How Tall Is Usain Bolt? A Tale of Tallness and Success

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Are you a diehard fan of Usain Bolt and trying to find out every piece of information about him that you can get? Usain Bolt is a well-known athlete, and his height is just one of his most popular characteristics that people enjoy discussing. 

We all are crazy about sports, aren’t we? Sports that boost our minds, bodies, and emotions are especially intriguing. 

Whenever we think of sports and athletics, most of us think about the Olympics, and where there are Olympics, there is Usain Bolt. As an enthusiast of the Olympic Games, who aren’t familiar with Usain Bolt?  

Sometimes the level of enthusiasm reaches a point where we begin idealizing our favorite players to pursue our future activities. Usain Bolt is not merely a retired sprinter who has earned a name in fast running and athletic accomplishments but also the ideal of many. 

So, how tall is Usain Bolt? This article covers how tall this amazing athlete is and the unique facts about his successful journey as a heightened yet fast sprinter.

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how tall is usain bolt

Who Is Usain Bolt?

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter who has become one of the most renowned and honored athletes of all time. His sporting accomplishments have been spectacular and incomprehensible, making him one of the most well-known athletes in our lifetime. He is an exceptionally tall yet fast sprinter, changing the general mindset of tallness to be a barrier to sprint practices. 

A general perception is that a taller height correlates to a lesser running and sprinting efficiency. However, Usain Bolt’s record would prove this theory wrong.

His world records demonstrate his uniqueness in various running events, including the 100 and 200-meter races and his jumps in the 100 x 4 meters relay. 

The following are some additional facts about Usain Bolt that you might be interested in.

  1. Usain Bolt is a 35-year-old Jamaican athlete who earned fame in sprinting, running, jumping, and throwing games. He is known as the master of track and field games in the Olympics.
  2. Bolt was ranked first in the victory cards of Olympic Games, World Championships, Commonwealth Games, and CAC Championships.
  3. He has an 11 winning streak of standing 1st in the world championships of track and field games. 
  4. He is also the winner of the 2012 Diamond League 100-meter race. 
  5. His mastery in sprinting eventually emerged through his enthusiastic participation in football and cricket during the early years of his life. 
  6. Usain Bolt is one of nine athletes worldwide to win junior, senior, and youth-level world championship competitions. 
  7. He is the co-founder of the brand named Bolt Mobility, making him also an entrepreneur. 
  8. He retired in 2017 as the fastest sprinter with many world records and athletic achievements. He signed as a brand ambassador for Puma.

This was only a sliver of his extensive list of accomplishments, which is much longer. Was it ever brought to your attention that Usain Bolt is actually a taller-than-average guy, which is unusual for fast sprinters like him? 

What Is the Height of Usain Bolt?

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Sprinting is considered one of the most exciting, daring, and boosting track and field sport activities. However, most people believe that sprinting is not a sport for overly heightened individuals. 

As in sprinting, one has to be highly speedy on their feet to run short distances in the limited time provided, so it becomes difficult for taller people to run as quickly. 

Usain Bolt is 6 ft 5 inches tall, around 1.95 meters in height. Despite this unusual springing height, Usain Bolt has successfully won three gold medals in the Olympics. 

The world records that he broke with his skills in sprinting allowed him to become the tallest sprinter in history.

It takes more energy and ultimately more time for tall people to balance their upper body and feet while running

On the other hand, shorter people can run faster, as they don’t have to exert as much energy as taller people do. Generally, tall people are not meant for sprinting, but Usain Bolt disapproved of the perception. 

It has been reported that the standard height of athletes to participate in the sprinting world championship should be 6 ft and 3 inches. Nonetheless, Usain Bolt, being 6 ft 5 inches tall, makes him a unique kind of sprinter. 

Typically, sprinters who stand at unusually high altitudes have difficulty carrying and balancing their bodies while running. Despite this, Usain Bolt is not deterred by this factor.

When foot racing at short distances, he has been observed to take only 41 to 42 strides, which is comparable to the nearly 48 strides many other well-known athletes have taken in the field. 

This demonstrates that, in a sport where tall heights were previously thought to be a hindrance, Usain Bolt debunked this notion with his outstanding performance.


The next time someone asks you, “how tall is Usain Bolt,” you’ll be better prepared to explain the answer to them.

Whatever your height, if you enjoy sprinting and have the desire to achieve success in track and field sports, you can do well in them.

If you envision yourself as exceptional as Usain Bolt, nothing, not even your physical height, will stand in your way of achieving your goals.

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