How Tall Is Taylor Swift and Other Facts

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Taylor Swift’s height is just as noteworthy as her stellar music career. She owns whatever ground she stands on and dominates most people on the red carpet, especially when she wears heels. So, how tall is Taylor Swift?How tall is Taylor Swift

The truth is that it’s hard to tell. Most people report her to be 5’11” (5 feet, 11 inches), but whenever she’s on heels, she looks 6 feet tall. That makes her taller than the average American woman.

So, what we know is that she’s pretty tall. And to give her the true American beauty, she’s blonde and enjoys intense blue eyes.

What’s more, she’s only 60 Kg (at the time of writing), and that gives her a slender, seductive appeal. So, she’s the best description of a tall American beauty.

We’ll look at several facts about Taylor Swift height and weight and other attributes. But before that, here’s her profile summary.

Taylor Swift Measurements and Profile

Real Name Taylor Alison Swift
Nick Name Swifty, T-Swift, America’s Sweetheart, or Taylor Swift
Nationality American
Date of Birth December 13, 1989
Age 31
Birth Place Pennsylvania, USA
Parents Scott Kingsley Swift (Father), Andrea Swift (Mother)
Marital Status Dating (John Alwyn)
Height 5’11” (5 feet, 11 inches)
Weight 60 Kg
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Religion Christian


How Tall Is Taylor Swift? Interesting Facts about Swift’s Height

You know that Taylor Swift is at least 5’11”, what you probably don’t know about her height are these three facts

1. Tall Blonde; An Imposing Figure On The Red CarpetTaylor Swift height and weight

At 5’11 and probably 6 feet with heels, Taylor Swift is undeniably an imposing figure on the red carpet.

Taylor Swift height makes her taller than most women, and with her piercing blue eyes, enchanting smile, and blonde hair, she epitomizes true American beauty.

That explains why the media and even her fans, who she calls Swifties, pry into her romantic life. It also explains why she’s alleged to have dated more guys but hasn’t tied the knot yet.

2. She Wears a Size 8.5 Shoe

Taylor Swift shoe size is size 8.5 (U.S) or 6.5 (U.K). That only shows that Taylor Swift’s feet are slightly bigger, indicating a tall woman.

3. Tyler Swift the Abercrombie & Fitch Model

Thanks to her tall stature and beautiful looks, Taylor Swift once modeled for Abercrombie and Fitch. That was back in 2003 when the organization was running the Rising Stars Campaign.

Though she did it briefly, she has always portrayed the personality of a top model.

How Tall Is Taylor Swift? Other Interesting Facts About Taylor Swift

1. 13 Is Her Lucky Number

According to Taylor, she has no Triskaidekaphobia (fear for number 13). Ironically, she associates number 13 with good luck.

It could be because of her birthday (December 13), or perhaps it’s when her first album (Tyler Swift) went gold.

Interestingly, she paints 13 on her hand just before she graces the stage to perform. In 2009, the pop star confessed she’d won every award she was nominated when she sat in the 13th row.

According to her, whenever number 13 pops up, great things happen. Weird? Not according to Swift.

2. Her Love For Music Started At 12

Taylor Swift’s love for music started at an early age. At 12, she began to learn to play the guitar.

Interestingly, she wrote her first song Lucky You, at 12 years with Ronnie Cremer’s help. Ronnie is the local musician who taught her how to play the guitar.

3. Her Inspiration is Shania TwainTaylor Swift weight and height

Taylor Swift got her inspiration for country music from the legendary Shania Twain. When speaking to the Guardian in 2012, she confessed that Twain’s music made her want to do country.

Sadly, though, her initial attempts to pursue country music in Nashville were unsuccessful.

4. She Wrote The Entire ‘Speak Now’ Album

Though most people don’t know it, Taylor Swift wrote every song on her third album, Speak Now. The album topped the U.S. Billboard 200 chart for some time.

5. Her Movie Debut Was CSI

Taylor Swift appeared on the big screen in 2009 in an episode on CSI. She played the role of a rebellious teenage girl, Haley Jones.

A year later, she appeared in Hannah Montana and Valentine Day and later in the Giver in 2014.

Of course, this has nothing to do with Taylor Swift height in feet.

6. She’s Won 10 Grammies

Not many artists can claim to have won 10 Grammy Awards. Luckily for Taylor Swift, she’s one of the few achievers.

Remarkably, two of the awards were for the Album of the Year, making her the first woman ever to do it.

7. She’s Smashed Whitney’s Billboard 200 Record

In September 2020, Swift spent 47 weeks at position one on Billboard 200, surpassing Whitney’s previous record of 46 weeks.

Brief Taylor Swift Bio – Taylor Swift Weight and Height, Early Life, and Music Career

Taylor Swift is an American country and pop music singer, songwriter, actress, music director, and producer.

On December 13, 1989, she was born in Pennsylvania to American parents, Scott Kingsley Swift (Father) and Andrea Swift (Mother).

She developed a love for country and pop music as early as 12 years when she learned to play the guitar and wrote her first song, Lucky You.

As a singer, Taylor Swift has sold over 150 million singles and 50 million albums, making her one of the most successful music artists of her generation.

Her outstanding career has been marked by 10 Grammy awards, 7 Guinness Book World Records, and an Emmy.

She is popularly known for her hit albums Fearless, 1989, Folklore, and Speak Now. She’s even made it on Forbe’s most powerful celebrities in the world – Get this; a remarkable five times!Swift at the Grammy's

On a personal level, Taylor Swift hasn’t been lucky with love, at least not until 2007.

She’s reported and rumored to have dated several guys, but it seems that she found her true love when English Actor Joe Alwyn came knocking in 2007. The two have been dating ever since.

Now weighing 60kg and standing at about 5’11” tall (minus heels), she is a taller-than-average American beauty.

Taylor Swift Networth

According to Forbes, Taylor Swift’s current net worth is $365 million. That makes her one of the highest-paid celebrities in the world.

Expectedly, her net worth is linked to her top-selling albums that continue to enchant millions globally.

Taylor Swift Songs

Taylor Swift has released over 54 singles (as a lead artist) and has featured in several others. Her biggest hit song is Shake It Off from her fifth album. The song spent almost six months on the Billboard Chart.

From 32 nominations, Swift has managed 10 Grammy awards, the latest coming in 2016. She won the Best Music Video for her hit song Bad Blood, featuring Kendrick Lamar.


Closing Thoughts

How tall is Taylor Swift? At 5’11”, Taylor Swift is undoubtedly one of the tallest and most attractive women in the music industry.

Her imposing stature makes her an outstanding figure on the red carpet. But still, her achievements as a pop star override her tall physique.