Best Tents with Tall Center Height : A Detailed Guide.

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tents with tall center height

When you are a tall person, the thought of entering a standard tent will always be bad news to you. Such tents are not something you want to use while you are outdoors for backpacking or camping trip.

Tents with tall center height seem to be hard to find. But without doubt it is exactly what you need for guaranteed comfort and protection in the wild.

This kind of tent allows you to walk freely without having to bend beneath the ceiling. The center height should be incredibly tall, say over 6 feet.

The space inside the tent has to be enough. You should consider the total area of the tent which shouldn’t be anything 150 square feet or thereabouts.

If you have been using just any other tents, it’s high time you switched gears. More so if you are “big foot”.

Fortunately, I have assembled this information together to help you get the best tents on the market. Just read through.

Best Tents For Tall Center Height

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What is the Best Tent with Tall Center Height?

Browning Camping Big Horn Two-Room Tent comes first when looking for the tall center height tents. In fact, it’s a tall family tent; thus there should not be panic if you go camping with your tall family members and friends. All of you will perfectly fit in.

This tent is freestanding. It is strong, built with fiberglass and has large doors to accommodate your big stature.

Regarding its dimensions, the extra-tall center height is 87 inches and the oversized design of 15 x 10 feet is generous for about 8 people.

The tent can guarantee you just what you wanted for the family. And you won’t be inconvenienced by carrying along multiple tents in order to house the larger group as individual persons.

Benefits of Buying the Best Tent with Tall Center Height.

  • Easy to Set Up
tents tall enough to stand in

Many tall tents in this category are easy to setup. Although this depends on the brand itself.

The installation process is simple and straightforward, no expert knowledge is needed. This quick process can save you a lot of time.

  • Comfort and Convenience

This is quite straightforward. As a tall person, there is no need to keep winding inside the tent for the fear of hitting your head in the roof.

As usual, this could create some level of discomfort. Fortunate enough, the tents with tall center height have more headroom, this makes you walk inside them freely comfortably without knocking, bumping or crushing the ceiling.

  • Spacious

When it comes to space, these tents are the real deal. They come with huge capacity to accommodate a given number of sleepers, say a tall 4-person tent, 6 person or even 8-person tent.

Thus, these models will usually have generous amounts of space.

  • Protection

These tents offer great protection for the campers. They are built to be strong, stable and versatile.

It doesn’t matter the prevailing weather (windy or rainy) because these are some of the best protective tents around.

Different Types of Tents with Tall Center Height.

As with other products, camping tents for tall people are available in different designs, styles and types. Depending on your preference, you can choose which type works best for you.

It is vital to note the important features, however, when buying a certain tent type. Here are the types:

1. Tall Pop Up Tent

If you are going for quick trips for example, you are camping in your garden or going to nearby places for a quick visit, tall pop up tents are the thing for you.

They are extremely easy to setup. You do not need an instruction manual to complete the set-up. Just pull it out of its bag and throw in the air and it will “pop up” into full size tent.

The different colors and shapes of the pop up tents are there on the market. But getting the tents tall enough to stand in should be your main business.

The pop up tents could be blown away by strong wind quite easily. Their structure is weak and therefore susceptible to wind.

2. Tall Cabin Tent

With cabin tents, you have tents with near-perfect straight walls. If you are new to camping gear, telling apart cabin and dome tents can be a bit confusing.

But as said before, the near-vertical walls and straight poles of the cabin tents identify the cabin style. They are roomy because plenty of space is created by the near-vertical walls.

The headroom is big enough. So if you are tall, you won’t have to bend so much in these tents 6 ft. height guys would be well accommodated.

While this design of the tent is stable, spacious and tall, they can pose some challenges when setting them up. Again, the cabin tents are too heavy; you will definitely not want to carry them for a backpacking.

Browning Camping Big Horn Two-Room Tent is a tent you want to have in the campsite. It is a freestanding style with extra strength and support.

If you are a person who likes it cool and breezy, the six (!) windows on this tent is something to relish. And you are going to enjoy life under this one roof with family or friends.

3. Tall Tent with Screened Porch

These are tents that come with a screen room. This design is a thing of beauty and makes the camper have a better camping experience.

The porch gives you extra room where you can rest as you enjoy the outside view. And of course, you watch the wild without being worried of harsh weather like rain and cold in the comfort of the screened room.

Some screen porches have floors. Which ensure that you are not encroached by rainwater when it rains outside.

Whether you want to read a book, or you also want to have a break from the rest of family, the screen porch can be of great value. Especially if you have camped together as family.

This Coleman 8-Person Dome Tent with Screen Room comes with enough livable space. The center height is six-foot; the set up for the tent is quick. In just 15 minutes, you will be done.

Improved air circulation from the window awnings is something you don’t want to miss as a summer camper.

4. Tall Dome Tent

The dome style tents can come with a tall height. It is potentially one of those tents with tall center height you want to look at on the market.

The tent has a great look when assembled. It has large mesh window especially on the rear side where you can watch the outside quite comfortably.

The Coleman Dome Tent for Camping is the right choice if you are going to camp 6 of you. It has storage pockets that makes it easy for you to keep your stuff. It’s also easy to set up.

5. Tall Camping Tents

These tents will mostly come with plenty of headroom. Hence, you are able to stretch out and even stand inside them without necessarily getting inconvenienced due to your tall height.

The large, tall camping tents have sufficient space. The windows on the sides of the tent are great at providing airflow in and out of the tent.

The Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent is extremely tall at 7 feet center height. Easy setup, illuminated wall switch for the LED lighting and huge space for 9 people are great things you will see in this tent.

6. Tall Bell Tent

These tents are constructed by running a pole through its center to the top. The canvas is draped around it on the sides.

The tent structure is made stable by tension generated by ropes connected around top of the tent and pegged to the ground around tent circumference.

These tents are very spacious and will provide you with the protection that you need while in the campsite.

You can get this WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent. It has great waterproof performance and comes with plenty of room, it’s easy to set up and has great quality.

Things to Look for When Buying the Best Tents with Tall Center Height.

You probably are aware that the market has many designs of tents. But it’s not going to be easy to secure your favorite tent for tall person: you must put in some effort while searching for one.

There are a few things you need to consider to help you identify the right tent for your camping needs.

  • Weather Conditions

Keep in mind the environmental conditions in which you intend to use the tent. The tents to be used during summer vacations should be well ventilated for a breezy and cool sensation.

Winter tents should be properly insulated to retain warmth.

Consider buying the tent specially designed for windy and rainy conditions if you are going to backpack or camp in those areas.

Therefore, think about the current prevailing conditions and purchase a tent which would match the related needs.

  • Size and Portability

It is imperative to take size into account. You don’t want to secure a huge tent that would be a problem to carry around especially if your intention is backpacking.

Small sized tents may be portable but not convenient in terms of capacity and accommodating your stature fully.

An oversized tent can be difficult to transport. However, it can have enough space to meet your needs as a tall person.

  • Capacity

When it comes to capacity, you should be thinking about how many people will be travelling for the camping. There is a need to know whether you will want a 2-person or a tall 3-person tent.

Meaning that you are expecting 2-3 people to sleep in such a tent.

It is important to note that what one brand considers a 1-person tent may be a two-person tent with another manufacturer. This just demonstrates how capacity ratings vary among the different brands and manufacturing companies.

In determining the appropriate capacity, the occupants exact size should be noted. For tall adults, much space will be needed compared to children.

  • Weight

Honestly speaking, you should consider looking at the weight of the tent model. If you will be going for backpacking trips, then you just need a model specific for the activity, something you can easily roll in a compact pack and strap on the back.

Just remember you don’t want to overburden yourself so much. You will be walking over long distances.

Before picking the ultralight models, know your intended use. This is when you will know that it’s not possible to avoid heavier models if you travel as a big team, say a family.

Heavier models have the advantage of stability and strength after installing them. This is something not found with lightweight tents which are often susceptible and weak to harsh conditions like strong winds.

  • Consider Durability

Durability is a key aspect when buying a tent. You’ve got to care about the materials used to construct the tent.

The quality of fabric used is going to determine how long the tent can last. Definitely you will be observing the seams to see if the stitching is really good and evenly done.

You don’t want to be shocked just how quick the tent goes down within an unexpected time. But it’s possible that some tents with tall center height are not expertly crafted.

The tent you are buying should come along with a repair kit. This helps you to carry out small maintenance tasks when you note an abnormality.

  • Style and Design

The shape of the tent matters. It is common knowledge that the main types you’d see on the market are the cabin and dome tents.

While both of these are built to accommodate many people, they come with a few differences. For example, the cabin design has vertical walls and therefore the most appropriate for hosting the tall chaps more conveniently.

This is because the vertical walls create maximum height and vertical living space. With increased headroom, the tall person can comfortably stand without slouching.

The dome tents on the other hand are durable and strong.

  • Cost

The last piece to the blueprint of getting the best tents for tall people is the cost of the product. Knowing this aspect in good time makes you prepare properly to buy the right one.

It is quite a routine that tents with many additional or luxury accessories can cost a handsome amount of money. But this is no full guarantee that such tents will do a better job than the cheap options on the market.

The bottom line is to prepare a reasonable budget. This will stand to guide you accordingly without being so much carried away by the variety on the market.

Final Thoughts

Securing the best tents with tall center height may seem to be easy. The truth is this can get difficult.

The market comes with so many designs and styles. Exploring these options must be done with thoroughness to get the best model.

You need to keenly look at the key things that define a good tent for the tall person. And you will definitely be good to go with your newfound tent for the next camping experience.