Are There Any Disadvantages of Being Tall?

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Your height is a simple biological truth that you have little control over, yet it may shape your fate in ways you are unaware of.

Men in the United States are typically 5 feet 9 inches tall, and women are around 5 feet 4 inches. If you are shorter or taller than normal, you may notice a few advantages and disadvantages. This is also true when it comes to your size and health. 

The most typical downsides of being tall include difficulty finding shoes or clothes, having huge feet, trouble fitting into airplanes and cars, blending in, and so on.

The drawbacks have already been discussed for years, so we decided to compile a list and highlight each. The most commonly reported disadvantages of being tall are listed below.

Each one is compiled from forums, blogs, and communication among groups where people with extra height have shared their personal experiences!

Being Tall Affects Your Health

tall man experiencing back ache

Being a tall person may help you gain a position on the basketball court, and it may even help your personality and overall income.

A recent study has discovered that towering over team members may impact numerous elements of your physical health.

Most of these potential health risks are related to the biology of being an extremely tall person and what that implies for the body’s organs.

The biggest disadvantage for taller people is the increased health risks that come with it.

Taller people are prone to develop acute injuries, particularly in the lower back, since their spines are longer.

When tall people bend down to lift something from the ground, their bodies are extended, and the spine angle is narrower. This indicates that the tension on the spine is greater, and the risk of injury is thus higher than usual.

A tall person’s lifespan is also believed to be less than that of a person of normal height.

Size of Things Used in Regular Life

tall man in the mirror

Normal-sized objects are too small for those who are taller than usual. Bathtubs, sinks, doorknobs, mirrors, etc., are only designed for a certain population.

Everything should be designed with the majority in mind. However, everyday appliances may become a hassle to use if you’re someone with an above-average height.

Bathtubs and showers are often too low and small. If you don’t take advantage of useful gadgets like a shower extension, you may find yourself being splashed in the face daily while you awkwardly hunch under the shower nozzle.

Another problem with tall people is the “headless mirror” image. Because your face hangs too low in the mirror as a tall person, you hardly get to see it.

Bathroom partitions and showers are another major issue. It’s embarrassing and weird to get up and make eye contact with someone outside the restrooms.

Airplanes, Cars, and Legroom in General

disadvantages of being tall

This is a common problem if you are taller than normal. Legroom might be an issue even if your height is average, especially on airplanes. For taller individuals, this problem is heightened.

Although the average-sized person might endure a minimal legroom problem, taller people don’t have this luxury. Taller people bound on a 10-hour airplane ride with a window seat and no legroom might find the trip unbearable.

For some people, folding the calves and tucking the feet beneath your seat may be the most comfortable solution.

Cars have a lot of the same issues. In a car, you may be the driver. And if you’re driving a car with insufficient legroom, this may be risky.

When Hugging Someone

interracial couple hugging each other

Taller people must kneel down while hugging someone shorter to make it easier. If you’re planning on hugging a tall person, there are a few techniques you can use to make the experience more natural. Avoid hugging the waist too tightly, for too long, or halfheartedly. 

There are a few golden rules for hugging someone who is taller than you. If you hug their waist too tightly, you risk hurting their back. 

In addition, the half-hug makes people feel unappreciated and uneasy. The disadvantage is eliminated by sitting. If standing and hugging a taller person feels awkward, try sitting down on a seat or bed.

Long Legs Under the Table

tall couple's legs under the table

Fitting your legs under the table is also a challenge for tall people, regardless of whether you’re at a dinner with your friends or family or working at the office.

Tucking in your knees is difficult almost everywhere.

Even if you’re able to fit them under the table, you’re probably going to touch legs with a coworker or family member. Sounds embarrassing, right?

Similarly, if you try to move, you may end up shaking the entire table or spilling coffee on someone’s lap. 

If you work in an office environment, up-and-down office workstations are preferred in this situation.


tall man on bike

Bikes may be too short for tall people. The bike’s ergonomics are still incorrect no matter what level you adjust the saddle.

Biking may also be bad for the knees of a tall person since they are pressured into awkward postures.

When the knee is folded, it cannot withstand a great deal of pressure. You should get a bike that doesn’t make you bend your knees too much. If you want a bike built for tall people, you’ll need something like the Dirty Sixer.

When peddling in a clockwise direction, your legs should be extended all the way. For tall people, this may not be possible.

Height Issues at Concerts or Movies

tall men at the concert

Being tall at movies and concerts is another disadvantage. 

However, it also comes with the added bonus of being able to see over people at crowded places. Being taller allows you to have a clear view of the main singer, the entire screen, and so on. 

But the people behind you may have bad thoughts and wish you weren’t there. In these cases, some taller people may choose to avoid crowded areas.

Inclination to Bad Posture

tall man with back ache due to bad posture

Poor posture can weaken your spine and cause migraines.

Most importantly, incorrect posture will impact your appearance to others, making you seem uncomfortable, insecure, and lazy.

Back strain, rounded shoulders, joint deterioration, spine problems, and a potbelly are all symptoms of bad posture. So, for tall people, a bad posture can cause many problems. 

High Injury Rate

tall woman slipped on the floor

A tall individual is more prone to severe injuries as a result of everyday mishaps and falls compared to a person with an average height.

When a taller person falls, there is a greater distance between them and the floor since they have longer legs and bodies. 

Thus, lankier athletes are more prone to hip injuries and require more time to recover than shorter ones.

Consider the body to be similar to a car: the bigger it is, the more difficult it is to slow down to avoid a crash. 

Furthermore, higher momentum means a more painful impact during a crash. Short people have far less distance from the ground when they fall. 

Although everyone should take care when walking over uneven ground, taller people must take extra precautions. If you are a tall person reading this, please be careful!


There is no doubt that most of us love being tall. But we all know that being tall means a lot of problems in daily life. 

We’re all aware of how hard it is for people with extra height to obtain clothes that fit, as well as how furniture, modes of transportation, and many other daily life activities are designed for average-sized people.

Imagine how difficult it would be for tall people to find a suitable car, stand on the bus with their head lowered, or ride on a train or airplane with no legroom.

For those who are extraordinarily tall, their entire world appears to be an obstacle course loaded with obstructions to smash their head-on. 

The normal doorway entry height in the U.S. is 80′′, or around 6’6′′. That implies that somebody taller than that must bend down just to enter a room! 

However, in other places, the population is substantially less, and the entrances and ceilings reflect this. Tall people may have a difficult time in other countries.

We have discussed some of the major disadvantages of being tall. Hopefully, many tall people out there can relate to our guide!