Best Computer Desk For Tall Person (Expert Buyer’s Guide)

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Being tall undeniably offers you an advantage in creating a more appealing dating profile, reaching the ceiling, and even playing basketball. One area, however, where your height doesn’t favor you is when looking for a computer desk for tall person.

Most computer desks just won’t cut. They either have a shorter seat height that hurts your knees or a shorter standing height that kills your back.

You need a desk that offers you more legroom, which means it has to match your height.

Note, however, that there is more to picking a computer desk other than its size. You also have to consider its shape, design/type, material, adjustability, build quality, and other elements that I’ll discuss today.

Let’s get straight into the buying guide and look at the computer desk sizing.

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Buying Guide for the Best Computer Desk for Tall Person

Before buying a computer desk, you have to ensure it’s perfect for your height and comfort.

Generally, here are the must-consider when looking for the best desk for tall people. 

a) Correct Desk Height

Nothing matters more than your comfort. If you go for a desk that’s too high, you’ll stress your arms, wrists, and shoulders. And if it’s too low, you’ll strain your back by bending too much.

So, look carefully at the desk height (seating or standing height) to ensure it matches your height and seat height, as shown in the table below.

Your Height Seat HeightSeating Desk Height Standing Desk Height
6’0″-6’2″18-19 inches27-28 inches46.4-47.5 inches
6’3″-6’5″19-20.7 inches28.5-31 inches47.6-48.4 inches
6’6″-6’7″21-21.3 inches31.5-31.9 inches48.9-49.3 inches
6’8″-6’9″21.5-21.8 inches32.3-32.7 inches49.7-50.1 inches
6’10”-6’11”22-22.3 inches33.1-33.5 inches50.5-50.9 inches

b) Material Type

You have to consider both the frame and desktop material when picking a tall computer desk.

The most popular frame material is steel, which is more robust, more stable, and durable. Others feature silver, which is lightweight.

As for desktop materials, the most popular is wood, which comes in different finishes such as natural wood, neutral tone, and solid black or plain white.

Overall, wood is more robust and can enjoy a rustic or modern style, depending on the finish. There is also glass, which is classier than wood, easy to clean, and known to expand the visual space. It’s, however, delicate and costly.

Other desks feature a metal desktop that’s strong, stain-resistant, and durable but generally heavier.

Some feature laminate which is a plastic top on wood, which resists both wrapping and staining. It’s, however, the least luxurious.

c) Legroom and Storage Space

As a tall guy, your computer desk must offer you more legroom to stretch. Sometimes, that may mean sacrificing the drawer storage space.

If you want the convenience of both, then you have to get a tall computer desk with storage.

d) Desk Adjustability

An adjustable desk offers you lots of options as a big guy. An adjustable height, for instance, allows you to raise or lower the computer desk according to your size.

Others have adjustable footpads to keep them stable on uneven grounds.

e) Desk Versatility

Some computer desks, as discussed, come with adjustable height to allow you to use them seated or standing. That’s versatility right there!

Others are collapsible for easy transportation to allow you to use them at home and in the office. That’s also versatility!

But still, a few other computer desks serve as writing desks, office desks, gaming desks, or study tables.

Overall, the more versatile the desk is, the better it is for you.

f) Desk Shape

Lastly, you should consider the desk shape carefully to ensure it matches your space and needs.

For example, a corner or triangle desk is best for limited spaces since you can always fit them in the corner.

U-shaped and l-shaped desks, in contrast, are best when you need more desktop space for working on.

As for rectangular desks, they are best for the edges.

Types of Computer Desks for Tall People

Essentially, computer desks for tall guys come in the following types:

1. L-Shaped Computer Desks for Tall Person

As the name suggests, L-shaped computer desks have an l-shaped desktop that offers you lots of space to place your computer and other working essentials.

So, they are best when you want to put more stuff on the desk and not just your computer.

These desks are suitable for placing in corners as they fit easily, allowing you to save on space.

One incredible L-shaped desk for tall guys is the Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Desk (Amazon Link).

This office furniture for tall people measures 50.8 by 50.8 by 29.5 inches, thus spacious enough.

It’s made from a high-quality MDF top and steel frame to promise longevity and maximum weight tolerance. Plus, its top surface is easy to clean, and it enjoys lots of legroom space.

2. U-Shaped Computer Desks for Tall People

U-shaped desks enjoy a u-shaped (or semi-circle) top that occupies more space than an L-shaped desk. That means they also offer you more room to place your computer and other stuff.

They also come with lots of legroom and are excellent for sharing with someone.

One such tall computer desk is the Realspace Broadstreet Contoured U-Shaped Desk (Amazon Link).

This computer desk for tall person measures 70 by 46 by 32 inches, thus roomy enough, and comes in a steel frame build that enables it to bear up to 450 pounds.

It features printer racks that offer you extra storage space for your files and enjoys a water-resistant, dust-resistant, and easy-to-clean top.

3. Corner Computer Desks for Tall People

Corner desks are just what their name suggests. These computer desks are designed to fit in the corner, thus space-saving.

Though they economize on space, they offer lots of legroom, thus great for tall guys, and they also have a spacious tabletop to work on.

Though most corner desks come in an l-shape to fit perfectly in the corner, a few others come in a triangular shape. That is the case with the ODK Triangle Computer Desk (Amazon Link).

This corner desk enjoys a triangular design and fits easily in the corner. It has a vintage, timeless look and comes in a steel frame build to promise durability.

Moreover, it features a keyboard tray and ample storage shelves. The best part is that it can hold up to 220 pounds or more.

The office desk for tall person measures 28.3 by 28.3 by 29.9 inches.

4. Standing Computer Desks for Tall People

Standing computer desks, also known as adjustable-height computer desks, allow you to adjust their heights and work while standing.

But still, you can lower their height to use them while seated. For that reason, they are best for users who suffer back issues after prolonged usage.

One fantastic standing computer desk for tall guys is the SHW Memory Electric Standing Desk (Amazon Link).

This adjustable desk is 47.5 inches long and 24 inches wide but allows you to adjust its height between 28 inches and 46 inches, depending on your height.

The interesting thing is that the height adjustment is motorized and not manual, thus seamless.

5. Computer Writing Desks for Tall People

These desks combine the simplicity of a standard desk and the spaciousness of a writing desk. So, they have a minimalist look, but more importantly, they offer you ample space to place your computer and notebook.

What’s beautiful about these computer desks is their conservative approach, which allows them to fit in just any space.

One fantastic computer writing desk for taller people is the Monarch Specialties Computer Desk (Amazon Link).

This minimalist desk comes in a contemporary design with a rectangular shape. It’s made from top-grade silver metal frames to guarantee strength and enjoys lots of legroom to fit tall guys.

The computer writing desk measures 60 by 24 by 30 inches, thus tall and roomy enough.

6. Folding Computer Desks for Tall People

Folding computer desks come in a foldable, lightweight design to encourage portability. These desks are not the strongest, but their ease of assembly and takedown makes them worthwhile, especially for students.

Besides, the desks are usually taller, making them ideal for tall guys.

One fantastic option is the Origami Folding Computer Desk (Amazon Link).

This collapsible desk measures 48 by 23.5 by 30 inches, thus roomy enough. It folds in seconds, and its assembly is tool-free.

Additionally, it’s super lightweight and has a locking mechanism for securing it in place when working.


1. Do Taller People Need Taller Desks?

A desk hugely has an impact on your posture and leg comfort. If it’s too short, the chances are that you won’t have enough legroom. So, yes, taller people need taller desks to match their heights.

2. What Size Desk Do I Need For My Height?

It’s essential to pick a desk with comfortable seat height or standing height, depending on how you plan to use it.

In that case, below is a table to use to match you with the right desk size.

Your Height Desk Height (When Seated)Desk Height (When Standing)
6’0″-6’2″27-28 inches46.4-47.5 inches
6’3″-6’5″28.5-31 inches47.6-48.4 inches
6’6″-6’7″31.5-31.9 inches48.9-49.3 inches
6’8″-6’9″32.3-32.7 inches49.7-50.1 inches
6’10”-6’11”33.1-33.5 inches50.5-50.9 inches

3. Is 32 Inches Too Tall For A Computer Desk?

A desk with a 32-inch seat height is best for users who are 6’8″. So, that means the desk is likely to be too tall for you if you are shorter than 6’8″.

4. What Is A Good Seat Height For A Tall Person?

You shouldn’t bend your knees too much when sitting. So your seat should feel comfortable, and the desk has to offer you enough legroom.

Here’s a table to match you with the right seat height:

Your Height Seat Height
6’0″-6’2″18-19 inches
6’3″-6’5″19-20.7 inches
6’6″-6’7″21-21.3 inches
6’8″-6’9″21.5-21.8 inches
6’10”-6’11”22-22.3 inches

Closing Thought:

As a tall guy, you cannot compromise on your seating comfort when picking a computer desk. So, the above buying tips are a must-consider when shopping for the best computer desk for tall person.