Best Snow Shovels for Tall People: The Complete Buying Guide

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Snow Joe Shovelution SJ-SHLV20 20-in Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel w/ Spring Assisted Handle, Blue

Do you live in a snow-bound region? Every winter, you need to shovel snow off your driveway and pathways. Investing in a shovel is a good decision to prepare for the snowy season. 

However, tall people have found it challenging to remove snow with an inadequately-sized shovel. They need to bend over further to scoop up a layer of heavy snow. 

Shorter shovels are not the best choice for tall people – to find a great snow shovel for a tall person, read our comprehensive review. We’ve focused on the shovel length before making the best picks.

Ready to get that driveway cleared? Let’s bust out those Long Johns, put on a coat, and start shoveling!

Best Snow Shovel for Tall People: Comparison

Best Snow Shovels for Tall People

We’ve read customer reviews and checked the detailed features to find the top 5 snow shovels for you.

1. Snow Joe Shovelution SJ-SHLV01

We’ve placed this shovel at the top of our list due to its versatile design. Snow Joe Edge SJEG24 is a 2-in-1 model that lets you chop ice and shovel snow off the ground. Both the handle and blade are made of polyresin and are resistant to cold. The lightweight shovel has an aluminum wear strip to ensure weather resistance.

Snow Joe provides you with an ergonomic grip with a D-shaped handle. The oversized foam grip is another reason behind its ergonomics.

The length of the snow pusher is around 24 inches, while the size of the ice chopper is five inches. The total length of this product is 55 inches. 

The steel structure of the ice chopper ensures high durability. The steel tube has a coated design, so a harsh winter cannot affect its condition.

This is a good winter tool designed for pushing and lifting snow. You can easily slide out the head of the ice chopper from the shovel base.

  • 2-in-1 design
  • A long handle – best for tall people
  • No tools are needed for assembly
  • Should be more durable

2. MTB Snow Shovel Snow Pusher

The MTB Snow Shovel Snow Pusher is a lightweight snow pusher with a length of about 52 inches. The poly blade has a dimension of around 22 by 10 inches. The combination of a polypropylene blade with an aluminum handle has created a durable design. 

You can remove tons of snow with this well-designed snow shovel. The diameter of the handle tube is around 1-⅛ inches. Designed with poly resin, the blade doesn’t stick to the surface.

The ergonomic shovel has a D-shaped handle that can be gripped without feeling pain. However, you can also use the snow shovel for clearing camps and trail maintenance.

The shovel design consists of four pieces, and due to the spring buckle design, it’s easy to assemble and disassemble every part. You’ll need no additional tools for assembling the parts of your shovel. Pushpin installation and sawtooth design connections are two major features of the shovel.

Overall, the shovel is good for tall users due to its lengthy design.

  • Long-lasting blade
  • Detachable parts – solution for saving space
  • Aluminum alloy features deformation resistance 
  • Minor screwing problems with the handle

3. EarthWay Polar Tech 91048 

Available in different lengths, the longest one being 48 inches, the EarthWay Polar Tech is in the top 5 best snow shovels for tall people. Manufacturers have used aluminum and fiberglass to design this shovel. 

The fiberglass shovel shaft is especially capable of withstanding high temperatures. The poly structure of the shovel also ensures impact resistance. Although it has a sturdy design, the snow shovel is lightweight.

The slush-draining system ensures the shovel will not accumulate snow. The blade also has a non-stick surface. Use the single pin to attach the parts quickly. 

You can find different options for the blade widths. This model also has a D-handle for a good grip. You’ll feel comfortable while holding the shaft for snow removal. 

  • Quick-release system
  • Unbreakable, resilient blade
  • Made of ultra-high-density polymer
  • Easy to slide off the snow
  • Rusty – cheap plating

4. Suncast SC3250

Made of premium metal, the Suncast SC3250 is slightly different from other snow shovels, as it has a curved shovel shaft. You can find an ergonomic D-shaped handle at the end of the shaft. The blade width is about 18 inches, while the shovel length is 52 inches.

Suncast has used heavy-duty resin plastics for designing this snow pusher. The durable model does not need regular maintenance. Moreover, the coating is resistant to fading.

A tall user can easily grip a 40-inch steel handle and start removing the snow layer. The pusher-style blade has angled rib patterns to lift snow efficiently. Although there is no complicated design, the shovel is effective for snow removal purposes.

The blade is designed so that you can shovel off an optimal amount of snow at one time. The steel shaft is rust-resistant and has a powder-coated surface.

  • D-grip handle
  • Durable
  • Stylish green blade
  • Slightly costly

5. True Temper 1638900 Snow Shovel

The last one on our list is the True Temper Snow Shovel with a durable scoop that removes snow from flat and uneven surfaces. The dimension of the poly combo blade is about 18 inches.

The blade also has a nylon wear strip to make the design weather-resistant, and you’ll be able to use the blade for a longer period. You can easily grip the D-shaped handle. The long shovel shaft is made of steel.

Customers have found the shovel is much more sturdy and easy to use. Using this snow shovel, you can remove several inches of snow at a time. The compacted snow can be broken up with the use of this shovel. The pusher and the shovel together have a length of 52 inches.

  • No maintenance needed
  • A handle with increased stability
  • No chipping issue with the blade
  • The handle is clumsy, according to some users.

How to Buy the Best Shovels for Tall People

If you need to buy a snow shovel for a tall person, you have to decide on the ideal size. A shovel with a longer shaft and a slight bend closer to its scoop can be a perfect choice. Tall users can invest in a shovel with a length of at least 50 inches.

The longest length of a snow shovel is around 62 inches, and its handle may be about 48 inches. The heavy-duty shovels are available with aluminum blades best for moving heavier snow.

Check out other factors that must be checked when buying snow shovels:

The Model

Choosing the right type of shovel is the most important step. Conventional-style shovels are made from wood and plastics. 

But, the push snow shovels have a slightly different design that effectively removes snow from driveways. You can remove denser snow within a short time. The versatile ones enable you to lift, push and toss snow.

Material and Size of the Blade

Focus on every detail of the blade. The larger blades enable you to remove a significant amount of snow at a time. The blade size ranges from 12 to 30 inches. The smaller ones are the popular choice for scooping snow, but larger models push snow easily.

A metal blade made of aluminum gives a lightweight design. It’s better to avoid shovels with plastic blades since they can’t break ice properly. The best one is a steel blade to remove tough snow. Some shovels are also available with an iron blade.

Blade Design

You can clear flat surfaces and pavements using the best blade. Make sure to check the edge before purchasing the shovel. By moving the blade forward, the snow accumulates in the blade. Some blades have a scooping design best for removing snow from smaller sites, corners, and uneven surfaces.

Handle Design and Material

Your snow shovel should have a durable, easy-to-grip handle. It’s annoying when your hand slips out, so the type and grip of the handle are highly important. 

You’ll find shovels with straight and curved handles. The straighter handles are the right choice for lifting and tossing snow. Curved ones let you push snow.

The materials used make a difference – they ensure the shovel has a comfortable handle. Wood, steel, aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass are the most common materials in handles. 

Although steel and aluminum handles are resilient, they are quite cold to the touch. You need to put on gloves while holding them. Plastic handles make the shovel lightweight, but the force applied to these handles can cause damage.

Best Brands of Snow Shovels

Snow Joe

Snow Joe is a reputable brand, specializing in designing different outdoor tools. The brand also has a series of power equipment, with electric, cordless, and manual versions. It has manufactured several tools, ranging from snow blowers to tillers and land mowers.


MTB is another prominent company known for selling premium quality metal tools and hardware parts. Although we have chosen shovels from its collection, it has other products, like staircase balusters and fence gates.


EarthWay is a reliable brand that has designed different manual tools. It has introduced budget-friendly models of ice melt spreaders and garden seeders. This USA-based brand has designed professional-grade products for consumers.


Suncast is a recognized manufacturer of snow shovels, snow pushers, combos, and specialty snow tools. However, it has also designed storage systems and outdoor furniture for consumers. 

True Temper

True Temper is a trusted company that has designed different steel snow shovel models. It has also designed wheelbarrows and other tools for outdoor activities.


How will I prevent snow accumulation on the shovel?

One of the most distressing things is that soft snow can stick to a shovel. While clearing the pathway, users need to remove snow from blades repeatedly. It makes the shoveling task much more time-consuming. 

The best solution is that you can lubricate your shovel to let the snow slide down naturally without effort. Nowadays, modern shovels are available with non-stick blades. You can remove larger quantities of snow without the problem of stickiness.

Any tips for faster snow shoveling?

Grab a shovel when the snowfall stops. You’ll find that snow is lighter. 

When the snow is left on the ground for a longer period, it becomes heavy. Ultimately, you’ll need more time to accomplish your task of removing the hardened snow. 

The best quality snow shovels enable you to break down compacted snow with minimal effort.

How does a manual snow shovel differ from a snow pusher?

There are multiple snow removal options, like snow shovels and pushers. While shovels have rectangular, flat blades, snow pushers have curved blades with a longer and narrower design. You can push the snow with a pusher. 

However, a deep scoop is found in both of them. For walkways and other small zones, you can buy a snow shovel. It’s better to buy a combo model with a pusher and shovel.

How does the snow shovel differ from snow blowers?

The snow shovel is a minimalistic tool to remove layers of snow. However, a snow blower is a complicated machine that lets you remove more snow without taking much effort.

What is the average snow shovel length?

The average snow shovel length can range from 18 to 24 inches.


Now that you’ve read these various reviews, it should be easy to pick out the best snow shovel for a tall person. You can check the durability of the shaft and blade to distinguish the higher-end models from cheaper models. 

Some snow shovels are available in different dimensions. A telescoping handle makes the shovel length adjustable. For removing heavier loads of snow, look for shovels with an ergonomic design, and you won’t feel tired.You can’t avoid buying an emergency shovel for your winter needs. For the last tip, try to shovel the snow as soon as possible, as you don’t want to injure yourself this winter!