Best Dirt Bikes For Tall Riders 2023 (Buyer’s Guide)

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Are you 6 feet tall and looking to have an adrenaline-rushing off-road adventure? Then you probably are considering dirt bikes for tall riders.

dirt bikes for tall guys

Generally, riding a thrilling adventure bike like a dirt bike is fantastic. It allows you to blast through the dirt, and that’s where the fun is.

Dirt bikes come with insane power to tackle the off-roads seamlessly. Each type performs differently, and for that reason,  it’s crucial to pick one according to your experience level and riding style. 

Of course, there are other considerations, such as engine type and load capacity. But more importantly, you have to consider a size that’s ideal for your height.

Those are some of the things I’ll cover in this guide. I’ll also explore different types of dirt bikes to help you pick the most suitable one.

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3 Best Dirt Bikes For Tall Riders

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Buying Guide For The Best Dirt Bike For Tall Guys

If you are planning on buying a dirt bike for yourself or gift a friend, you should consider the following factors:

a) Bike Size 

Considering that you are tall, you should get the right bike size. You should feel comfortable on the seat, reach the handlebars effortlessly, and when stretching your legs, they should touch the ground comfortably.

Luckily, you can find dirt bikes on the market today that can accommodate tall riders. They usually come with higher seats and a more prominent size, not to mention their powerful engines. 

To help you choose the ideal dirt bike size, you should consider the dirt bike height chart below:

Riders HeightSeat Height (Inches)Engine Power
5’10”35-39″250cc and above
6’0″ or taller37.5″ or taller250cc and above

b) Experience Level and Engine Type

Your experience level determines which dirt bike to buy. If you are a beginner dirt biker, you should get a dirt bike with 250cc or less. Preferably, go for 125cc options as they are much more comfortable to handle.  

If you buy a powerful dirt bike, it may throw you off the seat, and you won’t like the experience.

On the flip side, go for a 250cc or anything higher if you are more experienced. Such a speed beast is faster, thus best for serious racing.  

c) Load Capacity

Bodyweight is often proportional to height. So, considering you are tall, it’s probable you weigh more. For that reason, you should consider a dirt bike with a load capacity that’s more than your body weight.

While the frame construction plays a role in the dirt bike’s load capacity, you cannot ignore the engine’s capacity. Usually, the greater the engine capacity, the more load the dirt bike can bear.

In that case, go for a dirt bike with a motor capacity of at least 250cc if you weigh more than 150 pounds.   

Remember, the smaller the engine, the lesser the cc and the lesser the air it takes, hence the less power it produces. The opposite is also true.  

Other than the frame and the engine capacity, the other thing that influences the load capacity is the bike suspension. The presence of a suspension means the dirt bike can handle rougher and bumpier dirt paths.

d) Riding Style

As you’ll learn in the next section, dirt bikes come in different types to serve different purposes and riders. For example, while motocross dirt bikes are best for high jumps, trail dirt bikes are best for fast riding on trails.

On the other hand, Enduro dirt bikes are best for long-distance racing, while hill-climb dirt bikes are best for racing uphill.

Let’s discuss all these dirt bike types next.

Types of Dirt Bikes For Tall Riders

Generally, dirt bikes for taller adventurous come in the following types:

1. Motocross Dirt Bikes for Tall Guys

Popularly known as MX Dirt Bikes, Motocross Dirt Bikes are best for fast racing on motocross tracks.

If all you want is a dirt bike that can take on heavy jumps and hits and outpace others on the motocross track, then you should invest in a motocross dirt bike.  

These dirt bikes are generally 100% off-road-compliant.

Generally, motocross dirt bikes come in 2 -stroke and 4 -stroke engines.

Overall, 2-strokes are explosive, thus best for motocross sports, while 4-strokes tend to be bulkier, more expensive, and high in maintenance. 

Motocross dirt bikes usually have a higher ground clearance and a stiff suspension to absorb impacts while riding over obstacles. Plus, they have a much narrower gear ratio that offers you steadiness and extra stability when racing downhill.

These dirt bikes usually feature deep treads on the tires to offer you extra comfort when riding over dirt and mud.

One top recommendation is the Razor Dirt Rocket MX650 (View on Amazon).

This electric-powered dirt bike for tall rider comes with a 650W motor that allows you to clock 27mph hassle-free. Its battery, on the other hand, enjoys a 40-minute runtime, which is pretty decent.

It features pneumatic (air-filled) knobbier tires that promise optimum power transfer and traction. Plus, it enjoys dual suspension and disc brakes to offer you more leverage when racing off-road.

The best bit is that its steel frame gives it a 220-pound weight capacity.

2. Enduro Dirt Bikes For Tall Guys

Enduro dirt bikes look like motocross dirt bikes but differ in performance, suspensions, and gear ratio. While motocross dirt bikes are best for short-distance fast-racing, enduro dirt bikes are best for long-distance racing, though not as fast as MX dirt bikes.

 Unlike MX bikes, enduro dirt bikes can take both the streets and the off-road. In the meantime, they have a softer suspension and broader gear range to allow you to pedal lightly.

They also feature headlights to illuminate your path at night and come with a motor size that’s between 125cc and 600cc.

One incredible enduro-racing dirt bike for tall guys is the X-Pro Hawk 250 (View on Amazon).

This 229cc dirt bike comes with an air-cooled 4 -stroke engine that offers you lots of power and speed. Its 5-speed transmission system also promotes fast riding while its oversize tires offer you more traction.

Plus, it features double front shock suspensions to soften the bumps and hydraulic disc brakes for a reliable and crisp stoppage.

Moreover, it comes with a bike cover to protect it against adverse weather.

3. Trail Dirt Bike for Taller Riders

Trail dirt bikes are the most familiar type, usually best for short and long races on challenging terrains.

Their low speed lets you ride over rocks smoothly, while their low gear and seat height offer them more stability and steadiness.

These dirt bikes come in motor sizes 250cc-650cc. They, however, have softer suspensions, just like enduro options, which make them ideal for beginner riders.

Even better, their handlebars are adjustable to match your height and dirt-racing needs. Furthermore, they are lighter and come in large tires for optimum stability.

One exceptional trail dirt bike for tall guys is the Massimo Motor Warrior200 (View on Amazon). This dirt bike for 6’4 is lightweight for easy maneuver and can hit a speed of 24mph, which is fantastic. 

It also has an impressive 196cc 4-stroke engine and dual suspension fork for bump cushioning. It’s generally a single-speed dirt bike that is beginner-friendly and enjoys a 200-pound capacity.

You can count on oversize tires for more traction and ground clearance.

Other Types of Dirt Bikes for Tall Guys

Here are other dirt bike types that you can get, depending on your dirt-biking needs:

  • Hill-Climb Dirt Bike: As their name suggests, these dirt machines are best for tackling the hills. They usually feature an extendable arm that ensures they don’t flip when climbing. 
  • Dual-Sport Dirt Bikes: These are hybrid dirt bikes that can take the streets and dirt paths but are more effective on trails.
  • SuperMoto Dirt Bikes: Also known as Motard Bikes, SuperMoto Dirt bikes come with road bike tires that make them best for street riding.
  • Flat-Track Dirt Bike: Judging by their name, flat-track dirt bikes are best for racing on flat surfaces. They usually have low suspension and slicker tires for fast riding on-road.
  • Adventure Dirt Bike: These dirt-racing bikes are the best for long-distance races on dirt trails and freeways.

People Also Ask

1. Which Is The Best Dirt Bike For Tall Rider?

As a tall rider, you need a dirt bike that feels comfortable, matches your height, and offers you optimal power. That brings us to these fantastic dirt bikes:

  1. Razor Dirt Rocket MX650: Best Motocross Dirt Bike for Tall Riders
  2. X-Pro Hawk 250: Best Enduro Dirt Bike for Tall Riders
  3. Massimo Motor MB200: Best Trail Dirt Bike for Tall Riders

2. Are 250cc Dirt Bikes Expensive?

Budget 250cc dirt bikes cost under $2,000, but you can spend up to $8,600 on more high-end options. So, for a beginner, getting a budget 250cc dirt bike makes sense, but if you are more experienced, you may have to spend more money on a more quality option.

3. Is A Dirt Bike Worth The Money?

Nothing beats a dirt bike when it comes to fast riding on dirt paths. They are speedier, faster to handle, and more comfortable for taking on challenging surfaces. You may have to pay more for a decent option, but they are generally worth the money.

4. Are Dirt Bikes Dangerous?

With all honesty, dirt bikes can be dangerous, especially for beginners. But to reduce the risk of crashing and hurting yourself, it’s advisable to put on the right helmet and other safety biking gear.

5. What Are Dirt Bikes Used For?

Dirt bikes are best for dirt racing. They allow you to have the most exhilarating adrenaline-rush experience off-road. But still, a good number of them are best for motocross events.


Closing Thought on Dirt Bikes for Tall Rider:

Generally, tall guys like you should invest in dirt bikes for tall riders if you want to have fun blasting through dirt and performing high jumps. The bikes are the closest thing you can ride to a motorcycle or BMX.