A Guide To The Best Big And Tall Backpacking Sleeping Bag.

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big and tall backpacking sleeping bag

Are there big and tall backpacking sleeping bag for my weight and height? If you are the camping folk, you surely cannot afford to miss on the best backpacking sleeping bag. And the extra height you’re blessed with can be the beginning of a long story.


Sure. I say, “Beginning of the long story” because you are not just going to look for a bag. For your tall needs, only the big and tall backpacking sleeping bag would work.

Now you get what I am talking about.

I have regularly mentioned the challenges tall people face (of course in different posts). This is no different.

Getting the right sleeping bag can be a tall order for the tall guys. The companies that produce these gears are not doing much when it comes to the large and tall sleeping bags.

Always targeting their popular base: standard- size people.

So, should you stop going out to enjoy the full adventures of the wild woods? Do you think you should just then take whatever, things are on the market?

I understand these worries. They can really work out your mind.

But wait. There is something you can do. Very easy to help you identify a sleeping bag that would make you feel loved and cared for.

Here is the tip to help you choose that extra-large sleeping bag for big and tall person.

You look at the length, the comfort it provides, its actual weight (for long time camping). Its volume also matters a great deal.

Why should you look for those?

Well. Remember you don’t want to feel squeezed. You don’t need to be struggling with adjusting yourself. You don’t want any part of your body exposed, you don’t want to freeze out in the cold.

Because we want you to feel that comfort you left in your bedroom, we will focus to give the precise information you may need.

Best Big And Tall Backpacking Sleeping Bag Compared.

What Is Backpacking Sleeping Bag?

For backpackers, the urge of moving out to different places for sight-seeing and meeting different people is massive.

You need to prepare sufficiently. Making sure that you carry with you all the necessary equipment and materials will be important for your backpacking trip.

And, the backpacking sleeping bag is something you don’t want to leave behind, consciously or not consciously.

What is it?

This is the covering or (if you like, a wrapper) that is usually lightweight and is meant to serve as your bedding when you go camping. As a tall person, you will need the plus-size sleeping bag when sleeping outdoors.

Mostly, it has a zipper to close you inside. The sleeping bag shouldn’t just be of any quality but should have a great insulation to provide ultimate warmth to your body.

These are the characteristics of a good backpacking sleeping bag:

  • Should be water-repellant to protect you against tent-penetrating chills, rain-water or ground moisture, wind etc.
  • Just like your mattress on your bed, this bag should provide a soft landing when you sleep, its surface should have a cushion.
  • Should be lightweight and portable especially if your outings take long.

Okay, those are the basic features in a nutshell. But for the tall folk who need the extra-long sleeping bag for backpacking, the features may somewhat go beyond the above ideals.

If you are new to this backpacking trips, I bet on this: you know what this bag is now.

What problems, however, would you encounter as a tall person when looking for the right sleeping bag?

Here Are The Problems Faced By Us Big and Tall Guys In Getting The Right Sleeping Bag For Backpacking.

For the sake of emphasis, always aim to get the right size of your sleeping bag. Just take your time for the search, don’t rush.

Like I mentioned, getting yourself this bag is not an easy affair. There are glitches and hitches, remember you are the tall guy.

Let’s look at them.

  1. Finding The Right Size

It’s no doubt that many tall backpackers would complain of this. It is such boring to go out in the market only to find wrong sized sleeping bags.

There are few of them out there at the moment. This makes outdoor trips for tall adventurers a living hell.

The problem with the average-sized sleeping bags are obvious; they are not wide and long enough for the tall guy.

Therefore, you feel uncomfortable overall, you can’t turn on sides during sleep, you can’t stretch your legs (so you keep them bent all night!), and the list continues. Argh! It’s simply unbearable.

But when you go to look for this bags, consider the oversized ones. To be on the safest side. There are sleeping bags as long as 100 inches.

  1. You Get Your Sleeping Bag, But Its Weight

Sounds funny, right? Or rather irritating for some.

As hard as it is to get an oversized sleeping bag (I recommended in point one), the matter can become even, let’s say, a bit interesting. This is about the weight.

It happens that most of these bags weigh heavier than expected. With most oversized bags coming with 14 lbs., it only gets difficult for the backpacker to carry.

Most of us know the ideal maximum weight, more so when going for long-distance camping. You will not like to be under the pressure of extra weight climbing a trail!

Do you ask whether to know whether you should take this or not? Wow. The answer is definitely, a big yes, grab it quickly; after all it’s worth the toil.

  1. The Costly Backpacking Sleeping Bags for Tall People

Most extra wide sleeping bags are pricey. In this case if you had a budget ceiling lower than the oftentimes stingy market price, you are in for a shock.

People end up leaving the right sleeping bags. You think it’s still fine to push the process a little later in the month (until you top up).

Whether you think to buy the next time you have enough money or not, it’s a frustration, already.

  1. The Manufacturers are Focused On Producing For The Average-Universal Height

And do you know why?

Just a reminder here: Of the entire world human population, most people are average-sized. This group is the one targeted so much by the manufacturing companies.

While they focus on the other group, tall people are left in limbo. This goes from one product to another including the clothes we put on.

The solution is to find a reliable outlet or major shop for backpacking. The shop should be a one-stop for any equipment you want for tall people.

Benefits Of Using Extra Large Sleeping Bag Big And Tall.

The big and tall backpacking sleeping bag has benefits behind it. Only a tall person would tell you this well.

  1. You Are Provided with Comfort

It feels good when you get inside the sleeping bag that fits your size (I am talking to a tall person here). During the night, you should turn, rotate and stretch your feet comfortably.

This is what you get from the extra-large sleeping bags.

  1. The Warmth Is Maximum!

Sounds ordinary? I don’t think so.

With the extra-large bags, the tall person is guaranteed of full cover. Then maximum warmth.

You see when you stretch in those undersized sleeping bags, some parts of your body like the feet could easily tangle out in the cold air. You catch cold for nothing – very uncomfortable.

  1. You Can Sleep Till Morning

The space provided by the large sleeping bags will no doubt give you a peace of mind. Everyone needs this peace to enjoy their sleep.

You don’t want to be inconvenienced because you can’t turn on your sides. Or zipping your bag has got difficult because of your big size.

  1. Even Couples Enjoy these Extra-large Sleeping Bags

For sure, the extra-large sleeping bags would accommodate couples, they are very spacious. So if the two of you are planning for camping in the local woods, you surely have got the real deal here.

As you know, nothing beats the outdoor night with your spouse.

Different Types Of Backpacking Sleeping Bags Suitable For Big And Tall People.

  • Summer Season

You might need this bag when temperatures are 35°F and above. Their design is simple and they usually pack small hence easy to carry around.

Have less weight which is great for portability.

  • Three Season

You’d likely use this when the temperature range is 10 – 35°F. They provide you with the cover when temperatures fall below the freezing point, especially in the high mountains.

They are lightweight hence easy to pack and carry. And you will be treated to the additional features for cold temperatures like an adjustable hood, draft collars and zipper draft tubes.

  • Winter

For the temperatures at 10°F and below, this type of sleeping bag is the perfect fit. They have features such as the zipper draft tubes and draft collars to increase the warmth inside.

The biggest drawback with the bag is weight. They are heavy

Next here, are the best sleeping bags carefully selected for only the tall and big guys.

Best Sleeping Bag For Big and Tall Guys.

1. Coleman Big Basin 15 Big and Tall Adult Sleeping Bag

This is any big man’s dream. If you have been looking for a really big thing, here it is.

It comes in the size of 92 inches (Length) x 39 inches (Width). Good enough to accommodate guys just under 7 feet or thereabouts.

Regarding the temperatures, you will be warmed at 15°F so that you don’t catch the cold outdoors, which is good for most moderate weather conditions.

It has a thermolock draft tube for ensuring you don’t lose heat while you’re sleeping. The adjustable hood is an extra feature that helps regulate temperatures back to normal, whether they are colder or warmer.

Big advantage: They are very spacious and would be great for your backpacking

Available here on Amazon.

2. TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size Sleeping Bag

A really extra-long sleeping bag with great width. It measures 94 x 62 inches, won’t you like this?

And, you will keep really warm at either 0°F (when the weather is very cold) or 20°F. So those are two variations of this bag available for you.

The materials used to build this sleeping bag are durable; these include flannel, taffeta and fiber.

You know with their large size; two people are well taken care of including couples. This is the greatest advantage with this TETON Sleeping Bag.

3. Coleman Heritage Big And Tall Adult Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is ideal for guys standing at 6 feet 7 inches tall. So if you are about this height, you’re well covered.

With the temperature rating of 0°F, why get scared to go camping in the cold places? You can also get the better of this bag with the extra feature of the thermolock draft tube that helps to retain heat and warmth at those temperatures.

It is also an affordable option with great reviews and online rating. Click here to see it on Amazon.

4. NORSENS Hiking Camping Backpacking Sleeping Bag

This Spectacular Norsens is yet another big and tall sleeping bag tall people would be glad about.

Its measurements are 90.5 x 32.6 inches, large size indeed. If you are after a sleeping bag to help you go through freezing temperatures, this one is the best.

Its temperature rating is in the range of 32″ 68°F to keep you well warmed up throughout the cold night.

The weight of the bag is very small. At 3.6 lbs., carrying it isn’t a challenge at all.

Note: For a single user, it could be the best for sure.

How To Choose Big And Tall Backpacking Sleeping Bag.

Before you choose the best big and tall backpacking sleeping bag, do a thorough check based on the following factors.

  • Temperature Rating

You need to consider that temperature range you’ll be going to camp in or backpack. So whether you pick a summer or a winter bag, it all depends on the conditions where you’re going.

  • Size

See whether the size is the right one for you. If you’re extra tall, you will need a tall sleeping bag with fitting measurements for your size.

The length of the sleeping bag should be long enough and so is the width. Remember you don’t want to be squeezed in a tiny thing.

  • The Weight Of The Sleeping bag

No one is happy carrying a heavy luggage when going to backpack. Unless it is inevitable.

So, look for those bags weighing fewer pounds for ease of carrying. Lightweight bags are preferred for long trips.

  • Look at the Features

Additional features such as the draft collars, adjustable hood and zipper draft tubes. These features increase the efficiency of your sleeping bag.

For example, the adjustable hood would help you manipulate temperatures as you want.

  • The Type of Insulation Used

We know that you need an extra-long down sleeping bag. But assess the list carefully considering the type of insulation material used.

Is the type of insulation down (which does well in cold and dry conditions)? Or is it synthetic, which provides insulation when the weather is wet.

  • The Shape of the Sleeping Bag

Usually you’ll have to decide whether to go with the mummy, rectangular or semi-rectangular. This all depends on your personal taste and the style of camping you will be doing.

Mummy would give you the maximum warmth you need while if comfort is your priority, then the rectangular shape wouldn’t be a far-fetched option.

  • The Budget You Have

Ensure you consider picking the best option available if you have some extra bucks in your wallet. If you have a limited budget, do not worry you’ll be able to get cheaper variations also.

As long as you do your research, you’ll definitely get affordable bags suitable for your tall height.

  • Purpose of the Sleeping Bag

What are your intentions for buying the sleeping bag? Is it backpacking or camping?

In the case of local camping outings, you could carry that heavier bag. Long backpacking trips call for lighter sleeping bags.

  • Consider The Sleeping Bag Availability

Some bags may not be easy to get on the market. Especially when they are on demand, you might just need a bit of luck on your side to secure one for yourself.

  • Your Experience Level With Backpacking

If backpacking has been your life, then this can be a really easy decision for you to make. Newbies would find getting the right sleeping bag a bit hard.

But if you are new, you can always seek advice from the experienced lads.

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I know finding the best big and tall backpacking sleeping bag may not be an easy job for you. However, with the guide giving you a clear procedure to approach this challenge, you’re set to land your best bag.

The recommendations mentioned in here are awesome. Make sure you look at them carefully. Then pick what suits you.

Hope you’ll get what you are looking for, very soon.