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furniture for tall people

Getting the right furniture is probably the most challenging thing for us tall guys. Not buying the right furniture for tall people will only result in regret and frustrations.

So, how do you find the best furniture when tall?

For starters, you’ve to consider the furniture use and where you want to place it. That’s why I’ve covered furniture pieces for different places at home.

You also have to consider the comfort, durability, and style of the furniture. The furniture pieces that I’m going to recommend promise that.

Note that you don’t have to get everything that I recommend but only the one that suits you.

Let’s start with the furniture categories.

Different Types of Furniture for Tall People

They include:

1. Living Room Furniture

The living room is arguably the place where you spend the most time at home.

Some living spaces double up as dining rooms or kids’ play areas. So, you’ve to pick the furniture carefully.

Overall, the furniture should make the living space more inviting, cozier, and neat.

Let’s look at what you may need for your living room:

a) Sofas for Tall People

Nothing looks cozier in the living space, like a lovely modern sofa. It’s a great place to relax after a tiring day or when watching a movie.

Sofas come in a variety of styles, but nothing suits taller people more than sectional sofas. They mostly come in L-shape and can fit any space.

One recommendation is the Amazon Brand-Rivet Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa, which is 80 inches long.

This modern sectional sofa features simple lines and square armrests atop tall tapered legs, giving it a minimalist feel that looks great with most decor styles.

b) Couches for Tall People

Whenever you want to relax, a couch provides you with the perfect sanctuary. So, it has to be warm and extra comfortable. But still, it has to appear elegant to make your living space livelier.

One couch that won’t disappoint is the Amazon Brand-Stone & Beam Blaine Modern Sofa Couch

This modern couch is 92.91 inches long, thus long enough for tall guys. The solid-wood frame and polyester upholstery make this sofa both sturdy and cozy, and the removable/reversible cushions ensure durability and comfort.

Find other best couches for tall people here.

c) Recliners for Tall People

Recliners are chairs that fall back to allow you to rest at an angle. They are among the most comfortable and most luxurious chairs you’ll ever see.

Some of them have a detachable footrest that elevates your legs as you recline.

One amazing tall recliner to consider is the Lane Home Furnishing Wallsaver Recliner.

This recliner is almost the size of a king-size bed when fully reclined and can bear up to 500 pounds. It enjoys an eight-reclining mechanism and substantial cushioning for the ultimate comfort.

Discover other best recliners for tall men here.

d) Armchairs for Tall Person

Armchairs are a great seating alternative with ample seating space. In case you don’t have enough room for a sofa or couch, then go for an armchair.

You can also use an armchair to fill a vacant space in your living room.

One tall armchair that serves the purpose very well is the GDF Studio Elizabeth Tufted Armchair.

This reclining armchair comes with an extra-cushioned seat and enjoys a pop-up footrest to guarantee optimal comfort. Overall, the tall furniture is a statement piece in any modern living space.

e) Rocking Chairs for Tall Person

Not everyone wants to rest on a recliner chair all day. Some prefer to swing, and the best furniture for that is a rocking chair.

A rocking chair swings gently in a rocking motion, making it best for reading, soothing the baby to sleep, and knitting.

Rocking chairs usually are deep-seated, making them perfect for tall guys. A rocking chair like the POLYWOOD R100BL Presidential Rocking Chair comes with a contoured seat and broader arms for a comfortable swing.

Besides the living space, you can use this living room chair for tall person in your pouch or patio.

f) Futons for Tall Person

When it comes to versatility, futons rule the living space sector. This piece of furniture can be your comfy chair during the day and your guest bed at night.

In addition to their versatility, they are also elegant and modern to suit any contemporary living space.

One amazing tall futon is the Arden Futon Set: Queen Size. This tall people furniture comes with a three-position reclining hardwood frame that easily allows you to convert it into a bed.

Its 8-inch mattress guarantees a sound sleep at night.

Discover more futons for tall people here.

g) Coffee Table for Tall Person

A coffee table is another cozier addition to the living space. You can place any drink on the table and not just coffee.

Coffee tables are generally versatile. They allow you to place them virtually anywhere in the living space.

One stunning coffee table for tall guys is the Best Choice Products Modern Round Accent Side Coffee Table. This coffee table promises a classic elegant touch in your living space.

It’s easy to clean and comes in a sturdy built to hold up to 100 pounds.

h) TV Stand for Tall People

Your TV deserves the best stand, which can also carry other electronics. It has to be of the correct height since you are tall and should add an elegant touch to your living space.

Overall, TV stands are great alternatives to entertainment centers, especially when you don’t have much living space.

One top pick for tall guys is the Convenience Concepts Design2Go High Boy TV Stand.

This TV stand features stainless steel poles to resist rusting. It’s contemporary-inspired and comes with four tiers to conveniently place your TV, sound system, and other electronics.

2. Dining Room Furniture for Tall Man

Your dining room should be as enchanting as your living space. If possible, let your dining furniture match your living room furniture.

That’ll give your home an inviting look and is generally essential when your living room and dining space share the space.

Let’s see what you may need.

a) Extra Tall Dining Chairs

There cannot be a dining area without some cool-looking dining chairs. You can sit there to have a meal, but the kids can also do their homework and personal studies there.

Dining chairs come upholstered (with fabric) or non-upholstered. One fantastic choice for tall guys is the Roundhill Furniture Biony Dining Chair.

The two-set upholstered dining chairs are made of sturdy hardwood with a dark espresso finish. Overall, the chairs promise a relaxed vibe in your dining area.

b) Tall Dining Tables for Tall People

Dining chairs go with a dining table. They are inseparable. The right dining table allows you to have a meal as a family, and your kids can study there too.

You have the option of going for a rectangular, oval, rounded, or any other shape you like. I have decided to go with a rectangular dining table, and in that case, I recommend the Merax Antique Style Rectangular Dining Table.

It comes with metal legs that offer exceptional stability. Remarkably, the legs feature rubber caps that protect your floor.

c) Extra Tall Bar Stools

If you want something taller than a dining chair, you’ve to get a bar stool. They mostly come in plastic woods and metal constructions.

It’s worth noting that barstools only pair well with high dining tables, minibars, or high kitchen counters.

I recommend the LSSBOUGHT Nailhead Barstools here because of their attractive touch and versatility. These barstools come upholstered with nailhead details to give your ding space a contemporary appeal.

Not only can you use these stools in your dining space but also in the kitchen.

Find some other superb extra tall bar stools here.

d) Buffet for Tall Person

A buffet is more like a console table, only that it’s longer. You can store dishes on it and use the top to prepare your meals. You can also put decorations on the top part.

Overall, this furniture is great for small dining spaces or the kitchen.

One great pick is the Buffet of Buffet White with Wood Top.

This tall all-white buffet comes with lots of storage space and a modern top for preparing your meals. With a clear top finish, this buffer is the perfect pick for the contemporary dining room.

3. Kitchen Furniture for Tall People

If you enjoy cooking, then there is nothing you value the most than your kitchen. For that reason, it has to feel warm and well organized.

That’s achievable with the right furniture like the ones below.

a) Mini Kitchen Island for Tall People

If your kitchen lacks an island table, then consider getting a mini kitchen island. It offers you extra food preparation space and storage, and you can even have your meals there.

One fantastic choice is the Linon Kitchen Island Granite Top.

It comes with an elegant granite top and enjoys a slide-out wire basket, pull-out drawers, and wine rack. So, there is enough storage space.

The best part is that the mini kitchen island is wheeled.

b) Kitchen Counter Height Chairs

Kitchen counter height chairs are a fantastic choice for sitting around an extended kitchen counter or bar. They are taller than your regular dining chairs, thus great for tall guys.

One top recommendation is the Alpha Home Counter Height Adjustable Bar Chair.

The leather upholstered counter chain has an adjustable height of 28.34-33.07 inches. It’s extra stable, highly comfortable, and can swivel at 360 degrees.

c) Pantry Cupboard for Tall Person

Proper organization is paramount in the kitchen, and it’s achievable with a pantry cupboard. You can store your ingredients, food, and cooking utensils in the pantry cupboard.

In most cases, pantry cupboards come with several compartments, featuring one or two doors.

One fantastic tall pantry cupboard is the HOMCOM Traditional Freestanding Kitchen Pantry.

The freestanding pantry cupboard comes in a traditional style with an elegant colonial touch. It features three adjustable shelves and one sizeable mid drawer.

Other than the kitchen, the pantry cupboard is also perfect for the bedroom and bathroom.

d) Kitchen Cart for Tall Person

A kitchen cart is a must-buy if you plan to move food around the kitchen or the dining area. It allows you to safely carry food without having to worry about messing your kitchen floor.

One excellent kitchen cart is Mr. Ironstone Kitchen Microwave Cart.

This three-tier kitchen cart has a vintage look to suit any rustic kitchen space. It comes with ten hooks for attaching decorations and features a metal frame and MDF shelves.

The shelves are easy to clean, with the top tier capable of holding up to 55 pounds.

4. Bedroom Furniture for Tall People

The bedroom doesn’t demand a lot of furnishing. As a matter of fact, the best way to furnish a bedroom is to have a minimalist approach.

Keep things simple and only get what you need. Of course, there should be a bed and probably a dresser, and the rest is up to you.

Now let’s look at what you may need for your bedroom.

a) Beds for Tall People

The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom. It’s where you sleep and rest after a tiring day.

As a tall guy, consider a longer bed, preferably king-size, queen-size, twin XL, or double size depending on budget.

The Sven & Son King Adjustable Bed, in this case, is a special consideration. It’s available in twin XL, king-size, split-king, California King, and queen size options.

Learn about the best beds for a tall person here.

b) Mattress for Tall Person

The chances are that your bed won’t come with a mattress. So, you’ll have to get it separately.

As a tall guy, it’s advisable to go for a foam or spring mattress. But given that foam mattresses are the most supportive, you’ll like to pay more for them.

One such mattress is the Best Price Mattress 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress.

The 12-inch memory foam mattress is best for box beds. It promises pressure-relieving properties, especially for someone prone to back pain.

Furthermore, it comes with a 10-year warranty and is available in twin, twin XL, full, king-size, and queen-size options.

Here’s a guide to the best mattress for big and tall people.

c) Gliders for Tall People

Gliders are more like rocking chairs for tall people, given that they allow you to swing back and forth. So, they are the best bedroom equivalent of the bedroom rocking chairs.

You can use a glider to soothe your baby to sleep or read a book before going to bed.

Overall, it’s not easy to find a taller glider, but the Storkcraft Tuscany Custom Glider will suffice most spaces. Besides, it comes with an ottoman where you can place your long legs.

The glider also comes with lumbar support and some generous seating space.

d) Dressers for Tall People

A dresser is a fantastic furniture choice when you want more storage in your bedroom. Most dressers come with a mirror, but it’s not a must if you have one in your bedroom.

If you are looking for a dresser with lots of drawers, I recommend the YITAHOME Storage Tower with 8 Drawers.

With a total of 8 drawers, you cannot wish for more storage space than this. This high-capacity fabric dresser is also perfect for the living space, nursery, and hallway.

5. Office Furniture for Tall People

Your office should be presentable, elegant, and warm. That’s obtainable with the right furniture.

You’ll need a chair and desk, and the rest is up to you.

Let’s see what you should consider getting.

a) Office Chairs for Tall Man

An office is never complete without a chair. It’s where you sit to execute your office duties.

Since you are likelier to sit for long hours, your office chair has to be ergonomic. It should allow you to sit for long hours without straining your back or knee.

One unique office chair is the Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair. This office chair comes with a mesh high-back to relieve you from back pain.

97% of its components are recyclable, and its back allows three-position adjustment.

Here’s the ultimate guide to the best office chair for a tall person.

b) Office Desk for Tall Person

Remember, just like an office is never complete without a chair, it’s also never complete without a working desk.

A suitable office desk should come with a spacious, easy-to-clean top. It should also be adequately raised to match your height and should feature shelves or drawers for storage.

One such option is the JASCOPE Home Office Computer Desk.

This furniture for big and tall people comes with ample laptop space and two shelves for keeping your office supplies.

What’s more, it has a superb vintage oak finish and enjoys an extra stable design.

Find some of the best office desks for tall people here.

c) Gaming Chair for Tall Person

If you are passionate about gaming, then you are likely to spend long hours playing. For that reason, you deserve the most ergonomic chair.

It should come with adequate lumbar support and headrest and should be adjustable.

That’s what you get from the Homall Gaming Chair.

The gaming chair also doubles up as an office chair. It enjoys a high-back to support your back and a cushioned pillow for your head.

Here’s a guide to the best gaming chair for a tall person.

d) Standing Table for Tall Person

If your work involves a lot of standing or prefers standing while working, invest in a standing office table. Luckily, so many standing tables are adjustable to work as regular tables.

One such table is the FEZIBO Dual Motor Electric Standing Table. It’s a standing table that doubles up as a sitting table.

The table enjoys an electric lift system for its adjustment and allows you to adjust its height between 27.6 inches and 47.3 inches, depending on your size.

Overall, it offers you an elegant working space. Even better, it comes with a pull-out tray for your keyboard.

6. Outdoor Furniture for Tall People

You cannot always spend time indoors. You’ll need to go out and savor the beauty that’s Mother Nature.

It may be a good idea to have outdoor-specific furniture that you can live outdoors or carry to your campground. So, it should be multifunctional, but more importantly, comfortable for your height.

Let’s see what you should get.

a) Beach Chair for Tall People

Beach chairs for tall people often come with high-seats and are readily adjustable. They feature cup holders and sometimes can coolers for chilling your drink.

Others like the Quik Shade Max Shade Chair come with a canopy to protect you from the sun. You get to adjust the canopy, depending on the sun’s direction.

Once you are done using the chair, you can fold it, put it in its storage bag, and carry it on your back.

Find other fantastic beach chairs for tall people here.

b) Camp Chairs for Tall People

If you enjoy camping, then you need the most comfortable high-off-the-ground camping chair. The chair should hold your weight and support your back.

What’s more, it should come with a cup holder and mesh pockets for small items. That’s what you get from the Kijaro XXL Dual-Lock Portable.

This camp chair comes with a 400-lbs capacity and enjoys durable solid construction. It’s also super comfortable, breathable, and stable.

Discover more big and tall camping chairs here.

c) Camping Cot for Tall Person

You cannot expect to sleep on your camping chair all night outdoors. That’s why a camping cot is a great idea.

There are many comfy camping cots out there, some air-inflated.

One fantastic choice for tall guys is the Coleman Camping Cot. This is a camping cot-air mattress combo that comes with its pump for inflation.

It also comes with side tables and enjoys a 600-lbs carry capacity. The camping cot is available in twin and queen-size options.

Here’s a guide to the best camping cot for a tall person.

d) Patio Swing for Tall People

You may want to swing outdoors, especially on your patio, and nothing is perfect for that other than a patio swing.

You have to find an option that’s deep enough with a slightly reclining back, and you’ll have a great time.

One such swing is the Amazon Basics Outdoor 2-Seat Striped Patio Mattress.

This two-seat patio furniture for tall people is 60.24 inches long. It comes with an adjustable canopy to shield you against the sun and light showers.

Plus, it has plush fiber cushioning to feel extra comfortable.

Overall, this patio swing can hold up to 580 pounds.

A Quick Guide to the Best Furniture

Here are essential considerations when buying furniture for tall people:

  • Material quality: You’ve to go for quality furniture so that you can use it for a long time. So, consider hardwood and metal for their strength and lasting properties.
  • Size: You want furniture for tall person that fits in your space. No matter how cool the furniture look, it might be all in vain getting it if it’ll not work in your room. So, consider your space first.tall people furniture
  • Style: You should get furniture that makes your space more elegant and contemporary. So, always go for the trendiest or timeless furniture to improve the style of your space.
  • Comfort: You wouldn’t want to spend money on furniture that you won’t enjoy using. It has to feel comfortable and should be easy to use. That explains why upholstered, and well-cushioned furniture pieces are a great choice.
  • Shape: What shape do you prefer? For example, if you are buying a table, you can get an oval, round, rectangle, or square option. And if it’s a sofa or couch, we’ve rectangular, L-shape, among others.
  • Color: You’ve to get furniture with a color that agrees with your home decor. It should also improve the general style of your home. Some of the coziest color choices are creamy white, soft blue, rich red, tangerine, gold, and caramel.
  • Budget: Furniture pieces come at different prices, depending on build quality, furniture type, and style. What’s important is that you spend within your budget but still get value for the purchase.

Concluding Thoughts:

Now you know how to find the best furniture for tall people and what to get, exactly. Like I mentioned in my opening remarks, you don’t have to buy everything that I’ve recommended.

It has to give you value and should match your budget.