5 Best Extra Long Twin Daybed for Tall People

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You may call me crazy, but I love my extra long twin daybed. It could be because it offers me a cozy place for a daytime nap. It could also be because it allows my tall guests to have a comfortable sleeping spot.

Generally, twin daybeds are very versatile. You can place a twin size daybed virtually anywhere. From the confines of your bedroom or den to the comfort of your guest room or office, an excellent extra-long twin daybed is a statement piece.

I‘m sure you would love only to buy the best extra-long twin-size daybed, right? Well, I‘ll help you with that in two ways.

One, I‘ll share with you the ultimate buying guide for this comfort furniture. Two, I‘ll recommend the best extra-long twin daybed on the market today.

But before that, let‘s understand why you should get this versatile daybed.

In a hurry? I‘ve assembled the hottest extra-long twin-size daybeds below.

5 Hot Extra Long Twin Daybed Types

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Why You Should Get an Extra Long Twin Daybed

Twin daybeds are generally versatile. A twin-size daybed can be the beautiful and comfy seating furniture in your office or the emergency guest bed at home.

extra long twin daybed frame

With most featuring trundles that double up as drawers, they offer you extra sleep area and storage.

When it comes to accommodating more people, you can pull out the trundle (a mattress frame). That saves you space and money.

So, budget-wise, it‘s economical to buy a good twin daybed than purchasing a standard twin-size bed and sofa.

Daybeds are particularly ideal for kids‘ rooms. You kids can relax and nap there any time of the day.

Buying Guide

Consider the following when shopping for a twin daybed for your height:

  • Daybed Style

Extra-long twin daybeds come in different styles, some contemporary and others rustic. We even have farmhouse and coastal style.

If you are looking for a present-day twin daybed, consider styles like the Victorian, Sleigh, or any other you prefer.

While at it, ensure you pick the right frame and fabric color. Options like brass, silver, and painted wood are stunning and a top consideration.

  • Daybed Trundle

A trundle is a pull-out extra sleeping space you find under the daybed. It‘s a great add-on since it means getting two beds in one, without having to spend so much money or using a lot of space.

Generally, a twin XL daybed with trundle is an enormous consideration if you want more sleeping area but are short on space.

  • Daybed Mattress

The mattress hugely dictates the comfort of a twin daybed. So, you have to consider it carefully.

extra long daybed

Most twin daybeds come with standard twin-size muscles. Your job, in this case, is to pick the right style.

Therefore, you can go for your most preferred memory foam mattress or settle for a pillow-top comfort mattress.

Note that some daybeds don‘t come with mattresses and so you may have to buy them separately.

  • Bedding Material

While the mattress hugely determines a daybed‘s comfort, you cannot overlook the bedding material.

Pay a little attention to the cover material and the extra pillow to improve your resting comfort.

Remember also that the bedding type defines the style of an extra long daybed. So, go for beddings that complement your space.

5 Best Extra Long Twin Beds Reviewed

1. DHP Manila Metal Framed Twin Daybed

Elegance and comfort are the two best words to describe the DHP Manila Metal Framed Twin Daybed. This twin-size daybed comes in bronze, gold, millennial pink, and white metal frame finishes and enjoys a Victorian style.

So, it‘s the best contemporary piece for your modern living space or guest house.

DHP Manila comes with a pull-out trundle that offers you extra sleeping space.

The twin XL daybed frame measures 77.5 by 41.5 by 41.5 inches to save on space. Impressively, the daybed has a 400-pound weight capacity, while that for the trundle is 225 pounds.

You can fit one standard twin-size mattress on the daybed and another on the trundle.

The twin daybed comes with strong metal slats for reinforcement and ventilation. Plus, its mattress guarantees utmost comfort.

Highlight Features

  • Metal frame
  • Victorian style
  • Pull-out trundle
  • Metal slats
  • Comfy mattress

2. Zinus Eden Twin Daybed

The Zinus Eden Twin Daybed is another versatile twin-size bed with a pull-out trundle for extra sleeping space.

The trundle can accommodate a twin-size mattress. Sadly, the mattress is sold separately.

The extra long twin daybed frame measures 77 by 39 by 38 inches. Despite only weighing 71 pounds, it enjoys a 250-pound weight limit.

This twin daybed features premium steel slats for extra support and comes in the most functional space-saving design.

Its assembly is DIY, and it takes minutes.

Zinus Eden Twin Daybed comes with a 5-year worry-free warranty. Its unique metal frame complements virtually all spaces and decors, and it serves both as a napping and lounging spot.

Highlight Features

  • Steel frame
  • Roll-out trundle
  • Steel slat
  • 5-year warranty
  • 250-pound capacity

3. Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed

The Zinus Suzanne Twin Size Daybed is irrefutably a classy and comfy twin daybed for the modern tall person.

This twin XL daybed comes in a two-in-one contemporary design. Impressively, it combines the elegance of a modern sofa with the comfort of a twin bed.

The Zinus Suzanne Twin Size Daybed features a pull-out trundle that you can turn into a queen-size bed. So, the daybed promises to economize on space without compromising on comfort and style.

The natural wood grain headboard and footboard make the Suzanne Daybed an attractive addition to any room.

Putting this bed and trundle set together is a breeze. Follow the simple instructions and you’ll be enjoying your new bed in minutes, not hours.

Highlight Features

  • 2-in-1 functionality
  • Pull-out trundle
  • Four casters
  • Sturdy backrest
  • 220-pound capacity

4. Twin Captain’s Wooden Twin Daybed

This captain’s bed with simple design in a sophisticated, simple silhouette style, be matched well with any decoration or furniture in your home.

This twin captain’s bed features a pull-out twin size trundle bed, which makes it easy to create the extra sleep space when needed. Perfect for accommodating guests, sleepovers or for family with several kids.

The twin bed is featured with 3 functioning drawers can easily be wheeled in and out for maximum storage space . It can be used to organize your clothes, books and other daily necessities well, to make sure your bedroom stays pristine and organized.

This twin size captain bed is made from high quality solid pine and built to lasting enjoyment for years to come. Headboard and footboard increase the stabilization of whole frame.

Highlight Features

  • All-wood construction
  • Gray odourless spray
  • Roll-out trundle drawer
  • Wood slat deck

5. DHP Dale Upholstered Twin-Size Daybed

How about you add an upholstered twin daybed to your office, living space, or guest room? That‘s what you get from the DHP Dale Upholstered Twin-Size Daybed.

This twin daybed comes in a classic 18th-Century modern design that blends the good old days and the present vibrant times.

So, it‘s a timeless pick that will always inspire coziness and elegance in your space.

DHP Dale Upholstered enjoys soft linen fabric and has a sturdy metal frame. It‘s available in gray, blue, and tarn color choices, and they all give it a warm feel.

This twin bed for tall person is easy to assemble and features a nailhead trim

It measures 41.5 by 77 by 32 inches and can hold up to 400 pounds.

Highlight Features

  • Soft linen fabric
  • Metal frame
  • 18th-Century modern design
  • Nailhead trim
  • Cozy color choices


1. What‘s The Best Daybed for a Tall Person?

Online customer reviews confirm that the following five twin XL daybeds are the best for a tall person:

  1. DHP Manila Metal Framed Twin Daybed: Best Metal Frame Twin Daybed
  2. Zinus Eden Twin Daybed: Best Twin Sofa Bed
  3. Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed: Best Space Saving Twin Daybed
  4. Twin Captain’s Wooded Twin Daybed: Best Wooden Frame Twin Daybed
  5. DHP Dale Upholstered Twin-Size Daybed: Best Upholstered Twin Daybed

2. How Tall Is Too Tall For A Bed?

You don‘t want to hurdle into bed or strain your leg. For that reason, you need a bed that is about 25 inches high. The value covers the frame and the mattress.

3. Can You Sleep On A Daybed?

Though daybeds are designed to provide you with a comfortable lounging or napping space during the day, nothing stops you from sleeping there are night.

You can add a comfortable mattress to enjoy the comfort of an actual bed.

4. Are Daybeds Comfortable To Sleep On?

Compared to regular beds and sofas, daybeds are slightly less comfortable. However, you can improve your daybed‘s comfort by getting a more comfortable mattress and beddings

5. How Long Is an Extra Long Twin Size Mattress?

Generally, twin mattresses for single sleepers who are shorter than 6 feet are 75 inches long by 38 inches wide.

However, individuals taller than 6 feet require mattresses that are 80 inches long by 38 inches wide.


In Conclusion

Generally, an extra long twin daybed is a must-have for every tall guy who prioritizes comfort. The fact that you can use it both as a sofa and a bed makes the purchase worthwhile.