5 Awesome Tops to Add to Your Big and Tall Sweater Vest Collection

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Amazon Essentials Men's Big & Tall V-Neck Sweater Vest fit by DXL, Light Blue Heather, 2X

So maybe you’ve already picked up the best rain jacket for tall skinny guys. Maybe you also have the perfect leather jacket for tall dudes. Even with these, your collection won’t be complete until you’ve acquired the perfect big and tall sweater vest to go with your autumnal outfits.

Picking up clothes that fit tall people can be a real pain and require a lot of work. As we’re sure you’re already aware, it isn’t easy to find clothes for big and tall bodies. Most clothing is made for small or average sized people, making the search for a well-fitting outfit quite challenging when you’re tall.

To make finding a comfortable sweater for your tall collection a bit easier this year, we took a look at more than 40 different tall sweater vests. From trendy, stylish V-neck sweaters to simple polos, we left no stone unturned.

In a hurry? Find the best big and tall sweater vest in the hotlist below:

5 Best Big and Tall Sweater Vest

The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Perfect Big and Tall Sweater Vest

Just like with any fashionable clothing item, a lot of thought has to be put into picking a big and tall sweater vest that perfectly suits your needs. Because of this, there are several things you need to consider when making your decision.

Some of the most important ones include;

Purpose of the Attire

Contrary to public opinion, one sweater vest won’t serve you for every single occasion. While a few of these dress shirts can be used in formal and informal environments, it’s not a given that every item you purchase will serve you well in all settings. Depending on your needs, multiple sweater vests of different styles and fashions may be necessary.

While some items may stand out to you as pleasing to look at, before you decide to purchase them, just make sure you’ve identified how and when you’d most likely wear them. Doing so will help you avoid picking up clothes that you never wear, or that are inappropriate to wear in your daily life. 

Material of the Sweater Vest

These clothing items can be made from a whole host of materials. These can range from cotton and wool to polyester and nylon.  Depending on the quality and fit of the garment, the material that your vest is made of can have an impact on how comfortable you feel in it.

Although many people prefer vests made of wool or cotton, you should be fine with most materials, provided the vest is well-made and worn appropriately.

The Style of the Vest

The style of the vest itself is also important when it comes to making a fashion statement, or wanting to avoid standing out in a crowd. One of the most popular patterns and designs is argyle.

However, in recent times, newer designs incorporating outdated patterns and styles from previous fashion trends and eras have been making a comeback. These include V-neck sweaters, the common t-shirt neckline, and the crew neck. The button-front dress shirt is also making waves as well.

As such, you need to make sure you know what style best suits your taste and purposes before punching in your credit card information and sealing the deal.

After checking out dress shirt collections for two weeks straight, here are our top choices:

Best Big and Tall Sweater Vest Review

1. DXL Amazon Essentials Men’s Big & Tall V-Neck Sweater Vest

The one thing tougher than building a reputation for style and panache is maintaining that reputation.

This is a challenge for most people who wear regular size dress shirts and even more so for individuals who have to look for larger sizes.

That’s why the Amazon Essentials for big and tall men fit by DXL is a welcome arrival to many tall individuals.

Available in 3X, 5X, and 7X product sizes, you can add these tall sweaters to your collection without hesitation. Moreover, they come loosely fitted. Because of this, the comfort of this super-soft, natural fiber sweater vest increases dramatically.

What distinguishes this pick is its wide variety of colors. The selection of colors ranges from bold to neutral, allowing you to adapt your wardrobe to a variety of occasions.

V-neck styles might seem old and cliché, but the pieces in this collection bring back this traditional fit with a stylish flare that feels both natural and relaxing.

To cap it all off, the pieces in this collection are machine washable, reducing the hassle you’ll need to go through to get them cleaned.

As far as vintage styles of big and tall sweater vests go, this may be one of our top picks.

Why We Like It

  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed to accommodate different body types
  • Great for formal and informal use
  • Available in a wide variety of colors.

What to Note

  • Product has to be washed exactly according to instructions or it will fade quickly·       
  • May hang loosely on some frames

2. DXL Amazon Essentials Men’s Big & Tall Polar Fleece Full-Zip Sweater Vest

Another Amazon Essentials product makes the cut.

This testifies to the brand’s excellence when it comes to making big and tall sweater vests and dress shirts.

Just like the aforementioned product, these full-zip sweater vests are available in 3 different product size options. However, unlike the V-neck sweater vest, you can only acquire these tall sweater vests in sizes 2X, 3X, and 5X.

Made with a 100% polyester, this sweater is the definition of comfort. Coupled with its unique design, it offers the perfect style for warmth and fashion when stepping out.

As far as stylish sweater vests go, many of its features distinguish it from the competition.

For instance, it comes with a high collar, side seam pockets, and a full-zip front. It also features elastic arm openings, zippered pockets, and a straight hem.

When it comes to color, you’ve got your options, as the sweater comes in four unique shades.

If you’re looking for a comfortable sweater that helps you strike the right balance between style and functionality, you might be pleased with the results you’ll get with this dress shirt!

Why We Like It

  • Stylish design
  • Affordable
  • Comes in black, navy blue, charcoal, and forest green
  • Side seam pockets, a comfy base layer, and elastic arm openings
  • Machine washable

What to Note

  • Subject to wear when used regularly
  • Zippers have been known to fail

3. Devon & Jones Men’s V-Neck Sweater Vest

Let’s say you want a beautiful, lightweight cotton-knit sweater.

Let’s also assume you travel a lot and would like a dress shirt that looks great and is ready to wear, even after spending a few hours folded in your suitcase.

Now, let’s say you didn’t want to break the bank to get this type of tall sweater.

While it’s certainly true that there are more than a few products out there that meet your demands, the fact remains unchanged that not many of them will do it much better than the Devon & Jones V-neck sweater vest.

Made from 12 gauge, 100% air spun cotton, this particular product will be an invaluable addition to your sweater collection.

Not only is it available in small, XX-large, and 3X size types, these sweater vests also hold your frame snuggly without feeling too tight.

Available in black, navy blue, gray, stone, and red, you have an ample variety of colors to choose from.

This dress shirt is also a travel-ready garment with quick-dry technology and that wrinkles less than other cardigan sweaters on the market.

If you’re a tall dude that travels a lot, then this vest should be in your luggage the next time you’re on the move!

Why We Like It

  • Elegant, lightweight, cotton-knit
  • Dries quickly
  • Budget-friendly
  • Wrinkle-resistant technology means it stands up well to wear and tear
  • Fits large and tall frames nicely

What to Note

  • Some quality control issues.

4. Harriton Pilbloc Men V-Neck Sweater Vest

Sometimes people feel like they run out of options when it comes to fancy, long sleeve pullover sweater vests.

However, if the near decade-long successes of the Harriton Pilbloc men’s sweater vest are anything to go by, then these tall V-neck sweaters have shown that this brand has gotten sweater vests down to a science.

Available in an amazing 10 different sizes and a wide selection of colors, this sweater vest makes dressing sensibly easy and fun.

Made from 100% acrylic, it boasts a 1×1 rib knit neckline that is easily recognizable, even in a sea of sweater vests. Featuring well-crafted armholes and bottom openings, it falls loosely over one’s frame and envelopes most body types comfortably. 

Mimicking handmade items from limited-edition collections, the classic appearance of this sweater vest is a perfect fit in almost any situation, whether in office environments, during night-time strolls, or while attending your friend’s regular weekend barbecue.

This top gets props for managing to successfully blend affordability, style, and durability into something that young and old men alike can put on comfortably and feel good about wearing.

Why We Like It

  • Offers an extensive range of size options to choose from
  • Rivals those of many limited edition collections
  • Machine-washable
  • A wide selection of colors to pick from

What to Note

  • Be cautious when choosing your size, as these may run large

5. Cutter & Buck Men’s Big and Tall Machine Washable Lakemont V-Neck Sweater Vest

While available in only three colors, Cutter & Buck men’s Lakemont V-neck sweater vest make up for this fact by offering 7 different size categories, all geared toward big and tall men.

Their size-type ranges from Large Tall and X-Large Big to X-Large Big Tall, XX-Large Big, 3X-Large Big, 4X-Large Big Tall, and 5X-Large Big. This fully ensures that you won’t have to look very far to find a fashionable sweater that’s the perfect fit for you.

These stylish V-neck sweaters are made from 80% cotton, 17% nylon, and 3% spandex, all combined in a way that ensures the wearer maintains their stylish reputation.

Additionally, the seams of each sweater vest are extremely fine and are of well-crafted construction, helping you stand out wherever you go.

The only reason this particular sweater isn’t the top item on our list is because it isn’t as affordable as we’d like. But beyond this, it delivers on everything that a good sweater vest should.

Why We Like It 

  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Boasts an English shoulder and ribbed hem
  • Machine-washable
  • Features an extensive array of size-types specially made for big and tall men
  • Durable sweaters

What to Note

  • More expensive than most people are accustomed to
  • Offers a rather limited variety of colors to choose from


1. Do Sweater Vests Really Work in an Office Environment?

Yes, they do!

As long as you go for a stylish vest and avoid risky color combinations, these garments work great as formal attire and are sure to make a favorable impression on your coworkers.

2. What Are the Best Clothes to Wear Along with Tall Sweater Vests?

This depends entirely on your personal style and what you enjoy wearing.

To give you a basic sense of how they are normally worn with other clothes, sweater vests can be incorporated into your outfit on top of other layers, such as button-front dress shirts. This look can then be completed with a neatly pressed pair of jeans or khakis. Avoid wearing t-shirts under sweater vests.

3. Where Can I Find the Best Clothes for my Tall Collection?

Tall People Guide is perhaps one of the most comprehensive resources for big and tall men looking to make lifestyle choices that suit their body type.

Here, our specialty is to ensure that big and tall people to find the finest and best-fitting indoor and outdoor clothes for a wide range of occasions.


Now that you know the best big and tall sweater vest options that 2022 has to offer, what’re you waiting for?!

Go grab yours today and head out in style.

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