A Guide To The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike For Tall Person.

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recumbent exercise bike for tall person

When it comes to the recumbent exercise bike for tall person, it can be a difficult task finding the one with perfect requirements for the tall person. You won’t just jump in the stores and secure it from the blues.

As a tall person, there are some specific conditions you must consider for this bike. Just know that you need to be as comfortable and safe as possible while you’re exercising¦.

Or there’s a high possibility that you’ll get injured when you continue using the small recumbent bikes.

Thus, what do you look for in the right recumbent bike?

Well, there are key features that you must not overlook. But rather be dead sure that they’re within the acceptable positions for the tall person.

For example, the distance between peddles and the seat. It should be extra-long to accommodate your long legs and this more so made easier by the presence of an adjustable seat.

The adjustable seat can change positions making it possible to increase the seat-peddle distance.

Again the other feature in the best recumbent bike would be adjustable handles. These will help you reach and hold the handles more comfortably.

Remember one thing. Once you adjust the seat, you’re moving further away from the handles. And this may force you to take up a humped position.

Not great, isn’t?

Then get the highest quality recumbent bike. You need to get more intense workouts since your body size isn’t the same as those for the averaged-sized guys.

Anyway, let’s get to know what this bike really is.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike For Tall Person

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What Is a Recumbent Exercise Bike?

This is special stationary bicycle that is used indoors as exercise equipment. It is one of the best ways to work out your lower body and legs while you remain safe and comfortable.

This bike has a seat, backrest and pedaling is done with your legs in front, not below you. You should get to know that it uses the magnetic resistance of a flywheel to help maintain the cycling momentum.

When using the recumbent bike, you can be rest assured that your back problems will be cleared. Because the bike allows you to sit in almost a reclined position this, unlike the upright exercise bike, takes off some weight off your body.

So for guys who don’t want the pain that accompanies other exercise equipment, get this bike. There’s not much leaning in front. Which is the key principle with the upright exercise bike.

Nothing to work out your legs, back, or arms intensively. It is the kind of bike that will motivate you to go exercise your muscles every day.

Some equipment can make you have inconsistent exercise schedules. Due to the fact that they leave you with pain and fatigue, sometimes even injuries.

This is not the same as the recumbent bikes.

This Is Why You Should Own A Recumbent Bike For Tall Person.

The recumbent exercise bike benefits are many if you have started using one. If not, it’s high time you begin.

Here are some of them.

  1. Low Impact Workout

If you are scared of intense, high impact workouts that result from running or other exercise forms, recumbent bike is exactly what you want.

Cycling on this bike will give you a proper workout. But you won’t feel the extreme stress and pain on your knees, ankles back and hips.

This in itself is a motivating factor to keep exercising. Which isn’t the case with the high impact workout equipment that will make you resign to a poor exercise schedule.

  1. Comfort and Safety

No doubt that the recumbent bicycle for big and tall will provide you the much-needed comfort. If you’re comfortable, you can’t easily give up on your exercise.

Comfort is predetermined by the adjustable seat and the pedal-seat distance. This should also keep you safe during your exercise sessions.

The annoyance of small recumbent bikes will not be part of you.

  1. Convenience

Owning a recumbent exercise bike is great for your personal convenience. You will do the exercise as planned without the deterrence of hot sun or rainy outdoors.

This is important in ensuring that you follow the goals of your exercise to the latter. You don’t want to stop your workout exercise because it was raining daily outside.

This disappointment of the other outdoor bikes is not going to be a bother to you.

  1. You Save Money

Yes. You need to understand that the principles of budgeting do not entertain wastage. Or improper usage of resources.

I don’t think you want to buy just any other recumbent exercise bicycle. This can really cost you ages!

But as you know, with the right bike in the house, you are confident that you won’t be spending more cash soon for a new one.

In addition, be keen with the quality so that you are not shocked by increased frequency of repairs.

Different Types Of Recumbent Exercise Bikes For Tall Person

There are not many types of recumbent bikes out there. But check these ones that I have compiled and see if you will find something that will finally satisfy you.

1. Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

The folding recumbent exercise bike for tall person is a great version of these exercise bikes. It comes with an adjustable seat and allows the user to exercise in the tiniest of spaces.

It’s big advantage being the capability of the bike’s frame to fold. This makes it easy to store after you finish your exercise.

Yet the bike will offer you the full body workout it requires.

If you are 6’3″ tall and 300 lbs., you should try out this Exerpeutic 400 XL Folding Recumbent Bike. All the distance, time and even calories burned among other data can be tracked by the LCD on this bike.

The large seat cushion is a great feature that increases your comfort.

2. Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

This type of exercise bike uses a magnetic field to create resistance that brings about the braking effect. The magnetic field usually has different levels of resistance.

To be more specific, this bike comes with the magnetic ECB resistance mechanism. This mechanism works by tracking the resistance levels using the currents created from the magnetic field.

Hence, you can adjust the resistance levels to suit you depending on the intensity of workout you want.

Apologies for the technical language here.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike has an underneath seat railing that helps in re-positioning the user closer or further from the console. Your back is provided a first class support.

3. Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you want some of the best performing as well as first-rate comfort exercise bikes, check this one. This exercise bike for tall person is designed with great comfort features.

You will be sufficiently accommodated on this bike mind not your tallness. Highly durable and allow for the personalization/customization of the exercise experience.

All of them also come with entertainment features, Bluetooth and internet connectivity accessories, personalized workouts and easy to use consoles. As you can see, these are great equipment with the ultimate comfort you can imagine.

The 3G Cardio Elite RB Recumbent Exercise Bike is a great equipment as its frame has a lifetime warranty while other parts have 10 years. This bike is a very durable piece of equipment.

4. Heavy Duty Recumbent Exercise Bike

This recumbent bike design is a great model. It is strong, sturdy and extremely durable in order to contain the weight of the big tall guy.

It is also created with higher weight capacity: this is why it is the best exercise bike for big and tall. It provides great stability and comfort to the overweight user.

And, like other recumbent bikes, this will provide you the tall heavy person with that intense, low impact workout you have been dreaming about.

The Niceday Indoor Recumbent Exercise Bike can accommodate a 310 pound, 6’6″ tall individual. It has stylish look and is very stable.

5. Fan-Based Recumbent Exercise Bike

This exercise bike is a unique type of its own. Unlike the ones that utilize magnetic resistance, this exercise bike uses the fast-rotating fan (due to your riding) to form the resistance against the riding.

A large fan replaces the flywheel in the other bikes.

With this exercise bike, you are able to experience the cooling effect of the rotating fan on your lower body. However, remember one thing, your riding determines the intensity of workout you get.

6. Dual Motion Recumbent Exercise Bike

This recumbent exercise bike for tall person is another special thing in its niche. Why I say this is due to the double action workout your body is going to receive.

You are not only going to see your legs, hips, calves etc. freed from pain, but also you’ll experience the rare arm workout.

Which means that you can actually keep the fitness levels of your whole body to the standards you want.

These designs come with sleekness and are sturdy.

The Velocity Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike has great seat cushioning and are very comfortable. This bike also comes with great seat adjustment.

Here Are the Things to Consider When Buying the Recumbent Exercise Bike for Tall Person

As a tall person, you are going to be very keen on the type of recumbent exercise bike you want. Bar this requirement, you will only compromise with the quality.

And this doesn’t always end well.

Therefore, before you go in the stores or online to make your purchases, read this guide. You’ll get very vital insights that will help you land the best.

  • Size

What’s the best recumbent exercise bike for the tall person bike, minus the correct size? I am being frank for the obvious.

Look for the height that fits you very perfectly. Nowadays, most of the exercise bikes are coming with adjustable seats which allows the user to change the horizontal heights like they wish.

The latter idea is better when it comes to solving the height issues of the exercise bikes.

Which leads to the next important aspect.

  • Weight Capacity

If you are tall and heavy, you need to consider the heavy duty exercise bikes. These have been built to contain such weights.

They’re sturdy, strong and the seats are big enough to allow you to sit comfortably well. And experience the workout in the easiest way.

You’re likely going to be okay with the recumbent exercise bike 400 lb. capacity – this takes care of all heavy guys. Unless you are planning to add more pounds rather than burning them down.

  • The Available Space In Your House

You need to buy wisely and avoid carrying home just any equipment. It will be important to take note of the size of your preferred bike against the kind of space you have preserved for it.

In most cases, people become blind when it comes the time to buy the exercise bike. The overwhelming features of the different types of bikes can have a big influence on your choices.

Just ensure that you settle for the models that are able to get enough space back at home. If you have a small house, buy smaller models, preferably go for the folding types.

But take care of the folding bikes also. They don’t take too long before they start becoming a trouble for you.

  • Comfort

All indoor recumbent exercise bikes aim toward one common goal: comfort. And by the way, people are running to buy these bikes because of the comfort and low-impact workout.

With enough comfort, the heavy guys benefit from these bikes because of the ergonomic position they will assume when seated in them. This helps to cut off the extra weight from the knees, and other body parts hence, you produce relatively high intense workouts without getting injuries.

Mounting and dismounting this equipment need to run smoothly. That’s why the elderly would find them better for exercising.

  • The Available Features

These bikes come with many great additional features. From the large padded seat to textured handlebars, from the magazine racks to desks for computer.

Not forgetting that others have LCD screens to help you display your exercise data. And some other ones will come with super cool pre-set programs and interactive programs that might connect you to other racers in different places.

Just note that the more the features, the more luxury you enjoy. But be ready to pay crazy amounts to secure such designs.

  • Safety

In choosing which stationary recumbent bike works best for you, consider how safe they’re going to be. Getting a small size bike when you are tall is the beginning of accidents.

You don’t want this to happen.

Your exercise bike should come with the safety precautions to eliminate any chances of such accidents. This could be you or children in the house.

  • Your Budget

As usual, just get what is within your means.

The sleek designs may come with the most tempting features. They may be the best on the market, but as long as you can’t afford their high prices, stay to your budget.

However, you can still get better recumbent bikes at affordable prices.

Final Word

If you have been looking for the best recumbent exercise bike for tall person, I am sure you have seen one perfect fit for you. It is vital to consider the seat to pedal distance and the adjustable seat.

These are two primary aspects are going to determine if the bike is the right size for you or not. However, make a point to acquire the adjustable seat exercise bike which can allow you change the height as you find fit.

As a tall person, recumbent exercise bikes will provide you the necessary workout without straining your muscles. And, at the same time, your comfort isn’t compromised sitting in a reclined position.

From the types and designs I have highlighted in this guide, you can make your selection with the confidence that what you’re taking is of great value and will give you the best results.