The Best Big and Tall Dining Chairs: A Buyer’s Guide

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It is important to make time to communicate and connect with family members each and every day. The best way to make time for each other is by sharing a wonderful home-cooked meal at a beautifully set dining room table. 

These intimate meals can cause a lot of discomfort if you are a big and tall person. It is pretty uncomfortable to squeeze into a tiny chair and to have your knees and legs bent at an odd angle when the seat height is too low. With average dining chairs bigger and taller people also always run the risk of breaking the chair since most of these chairs are not designed to handle a lot of weight.

In this guide, we strive to help tall people create a dining area that is perfect for their height. We aim to guide you by comparing the best big and tall dining chairs to add around your table.

In a hurry? Find the best big and tall dining chairs in the hotlist below:

5 Best Big and Tall Dining Chairs

There are a great many chair designs to choose from in our current era and it can be overwhelming to find the perfect one. When you shop online, you will come across all sorts of dining room chair designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. These chairs can range from classic or traditional wooden sets to modern plastic sets that are sold in all the colors of the rainbow.

The chairs we chose for this list are the ones that offer features like a tall backrest, a higher seat height, and a good maximum weight capacity so tall people can also sit and feel comfortable when sharing a meal with others. 

Here is a quick look at some of the most stylish and beautiful chairs tall people might find comfortable.

Best Big and Tall Dining Chairs: Review

The Best Big and Tall Chair Set for Indoor or Outdoor Dining

1. FDW Stackable Metal Dining Chairs

The FDW Stackable metal dining chairs are ideal for those who need something sturdy, functional, and flexible.

These heavy-duty dining chairs have plenty of outstanding features to love. They have a very beautiful overall look and they are available in lots of fun colors like black, blue, bronze, white, grey, red, orange, or silver to match a variety of styles. These metal chairs are very functional and flexible since you can use them indoors or outdoors and they are convertible since you can unscrew and remove the backrest to convert them into stools. This makes their usability greater as more people can get use out of them.

Another great feature of these chairs is their portability. The chairs are light and stackable so you can easily carry them or transport them to a different event location. 

The chairs are ideal for big and tall people because they have a massive max weight limit of 330 pounds. The backrests and legs of these chairs are also pretty high so taller individuals can sit with their legs in a comfortable position. 


Weight: 10 Pounds

Dimensions: 21 x 17 x 33 Inches

Qty set: 4 Piece

Weight limit: 330 Pounds

Color: 8 Color varieties

Main material: Metal

Application: Outdoor or indoor

Seat size: 14 x 14 Inches

Seat height: Average chair height

Backrest size: 18-inch height

  • Backrests are detachable which offer more flexibility 
  • Solid metal frame is very strong with a 330-pound weight limit
  • Chair is easy to assemble
  • Very stylish chair for both garden and indoor use
  • Chair is water and UV resistant
  • Affordable price range
  • Stackable so you can free up space or store them easily
  • Chairs are light so you can easily move them around
  • The seat can be small for big people
  • The metal coating isn’t scratch-resistant

The Best Modern Big and Tall Dining Chair Set

2. Yaheetech Wooden Leg Shell Dining Chairs

If you want a couple of dining chairs to match your modern home vibe then the Yaheetech chairs can be a very good option.

These plastic chairs offer a clean and modern look thanks to their shell seat design, natural beech wood legs, and metal reinforcement. You can get these fine chairs in five different colors and they can be used for indoor dining areas, patios, or roofed outdoor dining areas. The polypropylene seat is also very easy to keep clean since you can scrub it with some water and dish soap to remove stains or stubborn dirt. 

The chairs are perfect for tall and big people since they have a large max weight limit of 297 pounds and tall legs. Big people also find these chairs comfortable because there are no armrests that can pinch you in the sides or cause discomfort.


Weight: 31.8 

Dimensions: 21.5 x 15.5 x 32 Inches

Weight limit: 297 Pounds

Qty set: 4 Piece

Color: 5 Color options

Main material: Beechwood, metal, and polypropylene

Application: Indoor or patio

Seat size: 18.5 x 18.5 Inches

Seat height: 17.5 Inches

Backrest size: 14.5 Inches

  • Affordable price range
  • Clean and modern look
  • Chair is nice and stable without any wobble
  • Comfortable for sitting in
  • Plastic surface is easy to wipe clean
  • Sturdy chairs have a large weight limit
  • Chairs are very light so you can easily carry them around
  • Four-piece set is ideal for a small dining area or breakfast nook
  • Chair seat can be small for large people
  • Bit challenging to assemble

The Best Statement Dining Chair Set for Tall People

3. LSSPAID High Back Upholstered Dining Chairs

The Lasspaid chair set is a perfect investment if you are looking for a statement set that can brighten up your dining room. 

These comfortable chairs are sold in a beautiful minty green teal color and they are finished with copper nailheads around the edges for a unique and beautiful look. The upholstery fabric is soft and comfortable and the hardwood legs are nice and sturdy. With this fashionable style, these chairs are ideal for a statement dining set or to use individually as accent chairs in different bedrooms or even the livingroom.  

This comfortable chair set is a good option for taller and bigger people since they have a tall backrest of 21.5 inches and a good seat height of 19.6 inches. Lots of seat padding will also keep you nice and cozy on boardgame nights that can sometimes drag on for so long. 


Dimensions: 17.6 x 17.7 x 40.4 Inches

Weight limit: 260 Pounds

Qty set: 4 Piece set

Color: Biege

Main material: Textile fabric, wood, and metal

Application: Indoor use

Seat size: 17.3 x 17.7 Inches

Seat height: 19.6 Inches

Backrest size: 21.5 x 17.7 Inches

  • Chairs have a very beautiful and unique overall look
  • Ideal accent chair or a statement piece to use in the living room or bedrooms
  • Very simple to put together
  • Seats are lined with springs to offer more support and comfort
  • Tall backrest and leg length is ideal for a tall person
  • Compact size makes them ideal for small kitchens or livingrooms
  • Soft upholstery fabric is nice and warm to the touch
  • Bolts might need to be re-tightened after a while

The Best 6-Piece Big and Tall Dining Set

4. Christopher Knight Home Pertica Leather Dining Chairs

The Pertica chair set is an ideal investment if you need a larger 6-piece dining chair set for the whole family or for small get-togethers set and if you want something with a more subtle yet luxurious look and feel. 

Christopher Knight Home is known for creating fine-quality furniture pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Their heavy-duty chair set, the Pertica, certainly doesn’t fall short when compared to their other products.

This gorgeous furniture set is made with high-quality faux leather upholstery with an interesting and unique T-stitch design all over the chair. The dark chocolate brown hue is ideal for homes with a classic look but these chairs can also be very functional in business meeting rooms with a tall desk or table.

This chair set is more suitable for indoor use but can also be functional for a roofed patio since the faux leather upholstery can be easily wiped clean using a damp cloth.

Taller and bigger people find these chairs very comfortable because they feature a tall backrest, a higher seat height, and lots of firm padding in the backrest and seat. The chairs are also ideal for bigger people because there are no annoying armrests that can squish you or cause discomfort. 


Weight: 16.53 Pounds

Dimensions: 17.75 x 25 x 39.75 Inches

Qty set: 6 Piece

Color: Chocolate brown and black

Main material: PU leather upholstery and wood

Application: Indoor and roofed patio

Seat size: 17.2 x 16.93 Inches

Seat height: 18.9 Inches

Backrest size: 20.85 x 17.72 Inches

  • Chairs look amazing and offer a luxurious vibe
  • PU leather looks nice and the stitching is done well
  • Sturdy and will look great around a dining table
  • Tall people can comfortably sit since they have a tall seat height and backrest
  • Assembly is pretty easy and quick
  • Thick seat padding offers a very comfortable feel when you sit down
  • Solid wood legs look great and will hold up well 
  • Chair legs can’t be adjusted to eliminate wobbliness 
  • Faux leather upholstery will eventually start to crack or tear

The Best Classic Looking Big and Tall Dining Set

5. Payeel Fabric and Wood Dining Chairs

If you prefer a more classic, romantic, and soft feel for your dining area then you should consider this beautiful set by Payeel. 

This four piece dining chair set is only available in three colors but these neutral hues are sure to fit a great variety of color schemes you might have for your room.

The chairs are upholstered with a soft fabric and contain button-tufted accents for a more romantic and sophisticated look. The upholstered chair is firmly positioned on four wooden legs and the overall construction of these chairs is very sturdy.

This typical dining chair is a good investment for bigger and taller people because the seat width is a bit broader to accommodate big and tall men and women. The tall padded backrest offers plenty of support and the seat has lots of cushioning so you can sit down for longer without feeling all achy and sore all over. 


Weight: 23 Pounds

Dimensions: 26 x 21.25 x 38.5 Inches

Weight limit: 286 Pounds

Qty set: 4 Piece set

Color: 3 Colors

Main material: Wood and upholstered fabric

Application: Indoor use

Seat size: 17.5 x 21.25 Inches

Seat height: 20.25 inches

Backrest size: 25 x 21.25 Inches

  • Chairs offer a gorgeous classic look with button tufted accents
  • Chairs are very easy to assemble
  • Very comfortable sitting
  • Tall backrest and 20.25-inch seat height is suitable for tall people
  • Thick padding in the backrest allows you to sit for longer without feeling sore
  • Weight capacity is ideal for taller or bigger people
  • Upholstered fabric is soft and warm to the touch
  • They might be a bit bulky for a small dining room
  • Upholstery fabric requires delicate or professional cleaning

Final Thoughts

We are quite sure that any of these big and tall dining chairs will offer you much more comfort and functionality than your average dining chair would. We hope that our guide also offered some tips to help you find a set that suits your home and lifestyle.

If you are perhaps looking for other home accessories or gear for tall people then you should have a look at some of the other guides we have on Tall People Guide. With our site, you can seek out all the latest and best products that will suit your taller body type perfectly.