Best Cribs For Tall Babies Safety 2023 (Buyer’s Guide)

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Considering that most cribs are standard size, new moms generally have a challenge finding cribs for tall babies.

cribs for tall babies

As a new mom, you have to consider an option that your toddler can fit in and even stand on without any issues. More importantly, you should opt for an option that your baby can grow with.

In that case, you have to look at the crib’s size and possibly height to ensure it matches your tall toddler.

But still, there are considerations like crib type, design, comfort, material type, and ease of assembly, which you have to pay attention to.

To simplify everything, I’ll discuss all those considerations and many others in this buying guide.

In a rush? Below are four cribs for tall babies worth the money.

4 Best Cribs for Tall Babies

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Buying Guide for Cribs for Tall Babies

Cost-wise, cribs are not cheap. They are such a huge investment which shouldn’t be hurried. For that reason, you’ve to know what to look for to ensure you find value in the purchase.

After doing a bit of digging and asking, here are the essential considerations for buying an excellent tall crib:

a) Crib Material

Gone are the days when cribs only came in wood construction. Today, not only can you find them in different wood materials but also metal and other materials.

In terms of woods, options like mahogany, oak, cherry, ash, and pine are among the most popular choices.

But overall, hardwoods like mahogany and oak promise more robust and durable cribs, making them better choices than pine and other softer woods, which knick easily.

Metal cribs are also solid and durable in fact, more robust and more durable than even hardwood. They, however, feel cold quickly, thus less popular.

b) Color and Style

Baby cribs come in different styles ranging from modern cribs to traditional ones. You can go for a style that you prefer and also one that complements the baby’s space.

And given that cribs come in different color choices, you must pick a color that compliments the furniture in your baby’s room. Overall, brighter colors are best for girls, while neutral options suit baby boys more.

c) Size and Depth (Height)

There are two things here. First, there is the length and width of the crib, which determines the sleeping space of the toddler. In that case, the crib should be spacious enough to allow your baby to sleep comfortably.

Second, you have to consider the crib’s depth or height. You want an option that your kid can comfortably stand on and play without toppling over. Simply put, it has to be safe for the little one.

The other consideration is the crib’s adjustability. Consider an adjustable crib to fit your baby as they hit different milestones. Remember, if your baby is tall, the crib’s height should also be taller for your baby’s safety.

d) Comfort and Safety

When planning to buy a crib, your baby’s comfort is a priority as the young one is likely to spend several years there. A comfortable crib generally improves your toddler’s safety.

So for starters, go for extra deep cribs that have no rough edges and corners.

Also, check if the bars or the slats are more than 2.5 inches wide. You can use a soda can to do that. If the can fits between the bars, the crib is not safe for your little one.

Additionally, consider the paint’s finish. Don’t go for lead paint finishes as they are a serious health risk.

e) Ease of Assembly

A good crib should be easy to set up. So, before you can go ahead and purchase a specific crib, you should know about its assembly instructions beforehand.

If its setup is complicated, consider more user-friendly options. But as much as the assembly is essential, disassembly is equally crucial.

In that case, consider a crib that you can pull down quickly when you want to move it. That’ll also allow you to put it back seamlessly.

Types of Tall Cribs for Toddlers

Below are the various types of cribs for tall babies worth considering:

1. Convertible Cribs for Taller Babies

Convertible cribs are what their name suggests. These cribs allow you to convert them into toddler beds, sofas, daybeds, benches, or full-size beds, to name a few.

Most convertible cribs have 4-in-1 functionality, meaning they can transition to a toddler bed, sofa, daybed, or full-size bed.

Convertible cribs are an advantage to growing kids. Since they can convert into beds, your child can literary grow with these cribs.

Moreover, their design is timeless, which means they are cost-effective.

One fantastic recommendation is the Delta Children Lancaster 4-in-1 Convertible Crib (Amazon Link). Expectedly, this crib can also transition to a toddler bed, sofa bed, or daybed.

This wood crib weighs 66.0 lbs. and measures 59.26 x 30 x 46.25 inches, hence a good pick for a tall and heavy baby.

2. Portable Cribs for Tall Toddlers

Portable cribs mostly come with wheels for ease of moving. They also fold easily even without disassembling them because of their unique hinge system.

So, when your child outgrows it, you can easily fold it for easy storage. The portable cribs are also maneuverable hence a good choice while traveling.

These cribs come in various sizes and heights to suit toddlers of different ages and heights.

An excellent example is Dream on Me 2-in-1 Portable Crib (Amazon Link).

This modern wood crib comes in a pebble grey color choice. It weighs 32 pounds, thus portable. Even better, it can hold up to 35lbs.

This extra tall crib generally measures 40 x 26 x 38 inches.

3. Sleigh Cribs for Tall Kids

The sleigh crib is the 21st-century crib that is increasingly gaining popularity. This masterpiece comes in a wide variety of styles, thus elegant.

Sleigh cribs are also sturdily built, therefore, safer for kids. The only issue is that they are costlier than other cribs. But given their build quality, these cribs are worth the money.

Even better, some sleigh cribs are convertible to toddler beds, day beds, or full-size beds.

One worthy choice for your toddler is the Storkcraft Maxwell Sleigh Crib (Amazon Link).

Crafted with high-quality materials and in the beloved, timeless sleigh design, the Storkcraft Maxwell Crib offers parents the best of both worlds: complete nursery functionality at unbeatable value.

4. Round Cribs for Tall Baby

Round tall cribs have a round or oval shape. They are overall safer for kids as they have no sharp edges.

Additionally, the cribs are space-saving, and so if you have a smaller place and want a crib for your baby, a round crib is what to get.

The only downside is that even though these cribs are safer for babies, they are not convertible to toddler beds. The other challenge is that it’s not easy finding a change mattress for a round crib

But overall, round cribs are a good investment due to their unmatched safety and space-saving advantage.

One great pick for tall toddlers is the Badger Basket Royal Pavilion Round Doll Crib (Amazon Link).

This round crib measures 20 x 20 x 33 inches and comes in white or pink color choices. Not only is it comfortable, but it also comes fully assembled, thus a great purchase.

People Also Ask

1. How Long Is A Crib Used For?

Most parents use cribs for the first two years. Others, however, use them up for up to 36 months from birth. Overall, you can tell if your baby has outgrown the crib when they start to climb out with minimal effort.

2. Are Cribs Suitable For Babies?

The simple answer is YES. Cribs are excellent and safe for newborn babies and toddlers who are two years or less. They generally give them a comfortable and safer place to rest, sleep and play.

3. What Is The Maximum Weight Of A Crib?

Most cribs have a maximum weight limit of 50lbs or thereabout. But when you attach a conversion kit and turn them into full-size beds, they can hold up to 500lbs.

4. Can Crib Heights Be Adjusted?

Most cribs come with the adjustability feature. So, when your baby starts sitting and getting up, you can adjust them to their maximum height.

Others come with adjustable mattress height. It means that you can comfortably lower or raise the mattress height.

5. How Should I Select The Best Baby Crib?

First, the bars should not be more than 2.5 inches apart. Second, the mattress should be firm, dense, and should not sag. And lastly, the bars should be 26 inches or more above the mattress. That’s how you find a comfortable and better-fitting crib for your baby.

6. What Is A 4-In-1 Crib?

A 4-in-1 crib means that the crib can transform into a toddler bed, a toddler daybed, a twin bed, or a full-size bed. These cribs are among the most versatile. They are generally an excellent investment for the bay to grow with, even up to adulthood.


Closing Thought:

Now you know how to find the finest cribs for tall babies. So, consider the buying tips when picking a crib for your tall toddler. You can, however, save some time by considering the options I’ve recommended. After all, they are among the best cribs on the market today!