Best Recliners For Tall Men Comfort (Recliners For Tall People)

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Best Recliners For Tall Men

Are there comfortable recliners for tall men available on the market? Lounging in a recliner after a hectic day can be soothing. It comes with the ultimate comfort and relaxation you have been craving for.

There are many recliners in the market. But these are mostly for the averaged sized guys; which can leave a tall person in some kind of dilemma.

Most tall chaps will find it difficult to get the recliners for tall men. To them, the standard designs are generally short.

Some of the shortcomings of these standard recliners include low seat height, shorter backrest, inadequate head and neck support among other aspects.

Again for the tall person, it is a super-straining task to get in and out of such chairs. The fact that they lie very close to the ground complicates the whole process.

So you end up tired, uncomfortable and utterly disappointed.

However, these challenges should help you to be extremely sensitive when it comes to searching for your chair. You need to put in mind the main features.

You must look at your seat height and ensure it’s really high enough from the ground. The backrest and the width of the seat should also be confirmed.

You need the chair to have a long backrest and wide seat to accommodate your frame nicely if you’re blessed with the big build.

What Is The Best Recliner For Tall Guys

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Remember the main features I mentioned a while ago? They will help you differentiate the tall man recliner from a standard one meant for the average-sized people.

Again these are tall seat height off the ground, long backrest and wide seat. Don‘t forget that you‘ll need extra cushioning on the headrest to support your head and neck.

Now let’s look at this Ashley Furniture Signature Design Hogan Oversized Recliner. In my opinion, it beats other recliners in many areas.

At 44 inches depth and 59 inches width, this recliner leads the race here. It is big enough to accommodate two people and its material made with 100 percent lush leather.

This is a chair that will leave you with the comfort you haven’t experienced anywhere. Relaxation is up there.

The seat is reinforced with a metal frame that gives it the sturdiness to support the big tall guy sufficiently. Since the recliner is of the contemporary design, there’s a footrest that will enhance your legs posture anytime you’re sitting in it.

A little warning though: take this big tall recliner if you believe you have enough space in your home. Again the chair assembly may not be as easy as the other chairs you’ve seen.

Why You Should Buy A Recliners for Tall People

Anyway, why do you want to have a recliner?

Whether you’re buying this chair for health reasons or luxury, the recliners are very vital. Let’s look at a few benefits here.

  • Comfort

The best recliners for big and tall man would provide you the high-class comfort and relaxation you have been needing all through. The good thing with these chairs is that they can recline in different positions.

This gives you an opportunity to gauge which positions are best for you. Remember these chairs come with the zero gravity function.

The zero gravity position will leave you with a great feeling. Because in this position, your body weight is distributed evenly such that you don’t feel the effect of the gravity pull, you feel as if you’re weightless.

If the recliner comes with the message component, your comfort moves to a totally new level.

  • Convenience

Getting the right recliner for a tall person saves them much of the hassles. With the right-sized chair, you won’t struggle sitting in it and standing is as well very simple.

Of course this is what you expect in the best chair. Which you normally don’t get with the other ordinary chairs in the market.

Have to tell you that an oversized recliner allows you to stretch out your legs fully so that your blood flow rate is increased.

  • Recliners Come with Lots Of Space

As a big tall person, you need a spacious chair to fit in well. The right recliner provides you with this requirement to your complete satisfaction.

The space becomes a goldmine because after the day’s tiresome work, you need to sprawl properly in a recliner. But you can’t do that without enough space.

Most recliners are designed to offer plenty of room to the users. And this is exactly what the tall man needs.

  • Recliners Provide Good Posture to the Body

Recliners for tall people will not only provide the necessary comfort but also help your body develop a good posture. You know the advantages of the good body posture to your health.

If you have the back and neck problems due to bad spinal alignment, you could try out with a recliner. You will experience great relief in those areas because the massage/heat component can help eliminate the pain from your body by targeting the affected spots.

Different Types Of Recliners For Tall Men You Can Consider.

Just like other equipment and items, recliners for the tall guys are manufactured in different designs. It is upon you to choose the ones with the great features you want.

Let me dissect the types one by one for you.

1. The Basic Recliners For Tall Person

As the name goes, so is what you should expect from this group of recliners for tall men. They will offer only the basic features that characterize a recliner.

I am talking about things like an adjustable back, reclining mechanism that locks and an extendable footrest (using lever). Basically, what you may just need.

These recliners won’t get you into much spending. Thus, you may save a lot of money.

This NHI Express Samantha Microfiber Recliner is constructed from solid hardwood and the padding is extremely high-quality.

2. Recliners with Massage Function for Tall Person

Given the importance that massages have to individuals, many recliners are being installed with the massage component. You will, however, get these recliners at much higher prices than the others.

If you are the luxury guy who finds pleasure in the plush recliners, this type is a must have. You will be provided with a relaxing massage from the electric system of the chair.

The rollers and vibrators in the chairs stimulate and manipulate the body in the targeted back spots. This, in turn, creates a soothing sensation and your body feels relaxed.

You will keep adjusting the vibration intensity to help you maintain the required comfort. These are some of the best recliners for tall men.

Check out for this REFICCER Rocker Recliner Chair Sofa with Massage and Heat. You will benefit from the extendable headrest which can adjust to fit your height.

3. Power Running Recliners For Tall People

Another way to use a recliner is just sit inside it. Then just push the button and there you go enjoying the best effortlessly.

The chair will recline from one position to another without your intervention. To have this recliner running, you will need an electrical cord which should be plugged in a wall socket.

This electrical cord comes with the chair and should be handled with care. Otherwise, you can be easily tripped over.

Mcombo Electric Power Swivel Glider Rocker Recliner Chair is definitely a recliner you could try out due to its heavy duty fabric and lay flat mechanism.

4. Lifting Recliners For Tall Man

If you always experience difficulties standing up from the chairs, get this recliner that lifts. The lifting recliner comes with the electric mechanism that can raise and move your chair so that you will be able to stand.

The Ashley Furniture Signature Design Yandel Power Lift Recliner is a good choice that offers you plenty of space for lounging.

5. Oversized Recliners For Tall Person

Over-sized heavy duty recliners are made for the big and tall guys. If you have problems sitting in the ordinary recliners, consider these recliners.

They will provide you the much-needed comfort and relaxation. They are made to be extra sturdy in order to support your heavy body.

Get this Catnapper Teddy Bear Oversized Chaise Recliner and experience the joy of both the manual and power reclining mechanisms. It can also function as a rocker.

6. Wall Savers Recliners

Wall savers are very interesting pieces of furniture.  They are wall savers because you place them on or near a wall, they will just glide forward a little and then recline.

In short, the reclining mechanism of these chairs do not push the back toward the wall. The chaps who are worried about inadequate space in their houses should consider these recliners.

Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King (Extra Large) Power Rocker Recliner comes with taller backs and wider seats. These are features a tall person wants in a recliner.

7. Reclining Sofas For Tall People

The experience of reclining is a soothing one. It comforts the heart and relaxes your mind while your posture is well maintained.

You may want to share this reclining benefits. And sofas are the best way to do that when they come with a reclining function. But it’s not easy to get these reclining sofa chairs for tall people.

Enjoy the uniqueness that comes with the SeatCraft Anthem Home Theatre Seating Leather Multimedia Power Recline Sofa with your loved ones. It comes with cup holders and wireless charging.

8. Rocker Recliners For Tall Person

The rocking recliners are important for the guys who want to use these chairs with the children. The recliner brings that rocking element that is key to helping a child get good sleep.

I want to recommend Evolur Raleigh Basic Glider, Recliner and Rocker. It is made from soft durable leather giving you the maximum comfort you want.

Consider This When Selecting the Right Recliner for Tall Man.

Before you buy your recliner, there are a few things you need to put into consideration. Plan yourself well in time.

Let’s learn through some of the things.

  • Size

I still emphasize on the size of the recliner. You should check the important size features such as the seat height off the ground, seat width, backrest and footrest length.

Ensure that these measurements are fitting. Or else you won’t get your recliner for tall man.

If you’re big and tall, you may need to go for an XL recliner in the market. Similarly, endeavor to get the right recliner if you’re that slim tall chap.

  • Comfort

Look for the recliner chairs which can provide you the kind of comfort you are looking for. You will need to test the recliners out one by one.

Feel the seat, the backrest and even the footrest. If all of these look comfortable for you; go ahead and buy the chair.

High quality cushioning is important in boosting your comfort in a chair. So check out for this.

  • Upholstery Materials

The upholstery materials used on the recliner will determine its quality. Mostly, the materials used are fabric and leather.

Fabric durability is very important and that’s why tests were devised to check for this quality. One of the tests is called Piling and the other Wyzenbeek.

If the fabric is finer, it shouldn’t be used on the recliners. This is because the recliners put a lot of pressure on the fabric when they move.

When it comes to leather, the best recliners for sleeping and lounging are upholstered with top-grain leather which feels softer and is durable.

  • Safety

The safety of the users of these recliners should be assured. Most people don’t really think safety is a key factor to really consider, but it is.

Since the recliner has moving parts, it can pose some safety concerns.

You need to check if there exists a gap between the seat and the footrest. This gap should not exceed 5 inches if it’s there. More than that and the children and pets are exposed to the risk of falling in it.

Other things to check is the footrest mechanism. If you experience pinches when putting down the footrest or your skin and clothes are caught in the mechanism, you will need to question the safety of the recliner.

  • Durability

What else beats durable big and tall recliners?

Apart from the comfort and luxury features your recliner provides, check for its durability. You don’t want to replace your recliners frequently.

A strong frame construction is recommended: hardwood frames are solid and therefore good. The parts underside of the chair should be fixed with strong, heavy screws to hold them tight in place.

If you find stapled wood, this is an indication that your recliner won’t last any longer. The upholstery materials on the chair should be durable as well.

  • Type Of The Recliner

I have discussed about these in details just a while ago. You will need to know which features appeal to you in a particular recliner.

Ensure that your pick suits the needs of the tall person. For example, if you want the recliner to provide massage, the recliner with the massage component would be the one for you.

You house has no much space? Then consider the wall savers in this case.

  • Warranty

Serious manufacturers know the quality of their products. They have no problem giving a warranty to the recliner you’re buying.

Therefore, ensure you are buying the big and tall furniture recliners from a reputable store. Your recliner will come with a long-term warranty.

But some furniture stores provide only short warranties on their products. You will be disappointed in such recliners once they undergo wear and tear.

Note this: some recliner’s warranties will be canceled if you applied chemicals on the leather or fabric.

Just make sure you buy a quality chair backed with a straightforward warranty. And from a popular or well-known manufacturer.

  • Heating

One of the benefits of a recliner you want to enjoy is definitely the heating function. This add-on can help your painful muscles recover from all kinds of stress and pain.

Control the amount of heat you receive to make sure your comfort isn’t compromised. So if you are suffering from the muscle stiffness and arthritis, get a recliner with this component.

After using the chair, remember to turn off the heating mechanism.


Recliners for tall men come with a huge list of benefits. For example, the kind of comfort you get is first-class.

Second, they are very spacious and can help your tall frame develop a proper posture when you use them regularly. You can also improve your blood circulation by using these chairs.

What you need to do is get the right type and fit for yourself. Or for the tall person.

While selecting one, examine the features on the different recliners and ensure you follow the buying guidelines provided in here.