Best Big and Tall Snowboard Jackets For Big And Tall People.

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big and tall snowboard jackets

Snowboarding is an extreme sport that generally requires one to gear up properly. And for overweight and six-footers like us, getting big and tall snowboard jackets is advisable.

The jackets could be the difference between you feeling warm and cold or dry and wet.

Overall, not all snowboard jackets are sizeable enough to suit plus size and tall guys, which is such a shame.

The good news is that you can get your perfect snowboard jacket size and fit, and that’s where I come in.

I’ll take you through the specs to prioritize when shopping for one. I’ll also discuss the various types of snowboard jackets and make relevant recommendations.

We can jump straight to the buying guide!

In a rush? See below a hotlist of my most recommended snowboard jackets for big and tall people.

8 Best Big and Tall Snowboard Jackets.

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Essential Specs for the Best Mens Snowboard Jackets Buying Guide

Like I mentioned, not every snowboard jacket suits big and taller guys. A majority don’t, and that’s why you have to prioritize the following specs:

1. Waterproofness

You want a snowboard jacket that keeps your upper body dry, right? For that to happen, its waterproofness must be impressive.

Ideally, you can tell a waterproof snowboard jacket by looking at any of these three things:

a. Waterproof Rating

Snowboard jacket waterproofing ratings usually range between 5,000mmm and 20,000mm. Overall, the higher the waterproofing rating, the more waterproof the jacket is.

So, while a 5,000mm jacket is likely to let water in, a 10,000-20,000mm option will keep you dry all seasons.

Note, however, that not all snowboard jackets come with a waterproof rating.

b. Seam Sealing

The jacket’s seams may be fully sealed (fully tapered) or critically sealed (critically tapered).

If it’s fully sealed, water won’t get in at all. Water will, however, get in if the large tall snowboard jacket is critically tapered.

c. Go-Tex technology

Go-Tex is a new technology that offers snowboard jackets waterproofness and breathability. So, the jackets don’t come cheap.

Jackets with Go-Tex technology are typically fully sealed, which means they are entirely waterproof.

plus size snowboard jacket

2. Insulation

Depending on your location and time of the year, you can go for an insulated or non-insulated snowboard jacket.

So, if the weather is cold, going for an insulated jacket makes sense. But if the weather is warm, then you don’t need an insulated snow jacket.

Note that the insulation rating could range anywhere between zero and 120g.

3. Jacket Sizing

Jacket sizing guides differ between models, and so you have to pay attention to the values to get your size.

Overall, you have to consider the jacket size, which could be anything between X-Small and XX-Large.

But since you are big and tall, you may have to start considering from size Large. But for the sake of general knowledge, below are Amazon’s general sizing charts for men and women’s snowboard jackets.

However, I’ll repeat that the sizes may vary between brands. So, the charts are only for general reference.

Mens Tall Snowboard Jacket General Sizing Chart

Size Chest (inches)Waist (inches)Arm (inches)

Women‘s Snowboard Jacket General Sizing Chart

SizeChest/Bust (Inches)Waist (Inches)Hips (Inches)

4. Breathability

Snowboarding is rigorous, and that means you are likely to sweat every time your snowboard.

The problem with sweat is that it could make you uncomfortably wet. Not only will you feel damp, but the excess sweat may start to stink.

You can, however, stay sweat-free and dry if the jacket is breathable.

Generally, you can tell if a snowboard jacket is breathable from its breathability rating. Usually, the ratings range between 3,000g and 20,000g and the higher the rating, the more the breathability.

Of course, don’t go for maximum breathability as that may mean feeling too cold due to excess air escape. So, anything around 10,000g is excellent for a plus size snowboard jacket.

big winter jacket

5. Style

Consider a snowboard jacket that comes in the latest design so that you don’t look out of fashion. In that case, opt for trendy patterns, colors, and designs.

6. Durability

Since snowboard jackets don’t come cheap, you must choose a durable option to serve you longer.

Opt for tougher fabrics and zip constructions.

Other Specs for Big and Tall Snowboarding Jackets

Also, consider the following specs when shopping for snowboarding jackets.

  • Hood: It helps to keep your head dry and warm during the rainy and cold seasons. So, it’s a massive add-on for the bad weather.
  • Zipper Cover/Storm Flap: It prevents moisture and wind from getting through the zipper.
  • Vents: Vents under the arms cool you down when it’s scorching. Thus, they are a massive consideration during the hot season.
  • Multiple Pockets: The pockets let you keep your keys, phone, sunglasses, wallet, and other small items cheap.
  • Powder Skirt: If you want to avoid snow bolls running down your pant and inside the jacket, a powder skirt design is a worthy consideration. It’s not a must but will help keep you dry.
  • Wrist Closure: Wrist closures prevent water, snow, and wind from getting into your arms. So, your hands won’t get cold quickly.

Types of Big and Tall Snowboard Jackets

Snowboard jackets for big guys come in the following four options.

1. Soft Shell Snowboard Jackets for Big Guys

As the name suggests, softshell snowboard jackets come in a soft, stretchy shell material. Not only does the fabric feel soft, but it’s also waterproof.

As a result, they are a good choice for wet conditions. But still, these jackets are comfortable to wear in warm weather. In my view, they are an all-season choice.

The best part is that they are the most inexpensive option.

One fantastic choice for men is the MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Jacket (Amazon Link), which enjoys a water-resistant construction.

The jacket comes with a detachable hood and hidden drawstring. Plus, it has underarm vents to encourage ventilation and features a polar fleece liner to stay insulated and warm.

Its women equivalent is the MAGCOMSEN Women’s Snow Jacket (Amazon Link). The women jacket also features a fleece liner and waterproof softshell to keep you warm and dry.

2. Insulated Snowboard Jackets for Tall Guys

If you plan to snowboard in cold temperatures, an insulated jacket is a must consider.

Generally, these are two-layer snowboard jackets featuring a top windproof and waterproof shell and an inside insulation layer.

Most of these jackets feature synthetic fill material on their insulation layer that gives them a much lower profile. As a result, they offer insulation under wet conditions.

That means they are best for regions that are not just cold but wet too.

Youll find them with an insulation rating of over 100g, which makes them ideal for extreme conditions.

An option like the CNTRITON Mens Snowboard Jacket  (Amazon Link) comes with a 10,000mm waterproof rating and a 5,000g breathability rating. So, not only is it waterproof but also breathable.

More importantly, the big winter jacket comes with a 180g insulation rating, thus dependable against cold conditions.

Its also windproof and highly ventilated, thus an all-season choice.

Its women equivalent is the Mden Womens Snowboard Jacket (Amazon Link).

3. Puffer (Puffed Down) Snowboard Jackets for Tall People

Puffer snowboard jackets are insulated jackets with a much higher warmth-to-weight ratio ideal for the coldest temperatures.

They are also lighter and readily compressible, thus packable.

Their only downside is that they lose their level of insulation when wet.

For that reason, they arent the best for humid conditions. They are only best for extreme cold but dry conditions.

The secret, however, is to ensure the waterproof rating is good if you want to wear a puffer jacket in wet areas.

One best puffer jacket for men is the Tommy Hilfiger Hooded Puffer (Amazon Link).

The jacket comes in 100% nylon construction and is hooded to keep you warm under freezing conditions.

Thanks to features like storm cuffs and stand cooler, the jacket blocks out cold, and due to its fleece liner, it keeps you warm at all times.

Its women equivalent is the Wantdo Womens Hooded Puffer (Amazon Link) that also comes hooded and fully zippered to keep you warm.

Moreover, its windproof and waterproof and comes extras-packed.

4. 3-in-1 Snowboard Jackets for Big Guys

These tall snowboard jackets are irrefutably the most versatile snowboard jackets on the market today.

Heres why:

The jackets allow you to wear them only as an outer shell when its not very cold or combine the shell and the accompanying fleece layer when the temperature drops.

Alternatively, you can wear the fleece layer alone. So, because of the three wearing possibilities, these jackets are known as 3-in-1.

A perfect recommendation for men is the Wantdo Mens 3-in-1 Snowboard Jacket (Amazon Link). Women can get the Camel Crown Womens Snow Coat (Amazon Link).

Both jackets are waterproof, windproof, and warm.


1. What Is The Best Snowboard Jacket?

Based on durability, waterproofness, windproof-ness and breathability, here are the best snowboard jackets:

  1. MAGCOMSEN Mens Tactical Jacket: Best Mens Softshell Jacket
  2. MAGCOMSEN Womens Snow Jacket: Best Womens Softshell Jacket
  3. CNTRITON Mens Snowboard Jacket: Best Mens Insulated Jacket
  4. Mden Womens Snowboard Jacket: Best Womens Insulated Jacket
  5. Tommy Hilfiger Hooded Puffer: Best Mens Puffer Snowboard Jacket
  6. Wantdo Womens Hooded Puffer: Best Womens Puffer Jacket
  7. Wantdo Mens 3-in-1 Snowboard Jacket: Best Mens 3-in-1 Jacket
  8. Camel Crown Womens Snow Coat: Best Womens 3-in-1 Jacket

2. How Do I Choose A Snow Jacket?

You can choose a snow jacket by prioritizing the following:

  • A breathable design
  • Waterproof properties
  • Good insulation against the winter weather
  • Multiple pockets for your small valuables
  • Durable fabric

3. Are Down Jackets Good For Snowboarding?

Down big and tall ski jackets are well insulated, and that makes them best for low temperatures. So, consider them during the freezing winter as they promise warmth and keeping you dry.

4. How Much Should I Spend On A Snowboard Jacket?

Snowboard jackets come at different prices depending on the type, quality, and brand.

Expect insulated, waterproof, and windproof options to cost around $75-$125. You may get other budget options for about $50, nonetheless.

5. Are Snowboard Jackets Warm?

Not all snowboard jackets are warm. Its only those that come insulated or in fleece lining that feels warm. So, consider insulated and softshell snowboard jackets if you want a warm option.

6. What Do You Wear Under A Snowboard Jacket?

If it‘s too cold, you can wear a fleece or softshell sweater under your snowboard jacket. That, however, depends on your coat.

If it‘s a softshell option, you may not need to wear anything under it.

7. Is 10k Waterproof Enough For Snowboarding?

You need anything between 10,000 and 20,000mm to enjoy maximum waterproofness from snowboard gear like a jacket. So, yes, 10K is enough for snowboarding as it‘ll keep you dry.

8. Why Do Snowboarders Wear Baggy Clothes?

Snowboarders wear baggy clothes to encourage air retention when it gets cold. The air that you retain creates an insulation layer that keeps you warm.


Closing Thought:

Now, you know how to find the best big and tall snowboard jackets. Depending on your snowboarding needs and weather, you can pick a jacket type that suits you most using the above guide.

Remember, a snowboard jacket determines if youll feel warm, dry, and comfortable, and so youve to pick it wisely.