It helps to improve your body posture as well as reduce the impact of back pain due to too much bending over the desk the whole day.

Different Types of Office Chairs for Tall Person.

There are many different types of office chairs you will find on the market today. Thus, it doesn’t matter what your taste and preference are – bring them on.

Here are the notable types of the best office chairs for tall person:

1. Big and Tall Chairs for Office

These chairs are typically larger, and specifically designed to accommodate really tall guys up to 6 feet 6 inches. The materials used to make them are premium in quality: stronger, sturdier and with extra thickness.

Their weight rating is over 250 lbs. to carry even the heaviest guys. They are roomy and their heavy-duty construction ensures that they last longer and are safe.

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall 500 lb. is the chair you want to have around you. It has the following great features: high weight capacity, the back design with headrest, a tilt lock mechanism among others

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2. 24 Hour Chairs for Tall Person

With the 24 hour chairs, you can work smoothly through the day and night. They are crafted to withstand the intensity of use.

Their extra durable frames can withstand such pressure all times. The backs and seats are padded with high-quality, thick upholstery. You can adjust the seat height to fit you.

These types of chairs are suited for the round-the-clock applications like call centers, 911 dispatchers, the control rooms among others.

The Flash Furniture HERCULES Big & Tall 500 lb.Executive Swivel Chair. It comes with built-in lumbar support and the seat height adjustability is quite a great feature.

The tilt lock mechanism and tilt tension adjustment knob ensure that you enjoy your time without getting nervous about injuries when reclining.

3. Computer Chair for Tall Person

These chairs are mostly paired with computer desks. They are specially designed to have some ergonomic adjustments to allow the user to customize their comfort.

Their bases are five-star supported by the rolling casters for easy movement within the office.

Get this Luckracer Gaming Chair with Footrest Office Desk Chair Ergonomic Gaming Chair. So why do you need this chair? Every single part of it adjustable – the whole chair is totally adjustable.

The metal frame makes it secure and safe for the user. Besides, it is big enough for the tall guy.

4. Executive Chairs

If you want classy, high-end, better-padded office chairs for increased comfort, the executive office chairs for tall people are what you want.

They are the priciest of all the chairs for office use. But these chairs have the aesthetic value, the ultimate comfort, and the “executive” impression.

Usually, the executive chairs have high backs and ample cushion. For example, the AmazonBasics Big and Tall Executive Chair coming with a high back that suits the tall users.

The locking adjustment will give you the comfort and confidence you need as you rest.

5. Kneeling Chairs for Tall People

For those who experience frequent back pain, the kneeling chair could be a choice to turn to. This is an ergonomic chair. For tall person, a four-hour sitting on this chair is quite perfect for you.

These office chairs allow you to position your thighs such that your weight is distributed between the seat and knee cushions.

Just keep in mind the kneeling chair can cause a lot of exhaustion if you sat on them for extended hours. They can be uncomfortable in the long run.

You can get this DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair which is highly rated and liked by many people. It offers you the maximum comfort you need as a tall person.

You will have a better posture. At the same time, you are able to adjust the height according to your needs.

6. Ergonomic Chairs for Tall People

Since sitting in an office would be such a long, exhaustive application, having a chair which can be set to different positions to meet your day’s office seating needs is important.

The ergonomic chairs come with better lumbar supports. And you can customize your comfort as you find fitting.

The ergonomics are much more vital when it comes to the gaming chair for tall person. Gamers sit on chairs for extremely extended periods of time. These might just be what they need for the ultimate comfort.

YAMASORO Ergonomic High-Black PU Leather Office Chair is what you should look out for. The chair is made from durable material with premium quality and are also environmentally friendly.

Yamasoro Executive does not fade easily and it’s water-repellant. It comes with adjustable features.

Features to Look for When Buying the Best Office Chair for Tall Person.

As I said earlier finding that tall office chair that perfectly meets your needs as tall person might be a bit hard. So, what should taller shoppers look for when buying an office chair?

Well, here are some of the important things they should be considering in a great office chair for their height:

  • Adjustable Features

This feature is going to important in helping the tall person customize the height to fit their seating needs. Office chairs come with various adjustments.

Normally, you want to make sure that the height from the ground does not go below 19 inches although the ideal seat height could be 22 inches and above. It is vital to have the following features adjustable: the lumbar support, seat back width and height, seat and back angle and the tension control.

These adjustability features should be available in the best office chair for tall person.

  • Fabric

Look out for the breathable fabric. This ensures that the chair does not become too hot when sitting in it especially for extended periods of time.

Proper fabric also makes sure you don’t feel the base frame of the chair through the cushion when seated in the chair.

  • Flexibility

You need to look for those chairs which offer flexibility. Can the chair be used for different applications or tasks?

These could be during brainstorming sessions, formal meetings or just in your normal solo work in the office. All these places need different seating arrangements and the chair you choose should be able to fit in these settings.

  • Durability

The durability of the chair is quite important. This means less maintenance, fewer replacements and therefore reduced costs.

Office chairs for big and tall are designed to have sturdier and stronger frames that can last longer. Their heavy-duty construction is meant to make them provide the tall, big person the much-needed, reliable support.

  • Safety

The safety of the office chair matters. Clearly, for the tall person, a chair with reliable safety features will them good especially if they’re also big.

For example, the build/construction should be sturdy to support the users without causing any anxiety. The tension control should be properly functioning to give you that confidence in whatever angle or tilt you decide to take for your comfort.

  • Weight Capacity

Most big and tall office chairs have a weight rating of over 250 lbs. This takes care of those tall individuals with big stature.

The chairs themselves should have a reasonable weight due to a heavy-duty construction. Mostly, they should come with a minimum weight of 60 pounds.

The weight limit should tell you whether the chair is going to meet your needs or not.

  • Seat Depth Adjustment

This function is key for your full comfort: it ensures your thighs (the bottom part) fully rest on the seat.

When the seat depth is adjusted, your lower back becomes better placed on the back support. For those who value great posture, the seat adjustment is going to important in enhancing body posture.

  • Swivel Base

You want to ensure that you purchase the chair which is able to swivel. You are likely to get more tired and drained if your body keeps on turning instead of the chair you are seated in.

Hence, look for this functionality in the chair for office use. The swivel base enables the chair to turn around 360 degrees making you strain less and consequently eliminating any forms of fatigue.

In fact, having a chair with a swivel base (whether it’s a tall desk chair or another type) is almost an inevitable thing for the modern office space.

  • Rolling or Stationary Office Chair?

An office chair that comes with wheels/rollers can move from one point to another. It comes with its own advantages.

For instance, it is possible to reach the furthest corner of your desk if you wanted to do or pick something there. Just simply put, a rolling chair can minimize unnecessary strain or injuries of overstretching to reach for certain things on the desk.

Your primary goal should be to invest in a chair that comes with a well-built, stable wheelbase that effortlessly glides over the office floor.

On the other hand, a stationary chair does remain at the same point. This may not be ideal for some guys who want to keep their posture in good form.

  • Price

Price is not anywhere near a feature of a chair, but you must keep a close eye to it. While you should be guided by the budget you’ve already set, ensure that you get a chair that will satisfy your needs really well.

This is an office investment you’re about to make. It should bring about great dividends – body and mental wellness.

Remember the value you want to have.

How to Modify Office Chairs for Tall People.

If you tried all you could and still was not successful in your search for the best office chair for tall person, then it would only make sense to do a modification on the already available chairs.

Here are some of the easy hacks to achieve that:

You Could Raise the Seat DIY

This a direct, simple thing you can do and you’ll have your seat height increased considerably. You will definitely need extra large casters to achieve this process. The drafting swap cylinder could be another option here.

You Could Use Back Supports

Use the Obis Form; although they are designed to fit the average sized guys. But you can adjust the Obis Form so that it fits your back.

Reconstruct the Office Chair

Another possibility is trying to rebuild a standard office chair into one tall chair that fits the tall guy. Good news is that you could reposition the seat pan further forward.

This is simply customizing the chair to fit certain specific dimensions you want. The entire back can be removed and redone.

Final Words

Getting the best office chair for tall person may not be the easiest task to do. But still, there are quite a number of suitable chairs for the above average-sized guys.

The biggest trick is to find a chair that has adjustability features. This ensures that you always customize your seating needs the way you want.

If the search becomes more difficult, you could rebuild the available regular office chair into the perfect size you want.