Best Socks For Big Feet Guide (8 Best Extra Large Socks)

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best socks for big feet

It goes without saying; bigger feet, bigger socks. But you must agree; the best socks for big feet are more than being big-size.

There are other critical aspects such as warmth, moisture-wicking, cushioning, and even style.

As a big guy, you want socks that keep your feet dry and prevent odor. You also want options that keep your feet warm and protect them from shoes bites and blisters.

Well, not every sock on the market can do that. As you’ll learn in this post, socks come in different fabrics, all having unique properties.

Plus, they are also classified according to their intended use.

So, how about we discuss all your options under the buying guide?

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8 Best Socks for Big Feet

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How Do You Find the Best Socks For Big Feet?

There’s so much that goes into finding the best socks. And given that you have bigger feet, you’ve to pay special attention to the socks size and comfort.

Generally, you’ve to ask the following five questions:

  • What’s my foot size?
  • What socks material suits me most?
  • What do I intend to use the socks for?
  • Do I need specialized socks?
  • What else do I need from my socks?

Let’s discuss the five questions below:

  • What’s Your Foot Size? What Are The Best Socks For Your Feet?

Logic dictates that you find socks that are as big as your feet. But since you don’t want them to constrict your feet, the socks should be slightly bigger than your feet.

In that case, go for an inch or two more.

Below is a U.S socks guide you can refer to when picking socks size for your big feet.

Sock SizeMen’s Shoe Size (U.S)Women’s Shoe Size (U.S)
9-11Size 3-8Size 5-10
10-13Size 7-12Size 10.5-13
14+Size 12.5+Size 14+
  • What Socks Material Suits You Better?

After the size, the other important area to pay attention to is the material. You’ve to pick a material that suits your wearing needs.

Below are your options:

1. Cotton

Cotton is quite popular on socks, mainly owing to its affordability and sound absorbency. You can count on cotton socks to wick away sweat.

Cotton is also soft, easy to clean, and warm.

The only problem is that it has poor breathability and takes time to dry. As a result, it’s not best for high-intensity workouts or any form of active use.

socks for big feet

2. Polyamide/Nylon

Polyamide, popularly known as nylon, is famous for active users because of its high resistance. Nylon can resist excessive stretching, water, and scratching.

When blended with other materials, nylon is not only durable but elastic too.

It, however, doesn’t absorb moisture or keep you warm as much as cotton. It’s also less breathable and thus likely to stink and attract fungi.

3. Wool

Unlike cotton, wool is slightly more breathable, thus less likely to stink after excess sweating. It’s also warmer than cotton, making it excellent in cold weather.

The primary issue is that wool is thicker and so the socks are likely to feel heavier. Wool socks are also expensive.

They, however, offer adequate cushioning, thus safer for your feet.

4. Bamboo

Bamboo makes socks that are more breathable and more comfortable than cotton.

However, their biggest selling point is their hypoallergenic properties, making them best for guys with sensitive feet.

Bamboo socks are overall a luxury choice, thus costlier.

5. Polyester

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that’s used chiefly with cotton on socks. So, polyester socks share a few properties with cotton socks, such as being durable and warm.

The socks are also affordable.

The only downside is that polyester is a poor absorbent. So, unlike cotton, polyester socks won’t absorb a lot of sweat. As a result, they are best for non-active uses.

what are the most comfortable socks

6. Spandex

Spandex is popularly known for its stretch resistance. The socks won’t lose their shape or extend after washing. That explains why most long socks come in spandex material.

7. Silk

Silk socks are lighter, thus best for the warm weather. They also wick away sweat and feel soft on the skin.

Their major downside is that they are less durable. So, silk socks are not best for everyday use.

Silk socks are also costlier.

Other Materials

Other standard socks fabrics include rayon, propylene, and cashmere.

Rayon is known for its high absorption and comfort, while cashmere is known for its silkiness, softness, and lightweight.

Polypropylene, on the other hand, is known for its warmth, waterproofness, and exceptional comfort.

  • What Do You Intend to Use the Socks For?

Socks are also classified according to their intended use. So, you’ve to pick an option that matches how you want to use them.

In that case, here are the popular categories:

a) Athletic Socks

Athletic socks, popularly known as multisport socks, are the go-for options for workouts, running, and sports activities.

The best athletic socks for big feet have high moisture-wicking properties to absorb sweat quickly. They also come with adequate cushioning to prevent injuries.

best athletic socks for big feet

b) Casual Socks

These are probably the commonest socks around. They are thin and lightweight and come with stripes and patterns.

From their name, they are best for casual wearing. Thus, you can wear them with any casual shoes.

c) Hiking/Walking Socks

These socks are just for what their name is suggesting. They come with moisture absorption and cushioning to keep your feet dry and prevent blisters.

They are generally best for walking with for long hours.

d) Backpacking Socks

These socks come with additional thickness to offer more cushioning, especially around the feet ball. They generally suit hikers with narrow feet, and you can wear them on long trails.


We also have mountaineering, snowboarding, and ski socks. All three socks are thick to protect your feet.

Overall, mountaineering socks are the thickest, intended for the coldest and most rugged conditions.

  • Do You Need Specialized Socks?

We also have a set of socks that are intended for particular uses. They feature special features that set them apart from the rest.

Here are the available options:

a) Waterproof Socks

Waterproof socks can be worn on top of regular socks or in their place. In the first case, they keep regular socks dry, while in the second case, they keep your feet dry.

In general, these socks are best for surfers and paddlers.

b) Compression Socks

Compression socks apply pressure on the lower leg, and that improves blood flow while reducing swelling. So, these socks are generally therapeutic.

They are generally used by athletes to aid in their recovery or improve their workouts or performance.

These socks usually are knee-high type (discussed below). Perfect examples are the Graduated Medical Compression Socks (Amazon Link).

Graduated Medical Compression Socks

c) Fleece Socks

Fleece socks for big feet come in thicker fabric to be worn as house slippers. But still, you can wear them with regular sandals or footwear.

The socks not only keep you warm but also keep your feet dry, owing to their exceptional moisture-wicking.

d) Heated Socks

Heated socks are battery-powered to keep your feet warm under freezing conditions. They are generally a good choice for fishing in cold water and winter sports.

What Else Should You Consider?

It’s also important to consider the following:

  • Moisture Wicking

The best socks should be the ones that absorb moisture and keep your feet dry. That not only improves your foot comfort but also prevents fungi and foot odor.

  • Fit

The socks must fit. They shouldn’t be too loose as they’ll feel uncomfortable. They should also not be too tight to constrict your vein.

So, you should be able to pull them slightly.

  • Cushioning

One of the roles of socks is to cushion your feet and prevent injury. That’s possible if they come with enough material to prevent your feet from rubbing against the shoes’ interior.

  • Thermal Quality

Another critical role of socks is to keep you warm. So, that should be the case, especially in cold weather.

The socks should be thick enough to insulate your feet and keep them warm.

  • Color and Style

It’s generally up to you here. You can pick whatever socks color or style as long as they complement your clothes and shoes.

What Are The Best Socks For Swollen Feet? Types of Socks for Big Feet

According to their length, socks for big feet come in the following types:

1. No-Show Socks for Big Feet

Sometimes known as invisible socks, no-show socks are not designed to be seen. Instead, their role is to protect your feet from blisters and prevent them from sweating.

So, they come with a protective layer but usually are thinner than others.

These socks are best worn with loafers or ballerina shoes.

Overall, the Balega Blister Resist No Show Socks (Amazon Link) are the best no show socks for big feet.

2. Low-Cut Socks for Big Feet

Low-cut socks are slightly longer than non-slow socks, but they only rest slightly above the shoe edges. So, people might see them when they get close.

These socks are best for running shoes, and top recommendations for big feet are the Fitrell Men’s Low Cut Sports Socks (Amazon Link).

These athletic socks have anti-blister properties and are generally durable and comfortable.

3. Ankle Socks for Big Feet

Ankle socks come at ankle length to suit low-cut shoes such as loafers. The socks are good at protecting your feet and are generally an excellent casual choice.

They cover your feet up to the ankle, just as the name suggests. Overall, these socks are tasteful but equally functional.

You can tell that from the Amazon Essentials Ankle Socks (Amazon Link).

These athletic socks promise arch compression, fatigue relief, and heel cushioning.

4. Quarter/Anklets Socks for Big Feet

Quarter socks are almost the same size as ankle socks, but they go slightly above the ankles. So, they offer your feet more compression against shoes bites and blisters.

Quarter socks are perfect with formal and informal choices and are generally unisex.

Fantastic recommendations for big feet are the Gold Toe 656p Quarter Socks (Amazon Link), that fit shoes size 12-16.

5. Mid-Calf Socks for Big Feet

Mid-calf socks come in a length that reaches your calf’s mid-way. Because of their size, they are sometimes known as trouser socks.

These socks are generally a formal choice, but you can wear them to dinners and events.

As a big guy, you cannot go wrong with the Extra Wide Comfort Fit Crew Socks (Amazon Link).

These socks suit bigger and wider feet.

6. Knee-High Socks for Big Feet

Knee-high socks are just what they sound like. These socks cover your calf completely and reach your knees.

They are the traditional schoolgirl socks, thus the best women’s socks for large feet. Females can wear them with skirts or dresses and the classic Mary Jane shoes to create a nostalgic look.

Nothing fits the description better than the Graduated Medical Compression Socks (Amazon Link). These socks are compression type, thus therapeutic.

7. Over-the-Calf Socks for Big Feet

Over-the-calf socks rest slightly above your calf. Some people call them executive socks because of their formal appeal.

They are, however, a popular sports choice, especially for running and workouts.

Perfect recommendations are the Gold Toe Over-the-Calf Socks (Amazon Link).

The athletic socks fit shoe sizes 12-15.

8. Thigh-High (Over-the-Knee) Socks for Big Feet

Thigh-high socks generally go above the knees and rest on your thighs. They are a popular choice for women, especially when paired with skirts.

However, men can wear them with sports shoes or boots, especially football boots.

Perfect choices for big feet are the IXI Over-Knee Cotton Socks (Amazon Link).


Closing Thought:

Now you know what the best socks for big feet are. You can use my guide to choose socks based on intended use, fabric, and length.

Those are the ground rules for finding comfortable socks!