The Best Big and Tall Camo Shorts: A Buyer’s Guide

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Rothco Bdu Short P/C - Woodland Camo, X-Large

Finding a good and comfortable pair of camo shorts can be quite a battle if you are taller than the average person. The waistline always feels too low, they tend to pull in the crotch area, and the seams never seem to be the right length.

In this guide, we hope to help you finally conquer and overcome the struggles of finding a good pair of camo shorts because we are comparing five of the best big and tall camo shorts to include in your wardrobe. 

In a hurry? Find the best big and tall camo shorts in the hotlist below:

5 Best Big and Tall Camo Shorts

Camo print cargo shorts are extremely popular because they usually come with an arsenal of pockets that are ideal for storing all sorts of gadgets and tools. The camo print or design on the fabric of these shorts is also ideal for outdoorsy adventures since any stubborn stains or spots blend right in with the camo print and your clothes will still look good even as they become a bit old and worn. 

When you consider these two major features, it becomes quite clear why so many men love their camouflage shorts. In these modern times, there are many different camo prints and short designs to choose from. In this guide, we are focusing on shorts that are ideal for tall and big men who might have a tough time finding their size in average stores.

Best Big and Tall Camo Shorts: Review

The Overall Best Camo Shorts for Tall Men

1. Lee Men’s Big & Tall Belted Wyoming Cargo Short

The Lee Men’s tall dungaree shorts are our top pick because these shorts offer everything you might be looking for in a good pair of outdoor shorts.

One of the most outstanding features of these shorts is their stylish design. These shorts offer effortless style since they are naturally charming in both their color and fit. Just add a nice T-shirt, a comfortable hoodie, and pair of shoes and you are all set for any casual gathering, barbecue, or any outdoor activity.

There are also many other reasons you might love these shorts. The fitting style of these shorts is loose so you can move with ease and they are designed with a zip fly so you can easily get dressed. The washed cotton fabric is thick, yet soft and breathable so you can stay comfortable during sporty activities like hiking expeditions. These pair of shorts are also equipped with nine pockets in different sizes with flap and button closures so you can keep all of your accessories on hand such as your wallet, phone, and keys.

Tall men love these soft shorts because they are designed to offer a loose fit and have longer leg lengths so your pants will reach over your knee caps. They are also available in larger sizes to accommodate men who are both tall and large. 


Colors: Ash camo and 4 other colors

Material: 100% Cotton (washed)

Closure: Zip fly with button

Fit: Loose fit

Pockets: Nine pockets in total

Belt: Built-in belt included

Length: Over knee length

Sizes: 44 to 54 

  • Made from good quality materials
  • Fabric is washed to soften it up but still sturdy
  • Many pockets to store all your accessories
  • The 100% cotton fabric is breathable 
  • Larger sizes are ideal for bigger and taller guys
  • Shorts include a quality belt with a solid buckle
  • Shorts are very comfortable
  • Larger men enjoy the loose fit of these shorts
  • Side pockets are not very deep
  • Fabric is heavy and can feel a bit hot

The Best Waist Adjustable Camo Shorts for Big Men

2. Rotcho Tactical Cargo Short

The tactical shorts by Rotcho are ideal for people who love cargo pants and shorts but dislike wearing a belt. These shorts feature two adjustable pull tabs on each waist that you can pull in to make the pants fit better around your hips. These straps will keep your pants from dropping down when you slide accessories like a phone or wallet into your pocket.

The shorts are also ideal for redoing your wardrobe because you can order these cargo pants in 22 different camo print designs as well as six other solid colors or designs. This gives you a lot of options and variety when choosing your shorts.

The knee-length shorts have a loose fit so you can move with ease and they are made from polycotton fabric that is durable yet breathable. The fabric is on the thick side but these shorts are still functional for warm weather wearing. 

These pocket workwear shorts have plenty of storage compartments with a flap design that will keep accessories from falling out. You also don’t have to worry about stripping the zipper since these combat shorts have a button-up closure. 


Colors: 22 Different camo patterns and 6 other solid colors

Material: 55% Cotton and 45% Polyester

Closure: Button closure

Fit: Loose fit

Pockets: 6 Pockets

Belt: None but is compatible with a belt

Length: Knee length

Sizes: XS to 4XL

  • Huge variety of camo prints is a huge bonus for those who love the variety
  • Polycotton blend fabric is very durable
  • Shorts come with waist adjusters in the sides so you won’t have to wear a belt
  • Affordable price range
  • Shorts are very comfortable to wear
  • Offer a loose fit that most big guys prefer
  • Shorts holds up very well despite rigid wear and washing
  • Front slant pockets are a bit shallow
  • Some would prefer a zip fly since the button fly can take time to open

The Best Hot Weather Camo Shorts for Tall Guys

3. Ecko Unltd Cargo Short

Tall men who live in warm and sunny areas should consider the Ecko Unltd shorts because these are designed with a thinner and lighter fabric so you won’t feel as warm and sweaty while venturing outdoors.

The shorts are made from 100% cotton and are available in an array of colors including four camouflage varieties. They are very easy to put on or get out of since the front is fitted with a zip fly. There are eight pockets where you can store all sorts of goods and a quality belt and belt bucket are included with these shorts.

The shorts are ideal for tall people since they have a long inseam so they can reach your knee caps. The larger sizes of up to 50 are also perfect for tall and big-boned men. These are also functional garments since they are comfortable enough for everyday wear and stylish enough to qualify for dress shorts when you are going out. 


Colors: 4 Camo varieties and other prints or solids available

Material: 100% Cotton

Closure: Zip-fly with button 

Fit: Loose

Pockets: 8 Pockets

Belt: Tonal belt with rhino buckle included

Length: Over the knee 

Sizes: 30 to 50 

  • Fabric is thinner, lighter, and more suited for warm climates
  • Available in a variety of sizes including bigger sizes for big guys
  • Shorts have a longer length inseam to accommodate tall men
  • Belt and quality rhino buckle is included
  • Can choose from four camo prints and various other solid colors
  • Overall look is very stylish
  • Loose fit is nice and comfortable 
  • Cotton fabric is breathable 
  • Some feel they run a bit small
  • Not as durable as cargo shorts with thicker fabric

The Best Athletic Camo Shorts for Large Men

4. Champion Men’s Big & Tall Short

If you need a comfortable pair of shorts that you can wear at home or at the gym then we recommend the Champion Men’s shorts. 

These basketball shorts are made from 100% jersey cotton fabric that offers a slight stretch so you can move with ease. The shorts have a pull-up design and can be secured in place with the drawstring so it won’t slip down when you go for a run or hit the gym.

The shorts have a loose fit to them so you can be comfortable around the house or use them for activities like jogging, boxing, kickboxing, or when you hit the road on a tall flat tire bike

These comfy shorts have two deep side pockets that are ideal for storing a wallet or pair of keys and they are available in three different camo designs as well as seven different solid colors.

The tall shorts are only recommended for men six feet and over since they do have a long inseam that can extend over the knee if you are shorter. They are also available in larger sizes up to 6XL so tall and bulky men can feel comfortable in them. 


Colors: 3 Camo prints and 7 solid colors

Material: 100% Cotton jersey

Closure: Drawstring pul-up 

Fit: Loose 

Pockets: Two 

Belt: None and no lisps

Length: Knee length

Sizes: XL to 6XL

  • Cotton jersey fabric is stretchy so you can move with ease
  • Drawstring closure will keep these basketball shorts in place
  • Comfortable shorts
  • Cargo shorts have a loose fit and are spacious
  • Ideal camo print training shorts for sports
  • Fabric is lightweight and breathable so you can stay cool
  • Shorts are available in a variety of colors and three different camo prints
  • Inseam length can be too long for people below 6 foot

The Best Runner-Up Cargo Shorts for Tall Men

5. Lee Men’s Big & Tall Belted Cargo Short

These shorts by Lee are a good option if you love and prefer cargo shorts that don’t extend over the knee cap.

These shorts are made from a thick 100% cotton fabric that is nice and breathable. This fabric is also very durable and can withstand rigorous wear and washing. 

These outdoor shorts are only available in combat camo but you can also get them in five different solid colors that also look fantastic and are ideal for adding diversity to your wardrobe. 

The shorts are designed with nine pockets of different sizes that are perfect for storing all of your accessories like your phone, wallet, and keys, and they come with an adjustable belt. The button closure of these shorts might take a while to close but is sure to last a very long time since buttons tend to be more durable than zip closures.

The shorts are a good option for tall men since they are available in larger sizes and the long inseam leaves the shorts hanging just above your knee caps which makes them ideal for outdoor activities like hiking or hunting. The bigger sizes of 44 to 54 are also ideal for large men but some do recommend ordering one size bigger since the shorts sometimes tend to be a bit snug around the waist. 


Colors: 1 Combat camo and 5 solid color options

Material: 100% Cotton

Closure: Button 

Fit: Loose

Pockets: 9 Pockets

Belt: Built-in belt included

Length: Just above knee

Sizes: 44 to 54 

  • Affordable price range
  • Classic cargo shorts are available in various solid colors
  • Comfortable enough to use as hiking shorts
  • Leg inseam length is ideal for tall men
  • Shorts are available in larger sizes
  • Very nice pocket layout
  • Quality build and made from durable materials
  • Fabric is light and breathable to keep you cool 
  • Button-up back pockets can be annoying to open or close
  • Belt can be too long for some

Final Thoughts

We are quite sure that any of the big and tall camo shorts listed in this guide will offer you plenty of functionality and style when you are out and about having an adventure. We also hope that our guide helped you find a pair that suits your lifestyle and personal preferences without getting a headache from doing your own search.

If you are also in the market for other quality apparel or accessories for taller people then you should have a look at some of our other guides. On Tall People Guide, you can find functional products that suit your big or tall needs perfectly.