Best Sweatpants For Tall Men Comfort 2023 (Buyer’s Guide)

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The manufacturing brands have done some of the greatest jobs in making awesome clothing for the tall men across the globe. Talk of the T-shirts, shirts, jeans, official pants among others.

Now, brands are even producing sweatpants for tall men. And this is important wear given that your lounging needs would be taken care of quite well.

The ordinary pants might have infuriated you at some point. It may have looked almost impossible to get the favorite sweatpants for your height.

Fortunately, I have reviewed some of the best sweatpants for tall guys that you’d find quite relaxing if you wore them for an evening stroll or just decided to use them as pajamas.

If you find it difficult to get from your local stores, the online shops like Amazon would do you a great favor. There is a huge variety there.

I’ll be reviewing these varieties in depth in this guide. Therefore, read on for the recommendations.

Best Sweatpants for Tall People Compared

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What’s the Best Sweatpants for Tall Guys?

The following are the ideal measurements for sweatpants for those guys who are over 6 foot. You can always refer to the table for your best fit.

SizeWaist Length (Inches)Inseam Length (Inches)
M Tall3335-37
L Tall3635-37
XL Tall3835-37
2XL Tall4035-37
3XL Tall4235-37
M Extra Tall3338-40
L Extra Tall3638-40
XL Extra Tall3838-40
2XL Extra Tall4038-40


From the table above, you are definitely going to get your favorite size that fits your tall frame. So, whether you are slightly above 6 feet or just above 7 feet, you should stay calm.

Talking about the sweatpants brands that would satisfy your needs you can try and check out for the following. They are just a part of the many on the market.

1.Russel Athletic Sweatpants

These have been stitched to make you comfortable. They will provide you with the kind of satisfaction you’ve been looking for long.

Russel Athletics have lots of stylish sweatpants for men if you are the fashion person. Their high-performing joggers and sweatpants are the kinds you want to have them lined in your closet.

2. American Tall

It is no secret that American Tall are gaining the ground among the tall community for the premium quality clothes they design and produce.

Their aim is to cater for the tall folk who find it hard to get the sweatpants that would fit them perfectly. In simplest words, they are a one-stop shop for tall shoppers.

And it does not matter what height you are, they have everything for you.

3. Amazon Essentials

The Amazon Essentials have been making some great, tall size sweatpants. Their products are without doubt high-quality and last for long.

You will be treated to comfort and yet, Amazon Essentials sweatpants at easily affordable prices.

Why You Should Consider Buying the Best Sweatpants for Tall Person.

Getting the right pair of sweatpants is a great way to grace your wardrobe. And the reasons for acquiring the best can be summarized as follows:

  • Comfort

Buying the right pair of sweatpants is the beginning of your comfort. You want to make sure that you are wearing properly fitting pants that do not look too small.

This will not only boost your outlook in the public but also give you the necessary confidence you need. Just keep in mind that you want to maintain a positive self-image and having the right clothing (sweatpants in this case) helps.

  • Protection

All clothes are worn for the primary purpose of being protected. High-quality men’s sweatpants are a must for you.

If you go for workouts in the gym, you need the best pair. You don’t want your legs to burn from the effects of hot sun.

You don’t need to worry when mosquitoes are all over because the pants will protect you from their irritating bites.

  • Sweatpants Absorb Moisture

In case you started sweating due to increased temperatures outside or you were having a routine jogging session, the pants do a great job of wicking away the sweat. You will keep cool while remaining dry.

  • Easy to Move Around In

It is pretty easy to move around on sweatpants. Perhaps this is the main reason why most fitness enthusiasts would recommend these pants for exercise.

As a tall person, get the right one and you will experience the most lively workout sessions. You want your exercises to be free of interruptions and uneasiness.

  • Burning Calories

With sweatpants on your body, you can be guaranteed that your body heat will increase. Unless, of course, you are kind of sick.

Therefore, whether these are nike tall sweatpants or another brand, you will definitely become hot. And this heat accumulated in the pants can help burn more calories – although the calories burnt will not create a huge difference in terms of the workout results if you were exercising.

Different Types of Sweatpants for Tall Men.

When it comes to sweatpant types, you can be sure there are many. Depending on your taste, you can choose which types or designs appeal most to you.

Here are some of the types you will see on the market:

1. Big and Tall Sweatpants

The big and tall sweatpants for men are designed with a classic, loose fit that would surely be the thing for any tall person over six foot. Mostly, these pants come with great versatile performance.

The waistband is usually made to be very comfortable; it’s covered and elastic. And can also be easily adjusted to fit you quite well.

These sweatpants come in generous cuts; so you’ll not have to worry about their size, especially if you are bigfoot.

Nike Men’s Club Swoosh Fleece Open Hem Sweatpants comes 80 percent cotton-made and 20 percent polyester. They are machine washable and you will like the softness and warmness of the brushed-back fleece.

2. Tall Men’s Sweatpants 36 Inseam

If you are a tall guy 6’3″ to 6’8″, the tall 36 inseam sweatpants would be your product. These sweatpants come with long length as you can see the inseam (36 inches).

Therefore, your long legs will be taken care of pretty well.

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3. Men’s Tall Open Bottom Sweatpants

With open bottom sweatpants, there are no elastics at the bottom of the pants. They are easy-going sweatpants with a straight leg outlook.

The pants are also roomy and the open bottom ankles will help you feel free at the bottom end of your legs.

Gildan Men’s Fleece Open Bottom Sweatpants are breathable and good at wicking away moisture. The pants have been designed to be durable. Their smooth feel mean that you’ll be comfortable while wearing them.

4. Sweatpants for Tall Skinny Guys

The sweatpants for tall men who are skinny or rather thin are rare to get. But there are committed brands like the American Tall who have specialized in the tall slim clothing.

Thus, eliminating any fears of difficulties for the tall slim guys of finding their best sweatpant fits. Although the slim sweatpants for tall skinny guys have longer inseam lengths, they come with reduced waistbands.

Brooklyn Athletics Men’s Twill Jogger Pants Soft Stretch Slim Fit Trousers (amazon link) are such an adventurous fit that will make you comfortable all through.

The sweatpants come with two side pockets, back pocket and waistband.

5. Basic Length Sweatpants

These sweatpants are designed not too long and not too short. Their design is a standard – therefore you should neither expect them to be too tight or loose.

Great news about them is that they are both comfortable and attractive. And you can use them for strolling around your neighborhood in the evening or during a weekend.

6. Cropped Sweatpants for Tall Person

The cropped men’s long sweatpants are some of the most stylish pants you can find on the market today. These are your pants when you don’t want them to come all the way down to the ankles.

In other words, they stop somewhere in the mid-calf of your leg. You can use these pants as casual wear or even during workouts.

The waistband is elastic or sometimes they would come with a drawstring which make them easy to wear or take off.

You will get cropped sweatpants made with different materials (polyester, cotton, nylon etc.). They also exist in different colors so it’s upon you to pick what pleases your eyes.

You can try out the PUMA Men’s Downtown Sweat Pants Cropped. These are made of soft fabrics and are also machine washable.

7. Pocketed Sweatpants for Tall Person

The sweatpants with pockets can give you the extra comfort. By the way, not all the sweatpants have side pockets – these pockets come large sized and deep.

The advantages of these pants are immense: for example during a morning jog, just keep your car keys in the pockets and have fun exercise. No worries of losing your keys because the pockets are deep enough.

The pocketed sweatpants are not uncommon and getting them may not be a big problem. But just remember to get the best large tall sweatpants when looking for one or a few pairs.

The Russell Athletic Men’s Dri-Power Closed-Bottom Fleece Pocket Pant is a go for wear for you the tall person. The price is quite good given the quality of the brand and pants.

The side pockets are generously sized; they are deep and large to carry your valuables wherever you’ll be.

8. Relaxed Sweatpants for Tall Person

The thigh and seat areas of the relaxed sweatpants are roomy to make sure that you are comfortable all the way through the workout activity you could be involved in.

The relaxed pants are great for the big and tall guys who come with that extra weight. They will perfectly let your body be loosened for your full comfort.

SCR Men’s Workout Activewear Pants Athletic Sweatpants could be a great choice for you. This pants have been crafted from a blend of durable and soft cotton fabric. It is easy to maintain or clean these pants: they are machine washable.

How to Choose the Best Sweatpants for Tall Person.

Before you make the important decision to buy a pair of pants for yourself or family, you need to remember it’s a process. There are a number of things to look at if you want to get the right pair of sweatpants for you.

  • Size

You know your stature and you don’t want to get this wrong when it comes to securing a pair of sweatpants. Look for the size that fits you appropriately.

Go for the next size up. Sometimes going for the exact size can be tricky as your pants might shrink when you wash them.

Make reference to the size charts and pick your best men’s tall athletic pants 36 inseam or above.

  • Material

You must ask yourself the question of the materials used to make the sweatpants you are looking to buy. Going for the easy fabric may feel great on your body.

Different materials are used to manufacture the pants: cotton (most common), polyester, nylon or a blend of these materials. Just make sure that the material you have chosen will give you full satisfaction in terms of comfort and even confidence.

You want to ensure that the materials are durable and therefore are going to last long.

  • Design

As you have seen, there are many different types and designs of sweatpants on the market. Whether you are looking for the relaxed, tight or open bottom sweatpants, the styles are all over the marketplace.

In fact, what you need to do is to have your solid choices ready in mind. And it doesn’t harm to go for more than one design of the sweatpants.

  • Fabric Weight

The weight is determined by the type of material used to make the pants. And it’s an important factor that you’ll need to consider before making a purchase.

Both extra and medium tall sweatpants will have different weights. Those pants with fleece materials are usually lighter and provide enough heat when it’s cold.

  • Leg Opening

Get a pair of pants with a closed bottom when you are targeting to use them for workout at the gym or cycling. Such pants come with an elastic band at the bottom end.

If you want to use your pants just as casual wear, you may even go for the open bottom ones. But it all depends on the purpose for which you are buying them.

  • Pockets

It would be better to get sweatpants with pockets to enable you to carry valuables if it’s a must. This is a great solution especially if the pockets are deep and large enough.

Additionally, a great pair of pants should come with a drawstring when it is more than your size around the waistline.

Final Word

Talking about sweatpants for tall men, you want to make sure that you get only the best fits for yourself or family. Knowing the various designs and styles on the market is really vital.

The varieties enable you to go for exactly what you love. It only depends on your taste and preference.

Other things you want to consider before buying the pants include that comfort they are going to provide you and even the price.

Just take your time and make a shrewd decision to get the best pants for you.

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