A Guide To The Best T Shirts For Tall Skinny Guys.

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best t shirts for tall skinny guys

There is everything great tall that people can thank life for, and height is probably one of those. Talking about height, however, doesn’t mean things become rosier every day.

Nope! Not exactly.

One problem area that these chaps have to face is finding the best t shirts for tall skinny guys. It is not an easy undertaking.

If you’re not in this category, you may be clueless about this toil. Just get to the community discussion platforms for tall guys; you’ll have a rough picture of what I am talking about here.


We know that manufacturers keep on producing more outfits for the popular majority. In this case, average-sized guys and this is understandable for the economies of scale.

Which is why the tall slim guys would find most t-shirts shorter, usually wide and with short sleeves. Whoa! Very frustrating indeed.

As a tall person, you will have to be lucky to wrap your shopping for t-shirts under one shop. Unless this is one of the few one-stop boutiques for tall guy’s clothes.

Nonetheless, you’ll keep on hopping from one shop to another for the best fit. But remember you waste a lot of time, maybe also money for transport and you get worked out in the end.

So, what do you do? Things are not becoming better, you know.

We have a word for you here. We will help you figure out how to get tall slim tees that would leave you in full satisfaction. And where to find them, probably.

Let’s start by looking at what’s exactly your t-shirt size?

Best T shirt For Tall Skinny Guys

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What’s The Best T shirt For Tall Skinny Guys

Well, the exact size depends on the person him/herself. But generally, these tips should guide you to identify the right fit for you.

When you go to buy these t-shirts, you would possibly see two categories; the large tall and tall slim t-shirts. Of the two, the perfect size for you would be the tall slim t-shirts.

Remember you need a t-shirt perfect from start to finish.

Depending on your size, assuming a tall person is considered to be somewhere over 6 inches and above, you can assess the recommendations tabulated below.

(Your weight is one of those crucial factors that should determine exactly what size is your fit.)

SizeHeight Range Weight
Small 6′ – 6’4″140 – 170 lbs.
Medium6’2″ – 6’6″170 – 200 lbs.
Large 6’4″ – 6’8″200 – 240 lbs.
Extra-Large6’8″ – 7′240 – 280 lbs.

Source: tallslimtees.com

Clearly, this is the ultimate summary of the men’s tall slim fit t-shirts you might be looking for. As the tall slim guys are not of the same exact size, so are the t-shirts for them.

So whether you are just over 6 feet or a towering chap at 7 feet, this has got very easy for you.

The options given above are a result of having identified the real challenges tall skinny guys encounter in fashion wears. Maybe let’s go through them here.

Common Challenges Tall Skinny Guys Face in Getting the Right T-shirts For Themselves

Being tall is one unique challenge. But mix it with a skinny frame and you’ll certainly have to hassle getting the right t-shirts that fit you.

Why struggle anyway?

  • Most Stores Don’t Sell These Kinds of T-shirts

Yes, you heard me. This happens to be a very common problem for the tall and skinny guys.

Most stores tend to stock, or even overstock (!) other clothes for the average-sized categories. Even so, they do not seem to pay much attention to the needs of the tall guys.

It could leave you wondering whether sales of long slim t-shirts don’t count per se as far as profits are concerned.

Many tall guys complain when they visit such places. And, you don’t want to be the next on the list of being disappointed after wasting hours and hours of unpromising search.

Sounds really painful but they (business guys) have their reasons for doing that. And I bet one of the reasons could be this:

  • Manufacturers Aren’t Sure of the Market; So They Neglect Tall Guys

A clever “excuse” indeed from the manufacturers here. But, that was their claim some years back.

That has possibly changed with the modern demands.

You could easily grudgingly agree with them on the numbers of tall, skinny folk. Yet, it still doesn’t justify the suffering these guys have to go through, to be fair.

But on the business end, manufacturers think they would be missing on what we call, the economies of scale. Which could be true if you leaned on the business side of the story.

If the manufacturers only boosted the volumes in this category by a slight margin, it would be a great reprieve. Otherwise, it remains one major challenge for the tall guys.

  • Getting The Style of Choice

Everyone wants to get the best t shirts. For tall skinny guys, it’s even a bigger dream.

This sounds a simple thing for an ordinary-sized individual. But it isn’t for their tall counterparts, by any chance whatsoever.

For them, getting that variety of styles (within their size range) they would want is a nightmare. You know looks are enhanced by fashion and fashion is all about style.

When we talk about style, we refer to the comforts of different colors, short/long sleeved types; we mean the various styles like polo, Henley and raglan etc.

You think finding these is a walk in the park. No. Not for these chaps.

Afterwards the tall guy could fall to the pressure and decide to go for custom fits.

  • But There’s a Problem with Custom T-shirts Also

The costs.

Anyone deciding to go the custom way would definitely cough out more cash than the others. Although this could be one great way to get your best tall tees and say bye to the struggles.

Custom made t-shirts won’t come at similar prices you would buy the ready-made ones. Because you are giving unique specifications to a vendor.

Another challenge to this is the quality of the custom fits. If you don’t get a truly experienced clothing vendor with the real passion of craftsmanship, you are messed up, even more stress, right?

This Is Why You Should Consider Getting the Right T-shirts If You’re Tall and Skinny.

Is there anything special with getting the right, or rather the best t-shirts?

best t shirts for tall skinny guys

If you’re a tall and skinny guy, this is an outright yes; there is everything special.

Here’s why.

  1. Get Confidence

“The best clothing is confidence.”

That’s a common saying you might have passed across somewhere. You would agree with it if you know the meaning and pride of impression (that’s what confidence brings)

And, have you ever heard people talk about dressing confidently?

That’s how it gets important to have the best t-shirts for tall guys. The last thing you want to do is feel unimportant because what you’re putting on is, well, something embarrassing in the form a t-shirt.

  1. You’re Going to Be Comfortable

Try putting on something you doubt people will admire. You would be given a reality check the whole day.

The anxiety and fears associated with small-sized or loose-fitting t-shirts is not something you can like.

But with proper, well-fitting shirts of your size, you feel comfortable, relaxed and even confident to meet other people, including the special ones.

  1. You Give a Positive Impression

Ordinarily, dressing with good outfits should provide you with that first positive impression. This is even important to help you build relationships with new people.

Remember when you impress someone, it means you did well to attract them and catch their attention in the first place. It could be one of those slim fit t-shirts you did wear on that day that moved the person (s) to you.

Different Types of T-shirts Suitable For Tall Skinny Guys

Now having learnt a few things here and there, it should be a great moment to familiarize with different types of tees for tall person.

Let your wardrobe fill with variety and style.

1. Polo T-shirt

A polo t-shirt is designed with a collar and placket with two or three buttons attached to it. Materials used to make this t-shirt are usually knitted cotton or silk/synthetic fibers.

The t-shirt can also be made from a natural-synthetic fiber combination.

These t-shirts can be used for different purposes including formal events or just hanging out with friends or even at the job. They are mostly known to be worn by golfers.

They are good for guys with slim bodies and they would give you a great impression.

Get this pique polo shirt at amazon, one of the best t-shirts for tall guys around. It’s a strong, soft t-shirt made from the durable pique fabric.

2. V-Neck T-shirts

These t-shirts are common among many men. They have a neck with a V-shape.

If you want something to create both casual and formal impression, then these t-shirts will do.

Good for the slim looking tall guys.

This Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch V-Neck would be ideal for you. It’ll perfectly fit and is soft, light and flexible. And this is a t-shirt that won’t shrink when washed.

3. Henley T-shirts

The Henley t-shirts come with a Y-neck style. You could think it’s something between the crew and V-neck ideas.

Or you would associate them with polo t-shirts; because apart from the t-shirts being collarless, other features seem to match. They have a deep-running placket with buttons.

Whether you want short or long sleeved versions, it’ upon you.

So get a high quality and comfy Aiyino Mens Casual Slim Fit Long Sleeve Henley T-shirts Cotton T-shirts. You will like its comfortable outlook.

4. Raglan T-shirts

With the raglan t-shirts for skinny guys, you will see that normal design of a raglan; sleeves usually extend towards the collar with the seam also stretching from the underarm and to the collar.

In most cases, the sleeves and t-shirt are in different colors. These t-shirts can be worn casually but you’ll see them used as sportswear, especially baseball.

With this Dream USA Men’s Casual Sleeve Baseball T-shirt Raglan Jersey Shirt, you will have a perfect fit that comes with great comfort and it’s affordable.

5. Hooded T-shirts

The hooded t-shirts are well received by most men. They come in different lightweight styles than the standard hoodies you know.

You would also be treated to features like chest pockets, kangaroo pockets and so on. Others have zip-up options.

Check this Amazon Essentials Men’s Tech Stretch Long-Sleeve Hooded T-Shirt, one of the best shirts for tall skinny guys. It’s comfortable and mid-weight to protect you from cold or drizzles.

6. Crew Neck T-shirts

The most common t-shirts around with men. Popularly known for their rounded necklines.

If you have a small chest, these shirts could improve your outlook so that you appear broader and balanced.

You may go for this Crew Neck Long Sleeve and you get it comfortable for your slim size. It is made from soft, light and stretching fabric material. Would not shrink when washed by hands or machine.

How to Choose The Best T Shirts For Tall Skinny Guys.

  • Size

As a slim guy, this should probably top your list. If your t-shirt is too small that your skinny build is exposed all over, this is not something you’ll need.

Again, anything baggy and saggy would only make you ridiculous.

So go for a proper fit refer to the table discussed earlier.

  • Shape

When considering this aspect, go for t-shirts with the normal looking shapes that kind of cut along your body shape. Remember you want to come out in a clean likeable look.

Don’t pick box-like tees; with your skinniness, they can only worsen your situation.

  • Type and Design

There are several types on the market based on different parameters such as collars, sleeves, neck shapes, colors etc.

Whether you are going for a polo, Henley or crew-neck, first know which design works best for you. These variations also give you a host of options to fill your wardrobe.

  • Materials Used

Most outfits, including clothes for tall skinny guys, come in blended material.

If I was to recommend the best material, cotton would come up there. Why? It’s natural, soft to the touch, and gives you the comfortable feeling you deserve.

A mix of cotton and polyester or any other synthetic is not that bad too.

  • Length

Well, consider a t-shirt whose bottom hem doesn’t go down beyond your hips. You just do not wish to expose your belly (when stretching) and your back when bending down – if the t-shirt is not long enough.

  • Your Budget

This is the ultimate factor in getting the best t-shirts for men.

Consider keeping your budget at the level where you’d get the best t-shirts for your size. Don’t limit yourself if you have that surplus cash in your wallet.

The Bottom-line

It may take a lot of time to get the t-shirts of your choice. But, most brands are now lining up spectacular t-shirts for guys like you. No need to shrivel.

All you need is the quality tee that would boost your confidence, give you the greatest impression and make you comfortable all through.

Consider the wide range of options in polo shirts, Henley or Raglan types and you won’t miss your favorite.

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