The 5 Best Yoga Pants for Tall Ladies

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Yoga pants are the ultimate clothes for doing just about anything. You can wear them as casual pants, to the gym, work, yoga, or even stay at home. 

They go well with all sorts of accessories, tops, and footwear. This is why all women need or at least want one pair in their closets.

However, as a tall lady, finding yoga pants might be challenging, so we did the work for you.

We created this article featuring the five best yoga pants for tall ladies, so you don’t have to look yourself. You will also find a buying guide to help you decide on the pants to get. Read on to find out more.

In a hurry? Here are the 5 Best Yoga Pants for Tall Ladies:

Best Yoga Pants for Tall Ladies

Guide to Buying Yoga Pants for Tall Ladies

When considering purchasing yoga pants for tall women, you need to think about several factors. From the price of the pants to the fitting, these are essential to making sure you are happy with your purchase.

If you don’t carefully decide what you need in your yoga pants, you might not like what you end up with. So, we developed this guide because we want you to be satisfied after your purchase.

User Satisfaction

Knowing what other users think of a product can be helpful in making a decision. This is why it is beneficial for you to read reviews from customers and professional critics. Unbiased opinions are invaluable for any buying decision. You can even consult reviews to help choose the right size and color.

With that said, you need to keep in mind that some negative reviews might not be because a product is terrible but due to the consumers’ personal preference.

Proper fit

We all have different body shapes and sizes, and one size cannot fit us all. This is why you need to think about what works for you.

Some pants require you to buy a size up or down, depending on the brand. It would help if you thought about how tight or loose you want them to be. Also, think about if you want mid-waist or high-waist pants. 

Lastly, consider the length of the pants. Are they long or short enough? Can you cut them if need be?

Ensure you follow the size charts of these different brands to decide what you want. If you need more assistance deciding, you could always look through reviews and see if another tall lady in your size bought the pants and left a review.


Price is paramount when purchasing anything, yoga pants included. The price of an item depends on several things, from the brand’s popularity to the manufacturing costs, among others.

Due to this variance in price, not everyone can afford all products. This is why you need to consider your budget and how much you are willing to spend on these yoga pants and go for an affordable option.

If you are lucky, you might get an exclusive offer or promo codes to help reduce the cost of the yoga pants or simply find affordable options.


Yoga pants are comfortable pants used for several occasions and not just for exercising. 

With that in mind, it would be helpful to think about what you want to use them for. If you’re going to work out often, you need to buy yoga pants made from materials like polyester and spandex that are comfortable and absorb sweat.

However, if you are looking for something to wear for a casual outing, you can buy yoga pants made from just about any material.

Also, keep your skin health in mind. If you are sensitive to certain fibers or have trouble with pants that fit a certain way, consider if a pair of pants is appropriate for you.

Most brands describe the materials their yoga pants are made of on the platform they are selling. So, you can look there to see if the fabric is suitable.


Besides the variety of colors of yoga pants you want to buy, you need to consider what you need them for and if their features align.

For example, some yoga pants do not come with pockets, which is fine. But, if you want to go out and are not in the mood to carry a purse, you need yoga pants with pockets. Therefore, you need to buy pants with pockets.

Secondly, you need to think about the style of the pants. Do you want something more fitted at the bottom, or do you want bootcut pants? This is another factor to consider before making your decision.

Best Yoga Pants for Tall Ladies: Review

1. Spalding Women’s Bootleg Yoga Pants

Coming in at number one are these bootcut yoga pants by Spalding. A short or tall lady can wear these pants.

They are a lightweight knit made from 92% cotton and 8% spandex, and perfect for working out because they don’t cause more heat. However, some have complained that the material of these yoga pants was not as advertised.

These yoga pants come in three colors: Black, Charcoal Heather, and Navy Blazer, which is not a lot but might be enough for some. They also come in sizes ranging from Small to 3X.

The waistband is wide, which is great, but it does not have an elastic, so it might not stay in place for those with small waists. Furthermore, it is a mid-waist outfit which makes it more likely to slip downward. In addition, the pants are flared at the hem, so you have enough room at the bottom part of the pants.

Spalding made these tall yoga pants without pockets, and that could be a deal-breaker if you want to keep items like your mobile phone or credit card close to you.

The inseam on these pants goes up to 34 inches, which should be enough for tall ladies reaching a height of 6’0″.

Things We Like

  • Flared hemon yoga pants.
  • Lightweight material.
  • Wide waistband.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Limited color options.
  • Non-elastic waist.
  • No pockets.

Spalding yoga pants are suitable for tall women who want yoga pants that are slimming, comfortable, and last longer. We also recommend this pair of pants for women who want to work out and still wear these active pants to an occasion.

2. HISKYWIN Yoga Pants

Here we have HISKYWIN’s high-waist yoga pants. A soft, breathable, and durable outfit made of 87% polyester and 13% spandex. Making high-waist pants for taller women can be tricky, but HISKYWIN did a good job with it.

We love these pants because of the small, 4.2 inches wide, and 3.2 inches deep hidden pockets found in the waistband. This pocket is perfect for people who want to work out or go out and need to have their keys,  cell phone, or credit card on them.

Another significant feature of these pants is the different lengths of the inseam. You can either buy yoga pants full length with an inseam of 30.9 inches or shorter capri pants at 18 inches.

With the material and finish, these pants are perfect for compression and support. They are also stretchy, which aids with easy movement. Also, the pants come with a gusseted crotch, which also helps you stay comfortable while walking or exercising.

You can get these pants in 31 different colors and sizes ranging from Small to XX-Large. However, it would be best to consider buying a size up for a better fit, according to experts. Buying your actual size might be too tight.

Something else that stands out with this brand is its customer service. They reply quickly and attend to all issues professionally.

Things We Like

  • Diverse inseam length.
  • Versatile colors.
  • Great customer service.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Some complain that the pants are not high-waisted.
  • Pants size runs small.

For tall women looking for a quick and easy outfit that still has you looking stylish and cute, these yoga pants are a great choice.

3. No Nonsense Women’s Yoga Flared Leggings

“No Nonsense” is a funny name for a brand, but it does make fantastic high-waist yoga pants. The pants are made of a high-quality stretchy soft fabric that feels great on your skin, and the material is perfect for ladies with chronic skin conditions or irritation from tight garments.

Furthermore, it sports an elastic waistband, which is perfect for ladies of all sizes. The elastic band is also great for women that need tummy control.

We like these pants, however, we wish they came in more than one color, black. With that said, you get a wide range of sizes from Small to XX-Large.

The material of the pants is opaque, so you do not have to worry about anyone seeing through them. However, users complain about pilling and lint buildup over time.

Some things we don’t like about these pants are how short the crotch region is and the fact that they shrink in the dryer. We also wish they had pockets so you could carry your phone or credit cards.

Things We Like

  • High-quality material.
  • Elastic waistband.
  • Opaque material.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Shrinks in the dryer.
  • No pockets.

These high-waist yoga pants are perfect for women with sensitive skin who still want to form-fitting yoga pants. If you want yoga pants with a high waistband that controls your tummy, you should probably consider another option.

4. AFITNE Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants

AFITNE’s bootcut yoga pants are suitable for ladies that work up a sweat at the gym. The breathable fabric is excellent for sweat absorption and drying, so if you are a tall lady who enjoys going for a run or an active lifestyle, this is perfect for you. 

The pants are made with 75% polyester and 25% spandex, which stretch the right amount, and the best part is that they are not see-through.

These yoga pants come in 14 different solid colors and sizes of X-Small to XX-Large. Furthermore, you can choose between full-length and Capri styles. However, these are adjustable pants, so all you have to do is cut them and tailor the inseam to your liking.

As you work out, you can have your mobile phone or keys in one or both waistband pockets on the pants located on the front and back. But, only the 6 inch back pocket has a zipper for added security, and unfortunately, both pockets are pretty small.

We like how responsive the customer service of this brand is, and users also gave positive reviews about their service. They are professional, friendly, and available 24/7. We also like that you can get a refund or free replacement if you are not satisfied.

Things We Like

  • Great for workouts.
  • Incredible customer service.
  • Customizable length.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Small pockets.
  • Polyester construction can get hot.

We recommend these pants for women who work out regularly and need pants with pockets. The material is perfect for absorbing sweat and is quite durable.

5. G Gradual Yoga Pants

To round up this list, we have yoga pants from G Gradual. They are made from 87% polyester and 13% spandex, which is similar to AFITNE’s yoga pants. Therefore, you can wear them to the gym without fear.

They are also fantastic because they are thick, but not heavy so that you can wear them on several occasions.

You might also appreciate that these bootcut pants have four pockets; two deep pockets on the side, which are bigger than pockets of other pants on this list, and two back pockets. 

So, you can step out in these comfortably without needing a purse if you don’t want to carry one.

The brand has nine color offerings in these pants, which are limited but still diverse enough for some variety. You can get it in a Small up to XX-Large. Also, the pants have a high-waisted elastic waistband, which can provide the right fitting for women of all sizes.

We like that these pants have a matte finish, as opposed to a shiny one, so they’re more flattering overall.

In terms of length, the inseam reaches 34 inches, but if you want something shorter, you can cut the length to your liking. Unfortunately, some customers complain that the pants are not the easiest to cut.

Things We Like

  • Four pockets
  • High-waisted
  • Matte finish

Things We Don’t Like

  • Hard to cut
  • Limited colors

 These pants are perfect for ladies who want to go out without a purse and only need pockets.


Yoga pants are a wonderful alternative to leggings, and narrowing down the five best yoga pants for tall ladies was not an easy task. We hope you enjoyed reading the article and now have enough knowledge to buy the pants that are right for you.

Take your time while deciding on which yoga pants to buy because once you do, you are often stuck with them. Read reviews, think about color schemes, styling, and where you’ll wear them when deciding.If you enjoyed reading this article and want to read more guides helpful to tall ladies and men, you can go to our website. While there, you will find fun, informative articles, buying guides, and much more.