A Guide To Extra Tall Bar Stools For Tall People.

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Best Extra Tall Bar Stools For Tall People

The benefits of a bar stool to any person cannot be understated. You will definitely need them at the bar or kitchen counter.

They provide you that comfort as you chat with friends or even family. Whether you’re in the bar having refreshments or just around the kitchen keeping a family member busy.

However, tall people need extra tall bar stools and finding them can be very tricky. You should remember that missing out on the correct size is missing out on your personal comfort.

Make a mistake and get a short stool. You will spend all your time struggling with your long legs trying to fit them in the right posture.

This is a problem you don’t want to be encountering just yet. More so when you need to be relaxing or helping around with counter chores.

I mentioned how tricky these stools can prove to find. And one of the reasons being that they come in several types and designs.

Which leads me to the question.

Extra Tall Bar Stools For Tall People: Comparison Table

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What’s The Best Extra Tall Bar Stool For Tall People.

Well, you need an adjustable height bar stool. This stool will be able to adjust to different heights that suit you.

Boraam Broadmoor Swivel Extra Tall Barstool, 50 inch is a good place to begin your search. It is one of the best in its category.

If you’re 6-foot-tall and above, you need to think about a bar stool standing over 24 inches off the ground. You may as well increase this height to extend all the way to 30 inches or more as long as you deem it comfortable for you.

You see the importance of using the adjustable design. They can be really convenient with the feature of adjustability. They will make great extra-high bar stools.

And how do you know the best height that fits you well at your kitchen or bar counter? This shouldn’t be a big issue.

You can measure the counter heights of where you are going to sit. Then do a subtraction of 10 inches (diameter of the thighs when seated) from the figure you got. You can use that resultant figure to know the ideal height of your bar stool.

For example, you find your bar or kitchen counter height to be 42 inches. To know the best stool for you at this height, you’ll need to subtract 10 inches to give you 32 inches.

You can now go ahead and buy that stool. But all said the best bar stool remains that which you will be able to adjust from one height to another.

Here Are That Challenges That Tall People Face When Buying The Best Extra High Bar Stools.

Getting the right tall bar stool can be quite a hassle. It is not like you’ll just get it simply.

You can face one or more challenges mentioned here. Or maybe you passed through them sometimes back.

  1. Finding the Correct Stool Height

This has been the biggest problem for the tall guys. There are many stools with different heights out there.

While there’s variety, this can also present the challenge of selecting the right one that’s made for your height. Most of them may not be fit for the tall man.

That’s why you may need to take your kitchen or bar counter height measurements. This will give the kind of stool you want.

  1. The Problem of the Footrest

Another one of the biggest challenge. It needs quick solution though as many tall people are let down by these footrests.

The stool footrests are usually fixed at positions which can only make average-sized guys comfortable. But unfortunately, not for the tall person.

You know tall guys have long legs. It doesn’t end up well with your knees coiled awkwardly under the counter.

Maybe it’s the opportune time that the extra-high barstool designs start having adjustable footrests.

  1. Choosing Between the Different Styles Available

You can easily be worked up when you’re making the decision to choose the right stool. As you know you must consider a number of factors before you purchase.

One of them is the intended purpose of the stool, functionality, your home decor and so on. You need to decide which category of bar stool you are taking home?

And it will not be that easy to keep the balance to ensure that you come home with the most ideal stool.

The Different Types of Extra Tall Bar Stools for Tall People.

There’s a whole collection of extra-tall stools for tall people. It is important that I highlight them here and discuss each type.

You will need to look at the fine details of the various types. This information will help you a lot so that you make sound decisions.

Let me get to them.

1. Tall Wooden Bar Stools

These types come with simple designs which can blend very nicely with your modern kitchen or bar. They look sleek and glossy. Hence they bring the element of luxury.

You can use them right in your kitchen but they can also be great for your commercial business.

To make your decor look even more attractive, you can use cushions on these stools. The stool is made from hardwood.

Here is a nice option that will rock your entertaining areas or breakfast and outdoor places. The Boraam Broadmoor Swivel Extra Tall Barstool, 50 inch. As a tall person, your tall height is completely taken care of.

2. Tall Metal Bar Stools

These are made from metal and are commonly used in many restaurants. You will see them in the entertainment areas.

The very tall bar stools can be used in both indoors and outdoors. Especially those that are designed to be rust resistant and hence durable.

Their seats are padded with vinyl or leather to increase your comfort while you’re seated on them. You will as well find these seats coming in different colors and styles.

The perfect choice for you here is this Furmax 30 Inches Metal Bar Stools. It swivels at 360 degrees so it sorts you out when it comes to accessing it.

You will also like the adjustable function of this stool.

3. Extra-Tall Swivel Bar Stools

The extra-tall swivel bar stools come with sturdy bases. They are able to swivel around at 360 degrees or 180 degrees angles and it’s so easy to do so.

So if you’re looking for the right stool to fit your bar or gaming areas, you aren’t far from it. Get this tall swivel stool.

The moving parts/mechanism should be durable or else you will be frustrated when you see the stool developing hitches you did not expect.

These stools are some of the most comfortable designs around.

Walnut Bentwood Adjustable Height Barstool is a great option if you’re looking to level up your comfort and have your long legs well taken care of. You will enjoy the padded seat and the footrest will serve you well given this stool has a seat height of 35 inches.

4. Extra-Tall Backless Bar Stools

These designs of stools are common in many bars and homes. They come without the back support in terms of a backrest.

They are the traditional make of a stool. As usual, they can be found in different designs and theirs seats are padded with vinyl.

The frame could be metallic or wooden. You can easily get some cheap tall bar stools from this category.

This Linon Claridge Patches Bar Stool, 32-Inch is what you need. It is a very sturdy stool that comes with great solidity.

5. Extra-tall Outdoor Bar Stools

These are the types of stools that are better used outdoors. They are designed to offer artistic seating so that you’ll feel very comfortable while sitting.

They have a back support and also come in several colors. Thus, you have a wide range of choices to make.

Most of them come with footrests to accommodate your legs.

Consider buying the Christopher Night Home Outdoor Bar Stool, These stools come with great comfort due to the arms and backrest they have.

They are known for their water resistance and can be outdoors in wide range of climates.

6. Brushed Aluminium Bar Stools

The brushed aluminium bar stools have their frames created from aluminium. The aluminium is usually pure, hand-polished and anodized to provide a sleek look.

The legs are fitted with foot caps that help in reducing destructive friction with the floor. You can use these chairs in your kitchen as they offer a contemporary decor.

If you want something of a beauty, Christopher Knight Home Tammy Coral Outdoor Grey Mesh 29.50 Inch Aluminum Frame Barstools will be the perfect catch. This is a bar stool with unrivalled style and looks, very attractive and durable.

7. Extra-Tall Backrest Bar Stools

If you’re looking for the extra-tall bar stool with more comfort, consider these designs. They have a backrest that will offer you the much-needed back support.

You will see the stools with a low backrest. These can be easily tucked under the bar or counter. So you won’t be worried about their storage.

Then there are those with high backrest. They are usually designed with comfort in mind and they generally give you the classic look of an outdoor chair.

Look at this National Public Seating 32″-39″ Height Adjustable Heavy Duty Square Stool with Backrest. They come with frame and leg durability. This is a contemporary style bar stool.

8. Extra-Tall Leather Bar Stools

These are the kind of stools that will provide with more than enough comfort. Plus, the stools have a graceful look which makes them neat and admirable.

Blend this stool with your modern decor and the style of your bar or kitchen will move a level up. Because they come with different colors, you will choose what you like.

Get this Best Office Leather Modern Adjustable Swivel Barstools The adjustable feature will allow you adjust the height of the seat to 33 inches. They are easily assembled.

9. Extra-Tall Gas-Lift Bar Stools

With these models, you have the modern-day stool with sophistication. They have an inbuilt gas lift mechanism.

The mechanism allows you to adjust the stool in the desired height that suits your height. You can use these models in the kitchen or offices or in the treatment rooms.

This Puluomis Adjustable Swivel Gas Lift Barstools is going to be ideal for you. It is also easy to clean and the leather upholstery makes the stool durable.

Critical Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Extra Tall Bar Stools For Tall People.

Whether you prefer the 34-36-inch seat height bar stools or other heights, it is important to know a few critical factors that will inform your decision making.

  • Bar Stool Height

It is hard not to prioritize this requirement on your list. Your seat height should be sufficient enough for your height.

In most cases, you want the height of the stool from the ground to be somewhere between 32 – 36 inches. Anything less than this will be chaotic to you.

Remember this stool size will do well when paired with table height/bar heights of 44-47 inches.

  • Seat Width

You want to choose the stools with seats that are wide enough especially when you’re a big and tall guy. This is an assurance of ultimate comfort for your weight.

As a general rule, for a bar-height bar stool, you start thinking of a 17-inch seat. The extra-tall bar stool would do well with a 21-inch seat.

  • Bar Stool Materials

The bar stools are usually constructed with very durable materials. You want to be assured of your safety when sitting on the stool.

There are different materials used here including the metals, wood, or even plastic. Consider those materials that would match your decor seamlessly.

Most stool frames are made from either wood or aluminium.

You could get a 36-inch seat height bar stools, but when it comes to seats, check the ones with high-quality cushioning. These will be key for your comfort when seated on the bar stool, especially when staying there for a long time.

Leather, microfiber or polyester are great upholstery materials for the stools. But you can as well opt to go for those stools without cushions.

  • Features

Bar stools come with different features. For example, there are those with arms, backrest, padded seats, swivel, or adjustable height features.

You can consider bar stools with arms if you’re looking at a formal setting. You need to take care of are the arms though to make sure they fit well under the bar/counter.

If you are the tall person who will need to be relaxed while on these stools, check for stools with backrests, whether full back or low back.

The swivel feature can be convenient if you’ll need to move in and out of the chair frequently. They also offer class.

Then finally you can decide to purchase the stools with the adjustable height mechanism. This will help you change heights off the ground like you wish.

  • The Style

Which style are you looking up to?

If you want to go the traditional way, you can consider those extra-tall stools 36 that display that stately look. They are usually upholstered with leather on their seats.

Maybe you want the industrial style which are normally crafted from raw metal or wood. They are simply crafted from straightforward materials.

The contemporary style comes with sophistication and sleekness. Created from either metals such as aluminium, or solid hardwood. Others could be made from plastic.

  • Average Bar Top Height

You must as well take account of your bar height. This can go a long way to help you settle on the right stool.

You don’t want to purchase a bar stool that doesn’t match perfectly to your bar top height. The stool must fit well under the bar for proper storage.

Most bar heights are 42 inches on average.

  • Consider Your Budget

It looks like the budget-thing is everywhere and it will for sure determine the kind of stool you’re taking home. Ensure you set a budget limit that cares also for your comfort needs.

You don’t want to buy a substandard bar stool because you have a strict budget. At the same don’t go outside your budget excessively.


Tall people may need tall stools with even heights of 40-inches. Bar stools, however, come in different heights which could make finding the right size a difficult task.

But there’s no need to panic. With this guide, you’ll be able to get the different recommendations I have provided you.

You will need to also consider some factors before you purchase your bar stool. For example, look at the overall size of the stool, its construction materials, the features or style among others.

Remember you want the best stool that will serve the intended purpose without fuss.