Best Travel Pillow For Tall Person On Long Flights And Trips

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best travel neck pillow for long flights

Long flights and road trips used to be a challenge for me until I landed the best travel pillow for tall person. Do you know why?

Well, I like sleeping on the plane and the camp van, and at 6 feet, my head would drop, and my neck would go out of position.

You can imagine how I felt the next day! It was neck ache, lower back pain, just name it. It was really tough.

You probably have been through a similar experience on a plane, a car or a train. With the right travel pillow, nonetheless, you can say goodbye to neck pain and lower backache.

These pillows mainly support your head, neck, and spine to ensure you travel comfortably. A travel pillow is also handy for camping, backpacking, reading, and watching TV.

So, its application is widespread indoors and outdoors. You just have to find the right one.

I understand that finding a good travel pillow for your height is not easy. That’s why I’ll guide you on the specifics.

In a hurry? Then find your next hottest travel pillow in the list below.

6 Best Travel Pillow for Tall Person

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Buying Guide for the Best Travel Pillow for Tall Person

Let’s start with the pillow types and shapes.

Types of Travel Pillows

Travel pillows generally come in two primary types or styles; inflatable and non-inflatable.

Let’s discuss them briefly.

a) Inflatable Travel Pillows

Inflatable Travel Pillows

Inflatable pillows are air-filled, which means they are also deflatable for easy packing.

The fact that they are inflatable and deflatable means you can adjust their air level to suit your preference. So, you can achieve whatever thickness or firmness you want.

The only major issue is that once torn; they lose their cushioning and support. That probably explains why they are the cheaper option.

Inflatables also allow you to adjust their loft (head elevation) and primarily feature polyurethane.

b) Non-Inflatable Travel Pillows

Non-Inflatable Travel Pillows

Non-inflatable pillows, unlike inflatables, are not air-filled. Instead, they feature soft cushioning material like memory foam, polyfoam or fiber. Memory foam, however, is the predominant material.

The pillows come with specific firmness and thickness, which means they are not adjustable. The materials (more so memory foam) are more comfortable than air, explaining why they are costlier than inflatables.

They’ll also support your head and neck even after a tear, which also explains their high price. Their loft and thickness are also not adjustable.

But still, you’ll find them in lightweight constructions, making them travel-friendly.

Here’s a table summary comparing the two best travel pillow styles.

 Inflatable Travel PillowNon-Inflatable Travel Pillow
PortabilityDeflates quickly for easy packing and carryingIt does not deflate, and so you’ve to carry it as it is
AdjustabilityYou can adjust the thickness and firmness by adjusting the inflationYou cannot adjust the thickness or the firmness
Loft CustomizationYesNo
MaterialPolyurethaneMostly memory foam
DurabilityOnce punctured, it offers minimal to zero cushioningIt still provides some cushioning even after a puncture or tear
PriceAffordable optionSlightly costly

Different Shapes of Travel Pillows

You’ll find the best travel pillow for tall person in the following popular shapes:

a) Rectangular Travel Pillows

best travel pillow

Rectangular travel pillows resemble traditional sleeping pillows. They are, however, designed for travels, which mean they are slightly different.

For one, they are compact and extra lightweight.

The pillows support the head. But given that the head may tilt sideways, they are not the best for long flights. Overall, they are a good choice for campers and backpackers.

One perfect example is the Therm-A-Rest Travel Pillow.

b) U-Shape Travel Pillowsairplane pillow

U-shape travel pillows take the shape of the letter U. They go around your neck to support the side of your head and back.

For that reason, these pillows promote spine alignment when traveling. They are generally a good choice for side sleepers and, to some extent, back sleepers.

One perfect example is the Cabeau Evolution S3.

c) J-Shape Travel Pillowstravel neck pillow

J-shape travel pillows are the newest entrants into the travel pillow market, relishing a J shape. Their shape allows them to go across your body front and hoop over your shoulders.

The shape of these pillows allows them to support the chin, head, and neck simultaneously. So, they are the best for reading, watching TV, and sleeping.

Sadly, their unique shape sometimes makes them a little bulky to pack.

One perfect example is the J-Pillow Travel Pillow.

d) Hourglass Travel Pillowsbest neck pillow

Hourglass travel pillows have two wider ends and a slightly narrow mid-section, just like an hourglass. Their shape makes them the best for neck support.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer multi-directional head support like u-shape pillows, and so you’ve to tilt your head to support your neck.

The good thing is that they are versatile to allow you to support your knees and back.

One perfect example is AirComfy Travel Pillow.

e) Wrap-Style Travel Pillowslong neck pillow

Wrap-style pillows work like regular scarves. They wrap around your neck to support it and prevent the head from dropping off or tilting a lot.

These neck rest pillows are generally more lightweight than most but also more compact. They fold easily, making them the easiest to transport.

They are generally best for long flights and camping.

One perfect example is ComfoArray Travel Pillow.

Here’s a table summary of the five travel pillow shapes.

Pillow Shape ActionPreferred Usage
RectangularSupport the head on one side at a timeCampers and backpackers
U-ShapeIt keeps the head upright and supports the head and backSide-sleeping, back-sleeping
J-ShapeSupports the chin, head, and neckReading, watching TV, long-flights
HourglassSupport the neck, back, and kneesFrequent traveling
Wrap-styleOffers support to the neck and backLong-flights, camping, backpacking

Other Buying Considerations for the Best Travel Pillow for Tall Person

  • Neck Support

Remember, not all travel pillows offer you neck support. Some will only support your chin and head.

But since the neck supports the head and is linked to the spine, your travel pillows should support it.

Overall, memory foam and inflatable pillows are the best for neck support. Thus, they are ideal for those who like sleeping on their travels.

  • Size and Weight
neck rest pillows

Travel pillows come in varying sizes and weights depending on style. If you want to travel light, consider lighter pillows.

Preferably, go for inflatables or memory foam options as they are down-sizeable. You don’t have such flexibility with microbead options.

  • Loft Customization

You need a travel pillow that raises your head by at least 3 inches. We call that the loft height.

You should, however, consider options that allow you to customize the loft height. That‘s often the case with inflatables.

  • Durability

As a frequent traveller, you need a travel pillow that you can use frequently and longer. So, ensure the cushioning material, and the cover is durable.

The pillow cover, in particular, should be reap-resistant and machine-washable.

  • Cushioning Material

Usually, inflatable travel pillows come in polyurethane cushioning. The material is generally soft, lighter, and foldable.

As for non-inflatables, they mostly feature memory foam, with a few others featuring polyform and microbeads.

Overall, memory foam is the best for the best travel pillow for tall person as it conforms to your body shape. It also offers the most support to the neck to prevent unintentional head drop and tilt.

  • Fabric Type terms

Given that some cushioning materials can irritate one skin, consider a skin-friendly fabric. That means you’ve to consider the season carefully.

For starters, consider fleece during the winter and smooth plastic when it’s scorching.

6 Best Travel Pillows for Tall Person Reviewed

1. Therm-A-Rest Lumbar Travel Pillow

(Best Rectangular Travel Pillow for Lumbar Support)

Are you looking for a self-inflating travel pillow that will offer you adequate lumbar support? If yes, what you need is undoubtedly the Therm-A-Rest Lumbar Travel Pillow.

This travel pillow has a die-cut foam-down design that relieves your spine from pressure while offering lateral support. So, it’s pretty effective in promoting lumbar support.

Given that it’s an inflatable pick, you can adjust its firmness, thickness, and loft to your preference. On its side is a valve adjuster that you can adjust with one hand to customize the inflation.

The airplane pillow comes in a polyester cover, which promotes durability. Plus, it only weighs 0.31 pounds, making it travel-friendly.

Best Features

  • Self-inflating
  • One-hand inflation adjustment valve
  • Thick lateral support
  • Comfy die-cut foam-down design
  • Polyester material
  • Lightweight (0.31 pounds)

2. Cabeau Evolution S3 Therapeutic Pillow

(Best U-Shape Travel Pillow for Spine Alignment)

If you are looking for an all-around therapeutic pillow, you cannot go wrong with the Cabeau Evolution S3 Therapeutic Pillow.

Endorsed by top doctors, this u-shape travel pillow prevents head drop and neck strain, making it the best for spine alignment.

Not only can you use it on travels but also at home watching TV, in the office working, or when gaming.

It only weighs 0.33Kg, thus travel-friendly. Besides, it comes with its travel case for convenient carrying.

This u-shape travel pillow enjoys memory foam cushioning and comes with a machine-washable, moisture-wicking fabric that ensures you stay dry and odor-free.

The memory foam will absorb extra head and neck pressure while distributing your weight uniformly.

More interesting, it comes with an adjustable clasp to fit different neck sizes. Overall, you can also count on this pillow for chin support.

Best Features

  • U-shape
  • Therapeutic effects
  • Adjustable clasp
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Pressure-relieving memory foam
  • Travel case

3. CSJT Pure Memory Foam Travel Pillow

(Best Wrap-Style Travel Pillow for Head Support)

You want to sleep comfortably on a long flight or road trip without worrying about your head dropping. That’s very much a given when you wrap the CSJT Pure Memory Foam Travel Pillow around your neck.

This wrap-style travel pillow offers front and side support to your head and neck. As a result, you get to sleep comfortably on your travels.

It’s adjustable to fit your neck size and features 100% memory foam, which only means maximum comfort.

The travel pillow comes with a cotton pillowcase that you can wash freely by machine. The best part is that it comes with travel accessories like an eyeshade and noise-reduction earplug.

Seriously, you cannot ask for more than this! It is a complete travel kit.

What’s more, this best neck pillow for travel features hooks that you can use to attach it to your luggage.

Best Features

  • Wrap-style
  • Adjustable neck fit
  • 100% memory foam
  • Cotton pillowcase
  • Adjustable eyeshade
  • Noise-reduction earplug
  • Hook attachments

4. AirComfy Ease Inflatable Travel Pillow

(Best Hourglass Travel Pillow for Neck and Lumbar Support)

You deserve to rest your head upright on travels. Well, that’s what the AirComfy Ease Inflatable Travel Pillow promises.

Its design supports the neck and lumbar area to allow your head to stay upright. So, you can comfortably use it for neck or lumbar support.

Since it is inflatable, its loft, thickness, and firmness are adjustable to your preference.

The travel pillow an elastic band that you can attach to the seat headrest. That makes it ideal for use in a plane or car.

With the long neck pillow not weighing more than 9.3 ounces, it doesn’t take much parking space. Therefore, it’ll easily fit in your carry-on upon deflating.

On its inner is a luxurious foam material that offers you extra neck and lumbar support. Moreover, it comes with an easy-to-clean velvet cover.

Best Features

  • Inflatable design
  • Elastic band
  • Luxurious foam cushioning
  • Velvet cover
  • Adjustable loft, thickness, and firmness

5. J-Pillow Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

(Best J-Shaped Travel Pillow for Chin, Head, and Neck Support)

The J-Pillow Chin Supporting Travel Pillow is the latest version by giant manufacturer J-Pillow, which means one thing- the best support.

It’s best for supporting your chin, head, and neck, thanks to its three-way support system. You can use it to relax your head and neck when watching TV, reading or boarding an airplane.

Thanks to its memory construction, this best travel pillow for tall person feels extra soft.

Just weighing 8.16 ounces, this best neck pillow is super-lightweight and pack-friendly. It’s machine-washable, thus convenient for routine travelers.

And more, it features a snap-loop fastener that allows you to attach it to your luggage when traveling.

Best Features

  • 3-way support
  • Snap-loop fastener
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Lightweight (8.16 ounces)
  • Machine washable

6. Cabeau Evolution Cooling Travel Pillow

(Best for All-Around Travels)

Are you looking for a comfy pillow to use on a plane, bus, train, and car? Very few can match the comfort and support of the Cabeau Evolution Cooing Travel Pillow.

Only weighing 360g, this travel pillow is lightweight to bring to all your trips. Besides, it comes with a waterproof carry bag for its convenient carrying.

This travel pillow is fully adjustable, making it perfect for multi-position head-resting. It features soft microfleece, which offer you rich cushioning.

Not only does it support the head but the neck too. Remarkably, it has an inbuilt breathability mechanism that ensures you stay dry and odor-free on long trips.

The travel neck pillow is also machine-washable and comes with a wash-friendly detachable scarf. So, you can always clean it before your next trip, no matter how frequent you travel.

Best Features

  • Soft microfleece cushioning
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multi-position adjustment
  • Inbuilt breathability
  • Detachable scarf
  • Machine-washable
  • Waterproof carry bag


1. What Is The Best Travel Neck Pillow For Long Flights?

Overall, here are the best travel neck pillows for long flights:

  1. Therm-A-Rest Travel Pillow: Best for Lumbar Support
  2. Cabeau Evolution S3: Best for Spine Alignment
  3. CSJT Pure Memory Foam Travel Pillow: Best for Head Support
  4. AirComfy Travel Pillow: Best for Neck and Lumbar Support
  5. J-Pillow Travel Pillow: Best for Chin, Head, and Neck Support
  6. Cabeau Evolution Cooling Travel Pillow: Best for All-Around Travels

2. Are Travel Neck Pillows Worth It?

Travel neck pillows primarily support your neck and prevent your head from dropping. A good number of them also support the chin and spine.

They are lightweight to carry on your trips and super comfortable. So, there’s no doubt that they are worth it.

3. How Do You Use A Travel On A Plane?

Most travel pillows are wearable around the neck, just like regular scarves. What’s important is that the pillow supports your neck and that the head gets to rest on it.

You shouldn‘t strain your head or neck when using a travel pillow.

4. Do Neck Pillows Help On Flights?best neck pillow for travel

Neck pillows support the neck and, by extension, the spine and head. They allow you to sleep comfortably on a flight without your neck going out of position.

So, yes, neck pillows are helpful on a flight, and as a result, they are a top recommendation for long flights.

5. Does A Travel Pillow Count As A Carryon?

If you are carrying your travel pillow in your hand, it counts as a carry-on or baggage. If you don’t want it to be taken as such, you have to pack it in your travel suitcase or backpack.

Remember to put it in a travel bag for easy takeout.

6. Can You Sleep With A Travel Pillow?

Most travel pillows come in a soft, adjustable design, and they are very supportive to the head, neck, and spine. So, you can easily sleep with them without any issue.

7. Are U-Shaped Pillows Good?

Given that u-shaped pillows allow you to switch sides, they are best for side sleepers. You don’t have to adjust the pillow to sleep on either side, as all you have to do is turn your head.

So, yes, u-shape pillows are good, but just for side sleepers.

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Closing Thought:

The best travel pillow for tall person is priceless for travelers. Whether you use it on a plane, train, bus, or campground, the benefits are immeasurable.

So, you have no reason not to get one, especially after learning its worth.