Best Fat Tire Bike For Tall Guys 2023 (Expert Buyer’s Guide)

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best fat tire bike for tall man

There is so much that a fat tire bike for tall guys can do to a six-footer obsessed with trail biking. From snow surfaces to mud paths and from gravel surfaces to soft sand, there is just no place that you cannot go with a fat bike.

So, fat bikes are generally your all-season and all-surface bike choice. Thanks to their supersize tires, they are also beginner-friendly, making them more comfortable.

Perhaps you already know that, and your only issue is finding the best option for your height. Well, that’s understandable, given that not many of these bikes are for taller guys.

The challenge, therefore, is finding a fat bike with the correct frame size. And since you are likely to be heavier, given that weight and height are almost inseparable, you also have to find a fat bike that can hold your weight.

Other considerations, which I’ll talk about, include fat bike types, riding style, and budget.

Let’s jump into it!

In a rush? Below are five fat tire bikes for tall guys that are worth the money: 

5 Best Fat Tire Bike for Tall Guys

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Buying Guide for the Best Fat Tire Bike for Tall Man

Below are some factors to consider when shopping for a fat tire bike:

a) Correct Frame Size

The bike frame should fit you. If you get a smaller frame, the chances are that you’ll struggle cycling. And since you are tall, you wouldn’t want to hurt your knees. So, pay attention to the frame size not to get the bike size wrong.

Usually, there are two important considerations for picking the correct bike frame. First, you have to consider your height. The frame should match your size.

Secondly, you should consider the inside leg (or inseam) to narrow down your option and find the most

In that case, consider using the fat bike size chart below when picking the correct frame size.

Bike Frame SizeRiders Height (Inches)Inseam Length (Inches)
13-14″ (x-small)4’11”-5’3″27″
15-16″ (small)5’2″-5’7″27-29″
17-18″ (medium)5’6″-5’11”29-31″
19-20″ (large)5’10”-6’2″31-33″
21-22″ (x-large)6’1″-6’4″33-35″
23-24″ (xx-large)6’3″ plus35″

b) Comfortable Bike Weight

Given that fat bikes have robust frames and thick supersize tires, you can expect them to more. However, consider opting for a much lighter option if you plan to ride long-distance.

That’s more important if you ever want to push the bike as it can be easy. In that case, opt for aluminum over steel if possible, and if you have to settle for steel, make it hi-ten steel.

c) Holding Capacity

Just because fat bikes have knobbier tires and robust frames doesn’t mean they can hold huge weights. No! You should ensure it can bear your weight.

In that case, check the product specification or ask the manufacturer or seller for the load limit. Alternatively, go through the customer reviews to see if there is a comfortable weight limit.

Note, however, that most of them are likely to bear at least 300 pounds.

d) Preferred Riding Style

Fat tire bikes come in a wide variety to suit different terrains.  As you’ll see later under the types, we have mountain, cruiser, and hybrid options.

While cruiser fat bikes are best for smoother surfaces, fat mountain bikes are ideal for rougher terrains, while hybrid options can take both.

So, consider the terrain carefully when picking a fat tire bike for tall man!

e) Budget

The budget is not something that you overlook. Note that fat bikes come at all price points, depending on the brand. On a high-end, you can pay up to $5,000 or more, and on a lower end, it’ll cost you under $1000. So, consider your budget carefully when making a choice.

Types of Fat Tire Bikes for Tall Guys

Fat tire bikes come in two broad types; non-motorized and motorized.

1. Non-Motorized Fat-Tire Bikes for Tall Guys

Also known as non-electric fat bikes, non-motorized fat bikes, as the name suggests, don’t come with a motor. Instead, they depend on your foot power for maneuver.

Overall, non-motorized fat bikes are suitable for you if your goal is to cycle for fitness reasons as you do all the heavy lifting.

These bikes come either as single-speed or multi-speed.

a) Single-Speed Non-Motorized Fat Bikes for Tall Guys

Single-speed bikes, as their name suggests, come with only one gear. As a result, there is no shifting when cycling.

And given that there is no shifting, the fat bikes are more comfortable to ride on flat ground. You may, however, find it challenging to take steeper trails as you’ll have to pedal harder.

Compared to multi-speed, single-speed fat bikes have fewer moving parts, and so, they are easier to maintain and operate.

One fantastic choice for taller guys is the Tracer Avalon Fat Bike (View on Amazon).

This fat tire bike is a fantastic cruiser bike that is best for casual around the neighborhood. It comes with an easy-to-maintain drivetrain that also makes it comfortable to ride on flat surfaces.

Thanks to its 4-inch knobby tires, you enjoy maximum balance and traction from the cruiser fat bike. That generally makes it a beginner choice.

b) Multi-Speed Non-Motorized Fat Bikes for Tall Guys

Multi-speed fat bikes mostly come with 3-7 gears that allow you to tackle the hills comfortably. Unlike single-speed fat bikes, multi-speed options are easier to ride on challenging terrains as you can shift smoothly.

Overall, if you plan to take on all kinds of terrains and not do all the heavy-lifting, a multi-speed fat bike is a safe bet.

One excellent multi-speed non-motorized fat bike for tall guys is the Mongoose Malus Fat Bike (View on Amazon).

This 7-speed fat tire mountain bike for tall guys allows you smoothly shift across all kinds of challenging terrains. Thanks to its supersize tires, you can blast through soft sand and thick mud comfortably.

Its disc brakes don’t disappoint either as they are ever-reliable in offering crisp stoppage, regardless of terrain and weather.

Plus, it comes in a hi-ten steel frame build that enables it to tolerate massive load and aggressive usage.

2. Motorized/Electric Fat Bikes For Tall Riders

The electric fat-tire bikes come with powerful motors and rechargeable batteries that offer you pedaling assistance. Generally, the battery powers the motor, which gives you the necessary push when cycling.

As a result, these bikes are best for trail riding, commuting, and long-distance adventures.

Motorized fat-tire bikes come in mountain bike, cruiser, and hybrid options, as discussed below.

a) Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bikes for Tall Guys

These fat bikes can take on all terrains that you can tackle with regular mountain bikes. But since they come with fat tires, they allow you to take on even the most challenging ones. That includes snow, mud, and soft sand.

Construction-wise, these bikes are more robust. They feature a stronger frame and more reliable disc brakes that promise all-weather stopping.

One superb choice is the Speedrid Electric Fat Bike (View on Amazon).

Thanks to its powerful brushless motor and battery, it’s easier to take on most hills. Even better, its motor enables you to attain an assisted maximum speed of 22mph, which is fantastic.

That means you can also use this fat bike as a commuter choice. The best part is that its robust shock and 4-inch tires possess shock-absorbing properties, thus comfortable to ride even on rocky grounds.

b) Fat Tire Electric Cruiser Bikes for Tall Guys

While electric fat mountain bikes are best for trails and hills, their cruiser counterparts are best for smoother surfaces. That includes the snow and soft sand.

So, if you are looking for a more comfortable fat bike for exploring the sandy beach or taking on the snow during the winter, a cruiser option is a safe bet.

These bikes have the most comfortable geometry (upright geometry) and come with equally comfortable saddles. They are generally comfortable for both men and women.

One top-notch recommendation for big guys is the Super Cruiser Electric Bicycle (View on Amazon).  This electric beach cruiser comes in an aluminum build that is strong enough to bear huge weights but generally lightweight for casual riding.

c) Fat Tire Electric Hybrid Bikes for Tall Guys

Motorized hybrid fat bikes are the most versatile fat bikes on the market today. These bikes can smoothly take on the rough road and the smooth urban highway.

Overall, they are your ultimate choice for leisure cycling, adventure riding, fitness cycling, or commuting. Like cruiser options, hybrid fat bikes allow you to cycle in a more upright riding posture.

One fantastic hybrid fat tire bike for tall riders is the Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike (View on Amazon).

This fat bike’s  4-inch knobby tires offer you maximum traction when taking on challenging surfaces. Even better, they offer floatation, which is essential when riding on sand, mud, and other soft surfaces where you are likely to sink and stick.

People Also Ask

1. Is A Fat Tire Bike Worth The Money?

Fat tire bikes are worth the money if you plan to cycle on rough trails, sand, snow, or rocky surfaces. Thanks to their supersize knobby tires, there is no terrain that you cannot tackle. The fat tires offer them buoyancy and traction, and you need that for challenging terrains.

2. Are Fat Bikes Hard To Ride?

Generally, fat tire bikes are easier to ride. Their wide knobby tires absorb shock, making them comfortable even on rugged surfaces. Plus, the fat tires offer you traction and balance, thus beginner-friendly.

3. What Is A Fat Tire Bike Suitable For?

There is no terrain that you cannot conquer with a fat bike. That includes snow, dirt paths, sand, gravel, rocks, and grassy fields. The only place where they are not suitable is on-road because the tires suffer lots of rolling resistance.

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Closing Thought:

Now you know why you should get the best fat tire bike for tall guys if you are tall and adventurous. Just ensure you pick an option with the correct frame size and one that suits your cycling needs.