A Guide To The Best Treadmill for Tall Runners.

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best treadmill for tall runners

Treadmills can make the running or walking exercises at home a complete comfort you know the work of a treadmill. For tall runners, however, if you don’t have the right type, it becomes a stumbling block.

Normally, the belt length or the running surfaces are too short for them. Usually it is about 55 inches long.

This means that taller people need to get something more specific to meet their tall needs: best treadmill for tall runners with ideal length.

So if you are standing at 6 feet or taller, you’re going to need at least a 60 inch-belt length treadmill. Anything less than that and you will find keeping fit at home an unlikeable undertaking.

Anyway, let’s get to the core and answer the question;

What’s The Best Treadmill For Tall People?

Well, this depends on the exact height of the user. In other words, which category of tall users do you fall in?

However, you’ll need to look at the following important aspects. They should guide on which treadmill suits you the best.

For example, the treadmill should have a longer running/belt length (mentioned earlier) at least 60 inches long. The width of this belt should be big enough in case you’re tall and weighty, about 22 inches.

Ensure the treadmill handrails are high enough for your height. About the weight capacity, as taller people, weight tends to be up there too, look for that which would accommodate your weight without any crumbling fears. A weight capacity of 450 lbs. would fit most runners.

Benefits of Walking On the Treadmill Everyday

You’ve heard various recommendations pertaining to walking exercise for adults. And you’re reminded to have a regular schedule for this (at least 30 minutes a day).

So, what are the benefits, especially if you’re using a treadmill at home?

  1. You Will Lose Weight Faster

Walking on a treadmill has a variety of health benefits. Weight loss is one of them.

If you’re worried about your increasing weight, don’t stop that 30-minute run or walk on this equipment. You can efficiently burn a considerable 300 calories if you run at a speed of 8 mph, and in just about 30 minutes.

Hence, running on treadmill to lose weight is a realistic goal. As long as you observe the recommended guidelines.

  1. Improves Your Heart Health

Your heart is a kind of a muscle and it requires exercise all times. Running or walking on a treadmill helps strengthen the capacity of the heart to perform its functions.

Just how? Through increasing the heart rate.

Also as you run, blood flow is improved to relieve a lot of pressure from the heart.

  1. Improve Your Muscle Strength and Stamina

If you want to be physically strong and keep fit, walking on a treadmill consistently would actualize your ambition.

The treadmill helps you to build that endurance of the muscles (calf, butt, and quadriceps). You will be able to persevere high-intensity physical exercises and activities.

  1. Gives You Low Impact Workout

Sometimes you get discouraged to go for a running or walking exercise because the terrain or weather is not the best.

Thank the treadmill technology. You don’t need to strain to know you’ve done something. It is in your home and you can read, watch TV or listen to music while you build your body.

For those who prefer low workouts, the treadmill is soft and kind enough to step on and make those runs.

Different Treadmill Workouts to Try Out

You may have the best treadmills for home exercises. But if you’re always running or walking only, you could be bored very soon.

Do you actually know you can try out a variety of workout exercises?

Well, read through for some.

  • Side shuffles

The side shuffles are exercises that are focused to work out your outer thighs, and to some extent, the groin and quads. These are good if you’re just beginning on the physical exercises and fitness.

What happens is that one stands on the treadmill with his/her right or left hand fronting the treadmill control panel. Then you can start exercising by shuffling your feet.

  • Backward High Knees

With the backward high knees, you also get to work out your cardio.

To achieve this workout, stand with both of your feet on the treadmill sides and hands placed on the treadmill’s handrails. You’ll need to begin moving backwards and then lift your knees up to the chest level.

Remember, you would’ve set the treadmill running at a speed of about 3 mph.

  • Crab Walk

On your best treadmill for running, you should try out crab-walks. These are great alternative exercises that would help you work out your triceps, hamstrings and glutes.

You only need to set up your treadmill at about 1-2 mph. You’ll be required to place your hands on the treadmill base and face away from it.

Your back must be positioned such that it faces the floor. And your feet should be flat on the floor while a good inclination of the hips is required.

Now in this position, you can walk your hands forward.

These are just a few of the workouts you can try out. There are far many of them.

Running On Treadmill Vs Outside

Is outdoor running better than treadmill?

You may be one of the tall folks stranded out there in this debate. But, the reality is both running outside and on the treadmill have their own advantages and disadvantages.

No doubt about that.

Although it also largely depends on your overall fitness goals.

For example, if you were preparing for a racing event, most of your training should happen outdoors rather than on a treadmill. You need to adapt your entire body to the outdoor conditions.

Once in as many times you can use the treadmill as a boost to your real, outside exercise.

In case your goal is a cardio workout, why don’t you get the best treadmill for tall runners and start your exercises. You’d be sorted out perfectly while you enjoy the comforts of your home.

Let’s look out on them here.

Best Treadmill Brands to Consider For Tall and Big People.

When looking for the best brands of treadmills, you may as well need to know its durability, online review and the features it comes with. You want to be spot on here.

Here are the top three brands coming with 5-star reviews and good reputations all over the world.

NordicTrack Treadmill

  • This is produced by the ICON Health and Fitness brand.
  • Price ranges, $ 799 to $3,499

Sole Treadmill

  • Very popular treadmill distributed by SoleTreadmills.
  • Prices begin at $899 all the way to @ 3,499

Cybex Treadmill

  • This is built by The Cybex International Inc.
  • Mostly for commercial purposes
  • At 5,000 $, you get this treadmill

Best Treadmill For Tall and Big People.

This has to be that heavy duty treadmill that will perfectly match your overall big stature.

You need a treadmill that has the great horsepower, big capacity, a great running speed and the one with shock absorbers on the running area to ensure you don’t hurt yourself.

Here, I will recommend Sole Fitness F80.

Sole Fitness is produced by one of the most popular brands in the world. It comes with extra-long belt length (60 inches), a whopping capacity of 375 lbs., the running area is very spacious (22′ x 60′).

It operates at a maximum speed of 12 mph.

I bet this would be suitable for the tall guy with the giraffe-like strides and broad shoulders.

Best Treadmill for Runners On A Budget.

For those guys with a constrained budget, you’ll still have the best of the treadmills in your price range. For example, this NordicTrack T Series Treadmills which comes with a great reputation in terms of pricing.

It has a belt length of 60 inches, maximum sprint speed 12 mph and an awesome incline of 12%. These are the features of a typical high-profile equipment.

Nordictrack sells at $1000. Bargain price, right?

Different Types Of Treadmills Available For Tall People.

Basically, the four are classified as follows.

Type of the TreadmillDesignMain Feature(s)PurposeSizesMaterials Used
  • Do not need electricity
  • Powered by action of the runner
  • Folding
  • Incline position
  • not many features


  •  You’ll get in great shape just on a small budget
  •  Smallest size; 39 x20 x 43
  • Largest; 50 x 24 x 47
  •  Running deck made from PVC
  • Handrail foam materials
  • Heavy-duty steel frames
  • Need electricity
  • Heavier and stronger
  • Inclines
  • Video screens
  • Electronic measurements
  • 12 mph speed maximums
  • Self-cooling motors
  • Have many, many features
  • You enjoy workout without thinking about quitting.
  • Overall size; large at 70 x 40 x 72 inches
  • Belt area; 22â€x60â€
  • Strong, long-lasting stainless-steel frames
  • Running decks with strong, durable cushions
  • Can be built with elliptical or stair-climber or stationary bike or lift weights


  • Cushioned seats
  • Heart-rate, speed LCD measurements
  • Pre-installed workouts etc.
  • Get a variety of exercises to avoid boredom
  • Reasonable costs to have high quality separate exercises
  • Average size; 60 x 57 inches
  • Both residential and commercial sizes
  • Stainless-steel frames
  • Running platform is cushioned
  • Padded seats
  • Designed for medical purposes
  • Most have in-built medical features to take patient’s measurements
  • Over-sized designs
  • Sprint up to 10 mph
  • Accurate measurements for quitting or too slow patients
  • Great warranties
  • Measure stress levels of patient accurately
  • Most are 80 x 30 x 48 inches


  • Build with high-quality materials like steel handrails

Top recommendations for;

  1. Manual Treadmills: most of them do not have spacious running decks. The closest here is Sunny Health and Fitness with 53 inches long belt. This will not be anywhere near what a tall man needs.
  2. Electronic Treadmills: get the best with NordicTrack T Series Treadmills. The best affordable treadmill for running, safer and quieter as you enjoy the home comforts.
  3. Hybrid Treadmills: get the sturdy heavy duty Electric Treadmill, OMA Treadmills for Home.
  4. Medical Treadmills: this Mortara Q-40 is one of the medical treadmills. Take note that these are not for home use. They are extremely expensive.

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Treadmill For Tall Runners.

As a taller runner, you’ll need to consider a few very key factors when choosing the right treadmill for yourself.

Let’s dive straight into them.

  • The Cost

As a general rule of thumb, the cost of buying tall and high weight capacity treadmills is higher. You won’t get this on the cheap.

Especially if you want a quality, long-lasting machine.

Also, include the cost of maintenance and such things. You’ll have the idea how much it will cost to get a treadmill home.

  • Belt-length

Seriously, this is huge.

You can’t miss out on the length of the running deck or belt. Usually, for normal-sized runners, this length is about 50 -55 inches.

But for the tall guy, you should be going for the 60 inches belt length, minimum.

  • Weight Capacity

Ensure you check the weight maximums of the running bases. Most treadmills have a capacity between 300-350 lbs.

Depending on your real weight, you can get others even at 500 lbs. In other words, take the one that can manage your weight comfortably without breaking down earlier than expected.

  • Materials Used to Build the Treadmill

You should as well check for those builds with strong, durable and quality materials. This is a heavy investment and the last thing you want to see is that early breakdown.

Steel frames usually last longer. The seats and running decks should be provided with high-quality cushions and pads for maximum comfort of the user.

  • Consider Warranty

A warranty that runs for life or as many years (at least 10), can be an indication of a great equipment. Some treadmills will come with different warranties of certain parts; frame warranty or any other part on them.

Be careful not to be fooled here.

  • Know The Treadmill Horsepower

As a mechanical device, get to understand the horsepower of the machine you’re targeting. This must match the exercise needs you have on the list.

If you’ll be going for the ground minimum, aim at 1.5 horsepower.

For the guys with a regular schedule, a 2.5-3.0 horsepower will be fine. Whereas the best treadmills for overweight runners should not go less than 3 horsepower.

The Bottom Line

I know it can take some time before you get accustomed to a particular treadmill. When you’re tall, this can even be fairly harder.

Yet, you need to fix your fitness goals.

Well, getting the best treadmill for tall runners would solve your worries. You will probably need a 60″ x 22″ treadmill running belt, if you’re over 6 feet.

Consider going for the budget-friendly NordicTrack T Series Treadmills. You can be sure to get value for money with the kind of premium features this model possesses.

If not satisfied, check the Sole Fitness F80 and try it out.