Top 5 Men’s Big And Tall Cashmere Sweaters For 2023

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Clothes are essential items that we simply cannot do without, with the use of clothing going as far back as the origin of man. There are a variety of types, designs, sizes, and brands of clothing worldwide, all designed to suit different tastes and occasions. 

Most clothing lines make different sizes of a particular design meant to fit a wide range of people. However, not all clothing manufacturers offer attire that fit tall people, and it can be challenging to find something that fits well. 

In this post, we want to show you the top 5 men’s big and tall cashmere sweaters for 2023. This guide contains all you need to know to buy the perfect cashmere sweater for tall men.

In a hurry? Here are the best men’s big and tall cashmere sweaters:

5 Best Men’s Big And Tall Cashmere Sweaters

Getting Men’s Big and Tall Cashmere Sweaters

Sweaters fit differently from shirts, and there are a few factors you should consider before making your purchase.


The size is very important when getting a sweater. Don’t use the same size measurements you use for your shirts when getting a sweater. 

Sweaters are not meant to be very fitted nor too big, instead, they are meant to be worn true to size. Keep in mind that the sweater you want to get should be one size larger than your regular shirt size. 


Several materials are used to make sweaters, but we would recommend cashmere. 

Cashmere sweaters are easier to maintain and give you the best feeling. Cashmere is natural wool. It is soft on the skin and light making it very comfortable to wear. 

Best Men’s Big And Tall Cashmere Sweaters

1. Kallspin Men’s Cashmere Wool Pullover Sweater 

Kallspin is a brand known for making a variety of clothing items and accessories. In 2021 they successfully released another exciting product – their cashmere wool pullover sweater for men. This popular design is still topping the list for big and tall cashmere sweaters. 

The first thing we like about this product is the material used in its design, cashmere wool. Cashmere wool is a natural product obtained from cashmere goats and makes for excellent clothing material. 

The material used to make the sweater is very lightweight, a feature that sets it apart from other wool sweaters. You can wear this sweater without feeling weighed down or like your clothing is dragging you down. Instead, you can freely go around your daily activities without the feeling of heavy fabric that usually comes with a warm wool sweater. 

Many people complain that wool sweaters are harsh on their skin or end up with chafing and red skin. However, this product takes care of such complaints and it is very soft on the skin. The cashmere wool used in making the sweater is very smooth.

This item is also very low maintenance to clean. All you need to do is throw the sweater into the washing machine and let the machine do the work. You don’t need to bleach or iron the sweater – simply wash, dry, and go!

This sweater’s design gets style points from us as well. It has a low V-neck design with a relaxed fit. The sweater is not meant to be too clingy or too baggy either. The relaxed fit and the V-neck make this cashmere sweater suitable for multiple occasions. You can wear the sweater for a casual outing or you could wear it over a dress shirt for more formal events. 

Apart from the sweater design and material, the pricing of this item is worth noting. This is a low cost buy compared most of the other wool sweater brands on the market, making it a value purchase you can also wear all season long. 

What we like

  • It is a value item.
  • It is easy to wash.
  • The material is soft and light.

What we don’t like

  • It wears out quickly. 

The Kallspsin Men’s Cashmere sweater is a great choice, and it is also available in different sizes.

2. State Cashmere Men’s Essential V-neck Sweater 

Next on our list is the State Men’s Essential V-neck sweater, another excellent choice for men’s big and tall cashmere sweaters. This State Cashmere product was released in 2017, and still one of our top choices to date. 

This sweater is made for a wide range of markets, and it is available in a variety of colors. Available in different sizes – from small to extra-large – you can be sure to find one that fits you perfectly.

State’s Essential V-Neck Sweater is another cashmere wool product. This type of wool is collected from the inner parts of Mongolia, and the quality is very impressive. 

The sweater material is very lightweight. You can wear this item all day long without feeling too much discomfort or weight on your body.  

Also, the sweater is soft and easy on the skin. You don’t have to worry about chafing or irritation to the skin. The fabric is gentle with a velvety, smooth feel.

Unlike the brand we mentioned earlier, the State Cashmere Essential sweater does need to be washed by hand. It is not advisable to use a washing machine on this product. Instead, wash with warm water and soap by hand. 

This brand also boasts of using only cashmere material in making their sweaters with no addition of synthetic fabrics (which is more than most brands can say). 

This State Cashmere sweater has a V-neck design, making it suitable for both casual and official dressings. The fit of this V-neck allows for free air flow, keeping dry and comfortable as you wear it.

What we like 

  • It is comfortable.
  • It is 100% cashmere.
  • It has durable wear. 

What we don’t like

  • It shows pilling easily.

The State Cashmere Essential V-neck is suitable for both casual and formal occasions and is easy to maintain. 

3. State Fusion Men’s Turtleneck Sweater Cashmere Merino Wool

We have another product from the State brand with their Cashmere Merino Wool Turtleneck Sweater. This sweater was also released in 2017, and it is still one of the best cashmere sweaters for men on the market to date. 

This sweater is made from both Mongolian cashmere and Merino wool, while the previous sweater was made from purely cashmere. The unique blend of merino wool and cashmere adds to the sweater’s value and improves the quality.

The materials used to make the sweater make it more durable than most sweaters. You can use this product for ad long time without it wearing out or pilling. Apart from the durability of the sweater, there is also added comfort. 

The blend of materials used in making the State Fusio sweater makes it very pleasing to the skin. It is suitable for long wear because it is so easy on the skin, there is little chance for irritation or chafing. 

Asides from the comfort and durability that comes with this sweater, there is also the aesthetic effect. The sweater has a classic design, the turtle neck gives the sweater a more sophisticated look. You can wear the sweater to your corporate event or workplace and still wear it with your jeans for a more casual event. 

Another element we like about this cashmere sweater is its breathable design. The material and knitting technique used to make this sweater makes it possible for air to flow freely. You can wear this sweater without feeling too hot on sunny days.

The material is also odor resistant, so you can wear it all day without worrying about that sweaty smell that is common with wearing wool for a long time. 

You also need to wash this product with your hand to prevent damage and for effective cleaning. 

What we like

  • It is made from cashmere and merino wool.
  • It is comfortable.
  • It is breathable and odour resistant.

What we don’t like 

  • It has to be hand washed. 

If you’re looking for something with a sophisticated look, then this State Fusio sweater is a good choice. 

4. State Cashmere Essential Crewneck Sweater

The State Cashmere Essential Crewneck Sweater is a more recent design than the State V-neck and the Fusio Turtleneck, and it is also another great choice of sweater for tall men. 

This sweater has a simple yet attractive design. Made of purely hypoallergenic cashmere, the State Cashmere Essential Crewneck is constructed with the best materials available. The sweater is lightweight – you can wear your item all day without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable. 

As with the other cashmere sweater options we mentioned above, the cashmere material is very gentle on the skin. No skin irritation or chafing here! 

On a style note, this sweater is made with a crewneck design which you can easily pull over your head. You can also get the sweater in different solid colors like black, white, and shades of grey. 

This sweater is designed to serve you year round, from summer, spring, fall, and winter. It will go with just about any item in your wardrobe. You can wear this crewneck to the office for work, around the house, or for a stroll through the neighborhood.

This product is suitable for tall people, and it can fit men up to 6 feet tall. A range of sizes are available for this product, from small to extra large. 

What we like

  • It is comfortable.
  • It is easy to wash. 
  • It fits well.

What we don’t like

  • It balls up after a short time. 

The State Cashmere Essential Crewneck Sweater is made purely from cashmere, and it has a simple design that goes with most outfits. 

5. JENNIE LIU Men’s Cashmere Sweater 

The last item on our list of the top 5 men’s big and tall cashmere sweaters are the JENNIE LIU V-neck sweaters. This sweater has been around for a while and was first released in 2016. The sweater is still one of the highly-recommended products for tall people. 

This sweater is made solely from cashmere with properties that make it a great choice for a sweater. 

As previously mentioned, the lightweight cashmere material makes it possible to wear the sweater for a long time without feeling much weight. Also, you will have a great time when wearing the sweater because the material is soft and gentle on the skin. 

This sweater is also great for cold times because it can store a fair amount of heat, and will keep you warm the entire time you have it on. 

The technique and design of this product also contributes to its performance. The sweater is designed with densely knitted cashmere fibers with an attractive V-neck design. 

The V-neck design gives this sweater its semi-casual appearance. You can easily wear this sweater on jeans or as a shirt on its own, and you can also wear it over your office shirt and tie. 

The versatility of the V-neck style means you can wear this item with a number of different looks. With its affordable price, the JENNIE LIU cashmere sweater is the perfect gift for your man or your friend. 

What we like

  • It is pure cashmere.
  • It is comfortable and light.
  • The quality is commendable.

 What we don’t like

  • It is thin.

The Jennie Liu cashmere sweater is another great choice, and the V-neck design makes it suitable for a wide range of looks. 


Tall people might run into problems finding the perfect fit or size of clothing to wear. In this blog post we looked at our top 5 men’s big and tall cashmere sweaters for 2023. You can find more of our clothing recommendations for tall men here. 

The Kallspin Men’s Cashmere Wool Sweater is our top choice from the products we’ve looked at. The sweater is very comfortable, and it is also easy to wash with a machine.