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sleeping bag for tall man

Tall people are admired, talked about, and admired again, how adorable tallness is! But this advantage doesn’t seem to help an ounce when it comes to the camping gear.

And, I am specifically talking about the sleeping bag for tall man. It is never easy finding one; unless you want to attempt some of those enchanted fits inside the standard bags made for the average man.

The truth, however, is that you’ll never have to try it again. The experience would certainly give you no useful lesson to learn.

Standard bags are all over the market place. But that’s not the scenario for tall man sleeping bags, which definitely require an extra effort finding one.

When you are out in the campsite or park, nights can get cold. So, keeping warm and comfortable is not an option. Neither do you want to imagine some hunger-powered insect bites checking inside your exposed flesh.

How about if I introduced you to some incredible options of the extra-long sleeping bag right in this place? I know that you’d really like to have a quality bag.

Interested? Well, let’s move together.

Best Sleeping Bag for Tall Man: Comparison

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Here are Benefits of the Best Sleeping Bag for Tall Man.

Without a doubt, tall fellows would be left out of most camping equations if sleeping bags cut for their Bigfoot statures were not to be crafted. Yet, no one wants to feel out of contex, not even by trying out the queer method of fitting in a standard bag.

So, why should you bother to buy a sleeping bag for a big man?

  • They are Extra Tall and Wide

Naturally, these bags are made taller in length. And they are also wide.

They accommodate big men’s body entirely without a part sticking out. With these dimensions, you can rest assured you will turn or roll inside without an issue.

Turning and rolling as you sleep is obviously an inevitable thing that’s natural to any human. That’s the freedom you get with these bags.

Ultimately, the unit being tall and wide, has a significant influence on your comfort.

  • They Boast Robust Construction

Besides being roomier, these bags for tall people are crafted from excellent materials of higher quality. The materials usually are heavier and long-lasting. This means they would certainly last long enough.

To ensure that the bag serves you correctly, seams are sewn properly. Zips are strong and open smoothly. Usually, ripstop polyester fabrics are used and help to reinforce the sleeping bag.

  • They Are Comfortable

With an oversized sleeping bag, comfort is guaranteed. This is because the interior of these bags is lined with excellent insulation material that’s also cozy and warm to the body.

These bags are all you need when the mercury in the thermometer plummets. You will definitely love sleeping inside them.

Different Types of Sleeping Bags for Tall Man.

Due to the differences in body shapes and sizes of people, sleeping bags come in various styles. Plus, there are bags made for certain temperatures, time of the year, and location.

Here’s a quick review on some of the types.

1. Mummy Sleeping Bag for Tall Man

These bags are designed with a contoured footprint that tapers towards the leg area and around the shoulder region. They are highly efficient in very cold conditions.

They don’t have enough space to allow for turning inside. Instead, they come with a form-fitting nature.

This makes the bag warmer as there’s less space left in between the body and bag. If you must enjoy the comforts of this bag, then it must be in sub-zero temperature zones.

They are lighter in weight, and this is what makes them great options for backpacking. Don’t fancy the mummy bags in warm temperature.

2. Rectangular Sleeping Bag for Tall Man

This is the classic form of the sleeping bag for tall person. It is a traditional style that has featured for a long time since the beginning of these inventions.

In fact, these bags were the only options available before other types were introduced.

These bags are roomy, offering plenty of space. This means that you can toss naturally inside the bag, turn around in different possible angles and be comfortable.

But the extra turning space comes at the expense of insulation. These bags are known to lose warmth in the environment readily.

So, they are effectively better when used in warmer climates rather the freezing conditions that demand tighter sleeping apparel.

3. Double Sleeping Bag for Tall Person

You can also call them two-person sleeping bags. With this design, there is enough space to accommodate two adults adequately.

If you are planning to go out with a friend, the double sleeping bag has no better match. These bags are loose in structure with plenty of space. They are also a bit heavier in weight compared to single person types.

Some double sleeping bags come with zippers that unzip completely to leave two single sleeping bags. This ensures that you don’t have to carry the whole load of it if someday you’d be forced to sleep out alone.

4. Barrel-shaped Sleeping Bag for Tall Person

The other type of  extra-tall sleeping bag is the barrel-shaped bag. This kind of bag is designed with a strike in the balance between comfort, space, and warmth.

Earlier bags can focus on delivering in one dimension, but barrel-shaped bags go a further step. So, in their design, the shoulder area and foot box are a bit tapered to reduce dead air inside.

Advanced models of these bags can have a hood for further boosting the insulation properties of the bag.

These bags can be used both in colder and warmer temperature zones.

5 Best Sleeping Bag for Tall Man Reviewed

1. Big Agnes Lost Dog (FireLine Eco) Big and Tall Sleeping Bag

The Big Agnes Lost Dog (FireLine Eco) is an extra-wide and long sleeping bag that packs a bunch of excellent features for your survival in cold temperatures. It features a quilt-like construction in which it is compartmentalized to prevent any downshifting.

While its rectangular shape comes with plenty of space. It feels as though you are sleeping right in your bed with enough area to toss and turn around.

Even with your broad shoulders, you will find it easy fitting in the bag. You have a pocket for a small air mattress under that further lets you sleep comfortably.

Most notably into the design, is the DownTek insulation system that comes with water-repellent down. This down essentially absorbs just about 30 per cent less water and whatever it absorbs can dry out very fast, like 60 per cent faster than the untreated type.

Besides faster drying, treated down is antimicrobial and antibacterial. So you are staying in a well-protected environment.

Both sides of the bag can be zipped down or up, thanks to the high-quality YKK full-length zippers. So, depending on the prevailing temperature conditions, either zip down to trap heat inside and enjoy the warmth or zip up to sleep on top, if the heat is too much inside.


  • The bag is enormous
  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight design


  • A bit expensive

Overall, Big Agnes is arguably the best sleeping bag for tall man that would leave the big boys and girls in absolute comfort.

2. TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag; Great for Family Camping

If you are in love with rectangular bags, the TETON Sports XXL is here. The bag is designed with a right-side zip for the right-handed people.

The XXL rated sleeping bag offers plenty of room in terms of the sleeping area. It measures 90 x 39 inches; impressive size for the tall man.

When packed, it weighs down to 7 lbs. You won’t find this weight any cumbersome to haul along.

Rated down to zero degrees, the bag keeps you warm even when the temperatures are extremely low. The interior of the bag is lined with brushed poly-flannel material that offers a cozy and warm environment.

For a further cozier interior, there’s double-layer construction. This set up reduces the fill compression so that you can enjoy better comfort.

The outer shell is made of taffeta, which can stand many seasons of use.


  • High-quality construction
  • Convenient storage
  • Large size for comfy sleeping


  • Not machine-washable

Overall, this sleeping bag is an excellent acquisition for people looking to keep warm even under extremely low temperature conditions.

3. Coleman Big and Tall Sleeping Bag

This Coleman Big and Tall Sleeping bag allows you to sleep warm and cozily in zero-degree temperature zones. The sleeping bag comes with enormous size; 84 x 40 inch when opened up for use.

This size is enough to accommodate the tall guy up to 6 feet 7 inches well. Inside the bag, a cotton flannel liner helps to capture the warmth right within.

At the same time, the outer cover prevents further heat loss making this bag one of the best as this feature eliminates cold spots for a warmer sleeping experience.

The zipper system is snug-free. It’s equipped not to get stuck thanks to the design that helps to prevent the lining from being trapped.

Plus, the smooth operating zippers are sealed via the Thermalock system to prevent further heat loss. Make use of the rolling and wrapping technologies to pack this unit for storage effortlessly.


  • Snug-free zippers
  • Large-sized model
  • Soft to the touch interior


  • A bit bulky

Overall, this tall sleeping bag offers plenty of features for both cold and warm temperature conditions.

4. Hyke & Byke Quandary Sleeping Bag Tall

This mummy-shape inspired sleeping bag is made for cold sleeping thanks to its ultralight premium hydrophobic duck down fill. And it is rated at 15 degrees Fahrenheit to insulate your body through the cold night hours without a fuss.

The duck down fill is nature’s best insulators, and this is what Hyke and Byke packs for you. So that even in the freezing cold, you could still accumulate enough warmth up to 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sleeping bag boasts a durable construction. The water-repellant 400 T 20D ripstop nylon fabric liner comes with high-quality YKK zippers that open smoothly without snags.

The longest version of this bag measures 87×32 inches, indicative of a large area to sleep for a tall person around 6 feet 6 inches in height.


  • Well-made zippers
  • Plenty of warmth
  • Extremely lightweight when packed


  • It seems to wear out pretty fast
  • Bit expensive

Overall, a good option for a fluffy sleeping experience. Duck down fill is the best for insulation.

5. Big Agnes Anvil Horn Extra Tall Sleeping Bag

Even if you are an active side sleeper, this Big Agnes Anvil Horn Extra version offers plenty of room for tossing and turning around. The unit also comes packed with 650 DownTek fill that’s known for its great water-repelling and fast-drying qualities.

The bag is rectangular in shape with a streamlined silhouette that helps to boost thermal efficiency, and this keeps you warmed up sufficiently. The flex pad sleeves allow both your long and wide rectangular pads to fit just fine since the sleeves can stretch out.

This version of the sleeping bag is equipped with large 70 inch YKK anti-snag zippers that open smoothly, yet quickly without catching the lining along zippers.

The bag also boasts a durable construction. Other than the high-quality duck down fill that offers excellent warmth and comfort, you have a polyester taffeta lining and the ripstop shell fabric that provides further protection from outside.


  • High-quality material construction
  • Great for tall guys
  • Very spacious


  • Not very comfortable
  • Catches cold fast

Overall, given its extremely low weight, this bag qualifies as a good big and tall backpacking sleeping bag. You can easily throw it on the shoulder among other gear and move on.

Buying Guide for the Best Sleeping Bag for Tall Man.

As you head to purchase a sleeping bag, you know there are several models from as many brands. You need to be shrewd, else, it’s easy to be fooled around.

Here are super-important things you have to look for when shopping for these bags.

  • Dimensions

Consider both the length and width of the bag. You want to ensure that the bag comes with an extra length and it’s a bit wider to allows your free movements into it.

Turning and tossing are natural to man. And only if you have a few inches left on sides would you be able to enjoy a bag.

  • Insulation

There are different types of insulation but what matters is whether the bag is insulated correctly or not. An insulated bag will preserve much of the heat your body releases.

You can have duck down, synthetic polyester or goose down insulation material. However, most models mentioned above come with the duck down insulation because it’s very efficient in heat retention although it may absorb water.

Goose down is considered the high-end type with durability, and it keeps heat much longer than other brands.

  • Shape/Type

If you want to enjoy plenty of space for tossing and turning, the rectangular-shaped bag is a top option. However, this type of sleeping bags does not keep enough heat for warming your body throughout the night.

You would probably try sleeping in a mummy-type bag. It contours to your body and holds you tight, which is excellent at preserving warmth around you.

  • Temperature Rating

Observe the temperature rating as indicated on the package. Each bag is rated differently depending on whether it is a summer bag or winter bag.

Most winter or cold temperature large sleeping bags are rated from negative 10 degrees. Summer bags are rated from positive 35 degrees.

In Conclusion

To this end, I hope that you get the best sleeping bag for tall man that fits your situation. These options should provide you with a lot of comfort and warmth.

Plus, they are all oversized to cater to the needs of the tall guys. Let your life in the woods or campsite count by getting a good sleeping bag.